Cordless Drills With Hammer And Heavy Duty Power

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Updated 28/09/2020:
Our best cordless hammer drills are configured for DIY around the house or workplace. Battery equipped for speed and perfect for all kinds of wood, concrete and stone tasks with impressive drill function - cordless power drills with a compact form and easy handling.

What Is A Hammer Drill?
Hammer drills are tough DIY/pro tools explicitly created to drill rock, masonry and hardened concrete. The working phase begins faster drilling with incredibly minimal exertion; therefore, it's an ideal drill for genuinely weighty jobs. It is engineered to rotate the bit and so 'strike' out/in forcefully.

: WORX Compact Battery Operated Hammer Drill

Compact Hammer Drill In Black

£99   WORX Compact Battery Hammer Drill - Get It!  

: Blue Ridge Electric Hand Drill Hammer Combi

Electric Hand Drill With Orange Trigger

£65   Blue Ridge Electric Hand Drill - Get It!  

: VonHaus Cordless SDS Hammer Drill Rotary 360

Cordless SDS Hammer Drill In Red And Black

£114   VonHaus Cordless SDS Hammer Drill - Get It!  

: How Does A Hammer Drill Function?

The drill machine equipment achieves countless hits each minute to pressure the bit throughout quite challenging components like concrete as well as very hard masonry. This mix of hammering and boring creates an opening considerably faster than any typical rotary drill or metal cutter grinders.

: What To Look For In A Hammer Drill?

There are many different kinds of battery operated hammer tools available so you cannot assume all are equipped to handle some tough components like stone or metal. There may be distinctive explanations of why you will have to split up concrete and various types of dense substances.

: Drill Through Brick, Concrete And Stone

Intended for DIY brickwork drilling nowadays, electric hand drills even with hammer can be an application you must have with you to efficiently carry out any task you might be applying. There are countless unique hammer drill options and designs out there available to select.

: Which Drills Manage Heavy Duty Tasks?

Cordless combi drills with hammer can handle drilling sturdy concrete floors in modest aspects. They will function just like heavy-duty breaker hammers, nevertheless are significantly less effective. Handheld hammer drills are incredibly adaptable and ideal for intricate or straightforward work.

: Diverse Drill Bits For Different Brands

Best brand cordless electric drills are suitable with a comprehensive selection of various drill bits, most concerning the specific brand which you buy. Every single bit you can affix to a hammer drill presents you with particular applications - just like abrasions in components or making particular forms.

: Difference Between Typical And Hammer Drill?

Frequently available on the industry are cordless hammer drills as well as rotary hammers. There is some convergence among hammer drills and standard drills with a hammer functionality. The rotary hammers can be viewed as a drill created for working on masonry specifically.

: Do I Need A Hammer Drill For Concrete?

Typically, you are looking for the most powerful cordless power drill should you be dealing with tricky concrete and hard stone. Larger hammer drills for concrete or perhaps rotary hammers can endure troublesome aged concrete day long, even if you are applying more significant bits for bigger openings.

: Usage On Typical Building Site Materials

Within a regular building site, you will probably drill numerous openings certainly at a velocity that may exhaust even the sturdiest of ordinary drills. Concerning compact hammer drills, more substantial is sometimes considerably better and restricted to your finances not surprisingly.

: Tacklife Handheld Power Drill Torque Hammer

Power Drill Hammer With Black Exterior

£89   Tacklife Handheld Power Drill - Get It!  

: Stanley Cordless FatMax Hammer Drill Set

Ultra powerful efficient drilling with this original FatMax cordless hammer drill that provides a 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion battery. 22 torque configurations hammer drill set can deal with various duties.

Combi Hammer Drill Set In Orange With Black Box

£139   Stanley 18V Hammer Drill Set - Get It!  

: Bosch 2 Speed 18V Battery Hammer Drill

A battery hammer drill that's expert for accommodating tough projects. It's for screw driving, power drilling or perhaps impact boring using the high powered 2 speed planet wheel case. Throughout operation, you advantage from it's reduced weight, and in addition the maximal durability of it's 18V lithium-ion battery.

