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Updated 04/05/2021:
Remove the guesswork and consider our Wireless weather stations to uncover all localised weather conditions and digital forecasts on LCD. The smart WiFi weather stations require no connecting wires from the base station to the remote weather transmitting receptors.

The indoor weather station requires radio frequencies to correspond with the system and other receptors. Low frequency is required with console and sensors to connect with each other.

Bright Weather Station Icons
Bright Weather Station Icons

: Youshiko Weather Station Barometric LCD

As far as weather stations go, this Youshiko Wireless weather station is our favourite. It acquires a multi-colour sector screen for the time frame, weather details and 4 settings of illumination. You obtain weather knowledge from a remote sensor employing Wireless transmission.

Additionally, you obtain a buzzer clock with a pre-alert efficiency that beeps whenever the weather is questionable outdoors. Moreover, you receive a USB slot that lets you recharge your smartphone. You may attach the screen to your wall structure - or perhaps you will keep it on the desk.


  • Accurate Weather Forecasting
  • Brilliant Multi Colour Screen


  • None..

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • Inside Humidity Monitoring
  • 3 Sensors Using 3 Locations

Unique Selling Points:

  • Calendar And 12/24 Modes
  • Fully Automated Time Check

The outdoor sensor gathers real-time statistics and weather network tracking particular weather applicable parameters, incorporating variations in temperatures, moisture, and barometric air pressure.

The Youshiko Wireless weather station equipment produces a prediction with customised precision for your area. The entire strategy is super easy to implement and coordinate, rendering it an excellent acquisition to your dwelling.

Weather Station With Black Background

£44   Youshiko WiFi Weather Station - Get It!  

: Powcan Indoor Outdoor Weather Station

This reliable weather station time clock can efficiently screen interior and outdoor temperature range and humidity - in addition to total air pressure evaluation. The Powcan weather station demonstrates inclination and records high/lowest indoor and garden temperatures and moisture content.

A household weather station includes six types of weather estimations of sun-drenched, overcast, cloudy, light rainfall, heavy rainfall, snow conditions - and weather condition trend screen.
It includes an ice alarm feature, but the system is not only a weather facility. It additionally is an alarm clock where you can personally set the time - and it offers 5 to 60 min snooze highlights.


  • Sophisticated RF Sensor
  • Displays Tendency Values


  • None at all

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • Alter The Backlight Screen
  • Barometric Evaluation Trends

Unique Selling Points:

  • Day To Day Alarm Modes
  • Air Humidity Measurements

The Wireless network weather station with a remote device sensor is best suited for any desk placement or wall structure suspending.
You can put the display in your own home, workplace, sleeping sectors, baby room or management meeting space. With a significant curvature, the Powcan weather station is flawlessly engineered.

Indoor Outdoor Weather Station With White Sensor

£28   Powcan Indoor/Outdoor Weather Station - Get It!  

: SainLogic Professional Weather Station WLAN

Using the SainLogic weather station Wireless transmitting characteristic, you can examine the outside environment on the inside receiver.

The sensor is water-repellent, so you can put the Wireless sensor within any area free of moisture and a shaded location for optimum outcomes. The thermometer provides a more substantial spectrum of approximately 50 metres distances in an open vicinity.


  • For Desk Or Wall Attached
  • Accurate Temperature Sensor


  • None..

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • Long Spectrum 50 Metres
  • Precise Humidity Measuring

Unique Selling Points:

  • Transmit Frequency 433.92 MHz
  • Outside Sensor Is Waterproof

For free-standing or perhaps for connecting to the wall structure, the screen incorporates features for desk standing and a wall rack. It is simply extraordinary for positioning next to the access entry door, so it is possible to view it before leaving home.

This is an incredible SainLogic weather station device for any household or workplace implementation. The Wireless thermometer incorporates a 45-days guarantee and an 18-months full customer satisfaction assurance.

Pro Weather Station With White Wind Gauge

£49   SainLogic PRO Weather Station - Get It!  

Wireless Weather Station Benefits

Suppliers generally do not employ WiFi for the sensor to console connection since the signals never pass through interferences correctly. A professional weather station operates by linking the stations' screen console with the Internet network system.

