Electronic Timer Plugs To Programme Home Appliances

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Updated 05/07/2021:
These electronic timer plugs are mains operated and provide several advantages - from energy efficiency, automating your house secure from intruders. The clock, 7 day electric mains timer allows a timed or random capability to programme your heating, lighting or home appliances.

What Is An Electronic Timer Plug?
Electronic timer plugs are small mains connector devices that set programmes to instantly run home appliances or lighting off and on as required. The timer switches will help to remove excess usage of electric power, reduce your power bills and expand the lifespan of your home equipment.

Lamp With White Plug Timer
Control Your Lights On A Plug Timer

: YouThink x2 7-Day Electronic Timer Devices

This timer functions instantly as outlined by your setting strategies. The counting down function of the auto timer transforms on and off your lights, machines and various electric equipment. You can establish your own plans for when to trigger on or disconnect the product power.

With as many as 16 categories of on/off applications, this digital programming YouThink timer plug socket timer provides regular settings. Once established, the timer will 'replicate by time' to switch your standard procedures. With an integrated relay, the timer powers off when higher than 16A.

This is the ideal timer for regulating lighting fixtures, electric fans, seed progression lights, Christmas tree lighting, electric powered cooker, hot water heater, mobile phone chargers, plus much more. Schedule the TV, water pumping or air vents to make your life easier.


  • 16 On/Off Programme Selections
  • Saves Effort Before Bed Time


  • None at all

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Use Week And Weekend Modes
  • Avert Those Repetitive Actions

Unique Selling Point:

  • Backup Battery For Power Cut
  • Memory Can Keep Your Choices

Its far from essential to set the programmes each time an unexpected power inability arises. The YouThink timer plug socket possesses an integrated backup battery. It can instantly keep your designed configurations, plus a reset button with the date and time whenever a power cut occurs.

Specs: 10 x 6 x 5.5 cm | 260g | 250V | 15 Amps | 4000W

Never stress about recharging through the night. With the countdown features, you can arrange the timing period up to 1440 minutes and twenty-four hours for your home gadgets. Set the coffee machine, living room lamp fixtures, mobile phone charger and many others.

7 Day Electronic Timer In White Finish

£29   YouThink 7 Day Electronic Timer Plug - Get It!  

: Maxcio Electric Timer For Home Appliances

For electric power conserving, utilise this plug-in timer to instantly influence your lighting, AC unit, icebox and other home appliances. It works according to the options you determine, saving energy and expenses.
Plan your equipment to immediately power kitchen appliances off and on as required. It will help to reduce costs, living expenses and expand the life span of your home appliances.

Using a 24-hour 7-day setting with this unique Maxcio electrical programmable plug timer, you may prepare electric powered home appliances on and off up to ten times each day. With versatile transitions between regular and summer seasons, just improve your way of life and pre-set your home.

Uncomplicated to run with power up to 2900 Watts, this timer is appropriate for numerous electrical home appliances. A manual on/off switch enables you to bypass the programmes if the plan transforms. Utterly noiseless while using the timer plug, there is no disturbing to you relaxing.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Inexpensive And Reliable
  • Will Save Energy Expenses

Unique Selling Point:

  • Big Legible Settings Screen
  • Preset Electric Appliances

Top Features:


  • Big 2.4 Inches LCD Screen
  • Built-In Battery Back Up


  • None Here

This Maxcio programmable timer contains an arbitrary function to instantly switch on/off the electrical power appliances while you are not in residence, assisting in preventing home break-ins.

Specs: 14 x 8 x 6.6 cm | 200g | 2900 Watts | 230 Volts

A backup battery can keep the memory strategies even in an electric power outage - or as you disconnect the electronic timer connector. The device offers a significant 2.4 inches LCD screen for less complicated checking from afar.

Electric Timer Switch With 3 Pins

£10   Maxcio Electric Timer Switch For Home - Get It!  

: Can A Timer Socket Cut My Bills?

Reduce costs, precious time and energy usage by handling when the electric power is started up. Electrical timer switches control the lights and home appliances, security electronics in both domestic or business property. Select from 24 hours timer switch in mechanised or perhaps digital design.

