Car Tyre Puncture Repair Kits For Road Side Use

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Updated 03/07/2021:
Our car puncture repair kits make it effortless to grapple with an emergency at the road side speedily, minus any chaos. Mend a puncture in approximately 10 minutes - and you are not even required to switch the tyre. These flat tyre repair bundles incorporate sealer fluid and air compressor box that works perfectly from the car cigarette lighter slot.

Cute Caped Man In Little Red Car
Cute Caped Man In Little Red Car

: Bramble Car Tyre Repair Kit Roadside Or Home

This equipment is the ideal answer to repair punctures while out on any journey. Successful and straightforward to implement, it's an absolutely essential addition. It is perfect for every car driver in the boot together with the spare tyre, side of the road, or garage.

With the Bramble puncture repair tyre kit, you will find a T-handle insert application, a T-handle spiral probe tool, 40 self-vulcanization fix plugs and 4 regular cores. You will discover chrome hex valve caps, dark plastic caps, extension valves and dual head tyre air pressure solution.

A single 4-way valve stem instrument is provided, two L-type hex accessories including a plastic material safe-keeping container. You can find sure-grip hand pliers, lubrication, a collapsing knife, along a primary carry case.


  • Can Remedy Punctures Fast
  • All The Tools You Require


  • None at all

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • For Tractor Tyres Or Trucks
  • Essential For The Car Boot

Unique Selling Point:

  • Sturdy Case Incorporated
  • Twin Pressure Gauge Tool

Completely flexible, this high-quality specialist kit conveniently fixes all kinds of tubeless tyres on motorbikes, ATV's, UTV's, vehicles, mowers, pick-up trucks, jeeps, sports utility vehicles, cars, hauliers, trailers, plus much more.

Specs: 31 x 21 x 7 cm | 1.2 Kg | 64 Pieces | 40 Vulcan Plugs

All Bramble puncture repair tyre kit equipment is constructed with super quality components, featuring high protection and reassurance whilst venturing. Durable and competent, the accessories will perform the task perfectly - and it comes with a safe-keeping travel bag.

Car Tyre Repair Kit In Red Box

£16   Bramble Car Tyre Repair Kit - Get It!  

: Kohree Tyre Repair Kit Car And Motorcycle

This valuable tyre repair system fixes all aspects of tubeless tyres on motorbikes, ATVs, UTVs, tractors, garden mowers, lorries, jeeps, automobiles or trailers. It's not for 'proper use' on tubular tyres or side blowouts. To get a speedy repair, you will soon fix those tiny openings in the tyre.

Feasible for newcomers, regardless of whether inside your home, inside the carport or perhaps in a crisis street circumstance. You can repair the tyre's opening flawlessly by using the insert and the Kohree tyre puncture repair kit spiral probe equipment.

Professional grade, this puncture repair system will satisfy all screening requirements. A sandblasted T-handle created from the most robust A3 steel alloy is longer lasting and never simple to rupture. The excellent rubber material restoration strip is challenging to age and solidify.

Conveniently manageable, this tyre repair application features a durable, safe-keeping container. All equipment and add-ons are held in a structured set-up for pain-free storage and transfer.


  • A Fully Comprehensive Bundle
  • All Nuts, Caps And Inserts


  • None here..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Longer Lasting A3 Steel Used
  • Great For Motorcycle Flats

Unique Selling Point:

  • Quality Rubber Vulcanization Plugs
  • Fast Fixing Of Unexpected Flats

This seasoned Kohree tyre puncture repair kit addresses several types of punctures, conserves energy and cash on substitutions. Beyond the dozen primary tools, 50 vulcanization tyre plugs, black tyre valves, regular valve inserts, specific hardware and a safe-keeping carry pack are supplied.

Specs: 99 Pieces 1.53 Kg | Pack 33 x 22 x 6 cm | A3 Steel

Virtually all motorists have observed a flat tyre. You need to be stopped by any unexpected puncture whenever travelling untroubled down the street. An excellent tyre repair product is a superb option to replace the flat tyre for your spare whenever that occurs.

Flat Tyre Repair Kit For Car With Plugs

£33   Kohree Flat Tyre Repair Kit For Car - Get It!  

: How Do I Use The Flat Tyre Repair Kit?

Finding out how to repair a flat tyre is among those activities everybody knows we ought to master; however, you indicate to get it done later. You then drive away inside your car, and your tyre receives a puncture. While awaiting help, you wish you'd taken some time to learn how to correct this.

