Remote Control Plug Sockets To Manage Appliances Off/On

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Updated 07/11/2020:
Surely the best remote control sockets to switch household appliances off and on, or from distance. Save cash and electricity by no longer leaving your appliances on stand-by. Effortless to deploy wire free controlled plug units, perfect for garden or see our surge protected sockets.

What Is A Remote Control Socket?
Remote control sockets permit you to easily switch on/off home appliances with a simple click. Perfect for all those tricky to grasp electrical sockets lurking behind a settee or cabinet. Different plugs may be manipulated individually, or collectively using the remote control mains socket hand device.

: Vlio Wireless Plug Sockets Lights & Appliances

Wireless Plug Sockets With Lamp

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: Green Blue WiFi Smart Plug Alexa Google Assist

WiFi Smart Plug 3 Pin In White

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: GAIN Remote Control Electrical Sockets x3

3 Remote Control Electrical Sockets

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: Easy Electrical Equipment Automation

For household automating, you may switch on or off tricky to reach electrical switches by merely pressing a control button. These remote control power socket gadgets are ideal for smart lighting fixtures, yuletide trees, getaway design, cooling fan and various other useful electric equipment.

: Long-Range Control Of Electrical Sockets

Strong radio frequency transmitting functions through wall spaces and entry doors. Connect the long-range remote control electrical switch socket that you wish to control in the outlet. Examine the current evaluation of the piece of equipment you need to implement, but they are incredibly easy to use.

: Smart Plugs For Home Appliances

Various smart plug socket devices incorporate 5 socket outlets as well as a couple of remote devices. You can structure them diversely if you wish and switch multiple sockets on using a solitary switch press. They help to make your existence simpler using the remotes to transform home appliances on or off.

: Home Wireless Electric Plugs

It is possible to overcome hard to grasp outlets functioning electrical home appliances in challenging to reach spaces like 'up against a wall' from anyplace in your own home - and any time you need. The Wireless electric plug connector will continue to work flawlessly from any location in your household.

: Energy-Efficiency For Home Appliances

Ideal for older people and others with a modest range of motion or perhaps lower back discomfort, the remote control plug adapters controlled by remote make your life hassle-free and energy-efficient. Link home appliances to the remote outlets with no demand for Wireless connection or additional gadgets.

: Programming On/Off Electrical Switches

Every socket receiver may be personally switched or through the useful transmission device. Any person can use off/on operation from the remote control transmitter. You may find a self-understanding concept and the remote on/off electrical switch may be programmed amongst each other.

: Remote Controlled Timer Smart Plugs

Smart connections operate approximately similar to the remote sockets; however, they employ diverse methodologies for regulation. The most uncomplicated remote control timer socket smart plugs are WiFi empowered gadgets that link to a network. These need simply no extra equipment in any location with Wireless transmission.

: Control Light Fixtures And Dimmers

You can connect any device right into a smart connecting charger plug. The majority are ranked to deal with limited Watts of power usage, suitable for a light fixture and remote control dimmer switch or a kitchen machine; however, you may come across complications if you hook up some electrical devices - so its best to check first.

: HBN Remote Control Mains Socket 100ft RF

Remote Control Mains Socket In White

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: Lunvon Programmable Remote Plug Switch

White Remote Plug Switch With 8 Buttons

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: Dewenwils Remote Control Mains Socket Plugs


  • Easily Pre-Programmed
  • Ideal For Christmas Lights


  • None.

Remote Mains Socket Plugs In White

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Make Your House Power Efficient

With a sufficient working range, home appliances may be operated from the safety of your bed, living room, couch, and so on. The electrical remote plug switch sockets may be used to turn off devices on standby, making your household more budget-friendly and conserving cash.

Control Mains Socket Home Appliances

These mains socket gadgets faultlessly switch on and off home appliances with a click option. Make use of them to change equipment on standby mode as each wall plug can be operated independently or jointly using the handheld remote with a wide Wireless working range.

Schedule The TV And Lighting Fixtures

The remote control power sockets are uncomplicated to put in place and straightforward to use. Help your house become more power-efficient. Simply perfect for older people or individuals with mobility problems - implementing with TV's, lighting fixtures, holiday lamps and many more home equipment.

Remote Control Sockets Via Smartphone App

Should you be looking to grab some more smart household tech, take a look at the remote control sockets that you just connect into electrical power. Then connect an additional gadget so that you can control it through an App on your mobile phone or tablet PC over Wireless Internet.

Voice Control Home Electrical Appliances

You can use some smart remote plug switch sockets with voice control due to Alexa, Nest, Assistant or maybe SIRI. They may be used in combination with a variety of home electrical conveniences incorporating home theatre systems plus home lamp fixtures.

What Appliance Is Using The Most Power?

Together with the best smart remote control mains sockets, you can set plans, screen energy use and discover which products are being used most of the time. Equipped with such statistics, you can begin economising on your home power use.

Smart plugs are functioning very well with timer switches, now enabling you to change virtually any home appliance and power it through any network.

: Mercury Remote Control Plug Sockets Bundle For Home

This remote control plug socket bundle may be commanded separately through the device provided. It's just right for a broad diversity of electric conveniences and an impressive answer for commanding appliances in unapproachable spaces, or perhaps for individuals with restricted mobility.

5 Piece Remote Control Plug Sockets In Black

Leaving behind an appliance in stand-by may still devour a large quota of electrical power and can abridge the life-span of the home appliance by 14 percent.
Remote devices can function as much as 10 outlet adaptors. Thermal cut off safety mechanism and upper limit loading 2400 Watts.
[Rating: 9/10]   £28   Get It → Mercury Remote Plug Sockets  

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: EnerGenie 4 Piece Remote Control Power Sockets

This radio remote control power socket set uses a controller for deployment with virtually any household convenience. Turn off appliances consuming electricity in standby to save cash and scale down your carbon foot-print.