Soft Grip 18V Battery Hammer Drill In Black And Green

This first-class tool presents high degrees of electrical power due to it's 18V lithium-ion battery. Easily negotiating the fundamental interaction in between the battery, the electric motor as well as gearbox, it offers the best energy usage and upper limit endurance across your task spectrum.
[Rating: 9/10]   £84   Get It → Bosch 18V Battery Hammer Drill

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: Velocity Of Your Hammer Drill Bit

The side support grip can help you hold the equipment with 2 hands for regulated and appropriate boring. An adjustable speed inducer permits you to influence the velocity of the drilling bit, enabling you to utilise the handheld power drill hammer on brick and concrete - besides solid wood where a carpenters vice clamp may come in handy.

: Flexible Side Grip For Tight Spots

A two-finger inducer can help in improved convenience and increased manipulation. For metal casing, you need a drill with much-improved power stability. The flexible side grip with depth measure allows you to have better control and variety in those tricky to reach spaces.

: Brushless Hammer Drill Power Motors

Integrated LED light illuminates the prospective region, aiding you to observe precisely what you happen to be undertaking. The brushless cordless drill motors are definitely more successful and operate cooler, besides making it feasible to acquire specific features perhaps like kick-back settings.

: Can A Cordless Hammer Drill Manage Concrete?

An excellent cordless SDS hammer drill drill can certainly bore hard tiles or concrete, and one with a chargeable battery is a wise decision. The drills are significantly less significant when compared to corded drills, yet they are light, user-friendly, secure, and are used nearly anyplace.

: Do I Need A Hammer Drill For DIY?

Depending on the job, cord-free hammer drills enjoy the benefit of becoming equally accommodating and transportable. You can utilise them to grasp challenging areas when if you are operating up a ladder, in the attic or outside the house. There are 'no wires' so they will even be more comfortable to work proficiently.

: Fast Charge-Up And Battery Features

The most effective hammer drill construction to your preferred demands can all rely upon the sort of job that you are focusing on and necessitates. It could be tricky to find the proper hammer drill strategy to your specific demands since there is such a wide range of cheap cordless drills.

Contrary to our cabled electric wood planer tools, you can spend money on a secondary battery or possibly a drill using speedy charge-up features - which means you are not required to wait around until it is fully recharged.

: Makita 18V Cordless SDS Drill With Hammer

This impressive rotary battery powered hammer drill is competent of boring through metal, wood as well as stone in comfort. Using the high power of Lithium-Ion, it's possible to be certain you get the job finished wherever you are working. Select in between 'rotary hammer action' or rotary exclusively.

Small Battery Powered Hammer Drill With Black Handle

The ergonomic configuration accommodates perfectly with consistent pressure level and effortless command. It's equipped with an electric powered braking system, forward as well as reversal rotary motion, a task lamp as well as an adaptable speed activation.
[Rating: 9/10]   £109   Get It → Makita Powered Hammer Drill

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: Black Decker Li Cordless Hammer Drill

A high powered Li-Ion 18V cordless hammer drill that's appropriate for virtually any DIY project around the household and in addition outside uses.

It includes a 2 speed gear case including high or reduced velocity - enabling you to adapt the rate contingent on your demands. It possesses the power to contend with the hardest of tasks rapidly and expeditiously.

2 Gear 18V Cordless Hammer Drill In Black And Red

It delivers with a handy kit container for secure safe keeping and relocation plus 11 placement clutch for screw forcing in to a diversity of components with dissimilar screw dimensions. Two gear wheels for high and reduced rate boring and harder screw-driving. 38 Nm maximum torque and kit box incorporated.
[Rating: 9/10]   £83   Get It → BD 18V Cordless Hammer Drill

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: DeWalt 18V Hammer Drill And Screwdriver Set

This highly recommended combi cordless hammer drill and screwdriver set is most dependable and suitable for all boring jobs.

It features 3 drill features in drill, hammering drill as well as screwdriver using a 2 speed adaptable gear case - allowing better torque flexibility. A broad variety of drilling bits may be effortlessly alternated using a keyless chuck.