: Potential Risks Of A Puncture

Regardless of what you may believe, it is easy to learn how to resolve a flat tyre, and you will find inspections you can use to lessen the potential risk of a puncture occurring. Conserve yourself the aggravation of being stuck on the street and focus on discovering how to repair that flat.

: Get Help And The Right Information

Being unsure of how you can change a tyre is a comparatively prevalent problem, therefore do not feel below par if you have no clue how to start once you get a flat. To achieve perfection, listed here is sensible help and information to assist you getting your car or truck going once more.

: Do You Have A Spare Tyre In The Car?

The vital thing you must do is actually find out if you own a fairly new spare tyre and if it's in decent health. Lots of people overlook to determine the actual state of their spare tyre or even change it. That means you might be having difficulties next time there is a tyre puncture.

: Do You Have All The Tools Required?

Numerous present-day vehicles do not have spares to save on space, but alternatively incorporate a puncture repair system so when you aren't able to locate your tyre - do not stress. You don't want to begin changing a flat without having all you need, which means you must make sure you are entirely ready to start.

: Car Jack, Nut Wrench And Gloves

If you must, you need the car manual that consists of particular details, for example where to connect the jack, the spare wheel, a good tyre pressure gauge, car jack, a nut wrench as well as lock nut adapter if equipped. You need at minimum one wheel chuck, hand protection, a knee rest etc.

: Safety First Flashlight And Hi-Vis Jacket

Get yourself a sharp knife or cutters to eliminate cable ties, flashlight, hi-vis jacket and practical footwear. You shouldn't change a wheel on the hard shoulder of the motorway or even on soft, loosened or perhaps uneven ground. When you get a flat tyre on the motorway - focus on recovery help.

: Get Passengers Out Of The Vehicle

Travellers have to be out of the vehicle and in a secure region before you make an attempt to change your tyre. It is hazardous to jack a car with individuals still inside. Even if the weather conditions are poor, passengers really need to be outside.

: Faburo Car Puncture Repair Kit Bike/Truck

A specialist tubeless tyre repair system that possesses 91 components like the tool travel case contains every basic application for punctured tyre fixing you will require. This bundle includes a carrying case, tyre valve expansion and chrome valve cap.

There exists a plastic valve cap, valve core, little plastic safe-keeping package, four-way valve device, tyre fix rubber piece, oil and cutting knife. The Faburo tyre repair set presents the tyre air pressure apparatus, pliers, T-handle radial rasp needle, T-handle connector, and insert the needle.

All are high-quality accessories prepared through substantial rigidity. It is resilient and not simple to deform or perhaps end up getting corroded. Simple and successful to correct tyres together with the tool holding box, this tyre fixing kit is practical to transport in any vehicle.


  • A PRO Kit With Many Tools
  • Easiest Way To Fix Tyres


  • No Cons Here

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Air Pressure Gauge Included
  • Over 90 Components Delivered

Unique Selling Point:

  • An Extremely Durable Bundle
  • Easy To Mend Tubeless Tyres

Additionally, the Faburo tyre repair kit is simple and successful to implement on tubeless tyres and has no demand for specialist mending abilities to save time. Using an extensive application, it is appropriate to fix tubeless tyres of any cycle, motorbike, pick-up, 4x4, ATV, etc.

Specs: 91 Pieces | 1.44 Kg | 50 Rubber Strips | 2.5 Inch Hex

Utilise the tyre repair kit T-handle rasp tool and then penetrate the hole in your tyre. Using the T-handle insert system, supply one connector over the hole and position it over the opening. Employing a down action, turn the handle right up until the plug is undividedly through.

Car Puncture Repair Kit In Red Box

£23   Faburo Car Puncture Repair Kit - Get It!  

: Boulder Car Tyre Repair Kit 56 Piece Set

This new tyre restoration kit is the superior flat tyre fix package that you can purchase for mending tubeless tyre punctures. Conveniently service punctures in the tubeless tyres of motorbikes, ATVs, mowers, tractors, bicycles, sports utility vehicles, commercial transport trucks and passenger cars.

