LED Magnetic Pick-Up Tools For Dropped Objects

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Updated 24/05/2020:
These magnetic pickup tools are faultless instruments to retrieve dropped screws, bolts plus other metal items from arduous to reach spots. They offer a collapsible shaft that stretches easily. The lights function by turning the magnetised end for the ideal bright LED flash-light.

: Siegen Flexible Magnetic PickUp Tool With LED

Magnetic PickUp Tool With Bright LED

£6   Siegen Flexi Magnetic PickUp Tool - Get It!  

: Hi-Spec Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up Tool 3pc

Magnetic Pick Up Tools In Steel Finish

£9   Hi-Spec Telescopic Pick Up Tools - Get It!  

: Sealey Extendable Magnet Pick-Up Tool Kit

Extendable Magnet Pick-Up Kit With Box

£20   Sealey Extendable Magnet Tool Kit - Get It!  

: Fnova Flexible Magnetic Retriever Multi Tool Kit

Magnetic Retriever Tool Kit With Red Grips

£15   Fnova Magnetic Retriever Tool Kit - Get It!  

: Sealey Magnetic Tool With Steel Shaft

Sealey adaptable magnetic retrieving tool extends a powerful 3kg total capacity. A tough steel coated pliable shaft is accommodated with top quality and secure magnet. The contour hand grip fits impeccably in the hand, allowing for comfort as well as excellent user command.

Sealey Versatile Magnetic Retrieving Tool With Blue Handle


  • Three Capacities Offered
  • Good Grip


  • None..

Chrome coated adjustable shaft outfitted with high calibre powerful magnet and rough-textured handle suits nicely inside the palm - offering comfort as a consequence of good manipulation.

Offered is a good pick-up potential from the internal 1.6cm high power magnet. Length of the instrument is 51cm.
[Rating: 9/10]   £13   Get It → Sealey Magnetic Retrieving Tool

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: PIXNOR Magnetic Pickup Tool With Light

This flexible magnetic pickup tool includes an LED light torch and expands from 6.7 to around 22 inches. It's expended for picking up metal objects, or additional small sized items from the ground - or maybe constricted areas.

The front end is operated by three vibrant LED's and using the magnets on the front end plus at underside, it is very easy to operate.

Flexible Magnetic Pickup Tool With Black Shaft

The collapsible flashlight features a high powered 3 LED lamps which establish super lustrous gleam, however it is power economical utilising the light system guaranteeing reduced electrical power usage.

Save your cash on batteries by employing LED illuminations and the torch necessitates 4 x LR44 batteries - which are incorporated (with an extra 4 batteries included).
[Rating: 9/10]   £8   Get It → PIXNOR Magnetic Pickup Tool

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: NoCry Magnetic Grabber Tool Telescopic

This particular small magnetic grabber tool torch including end to illuminate as well as pick up compact objects, for example nuts and metal bolts, screws, drawing pins and virtually any dropped steel items.

The telescopic along with slim goose neck offers perfect flexibility so you are able to expand it as much as 56cm and enter difficult to reach regions.

Magnetic Grabber Tool Torch With Flexi Neck

It can be shortened sufficiently 17cm to accommodate in to a bag or even purse, or perhaps expanded as much as 56cm for use. There's additionally a clip you will be able to attach to a shirt pocket, or even trousers belt.

It's a condensed area torch which functions three LED light bulbs and vibrant enough to beam directly in to dark spots.
[Rating: 9/10]   £13   Get It → NoCry Magnetic Grabber Tool

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: Bergen Magnetic Claw Pickup Tool LED

The 'magnetised claw pickup tool' with LED light instrument is pliable to achieve tight positions and features powerful illumination, 4 claws, plus a magnetised tip.

It recovers equally ferrous as well as non-ferrous items and the lustrous beam supplies superior lighting to dark spots. Versatile shaft effortlessly reaches enclosed areas.

Magnetic Claw Pickup Tool LED Light In Blue Steel

Indestructible steel coated design for industrial function and will never corrode. The magnet firmly accommodates compact steel components and the claw securely clenches virtually any substance.

The push plunger and in addition jaws opens up wide, however discharge the plunger together with jaws clamp to close. Tightly threaded spring actions for darkened expanses to recover items.
[Rating: 9/10]   £6   Get It → Bergen Magnetic Claw Pickup

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: Preciva Magnetic Pickup Tool Shaft

Manage significant sized regions of harmful nails, screws and also ferrous steel refuse using the 50lb weight holding magnetic pickup tool and sweeper.

