1080p HDMI Monitors For Film And High-Res Desktop Gaming

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Updated 05/02/2020:
High-performing HDMI PC monitors delivering full High-definition pictures and amazing capacity with present day slim build, along with an all-encompassing set-up. Superb colour contrast small HDMI monitors perfect for TV with a fabulous screen.

Many computer monitors possess HDMI, which usually carries the two video and sound signals. It's exceptional for participating in High-definition content from the PC, gaming system or Blu-ray player and various other 4K equipment - see our cheap 4K monitor options.

AOC 24 Inches Wide Screen Monitor With HDMI

Monitor With HDMI And Round Base

£99   AOC Wide 24 Inch Monitor With HDMI - Get It!  

Philips Cheap HDMI Monitor Full HD LCD LED 21 Inch


  • Lower Power Usage
  • SmartContrast Deep Black


  • None.

HDMI Monitor FHD With Black Edge

£70   Philips HDMI Monitor Full HD LED 21 Inch - Get It!  

HANNspree 21.5in HDMI Computer Monitor Touch Screen

Slender Black 21.5 inch HDMI Monitor

£199   HANNspree 21.5 Inch HDMI Computer Monitor - Get It!  

Which Type Of HDMI Monitor?

The perfect choice 1080p HDMI monitor for extremely high resolutions and frame speeds, the Display-Port connectors transport both video as well as sound signals like HDMI - while it can just carry 4K Ultra High Definition at 30 frames per second.

Display-Port can undoubtedly manage this image resolution at 60 frames per second, offering you a far more stable LED computer gaming monitor picture for fast shifting video games and films.

The Kinds Of DVI Connectivity

The DVI contacts supply a video transmission comparable to HDMI; nevertheless, they usually do not transport sound. The resolution they will support may differ, and a few different kinds of DVI connections can contain 1920 x 1200 res, although other forms even more.

Higher Resolution And Frame Rate

Although HDMI, DVI as well as Display-Port are typical digital associations, VGA may be the outdated analogue concept. It will consider reasonably high resolutions and then frame rates, however, you will not likely discover the HDMI computer monitor excellent pictures which you do with DVI.

Link Your Smartphone, Cam Or DVD/Blu-Ray

Due to USB slots on your HD PC monitor, you can connect your mobile phone, camera, Blu-ray player, video camera or various other gadgets to watch content material on your screen without having to switch on your personal computer at all.

Monitors With Unneeded Extras

Of duties like Internet mail, social networking, browsing on the net and spending money online, you most likely don't desire a high functionality monitor with many different extras. Various cheaper HDMI monitor screens can be found, and you do not have to be satisfied with a small media monitor display.

Streaming Music And Film Choices

HDMI gaming monitor displays for multi intent use supply the image quality and satisfaction you require for everyday actions, like streaming tracks and films, posting photographs and slide shows, video webinars and then constructing MS office files.

Dell 23 Inch 1080p HDMI Monitor Back-Lit Ultra Thin


  • In-Plane Switching Tech
  • Powerful Built-In Speakers


  • None

1080p HDMI Monitor With Steel Base

£129   Dell 23 Inch 1080p HDMI Monitor - Get It!  

HP 22 Inch Small HDMI Monitor FHD 5ms 60hz Refresh

Small HDMI Monitor With Square Base Stand

£79   HP 22 Inch Small HDMI Monitor FHD - Get It!  

AOC AGON HDMI Gaming Monitor LED 23 Inch


  • QHD Monitor For Gamers
  • Adaptive Syncing Technology


  • None

HDMI Monitor With 2 Leg Steel Base

£299   AOC AGON HDMI Gaming Monitor 23 Inch - Get It!  

Samsung 32 Inch White HDMI HD PC Monitor LED

White HDMI HD PC Monitor With Circular Base

£139   Samsung 32 Inch White HDMI PC Monitor - Get It!  

A PC Monitor For Graphic Design Work

Multi-media specialists need to have a monitor created for the content material building. This implies a more prominent display with at minimum Full HD or perhaps even Quad high definition for furthered display environment and extremely comprehensive pictures.

