Best Angle Grinders For Metal Or Stone With Side Grip

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Updated 28/06/2020:
Our best 9 inch angle grinder selections are all robust and powerful machines suitable for the most difficult jobs, all due to accelerated RPM function. The 230mm angle cutters are superior work machines, all motivated cutting tools built to last for stone or steel jobs.

Powerful disc cutters enable you to make cuts in steel, stone, ceramic and concrete. They are generally used as a substitute for saw cutting manoeuvrability. The grinder cutters are excellent at trimming in their initial location, saving the irritation of shifting material towards the application.

: Polisher Outstanding 9 Inch Angle Grinder 1300W

9 Inch Angle Grinder In All Black

£64   Polisher 9 Inch Angle Grinder 1300W - Get It!  

: MSW Electric Hand Grinder 230 mm 6300 RPM

Electric Hand Grinder With Yellow Exterior

£76   MSW Electric Hand Grinder 230 mm - Get It!  

: FERM Disc Cutter 230 mm (9 Inches) 2500 Watts

Disc Cutter In Black And Blue

£69   FERM Disc Cutter 230 mm (9 Inches) - Get It!  

: Hilka Max Grinder Cutter With Revolving Handle


  • Adjustable Grind Guard
  • M14 Max Disc 240 mm


  • None..

Grinder Cutter With Revolving Black Handle

£65   Hilka Max Grinder Cutter Machine - Get It!  

: Silverstorm Large Angle Grinder 2400 W 230 mm


  • 2 Position Handle
  • Soft Grip Comfort


  • None.

Angle Grinder With Black Rubber Hand Grip

£71   Silverstorm Large Angle Grinder 2400 W - Get It!  

Cut Bricks, Stone Or Metallic Welds

Since the angle grinder name implies, the primary use for this tool would be to grind hard construction items. A hand grinder tool can assist in smoothening and taking away unnecessary elements efficiently. It can grind brickwork or surplus metallic pieces coming from welding jobs.

Fastest RPM Grinder Cutter Tools

These deeper cutting 230 mm angle grinders will also be helpful for polishing areas using specific polishing discs and head accessories. The best/fastest RPM of angle grinders cause them to become a fantastic system for developing a refined finish on several standard components.

Can Grinders Be Used For Sanding?

Although a conventional sander is generally the very best application for sanding, a variable speed angle grinder machine may also be used with specific sander plates. The angle grinders with more substantial disc diameters can also be much more powerful.

Disc Size For Cutting Or Smoothing

By using a sanding disc, any large angle grinder machine may smooth the finish off metal like a car polisher as well as masonry. Disc size is really a crucial option to make when choosing a good grinder as the more significant the disc - the higher the trimming power of the equipment.

4 Inch 115 mm - 9 Inch 230 mm Discs

Disc cutters have disc sizes varying in spec with 115 mm along with 9 inches (230 mm) grinders being the most widely used options. Smaller sized grinders turn the discs at a quicker rate and are much easier to manage.

The adverse effects of more compact 4-inch angle grinders are they are not able to cut as deep compared to bigger disc carrying tools.

High Wattage And Adjustable Speed

Increased grinder tool wattage will provide additional power for cutting through items like heavy metal. If the grinding machine is going to be used for extended periods, then a more significant power level 240V or 110 V grinder is suggested. Solitary speed and adjustable speed grinders can be purchased too.

: Makita 230 mm Angle Cutter 2000 W Tool

This 230mm angle cutter grinder includes soft start, locking nut wrench, aspect grip as well as wheel safeguard. It features a 2000 Watts electric motor and is contrived so only negligible dust particles come in to the motor.

Accessible in 110 or even 240 volts, this nine inch angle grinder machine offers 3 position placement hold and dust sealed off bearings, fan cooled electric motor plus versatile precaution features.

Soft Start Power 230 mm Angle Cutter In Blue

Magnesium enabled gear case housing, expendable carbon brushes, and the labyrinth design seals off the electric motor from dust particles and junk through producing a multi-factorial arrangement of channels forbidding pollution.

