Best Plug In Night Light Motion Sensors For Indoors

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Updated 09/07/2021:
Motion sensor night light plug in units are not just suited for grown-up's and kid's sleeping rooms, nevertheless their smooth design and PIR possibilities imply use of movement sensor lights for a standard hall wall or stairs safety illumination. A flexible and portable LED light fixture.

These smart RGB plug-in night lighting fixtures provide warm white and a few colour lighting settings using a sturdy construction and eye safeguarding LED light. The flexible RGB colours are power efficient with low power usage and excellent for bedroom, bathroom, staircase, cellar or even hallway.

Motion-Activated Night Light
Don't Trip-Up In Any Dark Room..

: Auraglow LED Hall Night Light Multi Colours

This plug-in nighttime light with a day sensor is fantastic for creating a delicate glow to kids' sleeping rooms, landings, and hall stairs. The night light comprises of nine superior LED's which switch on at night and turn off instantly whenever illumination or daylight is discovered.

The Auraglow plug in night light sensor light may be changed between 3 colours of relaxing white, violet and light blue. Often the light has ceased to be recognised by the day sensor, then the light will certainly switch on immediately. Delight in soft nice white light that's unproblematic to your sight.


  • Emits A Beautiful Glow
  • Offers Diverse Colours


  • None here

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Great For The Hall Stairs
  • Use In The Kids Bedroom

Unique Selling Point:

  • Day Sensor Works Perfectly
  • A Super Solid Decision

A plug through feature helps you connect any UK design connector into the gadget. This means you will not lose the performance of the plug outlet, and the light will function flawlessly. It is ideal for use with virtually any UK pin 13A household mains outlet. The Auraglow plug in night light is completely CE and BS safe.

Specs: 8 x 8 x 8 cm | 80g | 20000 hrs | 3000K | UK Pin

The connector night light bulb is ideal to light up interior areas like laundry rooms, hall, stairs, sleeping zones, study space, children's areas or a living room space, devoid of distressing other folks. All things considered, it is excellent to help relieve children's anxiety of any dark nighttime.

LED Hallway Night Light With 3 Pin

£9   Auraglow LED Hallway Night Light - Get It!  

: Integral Motion Sensor Night Light Plug-In

Its smart, basic and slender appearance produce a refined and mild light with a peripheral glow to the wall surface with a trendy style. A soft gleam to light your path during the night, it assists in avoiding transitioning on for any primary illumination. The light sensor changes the light on through the night and then shuts off each morning.

Intended for diverse home applications, light up the hall stairwell, living space, bedroom, kitchen, laundry room and storage area. Get yourself energy cost savings with the super low energy use of just a few pence per week. The Integral LED dusk to dawn wall plug fits UK 3-Pin sockets. A 3 years guarantee safeguard is for your satisfaction.


  • Neat Contemporary Design
  • Very Low Power Usage


  • None..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Cheap With Long Warranty
  • Plug In Two Lights Pack

Unique Selling Point:

  • Saves Using Main Lights
  • Smart Movement Sensors

Illuminate your passageway or any area with a delicate, soothing, fantastic light. The quality long-life Integral LED dusk to dawn LED translates to simply no bulb amendments.
Reduce costs and the LED automated sensor concept that is inexpensive to run and instantly changes the night light on in the evening and off at daybreak.

Specs: 180 g | 0.6W | A+++ | 13.5 x 2.9 x 4 cm | 220V

The night light is cool to touch, and its reduced detail style will look fashionable in any environment. It is brilliant for stairways, restrooms, master bedrooms, cabinets, garages, attic spaces and cellars. For all year lighting, connect this night light anyplace in a few minutes without a domestic electrician.

Sensor Night Light Showing Day And Night

£8   Integral Motion Sensor Night Light - Get It!  

: Photocell Sensing Auto-Activation

LED indoor motion sensor lights using the sophisticated RGB adaptation can easily light up many colours gleaming flawlessly using a photocell sensing unit. The light will auto-activate during the night, plus auto shut off whenever light becomes adequate. They are of assistance for safety aids that light up staircases and other obstructions.

