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Updated 05/08/2020:
We find the best 32 inch Smart TVs - arguably the ideal proportions in order not to dominate any region. This selection includes built-in Freeview plus DVD player with exceptional 1080p HD in a slender frame. Ideal for BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Kodi, 4 On Demand - even ALEXA.

In the same way of smartphones, the idea of the smart Freeview Television is an inescapable fact of their name thanks to full-on Internet connection, entry to Apps and social media.

: AIWA WiFi Smart TV 32 Inch With Netflix

WiFi Smart TV 32 Inch With Steel Frame

£199   AIWA WiFi Smart TV 32 Inch - Get It!  

: Panasonic 32 Inch Smart TV With Freeview Play

32 Inch Smart TV With On Wood Desk

£198   Panasonic 32 Inch Smart TV Freeview - Get It!  

: Xiaomi 32 Inch YouTube Smart TV LED Screen

32 Inch YouTube Smart TV With Black Frame

£199   Xiaomi 32 Inch YouTube Smart TV - Get It!  

Blaupunkt 32 Inch Freeview TV With JBL Speakers

32 Inch Freeview TV On Black Stand

£184   Blaupunkt 32 Inch Freeview TV - Get It!  

Philips White Smart TV 32 Inch Freeview

LED TV With Blue Shimmer Screen

£179   Philips Smart LED TV 32 Inch Freeview - Get It!  

Cello 32 Inch Smart TV Built-In WiFi Android


  • EPG For Up To 7 Days
  • Link Sky Box Or Console


  • None.

32 Inch Smart TV With Thin Edge

£196   Cello 32 Inch Smart TV With WiFi - Get It!  

Why Buy A 32 Inch Smart TV?

Get a 32-inch flat-screen TV with the ability to link online to retrieve content and media offerings instantly, all with no need for another gadget such as a set-top box, USB dongle or DVD player. They have applications integrated that allows the TV to implement all accessible content.

A lot of 32-inch smart LED TVs will even provide a Web browser built-in, which will enable users to see Internet sites that can be seen on the big screen. TV brands frequently use a different smart OS that can come with support for varied Apps and providers like Android or Apple.

Streaming Solutions And Smart Apps

The typical size 32 inch smart TV with built-in WiFi system is explicitly created for simplicity of navigation with a regular remote control. Well-known streaming solutions like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, as well as YouTube, possess Apps created for specific smart applications.

If you are using some genuinely outdated gear like an old set-top box, you'll undoubtedly be significantly influenced by the HDMI slot for most of the gadgets you might use with any smart HDR TV. Take into account the 42 inch smart TV may be too big for your room.

Smart TV With Useful HDMI Slots

The HDMI 2.1 definition is presently able to stream equally sound and video up to 8K image resolution. As you could possibly get by with a 32 inch smart TV with DVD and a few HDMI ports, the more you possess, the better. 3 or more slots will allow you to connect all of your gadgets each time.

Just about all shoppers look initially at LED LCD Televisions since there are so many versions available covering a variety of screen magnitudes and costs. If you stay with top-tier labels, you will have no difficulty obtaining an excellent cheap 32 inches smart TV to fit 'your lifestyle' perfectly.

LG 32 Inch HDR TV Works With Alexa Echo

32 Inch HDR TV With Angled Stand

£219   LG 32 Inch HDR TV With Freeview - Get It!  

Sharp Cheap 32 Inch Smart TV WiFi Aquos Net+


  • TV Netflix Streaming
  • High Speed LCD Panel


  • None..

32 Inch Smart TV With Steel Legs

£189   Sharp Cheap 32 Inch Smart TV - Get It!  

TCL 32 Inch Flat Screen TV With HD HDR


  • HD HDR Android TV
  • Dolby Audio Rich Sound


  • None..

32 Inch Flat Screen TV On Shelf

£169   TCL 32 Inch Flat Screen TV With HD - Get It!  

Ferguson 32 Inch TV With DVD And HDMI


  • Amazon Prime - Now TV
  • Freeview T2 HD Channels


  • None

32 Inch TV With Curved Base

£175   Ferguson 32 Inch TV With DVD - Get It!  

Consider Smart LED And LCD Televisions

If the event picture level of quality is your primary concern and you're evaluating more expensive LED LCD TVs, then have a look at most up-to-date OLED Televisions as well. Their display quality is impressive, and their price ranges have dropped just lately.

For gadgets consisting of various standard boxes, it can be beneficial to have component video slots too. USB slots in any small smart TV can also be necessary to not only playback multi-media from USB drives, but in addition to supply power to several new dongles etc.

Ideal TV Screen Size For The Room

Pick the best 32 inches 1080p HD smart TV for yourself determined by your requirements and browsing preferences. When you have completed on the Television size according to the room you wish to view, you must then select the screen concept, scope and extra functionality.

If you are searching for a value for money smart TV investment, you'll undoubtedly be superbly supported by an LED LCD Television. They are obtainable in every size and are more than enough for any kind of viewing content like cable, satellite television and streaming solutions.

4K Smart TV With HDR Functionality

When you stream a good deal on the web and have a Blu-Ray player or maybe expensive gaming system, you may see the good sense in buying a 32 inch 4K smart TV. HDR suitability can help you complete your TV strategy, but check out the more recent display solutions.

