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Updated 22/08/2020:
These UK speed camera detector warning systems and camera detectors alert you of impending fixed and portable speed camera spots in the streets ahead. Keep your driving permit secure with our picked out laser and GPS navigation speed trap sensors.

What Is A Speed Camera Detector?
A speed cam detector is an apparatus that notifies the driver of a set/fixed or mobile camera. It offers you sufficient time to guarantee you are not motoring above the local speed limit. The speed trap detector avoids the trouble of running up penalties and points on your DVLA licence.

: ProDeluxe Speed Camera Detector DriveSmart

Speed Camera Detector In Black On Dash

£109   ProDeluxe Speed Camera Detector - Get It!  

: Uniden Speed Camera Radar Real-Time Alerts

Speed Camera Radar With Square Screen

£697   Uniden Speed Camera Radar - Get It!  

: Mio Dash Cam Speed Camera Detector DVR

Dash Cam Speed Camera With System Display

£70   Mio Dash Cam Speed Camera DVR - Get It!  

: Zeerkeer Radar Speed Trap Detector 360 Degrees

Radar Speed Trap Detector With Red Start Button

£42   Zeerkeer Radar Speed Trap Detector - Get It!  

: Speed Camera Guide And Penalty Info

Several online resources let you hunt for fixed camera destinations locally, or perhaps in virtually any area, you may be considering travelling. If you are seeking to learn precisely where mobile speed cams will be on any specific day, lots of collaborations promote their location via internet revisions.

: Hitting Drivers In The Wallet

Speed trap detectors along with other comparable systems, allow you to understand about locations employing status updates plus announcements. Negligent driving might also hit drivers in the wallet dealing with a substantial fine - or even the price/time of speed awareness training etc.

: Where Are The Camera Hotspots?

Perhaps there is a strategy to identify speed camera radars on the go. Using the advancement of tech innovation, it is grown to be incredibly easy to buy GPS devices which informs you of camera hotspots driving a car. Speed cam detectors provided drivers with an alert sound in past times.

: Integrated Dashboard Speed Cam Devices

Ever since older sound alerts, numerous sat-nav's and now progressively dash-cam speed camera detectors possess integrated solutions that alert drivers of neighbourhood cams. Mobile phone apps tend to be refreshed far more consistently and permit for particular positioning involving traffic cameras.

: UK Minimum Maximum Speeding Penalties

The United Kingdom lowest fee for speeding is a minimum £100 fine plus three penalty points included to your own driving licence. The absolute maximum penalty for speeding was elevated a short while ago. Caught by a speed camera could finish up costing you more than you probably expect.

: Just A Little Over Speed Limit - Tell The Judge?

While it is legitimate, some speed radar detectors offer moderate flexibility for drivers who have been driving a car just a little over the posted speed limit. It's not factual that you can drive ten per cent over the speed limit each and every time and avoid oneself from acquiring speed penalties.

: Fine And Rising Insurance Premiums

Monetary penalties are particularly legitimate for transportable radar scanners because as a result of reasoning with your captor, usually a law enforcement officer at that time whether to supply a fine or otherwise. It will likely be coupled with an endorsement on the licence increasing insurance rates.

: Find Speed Cameras Close To Me?

Seeing that speed camera which includes speed guns can easily calculate your velocity without resorting to a noticeable flash, it's impossible of telling if they're operating. Transportable speed cameras are generally present in prominent vehicles stationed at the side of the street or in a lay-by.

: Portable Police Radar Detectors

Fundamentally, the best way forward is just not to speed and also to make sure you are driving the car properly. By doing this, you will never have any complications with police radar detectors or the given penalties - you will probably discover you don't even recognise their existence any more.

DriveSmart Alpha Speed Camera Detector Radar

Speed Camera Detector Radar Showing Blue LED

£139   DriveSmart Alpha Speed Detector - Get It!  

Snooper DVR Cam Speed Radar Detector GPS


  • New Bluetooth Updates
  • 12V Power Lead


  • None..

Speed Radar Detector GPS In All Black

£137   Snooper Dash Cam Detector - Get It!  

Escort Passport Car Speed Checker Radar

Car Speed Checker Radar In Black Casing

£398   Escort Car Speed Checker Radar - Get It!  

Speed Camera Black Spots And Jams

Speed camera sensors notify you when you are getting close to predetermined speed cameras or portable devices. Additionally, the speed radar detector will provide you with notifications about incident black spots and then traffic jam specific zones.

Speed Cam Updates Over The Web

The devices may screen or declare the permissible speed upper limit, make available on the LED to be easily noticeable during the night, and several excellent dash-cam speed camera detectors are kept up to date over the Internet.

Database Of Fixed Camera Spots

There are numerous dissimilarities concerning radar-based, laser as well as GPS sensors. GPS navigation car speed checker sensors ideally use a data source of fixed camera system regions. Furthermore, they notify you to observed incident spots and perhaps local school sites.

How Far Are You From A Speed Cam?

Most road speed camera detectors function depending on contrasting your present position to the area of speed cam on the repository - this is to determine 'when you are approaching' one particular unit.

Finding Portable Speed Cam Pop-Up's

Radar and laser speed cams are considerably better at discovering mobile speed cameras, but a few radar detector versions can alert you Kilometres ahead of the set-up camera system. Many car reversing cams integrate a similar alerting strategy on a colour touch-screen device.

