Best Rechargeable Battery Hand Fans For Cool Air

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Updated 02/06/2021:
Don't allow the great heat of the summertime to frustrate you. If you are an outdoor aficionado, operate a stressful workplace or just get hot very quickly. Indulge yourself with a high-class, portable 3-speed cooling handheld battery fan - ideal for any desk or hand usage.

High power reliable hand held battery fans you can effortlessly pull out whenever you require a stream of cooled air. Rechargeable handheld fans are functional for travel, perfect for use at the seaside or personal holiday. A mini hand fan is ideal for an airless office with no desk fan.

Woman With White Battery Fan
Keep Cool And Carry On This Summer

: iBohr Mini Pocket Fan 3 Silent Speeds

Employing a straightforward style with an efficiently capable brushless motor, the fan outputs almost zero noise and offers a long life span. The decibel remains 20 to 30 dB, and it is incredibly silent for reading and relaxing. The 7 rotor blades make optimal air motion and comfortable instinctive airflow.

This personalised iBohr little hand fan provides 3 rates of speed of 3200, 3800 and 4800 RPM. Crafted from superior quality ABS, it offers excellent consistency, pressure resistance and heat counteraction. The style fits easily within your hands - or just set on your table with the detachable rack.

The unit can be tweaked from 0 to 180 degrees to fulfil your requirements. A constructed-in accredited 18650 Li-ion battery exists, 3 working hours full charge and 2 to 7 hours operating. It weighs in at only 145g and 8 inches in length to bring anyplace - plus a 1-year no-fuss guarantee.


  • Fast Power Cooling Blades
  • Fits Perfectly In The Hand


  • None

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • From 3200 Up To 4800 RPM
  • Takes 3 Hours To Charge

Unique Selling Point:

  • Charge Wire And User Guide
  • Almost Zero Noise Produced

An integral battery is the competent Li-ion 18650 3.7V 2000 mAh rechargeable battery pack. The charge lifespan is more significant than the 1000 charge/discharge periods. Link up the protected USB wire to a 5V productivity adapter like a smartphone charger or power bank, PC, and other USB wall sockets.

Specs: 20 x 9 x 6 cm | 4.7W 3.7V | 145g | 4800 RPM

Three hours are required to completely energise the iBohr mini hand fan. You will find a little light over a black On/Off key that may become blue when utilising, reddish when recharging.
The fan light will show green whenever totally charged. This fan benefits from a professional grade brushless electric motor, and the decibel continues under 30 dB.

Mini Pocket Fan With White Handle

£11   iBohr Mini Pocket Fan 3 Speed - Get It!  

: Jhua Mini Hand Fan USB Home And Travel

Two speeds are obtainable as you need, and it's peaceful even at top speed. Created using two big TPE blades, it's impressive and will not distress the hands when operating. There is one rounded switch on this tiny but delightful pocket fan that presents you with a cooler summertime.

The mini cooling fan style means you may bring it with you just about everywhere. The Jhua handheld air conditioning fan is collapsible to half the size.

It's modest, light, streamlined and easy to place nicely in your handbag or pouch. The USB small fan is a personalised style that charges in one hour.

Utilising this tiny fan, it can also be recharged by a power bank. There is a 'reddish' coloured light on whenever recharging. The lighting is off once completed charging. You can delight in chilling air regardless if you are in the house or outdoors or near a PC as a tabletop cooling fan.


  • Brilliant As A Personal Fan
  • High Speed Fast Cooling


  • None here..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Ideal As Purse Pocket Fan
  • Use Indoors And Outside

Unique Selling Point:

  • Two Speeds Of Real Cooling
  • Collapsible Rechargeable Fan

Make sure you open it up entirely to 180 degrees or bigger soon after it's fully recharged so the fan will continue to work perfectly. This device is simple to use while operating, on hot getaway days, outside, seashore, tenting, yard jobs, athletics, and more.

How To Use The Fan:
Ensure you thoroughly charge this fan for your initial usage, as it requires approximately 2.5 hours to energise the battery. Press the spherical press button on the right-hand side to change on/off. You have to open it width-wise first of all and convert it to on. After that, modify the perspectives.