The lights are furthermore good for young kids that happen to be fearful of the dark, in addition to nursing parents making night visits to their baby's space and several additional requirements. The wall night lights present a pleasurable constant illumination within the baby room or conceivably in other regions.

Anywhere you place a night light, it is really the perfect strategy for lighting the stairs or perhaps workplace and so forth. For a source of light where contemporary and sturdy LEDs are employed, the concept helps to ensure they don't get too hot - cost-effective and virtually unbreakable.

: Dusk To Dawn Energy Efficiency

The dusk dawn characteristics mean they are energy-efficient using very little power because it goes off in day time light. LED plug in sensor lighting indeed is an ideal option for youngsters, since the beautiful bright light will come in numerous colours so make your children choose the best one for their particular choice.

Beautiful nighttime lighting in a variety of colours produces an atmosphere which inspires kids to take pleasure in the vibrant colours of their selection in their own personal area sleeping rooms. The lights provide a pleasurable constant illumination within the baby room or even in other areas of your house.

: Vislan Night Light With Timer Smart Plug-In

This plug-in nighttime light presents RGB diverse colour selections and revolving colours amid more than 8 distinct colours to keep your preferred colours with the remote control unit.

Totally different from the halos or glare of the primary illumination, this LED night light fixture provides you with a relaxing and gentle light that won't trouble other folks during the night.

The ideal choice for small children and even seniors, the small proportion VISLAN smart LED night light handheld control possesses a flourishing array of 3 metres.
In one complete circle very successfully, you can arrange your light selections through the push-button control from your cosy bed.


  • All Homes Should Own One
  • RGB Night Multi Colours


  • None whatsoever

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Warm Night-Time Environment
  • RGB Diverse Bright Colours

Unique Selling Point:

  • Easy To Use Hand Device
  • Maintain Colour In Memory

Due to electrical power of 0.7W without a battery, this unique RGB night light fixture is priced at just £0.09 per month to assist you to conserve electricity.
You will never recognise a rise in your electric power bill, even from very long term implementation. Furthermore, this VISLAN LED light plug-in can auto shut off following the determined 30 to 60 minutes.

Specs: 230V | 0.7W | A+++ | 9 x 7 x 7 cm | 100g | 30LM

The RGB night light prepares 3 superior LED beads for up to 100000 hours long life expectancy minus any substitute bulb. The light shell undertakes safety and dependability in its component, guaranteeing the light is sturdy. It is appropriate for kid's bedrooms, infants areas, nurseries or living spaces.

Night Light RGB Plug-In With White Remote

£9   Vislan Night Light With Timer Plug-In - Get It!  

: AuraGlow Plug In Night Light PIR Sensor

This particular extremely vibrant movement sparked plug in night time light from Auraglow is perfect for use in halls, home landing places, stair-wells.

Just about any place additional illumination is demanded minus being forced to discover an electric switch. The light instantly switches on whenever movement is detected and instantly cuts following 30 seconds.

This unique super glowing movement-activated plug-in night light is excellent for use in home hallways, household landings, dark stairwells. The light simply relates to anyplace 'supplementary light' is necessary without locating a switch in the dark.

Auraglow super-bright PIR night light immediately activates when movement is noticed and quickly converts to off following half a minute.

The light fixture processes as the quintessential night light fixture, submissively lighting up your path whenever looking into the newborn. It is superior to manoeuvring to the restroom in the evening or making your path to the kitchen space for a naughty late-night treat.


  • Shuts Off After 30 Seconds
  • Super Power Savings Noticed


  • Not here..

Mains Plug-In Night Light PIR On In Dark Room

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Perfect For The Baby Room
  • Only Triggers In Darkness

Unique Selling Point:

  • Very Eco Friendly Bulbs
  • Effortless Plug Style Light

Furthermore, the stand lamp highlights cost-effective LED's that convey super-bright durable light. With a daytime sensor set up, the light simply triggers on at night. Due to extra bright LED's and 3.5 Watts, it is a genuine energy saver, and it also is entirely CE and BS standard accredited.

Specs: 120 x 70 mm | 200LM | 3.5W | 20000 hrs | 3000K

Cost-cutting and earth-friendly, this gadget is a perfect option for your household in landings, halls, stairways or various other destinations. Best where you desire a protection light through the night, the plug-in Auraglow super-bright PIR light is fantastic for kid's areas and passageways.