Constructed with the most robust materials and included in a strong and manageable case, this is actually the last package you will need to acquire. The Boulder Tools tyre kit comes with sturdy tools and select accessories designed to rigorous criteria protecting your loved ones on any trip.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Superb Grip T-Handle Tools
  • Premium Bundle Reasonable Price

Unique Selling Point:

  • Kit Will Last A Lifetime
  • Fix Motorbikes Or Lorries

Top Features:


  • 1 Year Full Warranty
  • Very Durable Case


  • Simply None Here

Simple to operate with easy-to-understand guides suggest any individual can connect their flat tyre in a few minutes and then resume their trip. Created with all top components, this Boulder Tools tyre repair kit can endure the most challenging tasks, circumstances and harsh handling.

Specs: 1.18 Kg | 30 x 5 x 20 cm | 56 Pieces | ATV SUV

The robust 56 piece tyre fixing system is built to be long-lasting and created for all to use. As opposed to second-rate competition, no corners are cut, and the best materials are used.

Car Tyre Repair Kit With Yellow Pliers

£32   Boulder Tyre Repair Kit - Get It!  

: MaikeHigh Heavy-Duty Car Tyre Puncture Kit

A strongly suggested tubeless tyre mending package, this specialist durable kit quickly repairs all kinds of tubeless tyres on motorbikes, ATVs, tractors, mowers, vans, jeeps, sports utility vehicles, vehicles, trailers, plus more. Do not use on tube tyres or side blowouts etc.

Sturdy and resilient, the MaikeHigh tyre puncture repair kit is designed to be successful as the last system you pay for. This trusted tyre gauge and pliers will likely be required for just about every fix. The 120 PSI tyre gauge and metal sure-grip pliers are supplied in the set.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Repair Any Puncture Quickly
  • 68 Useful Tools Incorporated

Unique Selling Point:

  • Dual Type Tyre Pressure Gauge
  • Useful Hand Pliers Included

Top Features:


  • Chrome Hex Valve Caps
  • Professional Solution


  • None whatsoever

You will discover 64 additional well regarded flat tyre restoration tools and sections along with a tough mobile case to retain it in. You need a speedy, convenient repair since we understand most people are not specialists. The MaikeHigh tyre puncture repair guide will make tyre repairs snappy.

Specs: 67 Pieces | 120 PSI Gauge | 1.25 Kg | 30 x 23 x 6 cm

Whether or not at home, in the storage area or in any catastrophic road predicament, the detailed suggestions will help you on your way. The tyre equipment incorporates a T-handle attachment tool, a T-handle spiral instrument, 40 self-vulcanization fix plugs, plus more.

Puncture Repair Kit In Blue Case

£26   MaikeHigh Puncture Repair Kit - Get It!  

: Slime Easy To Utilise Car Tyre Repair Kit

Acquiring a flat car tyre on whatever trip will forever be testing and a major bother. The alternatives are broadly speaking confined to pulling your vehicle over and exchanging the flat using your spare.

You can carry on driving with fog lights on with shakinesses that results in a comfort-less drive and acknowledged impairment to valuable functions of your car.

This cost-effective repair package is a simple and fast puncture fixing option for regular motor vehicle tyres. It helps you to return on the streets in only a quarter-hour - and demands no special skills. Slime sealant discovers and 'fixes tread punctures' to about 6 mm in size.

Get confidently to your arrival point when it is advisable to have the tyre expertly fixed at the earliest opportunity. The Slime repair kit for car tyres is particularly helpful for getting one to that essential meeting punctually, and making sure kids need not wait too much time travelling.


  • 15 Minutes To Repair The Tyre
  • Smart Sealant For Punctures


  • Not at all..

Car Tyre Puncture Repair Kit In See Through Container

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Quickest Way To Fix Tyres
  • 16oz Tyre Sealant Included

Unique Selling Point:

  • Carry Case Is Bundled
  • Great Price For The Kit

For emergencies, the comprehensive kit includes an inflator, 473 ml sealant refills, components for inflatables like sports footballs, guides and a zipped safe-keeping carrier. Only the Slime emergency repair kit for car tyres and four basic steps will fix and inflate. Simply no jack is required and no need to take away the wheel either.

Specs: 23 x 17 x 8 cm | 473 ml Sealant | 12V | 1.22 Kg

This set fixes punctures accurately, its non-toxic, rustproof and extremely safe for rims. It includes a 16 oz tyre sealant, a 12 Volt tyre compressor inflator, air flow adapters, valve core instrument, a case, and can be kept in the trunk or perhaps underneath vehicle seating.

