10 Best Weatherproof Alarmed Padlocks With Audible Alerts

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Updated 29/12/2019:
An outdoors security padlock alarm is the perfect lock suited for storage sheds, bikes, garages, gateways etc. Once the alarmed padlock is transferred or bumped, the alert is triggered, operated by Lithium batteries and kept in a chamber. View our fingerprint door lock high-tech versions.

What Is An Alarmed Padlock?
Alarmed padlocks are small mobile locks with a shackle transferred through a gap to avoid entry, robbery or criminal damage. These gate padlocks discharge an ear-piercing high dB siren whenever an armed lock is shifted/tampered - the compact padlocks are ideal for protecting garden sheds etc.

: Kabrus Strongest Padlock Alarmed High Security

Padlock Alarm In Black Metal

£49   Kabrus Strong Padlock Alarmed - Get It!  

: Dioche Smart High Security Padlock With Alarm


  • Outdoor And Indoor
  • Low-Power Bluetooth 4.0


  • None..

Smart Padlock With Alarm And Mobile Phone

£24   Dioche Smart Security Padlock Alarm - Get It!  

: HMF Heavy Duty Padlock Loud Alarm 110 dB Siren


  • Specially Hardened
  • Safe Cylinder Lock


  • None.

Padlock Loud Alarm Siren With 2 Keys

£13   HMF Heavy Duty Padlock Alarm - Get It!  

What Do You Need To Protect?

The vital concept you have to contemplate is what your padlock is safeguarding. If the weatherproof padlock is going on the shed to prevent theft, you then do not need to invest lots of money. If the lock is securing something pricey, then it may be worthwhile spending more cash on a burglar alarm lock.

How Much Is High-Security Worth

When you have chosen how much you need to invest, there are other variables you really should look at. If you purchase an inexpensive high-security padlock created using cheap components, it will be easier to break. Still, a well-made lock with top quality materials offers you extra safety.

The Strongest Water Proof Padlock

If the padlock expends the majority of its existence outdoors, in that case, contemplate purchasing a weather-resistant or even waterproof padlock. It downpours a good deal in this particular nation, which means you do not want even 'the strongest padlock' to corrode or weaken.

Burglars Break Padlock Shackles?

The shackle will be the metallic hook towards the top, which clicks to secure your heavy-duty padlock. If it is possible, obtain a lock with the shackle mostly concealed. One of the ways burglars break padlocks is simply by snapping using metal cutters, but if the shackle is not exposed, they fail.

Stainless Steel Shackle Security

A (U) shaped section of metal which forms the locking mechanism is generally made from steel, even though more robust components boost the security. The typical garden shed padlock shackle is the primary point of invasion for intruders; therefore, it must be sufficiently strong to withstand power cutter tools.

The lock bar is a sprung sturdy metallic physique, which slots straight into the shackle once the padlock is shut to protect it. The sturdy, long shackle padlock structure is the long shape of the lock, typically crafted from sturdy steel which stores the fastener and high volume siren like a loud alarm tool.

: Target Alarmed Closed Shackle Gate Padlock


  • Ideal Garage Security
  • Anti-Twisting Shackle


  • None..

Shackle Gate Padlock With Polished Steel Finish

£34   Target Alarmed Shackle Gate Padlock - Get It!  

: Somedays Weatherproof Padlock IP44 110 dB Alarm

Weatherproof Padlock Alarm With Braid Steel

£19   Somedays Weatherproof Padlock 110 dB - Get It!  

Heavy Duty Padlock Components

Less expensive alarm padlocks generally have the shackle entirely revealed, therefore again it is returning to what you really are attempting to protect - and how much you wish to devote to a padlock price. Attempt to purchase one which includes the shackle produced from best calibre steel.

British Assessed Security Kite Mark

To make sure that you are receiving a padlock which has been carefully examined as well as checked out through a dependable specialist, you should consider the level of quality. Search for a Britain kite mark, then you know the luggage padlock is analysed and passed the established standards.

PIN Pass As Opposed To A Key?

Combination number padlocks are exposed by way of a passcode as opposed to a key. This is often handy in many approaches as it is possible to supply other individuals with the pin when they require access to the space. You do not need to bother with misplacing the key if you provide the 4 digit PIN.

Loud Volume dB Alarmed Padlocks

The kitemark institution will check the different characteristics the padlocks possess, for instance, just how long a lock will take to breach, or naturally how much pressure it might take to overcome the shackle. Make sure that your alarmed padlock is as loud as any smoke alarm and possesses this reassuring UK kitemark.

: Target Alarmed Padlock Movement Siren

The modern Target multi-purpose alarmed padlock is sold with 6 batteries pre-fitted within. You will also get 2 totally free extra groups of batteries with every lock plus merchandise supported 5 years guarantee. May also be used as normal lock without security alarm by applying the shackle the opposite way.

Alarmed Multi-Use Padlock In Black With 2 Keys


  • Sensor Active Lock
  • 5 Years Warranty


  • None..