Exceptional IPS Panel Perspective

You can achieve success with an IPS panel using its deep blacks, legitimate colours and broad viewing perspectives. Should you be editing films and videos, choose a monitor with a response time frame of 5 milliseconds or even less to minimise motion blur on display from earlier pictures.

High Refresh Rating For Gamers

Game enthusiasts are required to have a monitor that may sustain the velocity and high intensity of modern-day game titles. We suggest at minimum a gaming monitor Full HD res, a response period of 5 ms or quicker, a refresh rating of 60 Hz or quicker and lateral observing 175 degrees or higher.

Gaming And Graphics Cards

Screens combining NVidia G-SYNC or maybe AMD FreeSync can be used with virtually any computer, although it can provide you with advantages when associated with an appropriate NVidia or graphics card collectively.

Simultaneous Monitor Screen Viewing

The monitor with HDMI ports will coordinate the refresh rating between GPU as well as the screen for consistent gaming. You can increase a second screen to your game playing installation for a tremendous view of two simultaneously.

Display Screen User Applications

Extremely wide HDMI computer monitors have a 21:9 aspect ratio and make it incredibly easy to examine different files concurrently, or maybe set various internet browsers alongside. Several ultra extended versions include split - display screen applications that allow you to set-up your content on display in different techniques.

Wide LED Screen Video Gaming

Extra wide LED computer monitor screens present a tremendously impressive video gaming encounter. One element of personal computer monitors which you do have to assess, though, is image resolution. Although 1080p was at one time the fantastic requirement, in the present day it is only the norm.

Asus VS HDMI Monitor With Speakers 27 Inches

An HDMI monitor with speakers twin interface is perfect for the more adept picture and colour calibre. This excellent impact reaches the durable mount as well as slender profile, minus yielding elegance in guaranteeing equilibrium and long life.

Multi-Media HDMI Monitor With Speakers With Black Border

Delivers with ample connection incorporating twin HDMI, DisplayPort in addition D-sub so that end users may comfortably link-up to full high-definition Blu-ray players as well as countless HD replay gadgets such as video-disc players or set-top boxes.
[Rating: 9/10]   £159 Get It → Asus HDMI Monitor With Speakers

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BenQ GW 1080p Monitor With Wide Screen LED

A comparatively cheap 1080p monitor that's slender for your particular observing delight, including bright colours and particulars from virtually every observing perspective, in addition to a slim construction.

1080p GW Monitor With Wide Display


  • GTG With Thin Bezel
  • Flicker Free Back Lighting


  • None.

Get prepared to delight in high-end superior visual fun day-after-day. It is designed using a slender bezel as well as slim physique.

A thin bezel conception not just saves room, however additionally grants a nearly coherent perspective inside multi display settings. Amended eco style corrects the back light brightness to guarantee highest display calibre.
[Rating: 9/10]   £230 Get It → BenQ GW 1080p Monitor

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ViewSonic HDMI Desktop PC Monitor Speaker

This highly recommended 28 inches LED multi-media HDMI desktop PC monitor presents impressive colour operation and boasts a selective SuperClear professional picture system for brilliant fish-eye observing.

VGA HDMI Desktop PC Monitor Speaker In All Black

It returns crisp and elaborated pictures including clear acoustics for equally household amusement as well as work place usage. The most recent flicker-free plus (Blue Light) filter system technology additionally contracts eye tiredness and supplies a more prosperous home or perhaps work place surroundings.
[Rating: 9/10]   £93 Get It → ViewSonic HDMI Desktop PC Monitor

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Boosting Those Game Play Graphics

In the event you are pleased to dedicate a bit more, there are some other HD PC monitor choices worth looking at, mainly if you want to strengthen screen environment or game-play graphics.

Just The Important Monitor Highlights

As we pointed out previously, the resolution might not be the primary monitor highlight, although too much resolution or too little of a display is frequently frustrating since it reduces all pictures down and causes you to increase the size of almost anything to examine conveniently.