: Control Lamps And Home Appliances

The unobtrusive and efficient plug-in timer switch features 'on or off' configurations with a simple transitioning routine. This really is an excellent strategy for turning on lamps, home appliances, kitchen devices or security alarm systems as needed with remote controlled sockets etc.

: 7-Day Electronic Timer Settings

Designed for extended duration plans, the 7-day electronic timer devices permit up to and including seven days of pre-schedule electric power functions. 24 hours devices are an excellent approach for a more extended period absence or planned family holiday for one or two weeks etc.

: Control Ceiling And Wall Lighting

The digital socket timer is appropriate to exchange any existing 1 or 2-way light button. Its user-friendly one-touch strategy can sometimes function ceiling or perhaps wall lighting with more than a few on/off programmes that are integrated to suit your way of life.

: Winter And Summer Configurations

Arrange more sophisticated power programmes and connect to the 7-day electronic timer. This kind of straightforward digital timer socket plugs directly into an existing outlet. The timer enables sufficient home electric plans per week, including seasonal options.

: Discourage Burglars From Entering

On increased protection, an arbitrary on and off characteristic allows you to prevent criminals from entering. The digital timer plugs may be a fantastic help in the household no matter what you want them for. Use them to provide lawn water at pre-set periods each day via this timer system.

: EXPOWER x2 Socket Timers To Save Energy

User friendly, this 2 pack gadget is a plug timer switch created to operate the electrical power to home appliances to save electricity. There is a 24 hours 7-day plug, an electronic timer with a substantial screen. Plus, a programmable 3 pin plug is ideal for lamp fixtures.

This timer plug is an excellent strategy to save electricity and handle your household lighting, ceiling fans, and kitchen appliances. The Expower timer plug may be set to work for x10 7-day solutions. Options can be set for each day or determined days through any 7 days.

Simply by establishing programmes to immediately power home appliances off and on as considered necessary, it will help remove unnecessary electric power consumption. The device will reduce your power bills and then prolong the life span of your home equipment.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Random Setting For Holiday
  • Save Energy In The Kitchen

Unique Selling Point:

  • Lower Energy Bills Substantially
  • Great For Office Or Home Usage

Top Features:


  • Turn Lights On And Off
  • Control To Save Energy


  • No Cons

It is simple to function the clock with an integrated battery and enable you to determine the timer. Just before use, connect the device into an outlet to charge for 10 minutes. If your Expower timer socket gadget no longer has enough charge and displays nothing on the screen, charge up and restart.

Specs: 14 x 12 x 6 cm | 360g | CR123A | 230 V | 2900W | 13A

Conveniently transition between regular time and summer months DST up to ten times on/off establishing every day. The manual override characteristic creates the timer switch to constant on or off. An arbitrary environment will have the lighting go on/off randomly during your holiday.

Plug-In Timer Switch With 8 Buttons

£15   EXPOWER Plug-In Timer Switch - Get It!  

: NOVKIT Programmable 24 Hour Timer Plugs

This timer connector socket is ranked at 13 Amp 2900 Watts. It will phase up to 10 independent timers with 10 upon configuration and 10 (off) adjustments. Every timer may be arranged for each day of the workweek, a particular day, or perhaps identified days through the week.

Almost all timer solutions you set will certainly replicate on a regular principle. With your home appliances instantly on/off as required, it assists in enhancing all your activities. The NOVKIT digital timer plug will remove extra usage of power, lower bills and expand the life of your white goods.

As brief as only one minute and as significant as 10 timer programmes can be set through 16 preset models, which makes this electronic timer considerably more versatile. The analogue design can only operate the same day-by-day timer due to 15-minutes precision.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Easy On-Off Timer Solutions
  • Manages All Home Appliances

Unique Selling Point:

  • Varying Times Random Lights
  • Fully Programmable To Suit You

Top Features:


  • Power Outage Immune
  • Random Light Settings


  • Absolutely None

Very easy to use, the impressive display is for a more accurate view of numbers. The integrated battery backup is to remember your choices, especially during power blackouts. The gadget is entirely noiseless and ideal for most household usage.

Specs: 420g | 2900 Watts | 13 Amp | NiMH | 10 On/Off Plans

Preparation incorporates up to 10 categories of automated on-off timer applications every timer system for 24 hours and every week alerts. The NOVKIT timer plug socket is an arbitrary mode for lighting triggers at differing times to make your home look busy while you're out of the house.