Specs: 8.8 x 3 x 3.8 cm | 63.5g | Battery 500 mAh | DC 5V

The Jhua handheld cooling fan transition will function in the overall condition that the fan's position is higher than 150 degrees for dependable usage. If the blade vibrates an excessive amount when switched on, ensure you make an effort to move the fan to correct this.

Mini Hand Fan USB In Green Finish

£12   Jhua Mini Hand Fan Home Or Travel - Get It!  

: Qinuker Electric Hand Fan 2500mAh 4 Modes

This smart rechargeable battery managed fan is using a 2500mAh standard lithium-ion battery. The modestly sized fan is incredibly manageable as no electrical cabling is required.
It may be used equally inside and outside, plus it recharges with the presented USB recharging wire. Functioning instances are for 3 up to 13 hours over one complete charge.

Due to 4 flexible speed variants, this Qinuker portable cool fan possesses 4-speed rates in low, moderate, high. The sleeping settings can transform by hitting the power press button consistently.
The sleeping function can prevent complications attributable to extended strong airflow - and satisfy the physical requirements of individuals.

You will get 4 fan blades, stronger wind, and a breeze range of approximately 3 metres. The brushless electric motor will make the fan longer-lasting, and it comes with a detachable base.
You should use it inside your business office, or make it solve the hot activities like travelling. The fan will satisfy your chilling requirements for the whole day.


  • Use The Fan At Your Desktop
  • High Versatility Of Speeds


  • None at all

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Handy Removable Fan Base
  • Ideal For Summer Travel Fun

Unique Selling Point:

  • Lower Sound High Air-Flow
  • Great For Elders And Kids

The fan bottom may also be used as a smartphone rack for video recording and viewing due to multiple recharging methods and a wide variety of USB ports. This is to connect PC's, power banks, notebooks and other gadgets to relish a cool breeze wherever you are.

Specs: 2500mAh Battery | 23 x 11 x 7 cm | 250g | 9.25W

Using light and portable structure, this fan is simply 165g. Whenever you are outdoors, you can place it in a travelling bag and bring it everywhere. Most importantly, it is suited to summertime travelling or outdoor sports activities.

Totally different from others, the Qinuker mini hand cool fan includes a sleep function that the rest might not have. The sleep option can prevent head pains or a stuffy nasal area brought on by extended strong wind flow. Still, it is genuinely appropriate for infants and youngsters.

Electric Hand Fan In Navy Blue

£17   Qinuker Electric Hand Fan - Get It!  

: OCUBE Hand Held Battery Cooling Fan

A nice-looking mini portable fan with LED nighttime illumination, this kind of personal fan uses the base as an LED light, which renders this fan impressive when night arrives. No requirement to fumble about after dark. It is excellent to be your main bedroom light fixture.

The OCUBE handheld cooling fan projects an exclusive style with several colours evolving for entertainment ambience, potentially any outdoor special event. The LED light base is driven by the portable fan. It indicates the light cannot function without the fan, but 'it is classy' and feels fantastic to hold.

Due to diverse recharging techniques and extended functioning time with the USB interfaces, you can use the USB recharging wire to link the USB fan to PCs, power banks, or notebooks.
Link up various other USB gadgets to take pleasure from cool wind flow regardless of where you decide to go. This manageable fan can certainly work up to 8 hours, and the light endures 36 hours.


  • Stunning LED Light Features
  • Efficient And Power Cooling


  • No..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Several Charging Methods
  • LED Colour Changing Beauty

Unique Selling Point:

  • Light In Weight And Mobile
  • Relaxing Bedroom Atmosphere

This fan provides a long-lasting air movement and 3 adaptable speed variants. The personal fan incorporates low, moderate and high-velocity rates.
Modify the fan rate by depressing the power switch consistently. Gain stronger blowing wind to approximately 3 metres, the brushless motor renders the OCUBE handheld fan very powerful.

Specs: 18650 Li-ion 2000 mAh | 16 x 12 x 22 cm | 195.6g

Productive performance and transformation circuitry can reduce the loss to save electric power and safeguard the natural environment. This portable battery fan is only 165g. Whenever you are outdoors, place it in the handbag for summertime travel or outdoor pursuits.

Hand Held Fan With LED Lit Base

£13   OCUBE Handheld Battery Cool Fan - Get It!  