The more astronomical selling prices of these Televisions means that you will desire a rather large spending budget, plus the room to match in a massive display screen. Even though you do obtain smaller screen 4K and HDR Televisions, most come in 44 inches and higher dimensions.

Sony KDL Slim HD 32 Inch Class A+ TV

The KDL offers clear image resolution booster and fine detail devoid of distraction, through noisy images to clear watching - you'll relish specifics and smoothness, even in flat picture locations.

TV Showing Blue Balloon


  • X-Reality PRO Upscale
  • MotionFlow XR Technology


  • None..

Pictures are comprehensive with improved contrast and detail. The slimline design mixes very easily in to any family room, allowing simpler mounting on a wall structure. Since the display screen possesses minimal bezels, it is possible to concentrate on your amusement with near edge to edge picture quality.
[Rating: 9/10]   £249   Get It → Sony KDL HD 32 Inch TV

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Net Content Via Smart WiFi Connection

An expensive 32 inch HDR TV includes smart connection too. You might consequently directly join your TV and employ its panel to get Internet content instantly. Assess if a wide screen 55 inch TV with WiFi connection is a real requirement to be considered into the acquisition.

Streamlining Connection Through WiFi

Just about any current internet prepared 32 inches smart TV with WiFi involves integrated positive aspects, most of all, streamlining connections and positioning of the TV. Due to WiFi, you won't need to bother about operating an Ethernet wire for the Television.

Freeview TV With Apple And Google Apps

WiFi likewise clears the way to some fantastic control possibilities. Many 32 inch Freeview TVs from famous labels provide free mobile phone Apps for suitable Apple or Google Android gadgets. You may then use your mobile phone to use the TV instead of the TV's remote control.

Possessing a fast web connection can make a massive difference in the display quality of the live-streaming video - specifically HD and 4K content material. Should you be using WiFi, you might update the router if you are planning to view Netflix on a cheap 32 inch smart TV set.

Toshiba 32 Inch Wide Screen HD Smart TV

This reasonably priced Smart LED Television allows you to encounter more content material and connections to your home. The W3 collection LED Television provides High Definition resolution with remarkable colourings, illumination and clearness guaranteed by way of LED modern technology.

HD TV With Black Frame

Coupled with image developing in a slender, space-saving structure. Built-in WiFi supplies Internet connection through the integrated browser, in addition to content and catch-up Television solutions such as YouTube, popular iPlayer.
[Rating: 9/10]   £179   Get It → Toshiba 32" HD Smart LED TV

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Hisense 32 Inch WiFi Radio HD LED Smart TV

This specific 32 inch Smart Television is the ideal dimensions for a bed room or kitchen area. It's available with Smart functions, so you're able to catch up on your preferred programmes, or search your preferred social media sites.

HD LED Smart TV With Chrome Base


  • Quad Core Processing
  • 2 Years UK Warranty


  • None..

It is included with Freeview, providing you with usage of plenty of diverse stations and FM radio stations. Hook-up effortlessly to the net of your dwelling network by means of built-in WiFi and Ethernet connection.
[Rating: 9/10]   £199   Get It → Hisense WiFi HD LED Smart TV

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The Best 32 Inch Smart TVs With HD FreeView Play

The best 32 inch smart TVs with DVD here permit you to quickly get connected to the very best of on the Internet or video-on-demand possibilities, such as BBC iPlayer, YouTube and even more without the necessity for added strategies.

You can squeeze in a streaming dongle or perhaps smart box afterwards that will increase connection to your standard 32-inch flat-screen TV. In case you mainly want to make use of the display with a PC or for video games, it may be easiest just getting a gaming monitor set-up.

Samsung 32 Inch HD LED Television Freeview

32 inch TV with exceptional colour, razor sharp pictures and High Definition. This is TV you may enjoy just about anywhere. Take pleasure in films, episode and sports entertainment in Full HD using a 32 inch wide Television screen, which provides top display quality.

32 Inch HD LED TV With Black Base

Uncover pictures which are highly detailed, crystal clear and stunningly life-like with outstanding colour - and a massive collection of stations which are just waiting for you to enjoy. Broad 'Colour Enhancer Plus' for colour elegance and amazing picture quality produce a terrific Television set watching encounter.
[Rating: 9/10]   £219   Get It → Samsung Connect HD LED TV

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Bravia 32 Inch Cheap Smart TV WiFi

A 32 inch cheap smart TV with built in WiFi, magnificent highlights and stunning picture with HDR. It continues the detail in the most lustrous and moodiest scenes discovered in PS4 games, as well as NetFlix media titles for a more high-energy and naturalistic picture.

32 Inch Smart TV With Slim Form


  • Digital Sound Enhancer
  • Bass Sound Boosting


  • None.

Undivided Smart Television set that's more than merely a TV as you can surf the net, observe your favoured YouTube video clips and have fun using the best-selling apps on the liberal sized screen.
[Rating: 9/10]   £245   Get It → Sony 32 Inch Cheap Smart TV

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A smart LED TV might also present comprehensive Internet web browsers with online social networks - and then Twitter usage. Some of the best 32 inch Smart TVs even provide digital solutions for Skype video calling services and much more besides.