Whenever alarmed, it offers 3 sensitivity ranges in reduced, moderate and high that are auto-set and reset. The alarm system is movement sensing unit triggered, however it's developed in an effective way to provide no bogus alarms and offering optimum protection.
[Rating: 9/10]   £19 Get It → Target Alarmed Padlock

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: Rolson Alarm System Padlock Dual Tone

Rolson make all of it's merchandise to a very high and persistent standard. Each of the products include the Rolson stamp of approval, enabling you to really feel positive about the fact that your selected merchandise will come designed to worldwide specifications and well presented.

Alarm System Padlock In Grey With Batteries


  • Easy To Reset
  • Feels Sturdy In Hand


  • None

Rolson tools constantly aspires to provide the most enjoyable and progressive merchandise feasible, without diminishing on ideals of quality and security. The 'alarm system' may alert for around 10 seconds if initialised, and will totally reset after thirty five seconds with no prompt.
[Rating: 9/10]   £11 Get It → Rolson Alarm System Padlock

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: Security Shed Alarm Padlock Vibrating

Safety shed, storage area, bicycle or motorcycle alarm system padlock. Whenever you place the shackle in to the padlock gap, the lock simply operates as an ordinary lock with no alarm system linked.

Insert the key to open up the lock, convert the shackle 180 degrees and place it in to padlock once again, then your padlock will sound.

Security Padlock Locks In Black And Grey Exterior

The alarm system sets following ten seconds and in the event the padlock is vibrated initially, the alarm is not going to sound in 5 seconds. In case the padlock is vibrated once again following 5 seconds, it's going to sound a rather loud 110dB alarm for 5 seconds etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £15 Get It → Security Shed Alarm Padlock Lock

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: Am-Tech Steel Heavy Duty Alarm Padlock

Alarm padlock from Am-Tech is high quality equipment and includes a twelve month warranty. It's developed for the trials of the standard British home providing security for several items. The range consists of conventional security resources to satisfy the requirements of the end user.

Steel Alarm Padlock With Grey Metal Finish


  • Use Alarmed Or Not
  • Batteries Included


  • None..

Mixtures of carbon steel and stainless-steel instruments are available together with conventional and the latest locking mechanisms allow for appropriate, practical usage. Am-Tech delivers alarm system locks, pruners, backyard cutting sheers plus saws etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £6 Get It → Am-Tech Heavy Duty Alarm Padlock

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: Forest Shackle Alarmed Padlock Sensor

An impressive long shackle alarmed padlock with sensor that is an extremely secure alarmed padlock great for locking up your property, garden shed in addition cycle to name but a couple.

An additional lengthy shackle enables more cumbersome objects to be effortlessly protected, as well as a pick proof key-hole discourages likely crooks.

Long Shackle Alarmed Padlock In Black With 3 Keys

The alarm system is arranged off as soon as the movement sensor units observe motion ranging from the padlock. The steel design appends to the hardiness of the locking mechanism, and though compact at 13 cm x 19 cm, the security it supplies is simply not compromised in any way. Long life-span batteries are incorporated with 3 keys enclosed.
[Rating: 9/10]   £19 Get It → Forest Long Shackle Padlocks

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New Weather Resistant Alarm Padlocks For Outdoors Security

Very secure alarm padlocks can be used as a typical locking alarm system. In the event the mechanism is armed, one particular beep is going to be noticed. As soon as armed, it features a distinctive plan which regulates the specific level of sensitivity, as you do not need it sounding off regularly.

A few of the long shackle padlocks are fashioned with a distinctive micro-chip which handles the sensitivity. There are comparable items available on the market, but none of them which have this technology integrated. The locking components provide a few sensitivity ranges in reduced, moderate and substantial.

: FishTec Loud Security Outdoor Alarm Padlock


  • Really Loud Alarm
  • 3 Keys Included


  • None

Security Outdoor Alarm Padlock With 3 Keys

£13   FishTec Outdoor Alarm Padlock - Get It!  

The durable, long padlock structure is really a system of the highest possible protection locking equipment with a built-in 'tinker resistant' security alarm. It is in every single place, typically the most popular applications and is most often used in production factories, delivery and expensive jewellery stores etc.

More security purposes are available in arts and collectable stores, street stores, stockroom security and safety, motels, financial institutions and even jails. Combined with strong protection chains for window shutters, a lot of these digital padlocks are created to make sure of bare minimum experience of the shackle.

The alarm lock is an extremely risk-free substitute for the conventional metal padlock. The durable, system additionally produces a tough companion in any or all varieties of weather conditions.

: TRIXES Heavy Duty Weather Proof Padlock Alarm


  • Louder Than We Thought
  • Water Proof Layer


  • None, It's Good All Round..
Padlock Alarm With Black External Layer

£7   TRIXES Weatherproof Padlock - Get It!  

Overwhelming weather resistant open shackle heavy-duty metal alloy padlocks are excellent, and some are available with a ball bearing fastener for additional protection, they include a robust hard steel alloy shackle as customary with chrome layering.

The cable alarm security device locks provide a low/medium to advanced level of protection with the ability to offer different degrees of protection inside one technique - and are appropriate for interior or perhaps outside applications.

These security padlocks with alarm and integrated high-decibel sirens for added house and garden security are somewhat new to the industry. Research indicates this alarm system is an excellent discouraging factor.

The alarmed padlocks are created to work well as a locking mechanism, plus they may be established with the alarm deactivated if required.