This particular Slime repair compressor bundle could be the resolution to your troubles, minus removing your tyre or maybe awaiting for a tow lorry.

The tyre sealer forestalls the tyre from ejecting air, although the compressor enables you to pump up the tyre. This one action can take quarter hour, or maybe less, depending on the trouble induced.
[Rating: 8/10]   £24   Get It → Slime Car Tyre Puncture Repair Kit  

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: AirMan Puncture Repair Kit For Car Tyres

Top quality organised vehicle tyre mending resolution, the car tyre repair bundle is an all-in-one arrangement incorporating a compressor and a 'tyre fix sealer' container.

It features a hard case, plus quickly amends punctures in addition to blowing up tyres. Tyre fixing outfit to mend deflated tyres as much as 6mm.

A dependable tyre repair option, a two-part strategy, and a robust 12V compressor include a tyre fix sealant container. The ResQ fits all categories of passenger cars and is applied as equally a tyre air compressor for pumping of tyres, playthings and various inflatable.

The AirMan emergency tyre repair kit will certainly repair punctured tyres approximately 6 mm. Such superior quality roadside tyre fix alternatives are being used by more than 12 million motorists. Now you can purchase a similar quality immediate at reasonable suppliers rates.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Fast Road Side Inflation
  • Compact And Transportable

Unique Selling Point:

  • High Performance On All Tyres
  • For Cars And Even Trailers

Puncture Repair Kit For Tyres In Dark Grey Finish

Top Features:


  • Pump Fitting Adaptors
  • Recommended Tyre Repair


  • None Here

The fix option is an exclusive compound gel that can be no toxic and is non-flammable. It can conveniently fix punctures all the way to 6 mm. This unique AirMan ResQ tyre repair kit alternative may be rinsed away with normal water permitting the tyre to be reconditioned.

Specs: 12V | 1.47 Kg | 29 x 10 x 18 cm | 450ml EcoSealant

450 ml sealant fits all applications with wheels about 21 inches. This seals punctures around the tyre tread with a trustworthy closure.
It is actually water structured, non-toxic, eco-friendly and rustproof sealant solution. The sealant quickly rinses from the tyre to allow for complete repair and will certainly not harm the rim or perhaps the tyre.

The imparted protection of this tyre fixing bundle offers a pressure level supervising installation with an integral pressure meter.

This particular example additionally features an in-built light feature and further add-ons for cycle tyres, even footballs and inflatables. It's appropriate for virtually all kinds of passenger cars.
[Rating: 9/10]   £38   Get It → AirMan Puncture Repair Kit For Cars  

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: GearG Puncture Repair Kit For Cars

This car tyre fixing kit mends punctures in tubeless tyres effortlessly. An all-encompassing, top quality fixing bundle incorporates an insertion instrument and reamer device.

Also a knife, five slips of rubber stoppers, adhesive, 3 x CO2 tins, 'inflation pipe' plus adapter, book of instructions and a long-wearing nylon zip-fastener transport pocket.


  • Ideal For Motoring Emergencies
  • Fixes Treaded Area Of Tyres


  • None..

Puncture Repair Kit For Cars With Black Transport Bag

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Every Tool That You Need
  • Includes Gas Canisters

Unique Selling Point:

  • Tubeless Temporary Repairs
  • 6mm Diameter Tyre Fixing

Specs: 17 x 16 x 6 cm | 390g | Repairs 6mm | Tubeless Kit

Any car tyre which has been fixed should be taken away from the flange and professionally scrutinised, plus re-repaired if deemed essential to guarantee there is no interior impairment that is not apparent from the exterior.
[Rating: 8/10]   £34   Get It → GearG Puncture Repair Kit  

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Car Tyre Puncture Repair Kit - Seal Off And Re-Inflate

The leading nut/bolt needs to be left right up til last so it's much easier to raise the wheel away. Affixing the automobile wheel in all fairness is straightforward so put it in position. Tighten the top bolt and work on the tyre in a diagonal route.

: Tightening Up Nuts - Lowering Your Car Down

Reduce the car cautiously back to the floor and take away the jack. Tighten up the bolts a maximum of one half a turn beyond tight or even tense up to the maker advice. Remember spare tyres are commonly not made to exceed certain speeds and have to be replaced ASAP.

Keep the damaged wheel securely in the car boot together with your equipment. Following a brief trip, re-check the bolt rigidity so when you are getting your flat tyre swapped out, request the mechanic also to look into the wheel and tyre that you attached. Good luck.