Reliable and as short-term as one 60 seconds, in addition up to 10 on-off timer methods. You will find predetermined permutations of days and then an arbitrary function for household protection.

Digital Timer Plug In White And Black

£16   NOVKIT Home 24 Hour Digital Timer Plug - Get It!  

: Foluu Wireless IFTTT House Monitor Plug

Foluu is a WiFi Bluetooth smart controlled electricity gauge plus useful programmable timer. Using your Android phone, iOS smartphone, or perhaps Tablet PC can immediately control, programme and also supervise electricity use of several electronic home appliances you own.

Employing voice supervision and a WiFi handheld remote control, the connector works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant whenever you like. Appropriate for Android, it really is unproblematic and the protected set-up inside a few minutes uses 2.4 GHz WiFi.

It really is easy to control gadgets connected to this Foluu WiFi plug timer in your own home that you wish to be in a position to switch on and off through the network. You may transform it on or off using a voiced command to Alexa - or perhaps via the App in your smartphone.

You can plan the timing activity with your mobile phone or tablet PC. You can even change on/off the intelligent connector by establishing any bespoke time. Simply arrange the smart plug instantly to activate or turn off the gadgets like light fixtures, even heater and so forth.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Countdown Feature On App
  • Reduce Those Electric Bills

Unique Selling Point:

  • Cost Free Smart Life App
  • Makes You Life Much Easier

Appliance Monitor With Smart Phone

Top Features:


  • Very Practical Timer Plugs
  • Works With Amazon Alexa


  • None here..

The counting down capability is also recognised, and establishing it is exceptionally rapid. Launch the App, save an account, then enter in the WiFi security password. You may also possess innumerable plugs on one particular App; therefore, it can influence the lights in various spaces.

An absolute must-have at home to set the lighting on when you are far away. Just keep electric use low when you are not at home to assist you to spend less money on your electric power bill. You can create Foluu WiFi socket timers to immediately turn all off when not being used, assisting you to make savings on your power expenses.

Specs: 3250W | 2.4 GHz | 10 x 7 x 5 cm | 140g | 2G 3G 4G WiFi

This particular smart plug supplies the most complete voice manipulated smart household encounter with Alexa. Influence your home lighting fixtures and other equipment unreservedly. The connectors have accomplished CE and then ROHS reliability.

It can help you to 'explore your energy costs' for hungry electricity consuming appliances. The first power-driven by WiFi Bluetooth smart energy meter to measure power usage and control appliances.

Managed on/off, count down, in addition to haphazard timer command on your Android phone or other smart devices.
[Rating: 9/10]   £13 Get It → Foluu WiFi Bluetooth Monitor  

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: Home Light On/Off While You Are Away

Connect a light fixture into a timer light switch, and it will instantly switch off when the timer elapses. Utilise light timers for home security to achieve the impression that somebody is in the house while you are away, or simply to make sure it shuts down on any night if you forget.

: Utilise Complex Timer Functionality

The programmable electric timer switch permits you to arrange the start-up and shut off at particular instances. They may be comparable to some mechanised timers because they are capable of having diverse on/off periods in any all-day duration and work great alongside a household energy monitor device.

: Use Your Smartphone As A Hand Remote

Just like a programmable temperature control system, you may establish plans with the precise on/off instances. Smart plug-in timer switches help you make use of your mobile phone as a handheld remote control gadget to set timers, switch lights on/off, plus much more.

: Save On Electric Appliance Bills

The typical timer plug socket may be programmed to run up to 10 7 day applications. Plans may be established for every day of every week, or perhaps just on determined days throughout the 7 days.

By setting up applications to immediately power home appliances off and on when needed, it will help to remove excessive use of electrical power, saving money on your power expenses - and also lengthen the life span of your home equipment.

Electronic Socket Timer Plugs To Programme Appliances

: WMicroUK Digital Mains Timer Plug Socket

This budget plug-in time switch with plenty of alternatives. This specific time switch enables you to establish applications for specific days, or different mixtures of days, which includes Monday to Friday, week-end only - or Monday to Sunday, among others.

