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Updated 06/02/2021:
An electronic crossword solver will improve your personal word power, vocabulary and perhaps make an ideal present. However, you'll discover additional amenities with a variety of digital dictionaries, thesauruses and electronic word games to sharpen the mind.

What Is An Electronic Crossword Solver?
For the avid puzzle lover, a digital crossword solver thesaurus or synonym replacement tool can be essential. Most reference items feature a simple spellchecker and crossword handling, but you will find more complex crossword solver thesaurus dictionary devices with cryptic helpers etc.

: LexiBook Crossword Solver Wizard Spellchecker

Crossword Solver With Black Cover

£23   LexiBook Crossword Solver Wizard - Get It!  

: Franklin Electronic Dictionary And Thesaurus PRO

Electronic Dictionary Thesaurus In Chrome Finish

£99   Franklin Electronic Dictionary PRO - Get It!  

: Franklin Electronic Crossword Solver Thesaurus

Electronic Crossword Solver Dictionary In Blue

£39   Franklin Electronic Crossword Solver - Get It!  

: SPQ-10 Pocket Electronic Thesaurus With Games


  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • Verb Conjugation Feature


  • None..

Pocket Electronic Thesaurus With White Cover

£22   SPQ-10 Electronic Thesaurus - Get It!  

: CB Franklin Crossword Solver Thesaurus


  • Phonetic Spell Check
  • Fits In Your Pocket


  • None..

Crossword Assistant Solver With Green LCD

£31   CB Franklin Crossword Assistant - Get It!  

: Seiko Crossword Finisher Oxford Thesaurus


  • Easy To Use Gadget
  • Phonetic Spell Correct


  • None..

Crossword Finisher Dictionary With Raised Screen

£27   Seiko Crossword Finisher Dictionary - Get It!  

What Is An Electronic Crossword Solver?

For the avid puzzle lover, a digital crossword solver thesaurus or synonym replacement tool can be essential. Most reference items feature a simple spellchecker and crossword handling, but you will find more complex crossword solver thesaurus dictionary devices with cryptic helpers etc.

Crossword Assistants With Dictionaries

You will discover high spec crossword assistant solutions which have diverse books presented where you can jump forward and backwards among titles to cross research choices. An electronic thesaurus database, encyclopaedia, idioms, quotes, slang plus much more can be found.

Digital LCD Screen And Keypad

These gadgets can be utilised offline and while journeying. They may be more mobile than just about all notebooks. The digital crossword finishers offer an LCD screen and a key-pad allowing you to enter a word to fill in the blanks, get its meaning or right transliteration.

Learn A New Language?

As opposed to a published dictionary, digital units contain many dictionaries, which makes the education of overseas languages far better, and provide many foreign dialects. Several digital dictionary versions likewise incorporate an encyclopedia to be utilised in offline circumstances.

Electronic Spell Checker Thesaurus

When selecting an electronic spell checker, ensure that it provides a thesaurus, perhaps voice characteristics and USB flash drive capacities for shifting this information to various other gadgets.

Include Synonyms And Antonyms?

The equipment should consist of word explanations, synonyms and then antonyms in addition to a sentence structure instruction including a collection of regularly 'perplexing words' and phrases. It can correct the spelling, assist with pronunciation and include a crossword assistant function.

: Seiko Oxford Crossword Solver Imperial/Metric

Discover those difficult solutions, word key phrases and anagrams all end up obvious with this particular Seiko crossword solver comprising data from (Oxford University Press). Having a 250000 word data source, you will find the solutions you want within minutes. Includes an acronym solver plus imperial/metric converter.

Crossword Solver In Grey And Blue

It is filled with capabilities. If you want to examine a name, date or fact, sort through it's 256 general information lists for the solution.

Additionally, it includes a 250000 word spell-checker that delivers immediate phonetic modifications, 10 vocabulary creating word games and a thesaurus with more than 2 million basic synonym links.
[Rating: 9/10]   £25   Get It → Seiko Desk Crossword Solver

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: Franklin Collins Word Anagram Crossword Solver

The CWM crossword solver with phrase builder and anagram solver will assist you with your daily challenging crossword questions. Help develop your own vocabulary with the collection of synonyms, as well as phonetic spell checker feature. helps you with your difficult crossword clues.