: Tinksky Hand Battery Fan Soft Blades

The hand held battery fan is an uncomplicated and functional small cooling gadget. This fan renders you a substantial and noiseless current of air - and permits you to lose the summertime heat. Portable construction and effortless to expend in summer.

This is a straightforward and functional handheld cool fan run by 2 AA batteries and 3 soft foam excellent fan rotor blades. It will present you with a stable, peaceful wind flow.

It will let you leave behind those sticky summer high-temperature waves. It is a user-friendly fan appropriate for the household, workplace, or external use using a light and portable style.

A superior quality battery driven Tinksky battery cooling fan that includes a fast-rotating blade model. Simply no harm will come to the hands with the considerably better protections used.


  • More Powerful Than It Looks
  • Soft Foam Fast Rotating Blades


  • None..

Noiseless Hand Held Battery Fan In Pink

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Angle Head Is Fully Adjustable
  • Very Strong Quiet Cool Air Flow

Unique Selling Point:

  • Feels Just Right In The Hand
  • Practical And Sturdy Little Fan

The fan incorporates an On/Off transition, and it is simple to control. The position flexible style is straightforward to use and very portable. The colour is principally pink and the components employed are long-lasting hard plastic and soft memory foam.

Suppose you discover the fan gives off air from the rear area, potentially. In that case, your battery is not positioned correctly, so simply arrange the battery in an inverted manner. This Tinksky battery cooling fan is secure to use because the head of the cooling fan provides 2 adaptable placements.

The cooling fan blade is constructed of soft sponge material that will never injure any individual. Due to the beautiful structure is relatively simple, modest, light in weight, and more compact with a crisp colouring, it is pretty and wonderful.

Specs: 15 x 9.5 x 4 cm | 90g | x2 AA Batteries | Random Colour

Just the thing for venturing in warm weather inside a car. Suitable for jogging, tenting fun, places of work and research, outdoor walking, plus much more.

It's appropriate for the household, work place or open-air utilisation created from robust hard plastic, plus softened foam for blades. 100 percent new and top quality battery operated quiet mini handheld cooling fan.

The batteries are not included and the blades styling is so not to injure your fingers, very safe to function.
[Rating: 8/10]   £11   Get It → Tinksky Air Cooling Hand Battery Fan  

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: Tvird Mini Hand Fan Air Conditioner

This transportable 'mini hand fan air chiller' is a small design that presents ceaseless evaporated cool flow of air to maintain you chilled anyplace.

Employed with an evaporating cooling system technology that can create air-conditioned surroundings. A 90 degrees mobile turbine wheel enables you to command the focus of the chill air direction.

This portable handheld fan with a 2200 mAh integrated rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack gives you the capability to practically corresponding to a bigger external battery.

: Air-Flow Speeds To Suit You

It completely charges in two hours with a Wireless functioning instance of 2 to 10 hours on a maximum charge. The battery pack is extended life; therefore, it may be recharged on many hundreds of occasions.

Take advantage of the flexible velocity and 30 degrees adaptable perspective with 3 velocity variants. Due to gentle wind flow, moderate breeze, and mighty blowing wind, just modify for the reasonable fan rate by consistently holding the electric-powered Tvird handheld cooling fan key.

This hand cooling fan with lanyard style fan rotor blades is constructed of ABS components. It is resilient and robust. It also creates a stable, smooth air movement wind flow of approximately 5 metres. The handheld fans' flexible head facilitates 15 degrees angle modifications to placate distinct requirements.


  • Indoor And Outdoor Cooling
  • Ideal To Take On Any Journey


  • None at all..

Mini Hand Fan Air Conditioner In Blue And White

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Small Enough For The Pocket
  • High Powered Smooth Air Flow

Unique Selling Point:

  • You Can Wear Around The Neck
  • Fan Comes With A Free Lanyard

Its a fan that uses a copper brushless electric motor to minimise sound and create a resilient, soft air movement. The decibel level is retained among 20 up to 30 dB. It possesses an excellent removable non-skid platform, which can be simple to use at any table and prevent unneeded motion.

This fan weighs in at only 150g with the lanyard version, but you may suspend it on the neck, and it frees both hands while going for walks. You can quickly put it within your rucksack or purse. The Tvird hand cooling fan integral battery will make it simple to use 'inside and outside' the house.