Use on decking and additional construction proposes, it promptly 'cleans up' garages as well as store floorings, forestalling possible tyre impairment or perhaps accidental injury. An extremely light and effortless to function pick up tool.

Magnetic Pickup Tool With Black Steel 35 Inch Shaft


  • Light On End
  • Its Long Enough


  • Cant Lift Very Heavy Loads

It is more potent compared to a vacuum cleaner, and as a consequence does not demand an electric cord or even batteries. It is substantial enough to recover dropped instruments or components from underneath cars, behind job benches and also additional hard to extend to situations.

The maximum dimension 35 inches shaft allows you to stroll in comfort minus stressing.
[Rating: 9/10]   £6   Get It → Preciva Magnetic Pickup Shaft

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: Kimilar Telescopic Magnetic Pickup Tool LED

The illumination is high powered in addition to multi operative, and the telescopic magnetic pickup tool possesses extended magnets to assist pick up awkward to reach steel items.

It offers compact dimensions and is extremely mobile, although the vibrant LED light renders an impressive illumination tool for your household as well as vehicle.

Kimilar Telescopic Magnetic Pickup Tool With Pliable Head

A sturdy magnetised pickup instrument with high powered lamp constitutes picking up difficult to reach metal items rather easy. Easy retractable feeler construction and great to illuminate those dark and dim humble recesses.

Operated by 4 LR44 batteries, which are incorporated, employ as a hand held torch, telescoping flashlight or hand held magnetised pick-up instrument.
[Rating: 9/10]   £6   Get It → Kimilar Magnetic Pickup Tool

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Heavy Duty Extendable Magnetic Pickup Tools For Small Objects

Heavy duty flexible magnetic pickup tools support weight and are suitable for discovering physical objects in difficult to get to regions. It expands a number of inches and has an expedient built-in light for lighting up dark locations. The magnets have a diverse range of application from maintaining objects attached etc.

The most beneficial heavy duty magnetic pickup tools possess an anodised light weight aluminum physique and sturdy construction, an excellent option for locating tiny metallic things - like house keys out of compact and dark areas.

: ODOMY Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool With Flexi Head

£14   ODOMY Magnetic Pick-Up Tool - Get It!  

The telescopic magnetic pick-up is an excellent combination instrument with regard to locating misplaced objects out of restricted locations. Designed with an excellent LED light along with a magnet, this particular product can be useful for accumulating dropped equipment along with other metals.

The handy telescopic wand extends out and a strong magnet pick-up method is well suited for locating metal as well as iron components from hard to reach and discover work regions. The flexible magnetic pickup tool provides an excellent bright white light emitting diode light feature and wand.

: Xfort Heavy Duty Magnetic PickUp Tool


  • Very Strong Magnet
  • Simple To Utilise


  • No Cons..

Heavy Duty PickUp Tool Lifting Wrench

£9   Xfort Heavy Duty PickUp Tool - Get It!  

The functional tool that signifies no more problems due to misplaced or missing screws, nails, washers, hooks, fine needles, drills, clips as well as other modest sized equipment. An essential device for the specialist and the inexperienced.

The heavy duty magnetic pick-up tool is excellent for home improvement, building, woodworking, vehicle repair and several additional DIY assignments. Additionally, it is ideal for correcting electronic digital maintenance plus more.

: HomeCraft Reacher Magnetic Pick Up Tool

The light useful magnetic pick up tool reacher is a perfect grabber instrument for expanding you reach in order that you may lift up difficult to reach objects, and may additionally be utilised for jobs like litter plucking.

The reaching out assistance is accessible in three sizes and possesses rubber seamed jaws to guarantee a dependable clutch on items.

HomeCraft Handi Reacher Magnetic Pick Up Tool Used By Woman

The trigger exclusively requires to displace a humble range to shut the pincers at the end of the reaching device, rendering it just right for anybody with rheumatic hands - or perhaps restricted grip force by enabling function of the power hand-grip.

It is especially handy for those who endure spine or hip bother and experience trouble bending down.
[Rating: 9/10]   £11   Get It → HomeCraft Handi Pick Up Tool

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Our magnetic pickup tools render it effortless to recover inaccessible objects. Expanding to several inches long, these particular grab devices include a substantial magnet which accommodates tightly on to dropped items.

Light, long-wearing metal hand-grip with a comfortable clench for leisurely functioning and ease of use. Many boast a vibrant LED torch for dark corners etc.