Crossword Solver In Black Finish

Together with 7 work game titles and an anagram solver, you'll have several hours of crossword entertainment. It includes a calculator with metric 'currency converter' and individual word listings. This solver is designed to use of while travelling, as it efficiently fits snugly in to your trousers pocket.
[Rating: 9/10]   £21   Get It → Franklin Collins Crossword Solver

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Dictionaries With Comparable Words

A digital dictionary offers you instantaneous access to a large number of word descriptions. It really is lightweight and incorporates a dictionary plus synonym substitute system. The electronic thesaurus dictionaries can assist you to separate words that appear to be comparable to each other.

Execute Quick Word Searches Offline

Every crossword solver thesaurus dictionary is made with a display and buttons that let you execute quick searches. It highlights a user-friendly style to ensure you begin using the gadget immediately. A digital dictionary could incorporate a spell verification display as well as integrated activities.

Best Digital Crossword Solvers For Anagrams, Phrases

: Seiko Britannica Oxford Crossword Solvers

The device provides more than 25000 records made by the publishers of Encyclopedia Britannica and offers speedy solutions to day to day queries. It offers extensive, dependable support for letter composing, company writing, learning, innovative writing, or resolving crosswords.

Solvers With Man Pressing Keys


  • Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • 4 Million Synonyms


  • Pricey..

Including in excess of 400 lists, with a lot more information about a variety of subject areas. 7 essential solvers will help you with crosswords, anagrams, abbreviations, letter modifications, discovering key phrases, looking up explanations and even encyclopedia queries. Complete multi function calculator with memory, plus instructions.
[Rating: 9/10]   £23   Get It → Seiko Britannica Crosswords Solver

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: Franklin Dictionary Thesaurus Solver Crosswords

The DMQ consists of more than 118000 phrases, words and meanings to further improve your spelling and terminology with phonetic spell correction.

Make use of the 'confusable' terminology assist feature to determine generally mixed up spellings. Furthermore, there are word checklists to allow for customised vocabulary.

Crossword Solver With Flip Cover

3 Solvers are offered to complete crosswords, solve anagrams and phrase builder to make an extensive listing of words from provided characters. Have a great time additionally with 6 word games from which to choose, plus anagram and word deduction etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £19   Get It → Franklin Crossword Solver

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: Seiko Electronic Crossword Solver Dictionary

This brand new electronic digital dictionary provides the full contents of both of the (Concise Oxford Dictionary) and Thesaurus in a single, light weight and straightforward to utilise merchandise. Included as well within this design is the Oxford Encyclopedia with more than 12000 records.

Crossword Solver In White And Blue Exterior


  • Battery Is Included
  • Alternate Opposite Words


  • None.

It includes coverage of science, 'technology terms', sports activities, geography phrases, architecture, plus much more. A very fast search dictionary is included with well over 240000 words, phrases and meanings - addressing present and historic English, in addition to numerous professional and specialised topics.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → Seiko Electronic Crossword Solver

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: ER2 Digital Thesaurus Crossword Solver

An excellent pocket adaptation problem solver offers instantaneous digital access to in excess of 250000 words via the Oxford Crossword lexicon. There's additionally a (Knowledge Solver) which has been configured to assist you answer general knowledge enquiries. Small sized and mobile all-powerful crossword solver with a small battery slot.

Wild-Card Digital Cross-Word Solver In Dark Blue


  • Phonetic Matches
  • 8 Word Games


  • None..

It enables you to dig directly in to Oxford university far-reaching encyclopedia listings, researching globally throughout all 256 subjects for answers. It is quite like exploring the web, but minus being forced to deploy a PC. Additionally incorporated is the 117000 word spelling checker as well as a synonym finder with more than 2 million synonyms related.
[Rating: 9/10]   £33   Get It → ER2 Digital Crossword Solver

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With a good quality electronic crossword solver, there is no reason to find yourself in trouble on a crossword clue anymore. These types of special small devices contain useful functions - for example anagram solvers, word creators, spell checkers, crossword helper functionality, dictionary and synonym replacement tools.