This WMicroUK digital timer socket is excellent for transitioning lights, appliances and many others. Use it whilst your home is unoccupied, supplying the impression that individuals are located inside. It is also utilised to benefit from less expensive electric bills within the off-peak durations.

Certainly not appropriate for low energy or perhaps release styled lighting fixtures. This really is an economy connector to time switch with many different possible choices. The button enables you to establish programmes for separate days and nights or various permutations of days.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Use Off Peak To Save Cash
  • Set Up All Home Appliances

Unique Selling Point:

  • Set Hours, Minutes And Weeks
  • Plan Your Seasonal Settings

Plug Socket In Black And White

Top Features:


  • Summer Winter Settings
  • Big User Legible Screen


  • None, It's Good..

An LCD screen plug-in style presents unproblematic programming, in addition to 8 key timer characteristics - and 16 types of day organisation configurations. You will discover the time mode incorporates hours, minutes, seven days, summer season, and winter season settings.

Specs: 15 x 9 x 6 cm | 60g | 230V 13A | 2900W | NimH 1.2V

The arbitrary feature is entirely 12/24 hours transposable. The WMicroUK LCD timer plug includes a standard rechargeable battery that is integrated with a non-removable design.

The timer is perfect for your lighting, stereos and so on whilst your property is empty, providing the sense that individuals are in. It may also be utilised to make the most of more 'affordable electricity costs' throughout off peak durations. Unsuitable for fluorescent, reduced energy or discharge type lighting.
[Rating: 8/10]   £14 Get It → WMicro Mains Timer Plug Socket  

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: Brennenstuhl Primera Electronic Timer Plug

Conserve power as well as spend less with this particular electronic week day timer, the market front runners in digital technologies.

Basically, connect an electric home appliance in to the gadget plugging in to the mains outlet, and then the timer may be set in order to instantly transition the equipment on/off as much as 20 times each day.

Preserve energy levels and 'save money' with this digital 7 days, week timer with smart technology. Basically, connect an electric home appliance with the Brennenstuhl digital daily timer gadget. This usually connects on the mains outlet - then the timer may be established.

You can instantly change the appliance on or off about 20 occasions each day with daytime, hour, and minute options. This assists in cutting the standby electric power usage of your devices because they may be easily turned off during the night - or day when in the office.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Useful Random Light Function
  • Simple To Use Press Buttons

Unique Selling Point:

  • Counting Down Timer Feature
  • Functional Seasonal Settings

Electronic Timer Plug-In In Silver Effect

Top Features:


  • Days, Hours And Minutes
  • Both 12 And 24 Hours


  • No..

You no longer have to go over the problems of attempting to achieve a hard to access press button. Furthermore, added product features like a countdown feature from summer and wintertime, functioning signal and user data memory space for a power cut.

Specs: 12/24 Hours | 3 x 1.9 x 5 cm | 249g | 20 Programmes

You will be reassured you are supplied with top quality merchandise. It can assist you to cut your power use and expenses whilst staying secure. The Brennenstuhl digital weekly timer is a handy gizmo in any environment with increasing electric power prices.

This will assist to 'reduce the stand-by electrical power' usage of your devices, as they possibly can end up being instantly turned off during the night, or perhaps throughout the day whenever in the office and so on. Incorporated also is GMT BST characteristic for summer time, as well as winter months.
[Rating: 9/10]   £11 Get It → Brennenstuhl Electronic Timer Plug  

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: Infinitoo x3 Timer Plug Sockets Programmable

A brilliant gadget comprising versatile arrangement with 24-hours 7-day selections, 10 on/off environments, 8 process switches and a significant size LCD screen. The automated safety mode enables arbitrarily changing on/off lamps when you arrange to stop criminals.

Operate the Infinitoo digital timer plug for your household lighting fixtures, cooling fan, heating unit, espresso machines and summer garden sprinkling. Control your mobile phone chargers and other consumer electronics with the integrated battery backup system.

The device keeps the programming possibly in any electric power outage. It then will save you the problem of needing to start programming once more etc.