The light operates as the elemental night light virtuously illuminating the path whenever checking in on the infant, steering to the bathroom after darkness, or perhaps making your direction to the cooking area for a late night time bite.

Most effective of all, the desk light functions energy economical LED's which present bright durable lighting. The day motion sensor light triggers in the dark perfectly.
[Rating: 8/10]   £11 Get It → AuraGlow Mains Plug-In Night Light  

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: NiteSafe Motion Sensing LED Night Light

This home induction charging multi operation LED lamp is functional, very useful, fully featured, of top quality and dependable.

They are great for utilisation around the household, or perhaps whenever moving around to illuminate your garage or an unacquainted motel area. It features two night light settings and dusk to dawn selections.

An efficient flashlight night light fixture that is constantly recharged and expected use. The four LED torch is situated in a charging holder connected to the wall structure.

It is retained ultimately charged by induction loading. Suppose the Nitesafe Duo night motion sensor light power fails, or perhaps you take the light from its charging support. In that case, it changes to (on) instantly.

Moreover, the Duo version provides two nighttime light alternatives in the sunset to daybreak. Select this environment, and the night light will undoubtedly switch on when the region gets dark.
It will change to (off) once again when it becomes light. From the movement sensor, decide upon this mode. The night light fitting will start up the moment motion is discovered in any dark space.


  • Unique Night Light Torch
  • Induction Charging Concept


  • None at all

Motion Sensor LED Night Light With 3 Pin Plug

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Smart Motion Recognition
  • Torch Is Always Charged

Unique Selling Point:

  • Rechargeable Flash Light Gadget
  • Extremely Vibrant LED Lights

This gadget instantly activates when the electric power shuts off. You can select from sensor or sundown to daybreak highlights. Due to the extra-bright LED's, the Nitesafe night motion sensor induction concept provides a long time of stress-free usage.

To gain access to the movement sensor settings, press the 3 placement slider switch to the downward placement during the night when the DUO is connected to an outlet started up.
It is going to energise the six LED lights around the front side to illumination the path. To gain access to the setting, press the 3 situation sliding transition to the wholly upward location.

Specs: 110g | 6.5 x 5 x 12 cm | UK 3 Pin | 40 LM | 8 Hours

The particular environment of the night light is going to switch on whenever the area gets dark, in addition switch off once more whenever it lights up.

Considering the movement sensor light device - choose this mode and the night light will activate as soon as motion is observed in darkness. Instantly switches on once the electrical power exits.
[Rating: 9/10]   £17 Buy → NiteSafe Motion Sensor Night Light  

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: LifeMax LED Night Light Motion Sensor

Perfect for illumination in spaces where no mains powered light is accessible, for example closets, halls, outside garage and so on.

The photographic sensor device technologies discover movement and lights instantly in the darkness. Reduced electrical power LED affords extended battery life span and can additionally function from mains powered adapter.

An ingenious night light that's constantly willing to handle your illumination requirements. Whilst resting in its outlet mounted connector, the small light wirelessly charges up for its following use.
An adaptable motion night light that significantly improves as a flashlight, the Lifemax night light torch incorporates excellent bright LED's and weighs in at only 70g.

Most importantly, helpful for kid's sleeping rooms, you change the light to (On) function. Still, it will indeed offer diffused light featuring five economical LED's. This comparable light is triggered in the (Auto) function anytime it picks up motion at nighttime. A plug attached dock recharges the device quickly.

The nighttime light works exceptionally well in its rack using a flexible 3 metres plus 110 degrees recognition spectrum. Removed and put on any surface area - even suspended by the installation opening.


  • Doubles Up As Flashlight
  • Great For Dark Stairwells


  • No

Mobile LED Night Light With Motion In White Exterior

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Brighten The Attic Or Cellar
  • Functional Security Solution

Unique Selling Point:

  • Run Costs Next To Nothing
  • Stop Tripping In The Hall

The battery pack offers you the liberty to illuminate attic spaces, garages, storage sheds and compartments. At the same time, a continuous mains charge is great for substantial traffic spaces.