6000 revolutions per minute for best material elimination plus easily removed aspect handle may be fixed upon either position. Impressive for welders, fabricators, stone masons, care reparation workers and so forth.
[Rating: 9/10]   £89   Get It → Makita 230 mm Angle Cutter

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: Einhell 2000 Watts DIY Electric Grinder

This particular DIY electric grinder is a sturdy and high powered machine appropriate for the hardest jobs, all ascribable to it's high powered 2000 Watts metallic gearing organisation, 6000 rpm plus 230 mm angle grinding disc.

Configured and formulated in Germany, the angle grinding machine is an inexpensive, performance impelled DIY device. A soft start feature guarantees this highly recommended all-powerful angle grinder offers a comfy start up for end users. See the 18V Einhell drills here.

Soft Start DIY Electric Grinder With Black Grip


  • Building Site Use
  • 2 Years Warranty


  • None..

A sturdy and high powered grinding execution across a short time period, this highly recommended grinder offers contributed protection and comfort for all users.

Additional advantages of this angle grinding machine incorporate the spindle locking mechanism as well as the 3 position front end grip. The device accompanies a 2 years guarantee and in addition undivided after sales agreement services.
[Rating: 9/10]   £90   Get It → Einhell DIY Electric Grinder

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: Hitachi 230 mm Cheap Angle Grinder

A first-class 230 mm cheap angle grinder that's certainly appropriate for more arduous cutting and grinding tasks. It has a 1900 Watts electric motor that features good overcharge strength for industrial functioning.

An armature coil possesses additional protection to understate impairment induced by dust particles, in addition protract the grinder's life-span.

9 Inches Cheap Angle Grinder With Green Exterior


  • Three Position Handle
  • Handle Spindle Lock


  • None..

Additionally, the bearing retainers feature a labyrinth design to constitute the roller bearing dust particle resistant, although the big electrical switch possesses a dual activity for added safeguard.

The spindle locking mechanism makes switching abrasion wheels immediate and effortless. The front end command may be accommodated in three locations for left handed plus right hand - or perhaps vertical deployment.
[Rating: 9/10]   £97   Get It → Hitachi 230 mm Angle Grinder

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: De-Walt Disk Cutting Machine Kit Box

A calibre disk cutting machine that features an abrasion secure electric motor for accumulated long life. The dual emplacement side command enables the user to optimise the hand-grip angle to contribute maximal functioning comfort.

The grinder possesses a brush style window for speedy brush replacing as well as a spindle lock system for prompt wheel transfers. Provided with a protecting safeguard, a side grip and external flanges etc.

Electric Motor Disk Cutting Machine With Black Case


  • Outstanding Functionality
  • Fast Wheel Changes


  • None..

It also accommodates one wrench and bundle container. Spec input electrical power of 2200 Watts using a disc size of 230 mm. Spindle thread M14, elevation 151 mm, item weight 5.2 kg, 2200 Watts 240 Volt edition. Superior performance transportable electrical power device, the number 1 merchandising brand name of professional electrical power tools.
[Rating: 9/10]   £129   Get It → De-Walt Disk Cutting Machine

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Angle Grinder Tool Safety Tips

Eye protection and a face mask will shield you from the enormous quantity of dust particles created whenever cutting stone with a big 9-inch angle grinder, which may trigger harm to your eyesight and breathing. While dust presents much less risk to your setting compared to sparks, it will make the work area very grubby.

Close Off And Seal To Avoid Dust

When you are functioning with a small angle grinder beyond the working area, garage area or perhaps shed, always make sure to eliminate beneficial things, as well as close off doorways to avoid the dust particles from distributing past an acceptable limit from your work location.

230 mm Disc Cutter Ideal RPM

Diverse speed 230 mm disc cutters will make it possible for additional fragile work to be practised at reduced rates of speed, but will typically lead to a rise in the cost of the equipment. See our electric wood planers which are ideal for smoothing out rough areas or trimming lumps of wood.