  • Pack Of 3 For Appliances
  • Larger Settings Screen


  • None at all

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Helpful Before Bedtime
  • Full 7 Days Programming

Unique Selling Point:

  • Includes A Back-Up Battery
  • Great For Light Fixtures

This counting down characteristic is advantageous if you wish to turn on/off the kitchen appliance after a predetermined time from 1 minute up to one day. For example, you can arrange a 2-hour countdown and turn off the timer to avoid your mobile phone from becoming overcharged etc.

A significant, great to understand LCD screen assists you to read every day and time numbers plainly. This Infinitoo digital socket plug is perfectly noiseless and refuses to make any kind of noise, especially during use compared to other devices.

Specs: AC 125V | 16A 3680W | 3 Pack | 520g | 12/24 hrs

Mechanised timers may be silent initially, nevertheless over time, they have a tendency to produce a continuous frustrating sound. This can almost certainly drive you insane. This digital timer is utterly hushed, rendering it just the thing for usage in the home.

7 Day Digital Timer Plug In All White

£27   Infinitoo 7 Day Digital Timer Plug - Get It!  

: NEARPOW Plug In Timer Switch Mains

This unique 24/7 day electronic plug in timer is a time-frame switch with plenty of possibilities. Becoming electronic, it won't contain the mechanised timer's dated restrictions. It enables you to establish a lot of application strategies. This exclusive innovative timer really is easy to utilise with useful features.

With flexible options, the timers connect 19 diverse selections and can be set each day. It supports clock mode, daily timing and countdown. The NEARPOW programmable timers with significant LCD display with images may help you arrange the timer as quickly as possible.

An integrated battery will continue the timer despite the fact there is an electric power cut at home. This electronic timer is skilled in assisting you in influencing gadgets such as lighting, bulbs, Televisions and fans, specifically if you are out of the house.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Professional With Great Value
  • Appliances Up To 2900 Watts

Unique Selling Point:

  • Simple To View Display
  • Hours, Day, Week Settings

Timer Switch In All White Finish

Top Features:


  • Time And Energy Saver
  • Programmable Mains LCD


  • None.

Personally run the overview process for no WiFi efficiency or the smartphone is inappropriate, simply no electric power, no transmission etc. You may switch on/off the wall plug timer ahead of the preprogrammed on/off time that occurs, supplying you with far more ease.

You can set a bunch or create groupings concurrently operating exclusively via time or day-by-day routine. Set the router, home air cleaner or drinking water dispenser. With kids clock features, power-off safety and arbitrary options, the timer will make your house and workplace far more secure.

Specs: 14 x 9 x 7 cm | 250g | 2900W Max | NiMH | 230V

Count down together with the NEARPOW programmable timer switch so the switch on/off may be randomly set after a particular time duration. Use it as smartphone recharging or perhaps as the kitchen space food preparation timer gadget.

It is possible to set permutations for individual days and nights, or perhaps sets of days. It is possible to established Monday to Friday, or even Saturdays and Sundays exclusively.

You can choose from as much as '16 distinct days' options. Incorporate the day options with 10 on/off systems, enabling you to set-up with 1 minute increments.
[Rating: 9/10]   £20 Get It → NEARPOW Digital Plug In Timer Switch  

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Alexa And Google Compatible Timer Switches

Many timer switch devices can combine with Alexa or perhaps Google Assistant etc. They are uncomplicated to set-up and are more efficient than leaving a light fixture on always. We highly suggest establishing your lights and Television with a 7-day electronic timer when on a trip.

Twenty-four hours seven day digital timer plugs consist of several possibilities and enable you to arrange a large number of home application plans. This kind of sophisticated timer is simple to utilise, just link it to any outlet after which connect the unit that you simply plan to manage.

: 7 Day Timer And Random Function

Incorporate 24 hour timer plug day options with several on/off applications enable you to arrange your timer with one minute actions, so you end up receiving a countless selection of home lighting time frame configurations.

If you want to mimic your own existence at home, you can pick the (RANDOM) functionality. Once the arbitrary setting is triggered, the 7 day timer plug changes off and on connected devices at random with regard to intervals in between 11 up to around 30 minutes - excellent for when you are away from home.

24/7 mains electronic timer plugs are small, easy-to-install power efficient digital timers with programmable cycles each day. They provide automatic manual on/off characteristics, timed or random functionality selections and feature several home appliance selectable possibilities and programmes.