Smart WiFi Weather Stations

This WiFi efficiency helps you quickly reveal your 'weather info online' with easy set-up. The sensor analysis delivered in the console is transferred to the Internet through WiFi. Just about all smart weather stations are Wireless, possibly functioning Bluetooth enabled data or WiFi.

Inside And Outside Weather Stations

All Wireless inside-outside weather stations will be considerably better as you have higher flexibility in where you set the Wireless Temperature sensors to get more reliable analysis.

For those who have issues that stop you from acquiring sound Wireless transmission between console and the station by itself, you will need to check out cabled choices.

Which Weather Station Do You Need?

Locating a cabled home weather station could possibly be challenging, and you will most likely spend more over Wireless versions. A concern for a few customers, therefore we nonetheless suggest you buy a radio-controlled weather station with Wireless connection.

Weather Underground Forecast Alerts

The majority of devices likewise let you upload your details to locations like WeatherUnderground, where the statistics are shown with other exclusive real-time weather stations worldwide. Most experts discover this info beneficial in areas where established weather stations are not present.

Smart Home Weather Options

Should you not have any use for the net connection, you will have the ability to save some cash trying to find non-connected versions. With smart home gadgets, the odds are you will ultimately have something better than a cheap Wireless weather station to work more intelligently.

: Blooming Home Weather Station RC Clock

An exceptionally multi-utility electronic device, the Blooming Wireless weather station carries an outdoor transmission device that communicates outdoor temperature ranges.
The unit presents humidity measurements to the base station gadget - an upper limit array of 60 metres. The station likewise encompasses a back-lit colour selection LCD screen.

Take advantage of an incorporated barometer for representing atmospheric air pressure, computer-animated weather forecasting symbols, interior temperature and then humidity display screen.

What Sets It Apart?

  • Back-Lit Bright Colour Display
  • Time Clock With Snooze Alerts

Unique Selling Points:

  • Atmospheric Pressure Levels
  • Radio-Controlled Time Signal

Main Features:


  • Built-In Barometer
  • Full Humidity Display


  • None

It provides an outdoor temperature and simple to interpret humidity screen, a radio-controlled time clock using Western European time transmission DCF77, the particular date display screen, and an alarm clock with easy to utilise snooze functionality.

The Blooming Wireless weather station incorporates a mains adapter to influence the colour screen. It necessitates 2 x 1.5 AA and so 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries - which is not supplied.

Home Weather Station With White Sensor

£69   Blooming Weather Station RC Clock - Get It!  

: Netatmo Smartphone Weather Station Alexa

We adore the Netatmo weather station for its inside/outdoor possibilities of crucial info regarding your personal in house and garden environment. Conveniently access the weather statistics from just about anywhere on your Google Android or iOS mobile phone, tablet or PC.

This smart weather station highlights an exceptional range of sensors that enable you to review your indoor conditions, plus the weather outdoors. Statistics on temperature ranges, barometric air pressure, moisture content, and carbon dioxide variants are flawlessly shipped to your mobile phone.


  • All Data On Your Smartphone
  • Helps Boost Home Air Quality


  • None here..

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • Easy Set-Up And Cost Free App
  • Full Week Weather Forecasting

Unique Selling Points:

  • Co2 Sensor Is Integrated
  • Fully Functions With ALEXA

Screen and evaluate your weather conditions any time, anywhere without effort - and almost instantly in house and away. All of us dedicate 92 percent of our time inside the home. However, the device offers Co2 sensor alerts and if you need to let fresh air in your household.

The weather station has an aluminium body that utterly waterproof. It helps you check on your indoor quality of air - and get hold of real-time facts. With the Netatmo weather station, you can easily monitor recognised contamination levels and select the best time to perform all outdoor actions.

Weather Station In Smooth Cone Shape

£144   Netatmo Smart Weather Station ALEXA - Get It!  

: Kalawen Wireless Weather Station With Alarm

This specialised strategy Kalawen weather station system involves an LCD colour screen plus integrated sensor - including a Wireless remote sensor.
The weather station exhibits timely climate info throughout monitoring indoor/outdoor conditions and humidity. There are 6 basic and vibrant icons for your outlook following twenty-four hours.

These symbols demonstrate sunlit, somewhat cloudy, rainy, significant rain and snow. The remote sensors present you with a transmitting spectrum of up to 60 metres, which translates to you can actually position them within your back garden, yard or terrace.