The radio socket is perfect for difficult to grab plugs and can be utilised with any domestic power appliance.

Remote Control Power Sockets With Black Button Pad

It functions using a remote controller, which can be organised to check up as much as four diverse wall sockets. The remote control will not necessitate direct line of vision to engage.

It is going to operate even whenever the socket is concealed behind an article of furniture - or even any neighbouring space.
[Rating: 9/10]   £28   Get It → EnerGenie Remote Control Sockets  

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: Etekcity Wireless Plugged Remote Control Socket

Consummate control over all your appliances, these particular Wireless plugged remote control socket outlets allows you to remotely manage difficult to achieve home appliances and gadgets with no integrated electrical power switches.

A substantial RF indicator functions as far as 100 feet or 30 metres throughout doorways, in addition wall structures minus intervening with devices, enabling easy to operate command over compact electrical's from across spaces or perhaps on 2nd levels etc.

Wireless Remote Control Socket With 2 Gold Batteries

It's effortless to be energy economical and thrifty with a learning functionality that accommodates to your motivations. This particularly useful facility allows you to plan the determining plug receiver to accommodate your specific necessitates.

Equate virtually any push button on just about any remote transmitting device so it's possible to command each electrical outlet on an individual basis, or perhaps all together. Using this first-class degree of command in your fingers, you will boost the effectiveness of your domestic space intelligently and handily.
[Rating: 9/10]   £23   Get It → EtekCity Wireless Remote Control Socket  

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UK Best Remote Controlled Sockets For Home Appliances

: Rayinblue Remote Control Mains Socket 5 Pieces

The remote control mains sockets can additionally become manually enabled, or through the convenient remote device. Separate on and off procedure is essential for the remote device, effortless to deploy and engage. Deploy one transmitting device to correspond to more outlet receiving systems.

Remote Control Mains Sockets With 3 Pin Plug

The outlet receiving system is going to still persist in the (off) strategy following an electrical power out, even whenever the energy approaches once again. Make certain the battery as well as socket set-up is steady, secure and accurate. For inside deployment exclusively, it should be set-up in the areas far away from heat resource.

In order to re-program the remote control transmitting device and outlet receiver, connect the RC outlet to an electrical power point and switch the electrical power on.
Push and accommodate the learning option on the right hand aspect of the outlet receiver for 5 seconds until the LED light signal blinks.
[Rating: 9/10]   £32   Get It → Rayinblue Remote Control Mains Sockets  

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: Brennenstuhl Wall Socket Remote Control Plugs

These wall socket remote control plugs bundle in white differentiates by itself throughout it's calibre and protection in virtually all expanses. You therefore possess virtually every thing in check at home. This first-class arrangement of 3 remote sockets for interior deployment assist you to navigate your own daily life style more comfortably, securely and power consciously.

Wall Remote Control Plugs With White Controller


  • Switch Capacity 1000 Watts
  • Sockets Are Child Proofed


  • None

Connect the remote receiver directly in to the outlet and connect the gadget you would like to command remotely. Super instrumental for individuals with illnesses or perhaps with restricted portability as well. The 3 remote device socket arrangement for easily switching on and off digital gadgets.

The remote plug switch sockets are especially appropriate, but perfect for hard to access digital gadgets. It delivers with an integral kid resistant feature as compact PVC plates cover the outlet contacts.
[Rating: 9/10]   £20   Get It → Brennenstuhl Wall Remote Control Plugs  

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: DigiTeck Mains Remote Control Power Switches

This 'remote control power switch bundle' transforms powered home appliances to remote controller on/off procedure. It switches appliances off and on at the flick of a push button, impressive for those difficult to achieve wall sockets. Easy and leisurely to deploy with simply no tricky set-up demanded.

Remote Control Power Switches In White Plastic

Remotely command adequate to 5 individual mains operated gadgets from 30 metres distance in open areas. It even functions via ceilings and wall structures with an upper limit exchanging total capacity of 3000 Watts. Any home appliance via connector outlet may be run remotely from long range.
[Rating: 9/10]   £34   Get It → DigiTeck Remote Control Switches  

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: Gainwin Home Remote Light Control Switches

This remote light control switches with learning functionality permits you to correspond any remote device and electrical outlet to one another, irrespective of their frequencies. Effortless and easy to employ with no pesky set-up commanded. Merely connect and function to remotely turn on/off.

Light Control Switches With Lamp

It possesses low stand-by electrical power usage and integral child security. The learning procedure enables you to programme the discovering of wall sockets in addition to the remote control using virtually any outlet. It's possible to elevate 3 remote devices by exclusively appending extra controls.
[Rating: 9/10]   £18   Get It → Gainwin Remote Light Control Switches  

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These remote control plug sockets render it easy turning on/off electric home appliances, digital devices, and illuminations. A leisurely strategy for alternating electrical gear (on/off) through any remote device option. They are especially appropriate for functioning lights that may be entirely inaccessible and extremely handy for those with mobility issues.

Home WiFi Smart Plug Control

Electric power plug makers often hide their optimum wattage scores in the terms and conditions, so examine cautiously in advance if you anticipate the WiFi smart plug switch outlet to aid your hungry home appliances.

Smartphone App Controlled Plug

A WiFi smart plug is useful for changing lighting off and on, or maybe use smart control keys to manage the connectors. Remote controlled smart home plug sockets are intended for a controlled spectrum in any open location, but they are functional involving the remote control and receiver unit.