Variety Of Tools, Electrical Components And Electronics

Best Carpenter Vices For Precision Woodworking Jobs

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Designed for home, the workshop or professional usage and easy set-up top quality woodworking bench vices for expert or home DIY cutting, drilling etc. Cast iron swivel base design joiners workshop vices for sanding, planing or sawing with a very high clamping force.

10 Plumbing Pipe Cutter Tools For Plastic And PVC

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First-class professional plastic pipe cutters with an ergonomic handle to provide smooth and very clean cutting with minimum plumbing effort from you. Fully adjustable PVC pipe cutter tools using ratchet and shears - ideal for PVC, CPVC, polybutylene, ABS, PEX, polyethylene plus tough rubber hose.

Flexible Drain Pipe Inspection Cameras With LED Light

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Exceptional performance IP68 waterproof drain inspection cameras, a professional inspection tool set to most applications like sewer pipe blockages that reach deep in pipes - all viewable on colour HD screen. Pipe snake cameras with very clear picture quality for diverse work environments. Flexible survey camers with an easy to bend longer spring.

Cheap Electric Hoists For Factories And Warehouses

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First-rate electric hoists for lifting operations in workshop and gantry with remote control power up and power down pendant. Perfect for moving heavy-duty applications - UK plug included portable cheap electric hoist machines for sale with full guarantees.

Accuracy Guaranteed External Digital Micrometer Tools

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Easily legible digital micrometers with a choice of measuring ranges and electronic LCD display. Outstandingly precise screw gauge precision measuring devices for external calculation with metric and inch converting plus zero options.

Power Tile Cutting Tools With Integral Steel Work Table

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Electric tile cutting tools that create a perpetual cutting velocity for extremely smooth cuts, plus diamond blade with continuous rim for extra perfection. The cutter table effortlessly tilts for mitre cuts, while the integrated ruler as well as flexible guide are for flawlessly straight cutting.

Thickness Planer Reviews With Flexible Planing

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High powered and advanced woodworking thickness planer tools that are the perfect solution for preparation inside the workshop. These planing machines possesses several advantages, which includes high speed and rebate depth.

18 V Cordless Planer In Yellow
Brushless Cordless Planer Tool

Magnetic Screwdriver Reviews - Sets With Many Bits

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Superior magnetic screwdriver kits with features that will resist exceedingly high torque production to establish your work more effortlessly. The incorporated magnetic bits are created of heavy-duty intensity tool steel and every driver bit accommodates nicely.

Professional Wire Stripper Tools With Adapting Device

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The professional wire stripper tools with self-correcting mechanics and control that adapts to strip gauges more compact than 20 AWG. A versatile stopper commands the size of the core strip. This variety of wire cutting tools extend flexibility and the grips allow maximal comfort.

Recommended MIG Welders UK For DIY Mechanics

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This variety of MIG welding machines can make those hard reparation jobs more leisurely. Ideal for motorcar mechanics as well as specialist engineers, additionally for use in domestic garages. The affordable MIG welders with sturdy design mean you will be outfitted for superior final results.

230 mm Small Angle Grinders For Metal Or Stone

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The finest collection of 230 mm disk cutting machines here are all rugged and powerful, allowing for the most ambitious of undertakings, all due to their high powered gearing arrangement and quick motor. The sturdy 9 inch grinders are superior machines for metal cutting tasks.

Cordless Angle Grinder In Yellow
20V Cordless Angle Grinder

Top 10 Speed 18V Battery Hammer Action Drills

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Flexible 18V battery operated hammer drills configured for DIY projects or perhaps for industrial work. It's additionally impressive for all kinds of hardwoods, steel and stone tasks using dependable functioning. The cable free hammer drills that have a small sized shape and light construction.

Infra-Red Temperature Guns Applied To Measure Heat

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This diversity of infrared temperature guns provide a pistol design thermometer mechanism, engaging a pointer and back lighting for more comfortable directing and performance. Comprising Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature array, real-time interpreting, they are a brilliant.

Temperature Controlled Soldering Irons With Variable Heat

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A great collection of temperature managed solder irons for electronics, advantageous for the absolute bulk of welding tasks. Created with over-heat protection plus earthed tip for solder static purposes. Several appended with a fast, adaptable heat-up dial for 150 up to 420 degrees Celsius.

Electric Upholstery Staple Guns For Repair Chair Mending

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The stapling machine gun for virtually all kinds of upholstery is appropriate for a diversity of mending tasks, including harder woods. They're extremely useful and efficient tools that anybody can control for DIY purposes or home fastenings.

Upholstery Stapler-22 Gauge In Orange
Upholstery Stapler Machine

Collapsible Magnetised Grab Tools To Seize Objects

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This particular diversity of magnetised grab devices are immaculate tools to reclaim overlooked screws, bolts - additionally steel items from awkward to reach places. They supply a folding shaft that expands easily, and is impressive in conjuring up steel objects from the flooring.

Hard Wearing Hand People Counters For Sports, Golf

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Rate our quality, long-lasting and reasonably priced hand tally counters for modern business concerns, transit system, music venues, activities, events in addition to a great deal more. Record precise counts employing the 4 figure display screen.

Voltage Sensor Pens To Define Voltage/Current Readings

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This range of voltage tester pens feature a non-contact detection method for the calibration of wires, circuit breakers, light fixtures, dwelling house electric switches and so on. The pen approximates precise test interpretations for employment in business or perhaps inside the household.

Electronic Tools And Gadgets For DIY And Expert Use

Moisture Gauges For Building Materials And Wood Burning

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This mixture of humidity meters for timber can be expended in adaptable methods for wood burning procedure. They're frequently utilised by individuals who are 'chopping' their own wood, or assessing building materials.

Automate Your Home Digital Plug Timers For Appliances

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These particular electronic timer plugs are mains operated and present a number of advantages - from delivering power efficiency, automating the house, as well as maintaining it protected from robbers. The 24/7 mains timer helps you make use of set intervals.

Electric Timer Plug Socket In White
24 Hr Digital Electric Timer Plug

Keep Your Home Safe With Mains Smoke Alarms

Electronic Suitcase Weighing Scales To Avoid Paying Extra

Money Saving Electric Usage Home Monitors To Cut Bills

Digital Crossword Solvers With Calculators, Currency

Really Loud Alarm Clocks For Heavy Sleepers With 100dB

Professional Laser Measure In Blue
Professional Laser Measure GLM

Money Detector Pens To Identify Counterfeit Bank Notes

Portable Carbon Monoxide Detectors Home Or Travel

Mobile Laser Measuring Devices For Range Calculation

Hand Picked Live Cable Detectors To Keep You Safe

Padlocks With Alarms And Very Loud Sirens For Security