Cheap HDMI Monitors With Super Clarity

If you would like realistic clearness, nevertheless want to save on costs or perhaps concentrate on various others, essential functionality 1080p is preferred provided that the monitor you happen to be ordering isn't huge - well suited for cheap HDMI monitors of 21 inches up to 24 inch sized screens.

Comparing With 4K Monitors

These screens provide excellent display quality, now that they may be contending with 4K, the costs happen to be more affordable. If you are looking more significant than 24 inches, nevertheless, you should think about 2560 x 1440 resolution at the very least, and possibly other 4K versions.

Browsing And Using APP's

In the present day, just about all 1080p HDMI monitors are big screens, which can be considerably better for observing significant scenarios, enjoying different apps available simultaneously and protecting your desktop while investigating the internet.

LG DP HDMI 2560x1080 Monitor With Speakers

An HDMI 2560x1080 monitor with speakers that expeditiously powers a multitude programs as well as possessing several active windows on the display screen simultaneously. For business concern presentations, the twin link function enables two transportable gadgets, for example a PC, photographic camera or mobile.

Wide HDMI 2560 x 1080 Monitor With Square Stand

The intelligent electricity economising setting concentrates electrical power consumption without threatening the luminosity of the display monitor.

The flicker-safe system cares for end user's eye-balls from tiredness through scaling down flicker to virtually nothing. Using a touch of a push button, reader modality enables the simplification of blue light discharges.
[Rating: 9/10]   £289 Get It → LG DP HDMI 1080 Monitor

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Acer Touch Screen IPS Monitor With Speakers

This multi touch monitor with speakers is a substantial advance on regular 2 finger styles since it senses 10 diverse contact locations upon the display.

LED Display IPS Monitor With Angled Stand

Motion pictures are genuinely charming on this first-class T2 23 inch screen containing FHD integral resolution. It employs eColour Management as well as colour monitoring application to guarantee luminosity.

Direct contrast is unvarying throughout the complete display expanse and corrects picture framing by frame to establish a flawless encounter.
[Rating: 9/10]   £299 Get It → Acer Touch Display IPS Monitor

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Cheap Computer HDMI Monitors With Super Picture Detail

The perfect computer monitors with HDMI to involve the interest yourself is extensive - display screen lucidity and then excellent audio with a dependable multi-screen. Improved home entertainment with great associated acoustics and excellent large 'slim edge' display.

The small HDMI monitor screens are likewise exquisite for films and video games. Wide HDMI gaming monitors may enjoy a 16:9 or 10 ratio, a dimension of the size of a display in comparison with the elevation. For a flat-screen TV, it is likely that you are currently acquainted with HDMI slots and wires.

Iiyama LED HD Monitor With Stereo Speakers

A 27 inch back-lit LED HD monitor with LCD sporting AMVA+ panel system assures precise as well as ordered colour replication using broad observing perspectives. Proposing (24 bit True colour) and impressive performance for showing black and white using the 3000:1 endemic contrast balance.

AMVA+ Monitor With Stereo Speakers And Black Border

It will offer first-class operation for photo designing as well as web styling. Including the contributed assistance of a reduced electrical power LED control panel, it's additionally a superior alternative for universities, business concerns as well as financial systems.
[Rating: 9/10]   £183 Get It → Iiyama HD Monitor With Speakers

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Samsung C2 LED Curved HDMI Computer Monitor

27 inch curved HDMI computer monitor using deep and spirited colours. It offers the the profoundest display curvature as well as 'Eye Saver' setting for better observing ease.

Curved HDMI Computer Monitor With Steel Support


  • Speakers And Several Ports
  • Super Sculpted Panel Curves


  • None..

By contracting blue illumination discharge, the Eye Saver Mode contracts eye weariness and offers a more prosperous viewing encounter. The flicker free feature understates deflecting display flickering to allow you function and observe for more extended time periods in better comfort.
[Rating: 9/10]   £199 Get It → Samsung HDMI Computer Monitor

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Somewhere between video, additionally sound functionality and its pervasiveness throughout TV's and computer monitors, the HDMI PC monitor has become the most preferred video inclusion requirement available.