Rugged Magnetic Precision Screwdrivers Made For DIY

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Quality magnetic screwdriver sets compared, perfect for home and professional utilisation. Tempered and hardened steel driver blades containing magnetic tips plus secure ergonomic grips. Hard chrome vanadium steel bits, and several deliver complete with handy safe keeping case. Visit our DIY drills.

01: Zacro 58 Piece Repair Magnetic Screwdriver Set

A magnetic screwdriver set contrived to incorporate practically all you necessitate to mend small sized devices. It delivers with an anodised metal magnetised screwdriver hand-grip using roller bearing twisting top as well as rubber clasps.

It's loaded with virtually all the prevailing regular speciality pieces postulated to open-up devices.

Magnetic Screwdriver Set With Red Grip

The bundle contains a 1.4 mm aluminium driver sporting a magnetised outlet and rubber grip ball-bearing pivot top. Use the versatile shaft extension snake directly to difficult to extend positions. The shaft extension duplicates like a (T) handle for additional torque.
[Rating: 9/10] - £10 Get It → Zacro Magnetic Screwdriver Set

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02: InnoGear Steel Precision Practical Screwdriver Kit

More accomplished and practical, this precision screwdriver kit comprises Phillips, Torx security system, flathead, hex and U wrench, Triangle as well as required bits that may be generally expended in restoring.

For iPhones, iPad, Mac-Book, computer in addition to other small sized domestic home appliances. 71 comprised pieces with small hand grip and extended features.

Steel Precision Screwdriver Kit In Yellow Box

Top quality and robust, constructed from S2 tool stainless steel with hardness rating more lasting compared to that created from CrV. Commonsense styling and dual PVC non-slip hand grips can clench easily.

Modest and transportable, practically all driver bits plus sockets are stacked away in a nicely coordinated durable case.
[Rating: 9/10] - £15 Get It → InnoG Steel Precision Screwdriver Kit

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03: Oria 54 Bit Long Magnetic Precision Screwdriver

This multi magnetic precision screwdriver 54 piece high accuracy arrangement is fashioned to serve practically all popular laptop computers, mobiles, game play consoles as well as additional devices.

An assortment of 54 bits are cautiously hand-picked to help your job and conform to your versatile advanced electronics procedure demands.

Magnetic Precision Screwdriver In Blue Finish

Professional styling using an 'extension wand' that may be introduced directly in to the hand-grip for size adaptation. Includes driver grip with action swivel cover in addition to a ball bearing fixed twisting top to make work functioning more comfy.

A multi utilisation tool great for virtually all popular notebooks, smart phones and other devices.
[Rating: 9/10] - £12 Get It → Oria Magnetic Precision Screwdriver

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04: Uktunu x45 Magnetic Accuracy Pro Screwdriver Set

Using this magnetic accuracy pro screwdriver set, you will be set-up to repair mobile phones, iPads, PC's, computer consoles and more besides.

Calibre magnetic workmanship where virtually all of the bits are separately marked - equally upon the neck as well as the rubber carrier. 45 magnetised bits is steel vanadium metal, extremely strong components that will last.

Magnetic Screwdriver Set With Several Steel Bits

The tail cover can twist as you wish, therefore your work hand is more balanced. The non-slip grip accommodates your hand and is comfy to hold, plus non skid.

Adjustable shaft plus extension bar adequate to 128 mm. Versatile shaft and 109 mm extension bar are provided to get where a typically driver will not.
[Rating: 8/10] - £10 Get It → Uktunu Magnetic Pro Screwdriver Set

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05: Fulljion Magnetic Precision Screw Driver Set x31

This first-class precision screw driver set is the perfect well-rounded bundle, perfect for deployment in and about the household or business. Enclosed in this arrangement is a magnetised bit carrier.

The magnetic bit holder feature allows single-handed functioning, valuable in complicated working circumstances. The driver possesses a rotating top that enables you to enforce pressure - though still being capable of twisting the driver.

Precision Screw Driver Set In Bright Orange

You will find 30 of the most valuable dimensions and styles of bits demanded to accomplish numerous residential chores, which includes correcting spectacles - in addition to tightening up screws inside jewellery.

The bundle is provided inside a PVC safe keeping housing, a convenient set that also constitutes an impressive present.
[Rating: 9/10] - £6 Get It → Fulljion Precision Screw Driver Set

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06: Spares2 71 Piece Chrome Vanadium Screwdriver Set

With consummate precision as well as magnetic driver and bit tool bundle, the elemental chrome vanadium screwdriver set that's perfect for the electrician, shop mechanic, expert trades person or perhaps do it yourself project fancier.