Specs: 5 LED's | 3m | 14 x 10 x 7 cm | 200g | 110 Degrees

For anyone unfortunate enough to experience a power cut, just transition the light to the flashlight setting, and then let the three very bright LED's light your path. The constantly available Lifemax torch night light is an excellent strategy for your own safety and complete protection.

Just right for use inside the household, hall-way or shop and ideal for the work place or perhaps garage - not forgetting several security uses as it switches on when motion is perceived in the dark.

Instantly cuts following 60 seconds if simply no motion is noticed, or perhaps the room is considerably lit up. Signal detection zone as much as 5 metres with operated on/off switch or auto procedure.
[Rating: 9/10]   £21 Get It → LifeMax Mobile LED Night Light  

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: Sensky PIR Plug-In Motion Sensor Light

This plug in style night indoor motion sensor light is perfect for contributing an all natural illumination inside nurseries, kids sleeping rooms, lengthy landings as well as halls.

This night-light includes 9 LED's with a front illumination that triggers in the dark and switches off mechanically whenever light is sensed. Electrical power resource 220 240V 50Hz and powered 1.8 Watts.

You will find a non-glare light, smooth sole strip in front and intense lighting in the rear of the sensor device. The Sensky PIR LED night light is not 'over dazzling' during the night. It is excellent for parents and children's spaces, specifically for a mom who stays awaken through the night nourishing her infant.

An automatic setting front light will switch on at sunset, and right off at daybreak, the rear light will start up when movement is detected inside a sensing array from an individual or a family pet. It remains on for 60 seconds if no more motion is within this particular range.


  • Best Light On This Page
  • Energy Saving Multi LED


  • None

LED Lit Indoor Motion Sensor Light Plugged In

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Just Plug It In And Enjoy
  • Natural Beautiful White Glow

Unique Selling Point:

  • Intelligent PIR Function
  • Stunning Curved Design

A simple process socket night light, however the one thing you have to do is insert it into an electrical outlet, 220V to 240V AC. There is no requirement to consider that you need to buy some battery packs to exchange the LED night light fixture that you utilised before.

Specs: 15 LM | 99.8g | 6.9 x 6 x 11 cm | PIR | 1.8W | LED | A+

An excellent light that's perfect for saving on expenses, plus it's more eco-friendly. This is a brilliant little Sensky night light for stairways, living spaces, hall, kitchen or laundry room.
The (On) setting requires that the two lights remain on constantly. Just 1.8W output is potentially less, as outlined by the frequency and period of implementation.

The movement sensor light observes people's movement in the darkness, and in addition remains on for 60 seconds. With versatile settings and automatic on, the slit of illumination at the front end is impeccably adequate to guide anyone until it discovers your motion and advances completely.

End user instructions are incorporated with this popular plug in style night lamp.
[Rating: 10/10]   £10 Get It → Sensky PIR Motion Sensor Light  

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PIR Mains Powered Night Light Plug In Motion Sensors

Intelligent night indoor PIR lights make your children's nighttime exceptional as they activate immediately in the evening, plus change to off routinely at daybreak. With the photocell sensing unit LED, there is no need to substitute light bulbs any longer.

The LED technology is composed of superior techniques to ensure they are extended with additional consistency. Lamps can be utilised everywhere when asleep to provide a light source within the room without distressing other individuals resting.

: Techole Wall Night Light Photocell Sensor

Embracing LED photocell light sensor technology, this plug-in night light fixture will auto-activate at dusk. It will activate when the encircling light turns somewhat inadequate. The automated feature transforms off at daybreak or when the surrounding setting becomes bright again.

Connect the LED night light straight into virtually any regular UK electric powered outlet and revel in automatic lighting in darkness. This Techole LED night plug in with sensor will undoubtedly turn on at night and evening - or maybe when the area light becomes deficient.

A delicate and well-balanced light with high efficiency and eye nurturing LED produces a constant non-flicker night light that refuses to harm your vision. Comfortable light makes it possible to relieve you and your children rest too. The lower profile style will look trendy in any room.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Care For Your Eyes Light
  • Smart Photocell Sensor Unit

Unique Selling Point:

  • Use In Toilet Or Hallway
  • Perfect For The Baby Room

Top Features:


  • Soft Gentle Light
  • 2 Years Warranty


  • None here..