It is a USB hassle-free recharging portable fan that includes a USB wire throughout the 5 Volt output adapter. It provides you with a lightweight style and can be recharged through a phone charger, notebook, power bank and various compatible USB empowered gadgets.

Specs: 30 dB Max | 2200mAh | 10 x 10 x 10 cm | 150g

Whenever you are outdoors, you can place it inside the bag and you; nevertheless, most importantly, it is suited to summer season travelling or outdoor sports activities. You can certainly consider it just about anywhere for virtually any type of entertainment.

Using a strong air current, it can cool off down to 3 to 5 degrees. Small and hand-held fashioned, it's ideal for interior or perhaps open-air utilisation.

3 settings of electrical power supply are operated through 4 AA batteries, which are not incorporated. USB power power is instantly operated by an AC connector (not incorporated).
[Rating: 9/10]   £12   Get It → Tvird Mini Hand Air Conditioner  

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: D-FantiX 3 Speed Rechargeable Mist Fan

The mini portable fan may be expended as a routine cooling fan. This portable small cooling mist fan is operated by a lithium recharging battery, favourable to extend anyplace and any time. The settings option features flow ranges beginning with first fan setting, second mist style and third fan plus mist.

This excellent small hand fan incorporates an integrated 18651 Lithium battery. In fact, it is USB driven, rendering it simple and easy to bring anyplace and any time. It's an individual humidifier fan with a spray mist setting that instantly turns water into a tiny mist to cool you down.

: Smart Hand Mist Cooling Fan

The cooling fan possesses an incredible humid impact on the facial area. Standard water will be soaked up by the skin. This really is deeper than a typical handheld mister cooling fan.
It's a cooling down giant that can help you chill without wet solutions. The D-FantiX handheld battery fan contains an exceptionally constant fine mist by using the nozzle instrument.

Smartly positioned and curved ahead of the fan, it optimises in a mid-air stream without any disturbance from the rotating blade.


  • A Fine Mist Cooling Fan
  • Diverse Cooling Settings


  • Not here

3 Speed Mini Portable Fan In Blue, Green And Pink

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Selection Of Great Colours
  • Moisturizing Effect Cool Fan

Unique Selling Point:

  • This Model Includes USB Wire
  • Simple To Use Functionality

The mist provided ahead of the blade rather than on the rear maintains the moisture from rotating off the fan blade in significant wet tiny droplets. It gives you the perfect exclusive air conditioning.

Accessible in 3 colours, it is unproblematic to use as you just press the on and off to start, after which press the mist/fan option and it's all set. An excellent way to defeat the heat when you are in your home.

Use it in your workplace, in a vehicle or out and about. The D-FantiX battery fan provides you with soothing and relaxing instances in the warm summer seasons.

Specs: 9 x 5 x 18 cm | 398g | 18650 Lithium Battery 2000mAh

This is undoubtedly a portable mist air cooling fan with 3 settings, which can be altered as indicated by your requirements. This is the ideal personal water mist fan for insides, such as the business office or household. It is superb for the dormitory, study room, local library, any games room or your own adventures.

Charge up your gadget as much as 8 hours for improved battery functioning and efficiency as 1st time function. Be sure to note that this particular item delivers with overcharge electrical circuit safety to maintain the lithium battery protected and long-lasting.

The final red LED's signal via the bottom is going to be on while charging up.
[Rating: 9/10]   £12   Get It → D-FantiX Mini Portable Mist Fan  

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: Lidasen Portable Powerful Hand Fan

It is transportable with a small handle, a collapsible powerful handheld fan with adaptable speed shift. Multi operational construction for work place, push-chair, tenting, bed time, sports activities etc.

The fan is portable with small dimensions and works correctly in diverse perspectives. The brushless electric motor constitutes the cooling fan robust and long-wearing.

You can acquire high-speed cooling with a more robust performance. This gadget is equipped with 4 fan rotor blades and heavy-duty power that guarantee optimal airflow. Intended for the 3-speeds wind modifications, a single option lets you alter wind rates with only one hand.

Just press the front side button to transform the Lidasen mini hand cooling fan off and on and help increase blowing wind velocity. The fan is optimised and enhanced away from high volume.