Every primary driver is contrived from steel vanadium and possesses a high powered magnetised tip including cushion soft grasp hand grips.

Chrome Screwdriver Set In Black Carry Case

This excellent kit delivers complete with a flexile extension bar for chores in cumbersome locations, as well as a magnetic tipped pick-up arm pen to speedily re-load screws in addition metal nails.

The bundle comprises 4 x high powered magnetic tip Phillips drivers, 4 x all-powerful magnetic tip slot type flat head drivers.
[Rating: 9/10] - £15 Get It → Spares2 71x Chrome Screwdriver Set

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07: Sycees Magnetic Screwdriver Set UK Popular Buy

A 58 piece standardised precision manual arrangement magnetic screwdriver set plus bonus plan mat. 54 bits cautiously designated to help work with all devices, equally accommodating for technicians as well as the everyday user.

Quality transportable hardware instruments with ideal weight and modest construction for effortless carrying. Created of chrome type vanadium steel, hard-wearing as well as highly accurate.

Magnetic Screwdriver Set With Blue Grips

These magnetic tips emphatically assist with eliminating screws in areas such as notebooks or perhaps virtually any additional electronic small devices. Configured to avail all popular laptop computers, mobiles, a non-slip grip accommodates your palm irrespective if you're executing for accuracy or speed.
[Rating: 9/10] - £12 Get It → Sycees Magnetic Screwdriver Set

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08: GeePro Accurate Repair Magnetic Screwdriver Set

38 instruments professional repair magnetic screwdriver set with first-rate hardness calibre including anti-slip hand-grip as well as magnetic facility. Updated top quality S2 chisel instrument stainless steel tools. For watch repair or perhaps additional intricate electronics, but essential to renovate iPhones and all kinds of tablet PC's.

Magnetic Repair Screwdriver Set With Extensions

Effortless to carry as well as store in the household in addition work-place. Keep it inside the motorcar, a compartment at home, or perhaps even throw it inside your very own baggage whenever journeying so you're forever set-up for virtually any digital malfunction. Chromium steel tip, the strongest chisel among virtually all instruments.
[Rating: 9/10] - £15 Get It → GeePro Magnetic Repair Screwdriver Set

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09: Leshp x58 Magnetic Driver Set With Extension

This highly recommended magnetic driver bundle comes with an extension wand that may be introduced directly in to the grip for length alteration. Ideal for practically all popular notebooks, smart phones etc.

Includes a driver hand-grip including incomparable non-skid layer as well as cap with silica gel. It additionally includes a roller bearing fixed rotating top to constitute the work more smoothly.

Magnetic Driver Set With Flexible Shaft

The versatile (flexi) shaft is impressive for stereo function or additional digital electronics where virtually all the screws aren't on the surface area. Pro mobile hardware instruments that are lightweight with a modest styling for effortless transport.

51 piece first-class driver arrangement including magnetised bits. Substantially constructed plastic safe keeping tool cabinet inclusive.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £8 Get It → Leshp 58 Piece Magnetic Driver Set

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10: KooTek Hard Steel Screwdriver Set 56 Pieces

A magnetic driver bundle that accompanies an expanded pipe where the flexing of the hose may be utilised in a pocket-sized environment whenever hose plus hand-grip are colligated.

The metal frosted grip is outfitted with an action revolving cover which constitutes your work more comfortably. Box accommodates 56 magnetised bits for a diversity of machines.

Steel Screwdriver Set In Yellow Carrying Case

The substantially bundled container is contrived with locking buckle for straightforward transfer and safe keeping. Splendid push button styling to constitute virtually all the bits collectively - and become accessible fast.

Magnetised bits are entirely constructed of S2 tool stainless steel that renders it more impenetrable with the screw matching. Furnished with a wire free driver add-on bundle, it may be utilised with any battery run driver.
[Rating: 9/10] - £12 Get It → KooTek Hard Steel Screwdriver Set

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The Perfect Magnetic Precision Screwdrivers For DIY Tasks

The precision screw driver sets that come prepared with diverse components, so you will always detect the right bit for the project in question.

Regardless if you are devising a couple of modest alterations or perhaps undertaking a bigger plan, our excellent flexible driver sets possesses tempered steel blades with magnetised tips to carry screws steadfastly.

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