Police Speed Recognition Devices

Radar plus laser sensors recognise the consistency of transmissions coming from law enforcement radar/laser speed recognition apparatus and inform you of the existence of this hardware. This implies the speed trap detector can acquire the position of mobile sensors that usually GPS sensors cannot.

DriveSmart Evo GPS Speed Trap Detector


  • UK Legal And Pre-Loaded
  • Mount Plus USB Wire


  • None..

GPS Speed Trap Detector With Front Scren

£99   DriveSmart GPS Speed Trap Detector - Get It!  

Snooper MySpeed Road Speed Camera Detector Dash

Road Speed Camera With Velocity In Red On Screen

£128   Snooper MySpeed Road Detector - Get It!  

DriveSmart Pro Dash-Cam Speed Camera Detector


  • 20000 Camera Locations
  • HD Top Quality Dash-Cam


  • None

Dash-Cam Speed Detector With Side Push Buttons

£139   DriveSmart Dash-Cam Speed Camera - Get It!  

: Aguri Skyway Traffic Speed Camera Detector

This traffic speed camera detector means simply no more speeding fines, and you get cost free updates for a lifetime. The modern operation regular GPS, radar and laser speed sensing is set-up to function directly out of the package.

It delivers preloaded using the most recent speed trap data resource, so it's possible to deploy anyplace. Superior functioning and fashioned specially for Great Britain and EU countries.

Traffic Speed Camera Detector In All Black Case


  • 360 Degrees Radar/Laser
  • For The UK Plus Europe


  • None.

It will supply boosted alerts of all speed traps which includes Gatso plus Truvelo plus SPEC's average speed recording cameras, in addition to 1000's of approximate locations wherever portable speed traps including laser guns are generally utilised.

360 degrees functioning for the most recent laser detection system. The high sensitivity format offers beforehand alerts of K-all traps throughout GB.
[Rating: 9/10]   £129   Get It → Skyway Traffic Speed Camera Detector

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Radar Laser Speed Camera Detector

A substitute for investing in a GPS speed sensor is a getting a radar and laser speed cam detector. Nevertheless, in contrast to a GPS speed cam, this will not discover several more new types of the cam. Additionally, your dash cam will not supply any kind of signal for those speed areas.

GPS Dash Cam With Radar And Laser

Some speed radar detector cameras have recently put together equally GPS with radar, as well as laser recognition; therefore if you are a lorry driver, you may select an excellent truck sat-nav speed detector for your own purposes somewhat cautiously.

Street Speed Camera Placement

These kinds of speed cameras attribute a few over-head cams set-up some metres away from each other. These cameras evaluate the speed from your primary camera towards the secondary. This is simply not the situation for all those radar detectors and laser sensors.

Road Camera Detector System To Evade Speeding Tickets

: Inforad K3 Speed Camera System UK And EU

This impressive GPS speed camera for sale with sensor finds concealed secured and portable speed recording cameras, warning light cams, as well as incident blackspots. The smallest GPS photographic camera warning strategy with elevated SIRF Star III system plus recharging battery.

Data resource of 1000's of camera positions in the GB and EU - accommodates an authentic leather carrying case.

Small K3 Speed Camera For Sale In Black And Red

It incorporates a 2 PIN European mains powered connector for reloading. A visible and rather loud alarm system offer clears early alerts to recording camera areas.

A hundred percent traffic legal - merely refresh the data resource with the cost free download tool on any Windows PC, charge up the interior battery and append it to your windshield.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24   Get It → Inforad Speed Camera For Sale

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: Fusion Aguri GPS Radar Speed Monitor For Cars

Extremely high sensitivity radar speed monitor for cars offering advanced alerts of K, X and Ka-band - plus laser speed traps throughout all Great Britain and EU frequencies with an integrated high-definition DVR dashcam.

Safeguard your no claims incentive with this completely amalgamated HD DVR dashboard camera using a 170 degrees broad perspective lens and Ambarella A7 processor system.

Speed Monitor For Cars With Display

Automated incident and event documenting instantly keeps and locks up just about any video recording of an accident or perhaps crash, instantaneously safeguarding your evidence and includes an anti-vandal parking strategy.

Integrated GPS monitoring will track virtually all your travels and offer essential evidence of precisely where and whenever virtually any accident or incident happened. Simply no subscription costs or download expenses.
[Rating: 9/10]   £129   Get It → Aguri Speed Monitor For Cars

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: Road Angel GPRS GSM Road Camera Detector

This impressive road camera detector is the most recent speed recording camera to be published available inside Great Britain. A current gadget with the most recent characteristics as well as technical developments.

It delivers with live revisions, this signifies no demand to link-up to a PC to download the newest speed recording camera data resources.

Road Camera Detector With Rounded Screen

As an alternative adopting GPRS GSM smart phone strategy, it instantly updates when you move. This variety of updates presents brand-new speed camera positions and all alterations to speed limitations.

With the (CameraShare) option, you and additional car drivers additionally employing this detector can contribute live locations.
[Rating: 9/10]   £157   Get It → Road Angel Road Camera Detector

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Traffic speed camera detectors are ideal whenever driving a car on 'unacquainted' streets where it's not usually apparent how fast you are able to proceed.

One uncomplicated strategy for keeping 'on top' of speed limitations is with a speed camera detector. They alert you of speed cameras, mobile or portable traps - and many even display an accurate speed limit. The cams are now available in car sat-nav devices and dash camera equipment.