: Holts Tyreweld Emergency Flat Tyre Repair

Holts Tyreweld emergency car tyre fixing kit with complimentary 'screenies' is appropriate for virtually all intermediate vehicle tyres incorporating 16 inches in diameter.

It may additionally be employed for caravans, mobile homes and trailers, and appropriate for tubeless vehicle tyres exclusively.

This kind of emergency puncture repair package is a vital home merchandise that decreases difficulties. Given the green light by the NTDA, it seals and inflates punctured car tyres, enabling you to complete your trip safely and securely.

Water structured latex formulation will not harm the tyre. It can quickly be washed out by utilising water before the tyre is fixed. The Holts Tyreweld car puncture repair functions by including an exceptional safety valve that instantly seals and re-inflates in a single turn.

This kind of 500 ml can suits tubeless tyres exclusively that are about 17 inches in size. It may also be used for vehicles, caravans and lorries. Founded in Britain more than 65 years back, this firm is now a market leader in creating and worldwide circulation of car equipment.

Holts have been offering high-end products in the vehicle care industry with a varied merchandise profile. Holts have not just turned into an innovator from washing to fixing and even chemicals. Still, it's a leader in the products they already possess.


  • Sealant Works Like Magic
  • Simple Emergency Repair


  • None

Emergency Run Flat Tyre Repair With 2 Canisters

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Secure Water Based System
  • Seal And Inflate Rapidly

Unique Selling Point:

  • Wash Foam Out After Usage
  • No Tools Are Needed Here

The Holts Tyreweld car puncture repair package features a structured water foam for a motor vehicle tyre sealant. Initially, it re-inflates the tyre. As you drive the foam in, it discovers the puncture and closes up so you can travel to a garage for a complete service.

Specs: 96 x 29 x 24 cm | 459 Grammes | 500ml

Simply connect Tyreweld to the tyre valve, after that view as it promptly refills the tyre. You must then travel on to let the foam seal off the hole. The tyre puncture will have to be fixed once and for all. So we suggest going to a garage as they will examine to ensure the tyre is secure.

No jack demanded functionality, and all drivers will enjoy the reassurance when they own a Holts Tyreweld kit aboard.

Do not leave the household without one, it seals off, deflates, re-inflates your car tyre in an instant. Seals off and 'blows up' pierced vehicle tyres immediately. Water established latex process will not harm car tyre.
[Rating: 9/10]   £9   Get It → Holts Run Flat Tyre Repair  

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: Kronyo Car Tyre Puncture Repair Canisters

A comprehensive car tyre puncture repair kit including virtually every thing demanded to accomplish an emergency improvised repair job. Appropriate for repairs as much as 6 mm diameter on the treaded region of your car tyre.


  • Easy Twist Functionality
  • Co2 Cartridges Included


  • Not At All

Car Tyre Puncture Repair Kit With Steel Canisters

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Tyre Ready In A Few Seconds
  • Compact And Transportable

Unique Selling Point:

  • No Rusting Non-Toxic
  • Presta Plus Schrader

Virtually any car tyre that's been fixed ought be dispatched from the flange and expertly scrutinised, as well as re-repaired to guarantee there's simply no inner impairment that's not apparent from the exterior.

Make certain of a 40 mph upper limit speed following the flat tyre repair job. Effortless to deploy with guide incorporated, quick repair time period for practically all cars and vans.
[Rating: 9/10]   £20   Get It → Kronyo Car Repair Pump Kit  

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: Do I Need Hazard Lighting?

Before you begin to change the tyre, it is advisable to turn off the vehicle, apply the hand brake, interact first gear plus switch the hazard lighting on. It is advisable to take away the wheel trim and position the jack in the advised raising location. The user car manual will explain how to accomplish this properly.

: How To Actually Raise The Car Safely

When all of the previously mentioned actions have been finished, you are ready to begin raising the vehicle. The jack has to be elevated, so the wheel is simply free from the ground. While using a car wheel brace and securing nut adapter, convert the wheel bolt anti-clockwise turning to release.

The car tyre repair kits function by simply plugging a container of latex fluid in to the opening where you link an air line to the wheel.

Plug the compressor in to your vehicle cigarette lighter 12V socket, then wait until it 'seals and re-inflates' the tyre. Five or ten minutes afterwards, the car tyre puncture repair kit means you can drive off.