This Techole night light plug-in is trustworthy and supplies approximately 60000 hours of extended performance with no light bulb substitution using superior quality LED beads.
It is created from unique PC components; its fire is resilient and impacts pressure tolerant with a long-lasting, very safe exterior. This style highlights 0.5W low electric power usage and is CE accredited.

Specs: 0.5W | A++ | 5 x 8 x 6 cm | 70g | SMD LEDs

Suitable for bedrooms, the light is lovely for kid's rooms or infants spaces, nurseries, front room, washroom, passageway, stairwell, landing, cellar or garage area. Use it just about anywhere through the nighttime to illuminate the room, devoid of distressing other individuals.

Wall Night Light With Colour Settings

£5   Techole Auto Wall Night Light Photocell - Get It!  

: AUROLITE Electric Night Lights Plug Sensor

Nice white light supplies a gentle protected light throughout the stairway through the night, which will not likely interrupt other people's sleep at night.
Consequently, this plug night light fixture is a beautiful accomplice for you personally. It is well suited for washroom, storage room, kitchen cabinet, passage or youngster's room in your home.

Once higher than 10 Lux, the AUROLITE LED plug night light will shut off whenever under 10 Lux, the light fixture will switch on. It is relatively economical with low energy productivity and an extended life span.


  • Lovely Triangular Design
  • Warm Soothing Illumination


  • No

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Two Lights In Every Package
  • Automated Dusk To Dawn Sensor

Unique Selling Point:

  • Ideal For Bedrooms And Hall
  • Comprehensive Energy Saving

You will discover 2 LED plug and play night lighting units per container. The relaxing white illumination delivers soft feel light for getting up at night time.
There exists adequate lighting for the bathroom, devoid of trying to find that light bulb switch. Simultaneously, the nighttime light transforms off immediately should you walk out.

Specs: 9 x 9 x 7 cm | 3000K | 0.3W | A+ | 140g | AC/DC

Retain this AUROLITE night light in your passageway or home landing. You can actually sleep after getting out of bed during the nighttime on your trips to the bathroom.

Electric Night Light In Socket In Darkness

£8   AUROLITE Electric Night Light Plug-In - Get It!  

: NiteSafe Maxi LED Night Sensor Light

This LED safety night illumination instantly lights up if you experience an electrical malfunction, or even whenever motion is discovered. The device additionally works like a flash light - which is simple to find and constantly charged, ready to be employed in any situation.


  • Great With Power Cuts
  • Long Usage Functionality


  • None at all

Re-Chargeable LED Night Sensor Light Plugged In Wall Outlet

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Smart Motion Sensor Device
  • Induction Charging Concept

Unique Selling Point:

  • Gadget Resides In The Holder
  • Easy To Use Light Features

Specs: 8.8 x 5 x 16 cm | 60 LM | 140g | 8 Bright LED's

This device is suited to implement through electric power cuts, or as a security illumination which will turn on in a dimly lit area, or if someone else, say for example a kid or mature individual walks past. The device is located in it's personal charging adapter.
[Rating: 8/10]   £17 Get It → NiteSafe Maxi Night Sensor Light  

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Anywhere you place an indoor movement sensor light, it is an excellent method of lighting that region no matter whether it's the bedroom, hall, staircase or even business office. As a valid source of light, present day and strong light emitting diodes are widely-used.

The LED mains powered night light concept implies that they just don't get too hot, but tend to be really inexpensive and almost indestructible. The unshakable filament produces a gentle white-coloured light for the plug with sensing unit inside.

: Low Power Usage LED

Appealing and stylish, motion detector sensor plug in night lights light up in an attractive soft shade. Due to modern technology, the night light consolidates a lengthy life plus releases virtually no high temperature together with surprisingly low electrical power usage.

LED light makes certain absolutely no hot bulbs or substitutes are needed. The indoor motion sensor lights supply background illumination instantly - switches on in the evenings and off at day-break, morning etc. See our LED reading lights.

Plug in automatic night lights are useful to possess in almost any space in your own home. Well suited for children's areas, the delicate gleam from the light fixture supplies safety and comfort, as well as matches virtually any regular mains electric outlet.