Best Rechargeable Battery Hand Fans For Cool Air

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Updated 24/04/2020:
High power reliable hand held battery fans you can effortlessly pull out whenever you require a stream of cooled air. Rechargeable handheld fans are functional for travel, perfect for use at the seaside or personal holiday. A mini hand fan is ideal for an airless office with no desk fan.

: iBohr Mini Pocket Fan With 3 Silent Speeds

Mini Pocket Fan With White Handle

£9   iBohr Mini Pocket Fan 3 Speed - Get It!  

: Jhua Mini Hand Fan USB For Home And Travel

Mini Hand Fan USB In Green Finish

£8   Jhua Mini Hand Fan Home Or Travel - Get It!  

: Qinuker Electric Hand Fan 2500mAh 4 Modes

Electric Hand Fan In Navy Blue

£11   Qinuker Electric Hand Fan - Get It!  

: OCUBE Hand Held Battery Operated Fan LED

Hand Held Fan With LED Lit Base

£13   OCUBE Hand Held Battery Fan - Get It!  

: Tinksky Hand Battery Fan Soft Blades

The hand held battery fan is an uncomplicated and functional small cooling gadget that is operated via 2 AA batteries and embraces 3 cushioned foam cooling fan blades.

This renders you a substantial and noiseless current of air - and permits you to lose the summertime heat. Portable construction and effortless to expend in summer.

Noiseless Hand Held Battery Fan In Pink

It's appropriate for the household, work place or open-air utilisation created from robust hard plastic, plus softened foam for blades. 100 percent new and top quality battery operated quiet mini handheld cooling fan.

The AA batteries are not included and the blades styling is so not to injure your fingers, very safe to function.
[Rating: 9/10]   £9   Get It → Tinksky Hand Battery Fan

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: Tvird Mini Hand Fan Air Conditioner

This transportable 'mini hand fan air chiller' is a small conditioner that presents ceaseless evaporated cool flow of air to maintain you chilled any place.

Employed with an evaporating cooling system technology that can create air-conditioned surroundings. A 90 degrees mobile turbine wheel enables you to command the focus of the chill air direction.

Mini Hand Fan Air Conditioner In Blue And White

Using a strong air current, it can cool off down to 3 to 5 degrees. Small hand-held fashioned, it's ideal for interior or perhaps open-air utilisation.

3 settings of electrical power supply are operated through 4 AA batteries, which are not incorporated. USB power power is instantly operated by an AC connector (not incorporated).
[Rating: 9/10]   £10   Get It → Tvird Mini Hand Air Conditioner

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: D-FantiX 3 Speed Mini Rechargeable

The mini portable fan may be expended as a routine cooling fan. This portable small cooling mist fan is operated by a lithium recharging battery, favourable to extend anyplace and any time.

The settings option features 3 diverse flow ranges beginning with first fan setting, second mist style and third fan plus mist.

3 Speed Mini Portable Fan In Blue, Green And Pink

Charge up your gadget as much as 8 hours for improved battery functioning and efficiency as 1st time function. Be sure to note that this particular item delivers with overcharge electrical circuit safety to maintain the lithium battery protected and long-lasting.

The final red LED's signal via the bottom is going to be on while charging up.
[Rating: 9/10]   £16   Get It → D-FantiX Mini Portable Fan

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: Lidasen Portable Powerful Hand Fan

Transportable with small handle collapsible powerful handheld fan with adaptable speed shift. Multi operational construction for work place, push-chair, tenting, bed time, sports activities etc.

Collapsible and very portable with small dimensions, works correctly in diverse perspectives. Brushless electric motor constitutes the cooling fan robust and long-wearing.

Portable Powerful Handheld Fan With White Handle

Recharging and expendable 18650 battery, may be charged up through USB power charger, PC or even electrical power bank. Swipe right-most to switch on the cooling fan with signal illuminations, 'correct' the current of air by swiping left/right.

Swipe left to cease power and switch off. Foldable command fan may be placed on the table, held in palm, or can adapt to virtually any useful perspective.
[Rating: 9/10]   £7   Get It → Lidasen Powerful Hand Fan

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Small Hand Held Battery Operated Fans For Hot Days

: VersionTECH Battery Hand Held Fan

Keep cool headed this summertime using this 'battery hand fan'. Regardless if you're at a hot football game or at the seaside with acquaintances or garden BBQ.

These individual hand-held battery-operated fans are the composed method to beat the high temperatures. Great for sporting occasions, tenting, just unscrew and expose battery area, put in the batteries watching the +/- labels.

Battery Hand Fan With Yellow Lanyard

More potent wind generation compared to the others, refreshingly high powered and extremely fine uninterrupted air. Simply shut down the area door in addition screw upward. Twist the cooling fan upside down plus unscrew the lid. To switch on/off the cooling fan, push the button situated on the rear.
[Rating: 9/10]   £11   Get It → VersionTECH Hand Fan

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: BestFire Handheld Mini Fan Battery

Small collapsible handheld mini fan conception may be utilised as a desktop or maybe hand fan. Includes a hanger, which can be connected to umbrella.

Incomparable construction, ingenious design, created of top quality ABS, possesses a sturdy structure plus it's pressure immune. The boosted power control technology offers a diversity of power resources.

Compact Handheld Mini Fan In All Black Exterior

Be liberated to turn down/up air intensity using the step-less speed system. Effective power plus conversion circuitry may understate to economise power and safeguard surroundings.

Compact, light, and the small sized hand-held cooling fan is ideal for chilling. 18650 global criteria high capability battery offers durability and potent energy yield.
[Rating: 9/10]   £11   Get It → BestFire Compact Hand Mini Fan

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: Enllonish Hand Battery Fan Noiseless

Utilise the power air system to maintain you coolheaded any place. This hand held battery operated fan blows a chilled air on you wherever you proceed and utilises 30db quiet turbine technology.

Slip in batteries or perhaps link up the USB wire to produce chilled air as much as 30F.

Hand Held Battery Operated Fan In Light Blue With Box

90 degrees upright flow of air command for best cool current drifting. The flat bottom control surface converts it in to a desk cooling fan effortlessly.

You can use a 'wrist band' for effortless carrying and may be utilised to any perspective whenever controlled manually. Impressive for recreation when you're outside - for example tenting, picnicking and so forth.
[Rating: 9/10]   £6   Get It → Enllonish Battery Operated Fan

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These hand held battery fans offer flexible, soft blade type coolers to provide a current of cool air whenever you demand it most.

Regardless if you are journeying on a hot, packed bus or train, bouncing around in the heat at a music festival, or just passing time in a hot country, now it's possible to take the heat away from your concerns..