Heavy Duty Alarm Padlocks To Maintain Your Possessions Secure

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A high security padlock with alarm is the perfect lock, well suited for storage sheds, bikes, garages, gateways etc. Once the alarmed padlock is transferred or bumped, the alert is triggered, operated by lithium batteries and kept in a chamber. View our fingerprint door lock high-tech versions.

01: Target Alarmed Padlock Movement Sensing 112dB Siren

The modern Target TL021 multi-purpose alarmed padlock is sold with 6 batteries pre-fitted within. You will also get 2 totally free extra groups of batteries with every lock plus merchandise supported 5 years guarantee. This particular padlock may also be used as normal lock without security alarm by applying the shackle the opposite way.

Alarmed Multi-Use Padlock In Black With 2 Keys

Target Alarmed Multi-Use Padlock

Whenever alarmed, it offers 3 sensitivity ranges in reduced, moderate and high that are auto-set and reset. The alarm system is movement sensing unit triggered, however it's developed in an effective way to provide no bogus alarms and offering optimum protection.
[Rating: 9/10] £21 Get It → Target Alarmed Padlock

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02: Kabrus Alarm 110dB Padlock Siren 5 Years Guarantee

Every padlock is pre-fitted with 6 LR44 batteries, plus you get a totally free 12 battery pack included. This locking mechanism can be used a regular locking tool 'un-alarmed or alarmed' simply by detaching the shackle and placing it in to the padlock in reverse order. Once the lock is alarmed, an individual 'beep' noise will be noticed.

Alarm 110dB Padlock Siren In Black On Bike

Kabrus Alarm 110dB Padlock Siren

As soon as alarmed, it features a distinctive system which regulates the level of sensitivity. This will be relevant when you do not want it sounding off on a regular basis whenever it's gusty.

The padlock offers three sensitivity ranges of low, medium and high. When it's in alarm setting, when there is moderate wind motion, the alarm won't sound.
[Rating: 9/10] £20 Get It → Kabrus Alarm Padlock Siren

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03: Rolson 66857 Alarm System Padlock Dual Tone 3 Keys

Rolson make all of it's merchandise to a very high and persistent standard. Each of the products include the Rolson stamp of approval, enabling you to really feel positive about the fact that your selected merchandise will come designed to worldwide specifications and well presented.

Alarm System Padlock In Grey With Batteries

Rolson 66857 Alarm System Padlock

Rolson tools constantly aspires to provide the most enjoyable and progressive merchandise feasible, without diminishing on ideals of quality and security. The 'alarm system' may alert for around 10 seconds if initialised, and will totally reset after thirty five seconds with no prompt.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £10 Get It → Rolson Alarm System Padlock

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04: Security Shed Alarm Padlock Lock Vibration System

Safety shed, storage area, bicycle or motorcycle alarm system padlock. Whenever you place the shackle in to the padlock gap, the lock simply operates as an ordinary lock with no alarm system linked.

Insert the key to open up the lock, convert the shackle 180 degrees and place it in to padlock once again, then your padlock will sound.

Security Padlock Locks In Black And Grey Exterior

Security Shed Sturdy Alarm Padlock Lock

The alarm system sets following ten seconds and in the event the padlock is vibrated initially, the alarm is not going to sound in 5 seconds. In case the padlock is vibrated once again following 5 seconds, it's going to sound a rather loud 110dB alarm for 5 seconds etc.
[Rating: 9/10] £15 Get It → Security Shed Alarm Padlock Lock

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05: Am-Tech Steel Heavy Duty Top Quality Alarm Padlock

Alarm padlock from Am-Tech is high quality equipment and includes a twelve month warranty. It's developed for the trials of the standard British home providing security for several items. The range consists of conventional security resources to satisfy the requirements of the end user.

Steel Alarm Padlock With Grey Metal Finish

Am-Tech Steel Heavy Duty Alarm Padlock

Mixtures of carbon steel and stainless-steel instruments are available together with conventional and the latest locking mechanisms allow for appropriate, practical usage. Am-Tech delivers alarm system locks, pruners, backyard cutting sheers plus saws etc.
[Rating: 8/10] £7 Get It → Am-Tech Heavy Duty Alarm Padlock

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06: Proster Movement Sensor Alarm Lock Anti Theft Function

The Proster padlock is straightforward to operate as you simply place in the key and turn to open up the lock handle in order to lock the rod side with a 'concave groove' entrance in the direction of the direction of insertion key. Push the lock tube and release the mark and the security alarm becomes functional.

Movement Sensor Alarm Lock With Silver Keys

Proster Movement Sensor Alarm Lock

Secondly, after 5 seconds - vibrate the lock and it will sound an alert tone. After another 5 seconds, there is vibration of the padlock once again, then the alarm will certainly sound. When there is absolutely no prompt inside of one minute, then returning to the initial function, the vibration sounds three alerts.
[Rating: 9/10] £8 Get It → Proster Movement Sensor Alarm Lock

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07: Andoer Electronic Sensing Siren Alarm Lock 120.5dB

The Andoer brings together locking performance with useful alarm characteristics like the built-in motion activated alarm system, which may produce high volume sound once the locking mechanism is bumped. Assumes MCU core processes, high-tech incorporated circuit and electronic digital sensing chip.

Electronic Sensing Siren Alarm Lock In Black Gloss Style

Andoer Electronic Sensing Siren Alarm Lock

Minimal electrical power usage and may be used on door, window, bike, container, motor-cycle and so on. It's deterioration proof, water-resistant, sturdy, easy to utilise and operated by six button batteries. Provided with three keys and may be established to two states - mechanised locking and alarm.
[Rating: 9/10] £9 Get It → Andoer Siren Alarm Lock

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08: Hausen Long Style Shackle Alarmed Padlock With Sensor

An impressive long shackle alarmed padlock with sensor that is an extremely secure alarmed padlock great for locking up your property, garden shed in addition cycle to name but a couple.

An additional lengthy shackle enables more cumbersome objects to be effortlessly protected, as well as a pick proof key-hole discourages likely crooks.

Long Shackle Alarmed Padlock In Black With 3 Keys

Hausen Long Shackle Alarmed Padlock

The alarm system is arranged off as soon as the movement sensor units observe motion ranging from the padlock. The steel design appends to the hardiness of the locking mechanism, and though compact at 13 cm x 19 cm, the security it supplies is simply not compromised in any way. Long life-span batteries are incorporated with 3 keys enclosed.
[Rating: 9/10] - £6 Get It → Hausen Long Shackle Alarmed Padlock

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7 Formidable High Security Padlocks With Alarm For Security

These security padlocks with alarm and integrated high-decibel sirens for added security are somewhat new to the industry. Research indicates this alarm system is an excellent discouraging factor. The alarmed padlocks are created to work well as a locking mechanism, plus they may be established with the alarm deactivated if required.

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