18 V Hammer Drill Screwdriver Set With Black Bag

It possesses am upper limit drilling total capacity of 13 mm in masonry, 25 mm in timber as well as 13 mm in steel and delivers with 1 Li-ion battery. The rubber layered hand-grip offers comfy balanced clench whenever functioning. Reload the battery with comfort using the incorporated charger.
[Rating: 9/10]   £159   Get It → DeWalt Hammer Drill Driver Set

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: Milwaukee 18V Heavy Duty Drill With Hammer

An 18V heavy duty drill with hammer functionality and hard housing, assessing exclusively at 198 mm in size, rendering it just right for functioning inside enclosed areas.

Lithium-ion battery operated with pack renders more run time period, adequate to 20 percent extra electrical power for more battery life-span.

3 Mode Heavy Duty Drill Hammer In Black Red Finish


  • 5 Star Product
  • Faster Bit Changes


  • Buy Charger Separate

Versatile battery technology in addition to high operation 4 pole motor presents maximal electrical power though increasing the energy to item weight balance.

Security electronics within device and battery bundle renders most beneficial in class technology and long life. Full steel gear box delivers upper limit functioning and durability.
[Rating: 9/10]   £98   Get It → Milwaukee Heavy Duty Drill Hammer

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Combi Cordless Drills With Hammer And Easy Set-Up

: Draper 18V Cheap Cordless Electric Drill Hammer

A dual speed 18V cordless electric drill with hammer that is perfect for householders as well as DIY fans. A nicely constructed, however reasonably priced electrical power instrument.

It's competent of easily boring and forcing directly in to wood, mild metal as well as stone. It is bundled with handy characteristics that render house care jobs a great deal more comfortable.

DIY 18V Cheap Cordless Electric Drill In Blue

This impressive flexible battery run hammer drill features a dual speed selector switch, which grants the user power to localise the drill to the precise speed for any job.

The drill additionally possesses varying speeds, which may be commanded via the activation switch. A cable free hammering drill that delivers a 17 situation adaptable torque manager.
[Rating: 9/10]   £80   Get It → Draper Cordless Electric Drill

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: Einhell BT Battery 18V Hand Held Drill

This highly recommended and dependable 18V hand held hammer drill is indispensable for just about any sincere DIY fan. A useful tool to possess inside and around the household for virtually all your screw forcing demands - faultless for assembling articles of furniture and finishing fixings and difficult components etc.

Powerful Hand Held Hammer Drill With Black Grip


  • Save 6 Percent
  • Batteries Included
  • 2 Years Warranty


  • None!

The hammer functionality guarantees that toughened boring jobs directly in to stone may be accomplished easily.The 18V power drill benefits from a potent 30 Nm boring torque functionality.

Ensures sufficient electrical power for the most exacting drilling jobs. The torque configurations and digital speed command offer management for the user to suggest the right drilling force.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99   Get It → Einhell 18V Handheld Hammer Drill

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: Ryobi LL Cheap Cordless Drill With Hammer

This modern 18V cheap cordless drill with hammer is just right for boring in to stone, metal as well as hardwoods plus screw forcing. It's 2 velocity steel gear case permits you to expend this effective drill for equally light weight, and in addition industrial uses.

Industrial Cheap Cordless Drill With Hammer In Yellow

The 13 mm size key-less chuck appropriates drilling of a diversity of hole dimensions, affording more selection of bits. The top quality steel planet gear is durable and renders this first-class drill extremely light and easy to function.
[Rating: 9/10]   £55   Get It → Ryobi Cheap Cordless Drill Hammer

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: Metabo Li-Ion 18V Battery Hammer Drill

A powerful 18V battery operated hammer drill using superior boring velocity as well as a blow effect of 2.2 Joules. This highly popular device is optimised for boring 6 up to 14 mm holes directly in to stone, however may easily contend up to 24 mm. Light weight durable design and small sized configuration.

SDS Battery Operated Hammer Drill With Red Strap

Additional characteristics incorporate S automated protection clutch for equipment and manipulator security, adaptable velocity electronics, LED light functioning as well as shoulder band. 3 setting gear case for hammer boring, drilling, chisel work as well as clockwise or anti-clockwise rotary motion.
[Rating: 9/10]   £259   Get It → Metabo Battery Hammer Drill

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The 18V cordless SDS drills are appropriate for home boring undertakings directly in to a diversity of materials, for example wood, steel or even hard PVC.

They include 13 mm top quality key chuck and locking mechanism for better usage. The battery operated drills rugged enough to finish any chore with high-velocity and super performance.