This provider has improved upon and strengthened the rotor blades and refined the standard of the edges. Their particular 'gravity centre' is around the axis, making the fan function in a quiet setting for empathetic hearing and user convenience.


  • Durable And Powerful Enough
  • For Home Or Outdoor Trips


  • None at all

Portable Powerful Handheld Fan With White Handle

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Use Power Bank To Charge Up
  • Improved Rotor Axis Position

Unique Selling Point:

  • Easy To Modify Air Speed
  • Perfect Taking To The Beach

You will find versatile recharging techniques with a comprehensive portfolio of USB ports. You may use the USB charging wire to connect PC's, power banks, notebooks and other gadgets to relish calm wind regardless of where you go. It operates from 5 up to 8 hours on one complete charge up.

Specs: 2500mAh Battery | 21 x 11 x 4 cm | 230g | DC 5V/4W

Together with the detachable base, you may use it inside your workplace or take it out to resolve the heat while travelling. Encounter your cooling requirements for the whole day.
This Lidasen mini hand fan is simply 200g, so when you decide to go outdoors, you can place it in the handbag and bring it anyplace. It is specifically suited to summer travelling or outdoor pastimes.

Recharging and expendable 2500mAh battery, may be charged up through USB power charger, PC or even electrical power bank. Swipe right-most to switch on the cooling fan with signal illuminations, 'correct' the current of air by swiping left/right.

Swipe left to cease power and switch off. Foldable command fan may be placed on the table, held in palm, or can adapt to virtually any useful perspective.
[Rating: 9/10]   £9   Get It → Lidasen Powerful Hand Fan  

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Small Hand Held Battery Operated Fans For Hot Days

: VersionTECH Battery Hand Cooling Fan

Keep cool headed this summertime using this 'battery hand fan'. Regardless if you're at a hot football game or at the seaside with acquaintances or garden BBQ.

These individual hand-held battery-operated fans are the composed method to beat the high temperatures. Great for sporting occasions, tenting, just unscrew and expose battery area, put in the batteries watching the +/- labels.


  • Three Speeds To Higher Power
  • Light Cool Fan With Hand Rope


  • None here..

Battery Hand Fan With Yellow Lanyard

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Can Be Charged Via Power Bank
  • High Air Flow Seven Fan Blades

Unique Selling Point:

  • Slips In Pocket Or Purse
  • For Summer Trips Or Events

Specs: 5V-9V | 3.7V 2000mA Lithium | 24 x 15 x 7 cm | 280g

More potent wind generation compared to the others, refreshingly high powered and extremely fine uninterrupted air. Simply shut down the area door in addition screw upward. Twist the cooling fan upside down plus unscrew the lid. To switch on/off the cooling fan, push the button situated on the rear.
[Rating: 9/10]   £11   Get It → VersionTECH Cooling Hand Fan  

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: Enllonish Hand Battery Fan Noiseless

Utilise the power air system to maintain you coolheaded any place. This hand held battery operated fan blows a chilled air on you wherever you proceed and utilises 30db quiet turbine technology.

Slip in batteries or perhaps link up the USB wire to produce chilled air as much as 30F.


  • 3 Versatile Speed Modes
  • Hand Use Or On Any Desk


  • None here..

Hand Held Battery Operated Fan In Light Blue With Box

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • For Hot Summers On The Beach
  • Light And Portable Style

Unique Selling Point:

  • Sturdy Rechargeable Gadget
  • Fan Makes A Super Gift Idea

90 degrees upright flow of air command for best cool current drifting. The flat bottom control surface converts it in to a desk cooling fan effortlessly.

Specs: Max 53 dB | 20 x 9.6 x 4 cm | 180g | 2600mAh

You can use a 'wrist band' for effortless carrying and may be utilised to any perspective whenever controlled manually. Impressive for recreation when you're outside - for example tenting, picnicking and so forth.
[Rating: 8/10]   £6   Get It → Enllonish Battery Operated Fan  

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These hand held battery fans offer flexible, soft blade type coolers to provide a current of cool air whenever you demand it most.

Regardless if you are journeying on a hot, packed bus or train, bouncing around in the heat at a music festival, or just passing time in a hot country, now it's possible to take the heat away from your concerns..