  • Advanced Weather Station MSF
  • Beautiful Forecast Icons


  • None..

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • High Accuracy For Localised Area
  • Wall Fixed Or Desk Standing

Unique Selling Points:

  • MSF Transmitting Plus Calendar
  • Humidity And Barometric Pressure

There are substantial clear digital screen symbols for outdoor temperature and humidity, weather condition prediction, inside temperature in addition moisture content.
It offers you the exact date and time, alarm clock and snooze function, plus barometric air pressure. It gives you a simple approach to be educated about the climate surrounding you.

The weather station is absolutely not the same as the weather outlook you observe on BBC Television or over the Internet. The Kalawen weather outlook solutions attribute sensors that usually accumulate factual time information and facts accurate outdoors.

Wireless Weather Station Showing Forecast

£42   Kalawen Wireless Weather Station - Get It!  

: Important Weather Station Features You Need

A solar power weather station will provide you with many years of use with nominal service as you will not be concerned about swapping batteries frequently. The sections in these units run the detectors all day, but battery packs are also used for back-up ability.

Using Lithium Batteries In The Unit

Concerning battery range for your outdoor weather station, we suggest setting up lithium batteries, specifically if you reside in a cooler environment. Lithium is far more resistant in intense temperatures, and they outlast alkaline battery packs.

The Ideal Weather Measuring Instrument

A home weather station's functionality is essential, so search for weather measuring instruments that are simple to put in place. They may have applications or desktop units that are intuitive. If you are certainly not technically prepared, the more complex personal weather stations can be puzzling.

Weather Station Real Time Updates

Several expensive weather stations possess superb user interfaces; nevertheless, the ability will not usually match intricacy. The ideal weather stations will upgrade correction more often, a few as quickly as every 4 seconds compared to half a minute for others.

Sunlight And Temperature Sensors

Digital weather stations will occasionally include additional product features, however, for most they are unneeded. If outside frequently, stations with a wind speed anemometer and those that check UV index, solar rays or lightning help. Landscapers and farmers may find a temperature sensor worthy.

Temperature, Humidity And Air Pressure

If looking at a portable Wireless weather station device, you will want temperature, moisture, and barometric air pressure at the very least. These types will also provide you with an altimeter interpretation of the height above sea level. This can be perfect for climbing and hiking.

Internal And Outdoor Thermometers

Any indoor weather station is not so positive if it inaccurately processes climate conditions. Now it could also be a great time to discuss what you pay for. The weather stations and internal outdoor thermometers in shops are much less reliable in comparison to pro weather stations.

Sunlight Exposure And Tracking Rainfall

The sensor premium in specific merchandise is appropriately beneath those of mid-range and expert level stations. These types of home weather stations have difficulties with sunlight exposure and tracking rain. Expensive stations are made for versatility in positioning and probable situations.

: Technoline RC Smart Effects Weather Station

This smart weather station electric meteorological observation post with radio commanded clock apprehends the signal ranging from the GB transmitter in Cumbria.


  • Smart Radio Control Features
  • Brilliant Flexible Display


  • None at all..

LED Smart Weather Station In Brown Finish

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • Transmits Data From UK Cumbria
  • Indoor And Outdoors Statistics

Unique Selling Points:

  • Stunning Amber Colour LED Light
  • Time Configurations Plus Snooze

The alarm system time clock features two time configurations collectively using a snooze function. The weather outlook features a display screen that interchanges with the forecast and additionally Technoline weather propensity signal.
[Rating: 9/10]   £116   Get It → Technoline Smart Weather Station  

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: WeatherSleuth WiFi Weather Station Real-Time

The WeatherSleuth is a Web Protocol supported weather station which drops the requirement for a display, and alternatively sends the station's information forthwith to Wunderground dot com.

Accomplish your entire home weather conditions monitoring with this unique multi-functional sensor package. Delight in real-time net logging without having to maintain your personal computer always inter-connected.

Watch your weather conditions from around the globe employing any web-based competent gadget. Measure temperature ranges, moisture content, barometer pressure, plus much more with fast revisions - all in this easy to set-up bundle.

What Sets It Apart?

  • Internet Protocol Weather Station
  • Easy To Setup And Very Accurate

Unique Selling Points:

  • Real-Time Internet Forecasts
  • Long Sensors Range 100 Metres

Weather Station With 3 Blue Lights

Main Features:


  • Sensor Suite Integrated
  • 16 Second Updates


  • None.