Best Angle Cutters With High Power Electric Motors

: Milwaukee 230mm Small Angle Grinder

Modern high powered 1200 Watts small angle grinder using an electric motor presenting 11000 revolutions per minute for elemental execution throughout industrial uses.

The protector electric motor shields the drive from dust, therefore long life dramatically increments. Extremely small sized and slender construction for comfortable manipulation with soft start for fluent offset.

230 mm Small Angle Grinder In Dark Red


  • Safe Guard Adjustment
  • Anti-Vibration Handle


  • None

Recently amalgamated and modern device with free wheel alteration mechanics, burst proof in addition tool-free safeguard for accelerated adaptation. Standard machine with fast discharge protection safeguards, aspect grip, flange, flange nut, 4 metres lead plus wrench.
[Rating: 9/10]   £159   Get It → Milwaukee 230 mm Angle Grinder

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: Ryobi EAG Rear Handle 9in Angle Grinder

Great quality wired 9in angle grinder excellent merchandise that possesses a tool-less wheel safeguard for prompt and simple adaptation, a dual perspective grip for left or perhaps right handed procedures. The cutting machine includes a 180 degrees multi directing revolving rear command for amended comfort and user management.

Electric EAG Power 9in Angle Grinder


  • Multi-Directional Grip
  • Improved User Comfort


  • None..

The spindle locking mechanism enables for comfortable wheel operation and the soft start device is for accumulated protection. The Live-tool signal beams blue whenever connected directly in to the electrical power resource.

The 2000 Watts motor guarantees this highly popular angle grinding machine will execute the ruggedest of undertakings with simplicity.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99   Get It → Ryobi EAG 9in Angle Grinder

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: Bosch GWS Pro 9 Inch Disc Grinder

For the hardest tasks, upper limit work protection and weighing only 5.2 kg, the expert lightweight metal grinder machine is among the most compact and in addition the most modest sized devices in it's grade.

Item weight is a significant element for manipulation, particularly for over-head function or perhaps whenever the instrument needs to be controlled in front of your own chest.

Anti-Rotate 9 Inch Metal Grinder With Black Disc


  • Ensured Long Life Span
  • Anti-Rotating Guard


  • None..

The high powered 2200 Watts electric motor of this first-class grinder enables for quick and clean function. Outfitted with vibration softening, an ergonomic independent grip, protection switch, anti rotary motion protective safeguard, armoured coils in addition twin sealed roller bearing.

It not just ensures comfortable and speedy function, however additionally allows an upper-level of employment protection. This is additionally guaranteed by the incorporated dead-man switching system.
[Rating: 9/10]   £133 Get It → Bosch 9 Inch Metal Grinder

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: HiKOKI Diamond 9 Inch Angle Grinder

This 9 inch angle grinder is ideal regardless if you happen to be a veteran DIY fan anticipating a high powered, however reasonably priced alternative - or perhaps a fan who delights in reconstructing old motors, straightening out rusted iron work or executing rugged undertakings in the home.

Perfect for your home base, garage as well as back garden, this excellent slender, however high powered electric powered grinding machine is an impressive choice.

9 Inch Angle Grinder With 3 Position Grip


  • Diamond Disc Included
  • The Professional Tool


  • None..

It's additionally perfect for sand-papering back metallic surface areas, eliminating rusty layers and devising a metal element surface for fresh surfacing etc. The angle grinder makes effortless work of ambitious tasks and may be expended to make accurate cuts in substrata, for example ceramic roofing tile, brick, aluminium and additional metallic elements.

The grip can be situated to the right hand or perhaps left aspect of the grinding machine. It includes a protection cap, although we always suggest that individuals wear eye guards on all occasions whenever working with this particular instrument.
[Rating: 9/10]   £78   Get It → HiKOKI 9 Inch Angle Grinder

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The soft start characteristic ensures our all-powerful 9 inch grinder machines provide an easy start-up for users. Highly comfortable grips and effortless physique extend comfortable and dependable clench.

Cutting safeguards and grinding guard incorporated, the ideal heavy duty 230 mm angle grinding machines for trade usage and DIY tool deployment for metal and stone tasks.