The exterior sensor device tracks the undivided spectrum of weather possibilities, which includes UV Index plus light situation and it's speedy 16 second data up-date places it at the cutting edge of innovative weather station systems. The WeatherSleuth station is effortless to set-up for PC - in addition MAC agreeable.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99   Get It → WeatherSleuth WiFi Weather Station  

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: ClimeMET WiFi Digital Rain Gauge Sensor

This is the very first WiFi rainfall gauge belonging to the ClimeMET collection. This particular modest sized and lightweight rainfall gauge makes an excellent accessory for just about any residence.

The online digital weather forecast station may be put together to evaluate the interior and outdoor temperature ranges and humidity levels, pressure, plus dawn and sundown instances.
Check moon phase for use from in your household or perhaps the garden. The outlook icons and inclination arrows depend on updating barometric air pressure.


  • You Can Set Personal Alerts
  • Fix On The Wall Or Standing


  • None

Main Features:

Rain Gauge With White Base

What Sets It Apart?

  • Historical Data Values
  • Sunrise And Dusk Times

Unique Selling Points:

  • Barometric Visual Hg or hPA
  • 12 Months Guarantee Included

Keep your own personal historical minimum and maximum information for temperature, moisture content and amount of pressure. You likewise can establish many different weather condition alerts to forewarn you of distinctive climatic circumstances.

The device offers you all innovative sunrise and setting sun-times together with a visual moon phase display screen. These modified features and benefits make this ClimeMET weather prediction station the preferred determination for spare time interest gardeners, fishing enthusiasts and astronomers alike.

Having the ability to display rainfall historical past, the time and particular date, this fine quality system is totally Wireless with the rain viewer fed to the interior base device from the remote sensing unit by Wireless transfer of data.
[Rating: 9/10]   £36   Get It → ClimeMET WiFi Digital Rain Gauge  

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Wireless Weather Stations With Indoor Outdoor Sensor

WiFi weather stations are exceptional equipment for your home with uncomplicated set-up and adaptability. The thermometers can provide plenty of specifics about the elements outdoors. You can carry the knowledge you accumulated to various other regional professional weather stations.

: Technoline Electronic Weather Station Sensing

The Technoline WS is a slender, light and portable weather station with alarm clock that includes a Swiss accurate 'out of doors' sensing unit, which may be positioned as much as 100 metres from the primary base.


  • Smart Weather Tendency In-Built
  • Long Transmission Range 100 m


  • None here

Weather Station In Silver Effect Exterior

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • Radio Control With Settings
  • Smart Outdoor Sensor Included

Unique Selling Points:

  • Modes For UK Time Settings
  • Time Signal From Germany

The clock provides user-friendly and uncomplicated time zone configurations, which enables you to set it for virtually any time zone throughout European countries. The alarm incorporates snooze and the weather station even offers a low battery signal and can be attached to the wall.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → Technoline WS Weather Station  

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Present Day Weather Station Technology

With the latest progression in technology, various weather watchers need to do more for temperatures. Today we all want to maintain, record and chart 'radio controlled weather station' statistics on a computer - or have the ability to visualise in real-time or mobile phone remotely.

Weather Condition Monitoring Via PC

Possessing a computer user interface is generally something you simply get from the most beneficial inside-outside weather stations. The information logging applications are personalised for weather condition monitoring as well as sequence supposition.

Smart Weather Data To Your Router

Many screen consoles will simply carry a small number of statistics before its dropped. Links to computers come in the shape of WiFi or perhaps cabled devices through USB - even Ethernet wires. Several smart weather stations connect straight to a laptop while others via a home router.

Internet WiFi Weather Station

We do propose you think about an Internet-linked WiFi weather station. These versions provide a few excellent highlights which make possession even more valuable. The very best home weather stations with WiFi permit you to connect through a 'smartphone App' or site etc.

Free Of Charge Mobile Apps

Virtually all personal indoor weather station makers provide a free of charge mobile phone App. This addresses both iOS iPhone, iPad and Google Android systems. Actually, some of those that do not present Apps for smartphones provide online links to connect the weather station.

It will be easy to move the light in weight Wireless weather station to any functional area to deliver instantaneous temperature, sunlight or rainfall information.