10 Electric Planer Reviews - Powerful Machines With Compact Body

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Updated 02/02/2020:
The ideal and best electric wood planer for smoothing out rough regions, tidying borders or trimming pieces of wood. They're perfect for any DIY wood working undertaking with adaptable depths, and for repairing windows or doors. Rate our new hardwood drills.

Handheld door planers are modest-sized, and their cutting blades are often approximately 3 inches broad - therefore are better for smaller jobs. Planing the sides of wood is something that these portable planers stand out. They are inexpensive compared to a big bulky benchtop power planer machine.

: VonHaus Electric Power Planer 16000 RPM

Electric Power Planer In Red And Black

£49   VonHaus Electric Power Planer - Get It!  

: Triton 1500W Wood Planer Machine 180mm


  • For Heavy Duty Jobs
  • Triple Blade Planer


  • Pricey..

1500W Wood Planer Machine With Rubber Grip

£257   Triton 1500W Wood Planer Machine - Get It!  

: Hitachi 82mm Electric Carpenters Planer 110 Volt


  • Guide And Carry Case
  • Cord Holder Included


  • None.

Electric Carpenters Planer In Green Finish

£109   Hitachi Electric Carpenters Planer - Get It!  

Hand Wood Planer DIY Uses

Transportable electric hand planers will handle an astonishingly wide range of uses. Regardless if you are creating an outdoor patio floor, adding racks in a storage area or even fixing entrance doors throughout the house. The DIY equipment electrical power planers are beneficial on location if it concerns timber.

Best Carpenter Plane For Woodworking

Hand electric carpenter planes are an extremely versatile tool with regards to woodworking tasks. The sleek metallic plate conceals highly effective revolving cutting blades which strips away slivers of timber, plyboard or perhaps synthetic wool panels to an even, smooth outcome.

Front Door Woodwork Jobs

Variable planing depths enable you to deal with a selection of woodwork assignments. Suitable for shaping a brand new front door down to size or even taking a bit away from a sticking entrance door. Additionally, wood planer machines are perfect for cupboard doors, plus they make light work of uneven floor joists.

Power Planer For Chamfering Plus

Several types of handheld tool planer machine may also be used about chamfering the edges associated with decks as well as step posts, not to mention hand side rails. Most rebates will also be cut into wood using a plane - excellent if your carpentry task has to support a panel or window pane as an example.

Power Usage And Wire Free

The electricity input of connected woodworking planers is assessed in wattage. The higher the Watts, the more potent the planer will probably be. If you are functioning a great deal outdoors, think about a wire-free router - cord-free power is calculated in voltage and planer battery pack dimensions employ 18 Volts.

DIY Equipment Power Resources

Single battery equipment powers several resources through the same range. When you have the battery as well as a charger, you just purchase the door planer tool to increase your own personal collection of DIY equipment. A bare or naked product in the unit description suggests it is provided devoid of battery.

RPM Velocity Of The Wood Planer

A few hand wood planer devices include variable cut rates, others just have 1. Several operators would rather have the ability to alter the rate on their own. Calculated in RPM, the rate is demonstrated as no-load velocity that informs you of revolutions. No-load means the most it extends to if the electric wood planer is not used.

: Lumberjack Electric Hand Planer V Chamfer 240V


  • Dual Chip Ejection
  • Very Powerful Planer


  • None..

Red Electric Hand Planer With Black Cable

£39   Lumberjack Electric Hand Planer 240V - Get It!  

: Bosch WoodRazor Hand Electric Wood Planer

This compact hand held electric wood planer is a high powered and modest sized machine. It generates a high material elimination speed and superior finish calibre, rendering it just right for exacting do it yourself projects.

It incorporates an extended collection of valuable characteristics, for example a (WoodRazer) edge strategy for smooth surface quality as well as expanded life-time, guide, plus preparation depth alteration.

Hand Held Electric Wood Planer In All Green

There is a dust particle extraction slot for the choice of linking up a container, dust carrier or even full vacuum function. Regardless of it's preparation of wood beams or perhaps doorway frames, it is going to make effortless work of any tough job.

It includes a locking stop option to forestall chance starting of the device, while the ergonomic construction enables the toggle switch to be comfortably accomplished.
[Rating: 9/10]   £56 Get It → Bosch Hand Electric Wood Planer

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: Einhell Powered Electric Benchtop Planer

The 850 Watts electric benchtop planer is a powerful and modern woodworking unit that's the perfect resolution for provision inside the work-shop.

This highly recommended machine possesses several advantages which includes the 82 mm preparation breadth, 15000 rpm sanding acceleration as well as 18 mm rebate range. 3 mm chip depth guarantees that practically all sanding chores may be accomplished in comfort.

Electric Benchtop Planer In Red And Black


  • Carbide Reverse Blades
  • Mains Supply 230 V


  • None..

Supplemental benefits incorporate adaptable dust molecule extraction, automated blade safety, soft hand-grip for contributed comfort throughout. Ideal extended utilisation as well as progressive on board safe keeping container for the blade plus lock key.
[Rating: 9/10]   £57 Get It → Einhell Power Benchtop Planer

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: DeWalt Wood Thickness Planer Carry Case

High power electric motor wood thickness planer for simple cutting, even for those hard wood jobs. Left in addition right chip expulsion for ease of use.

Front end handle range command in intelligibly distinguished 0.1 mm increments for precise setting using a positive stop placement. Rubber layered front plus primary handles eradicates skidding for better comfort and manipulation.

Wood Thickness Planer With Case And Bag


  • TCT Reversible Blades
  • Heavy Duty Carry Case


  • None

A big planing machine drum revolving at high-velocity offers a first-class finish and 3 chamfer grooves in the front line shoe make accurate adjustment tasks extremely easy. It incorporates TCT changeable blades, dust extraction area, industrial carry case plus deflector, chip accumulation bin.
[Rating: 9/10]   £214 Get It → DeWalt Wood Thickness Planer

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: Black-Decker High Calibre Woodworking Planer

New high quality woodworking planer that is projected to offer the end user with precision and command over virtually every cut. This highly popular adjustable plane may be expended in virtually any angle and delivers with adjustable left or perhaps right debris dust extraction procedure.

Sporting 2 top quality two-sided tungsten carbide inclined TCT blades to guarantee maximal strength and a first-rate finish.

Woodworking Planer With Black Debris Bag

It features a park style rest to secure equally the work-piece as well as the blades whenever residing, plus rubber over moulded face and primary hand grips to supply amended clench, comfort as well as operation.

An effortless empty dust carrier may additionally be accompanied on either aspect for extra versatility and a cleaner functioning surroundings.
[Rating: 9/10]   £66 Get It → Black-Decker Woodwork Planer

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Solid And Robust Cheap Wood Planers Rated

: Makita Wood Planing Tool Multi Speed

Heavy duty wood planing machine using perpetual speed command 82 mm 240V. Accurate planing depth environment through alteration dial. Left as well as right chip ejection for ease of use.

Exact planing range mode by modification dial using click stops as well as easy to interpret scale system containing 0.1 mm sections.

Wood Planing Tool With Big Control Dial


  • Variable Speed Tool
  • Electronic Soft Start


  • None..

Possesses great advantages of perpetual acceleration command, fine range alteration, soft start and effortless adaptation for a precise and smooth finish.

Dual insulation, adaptable speed, vacuum cleansing dust extraction with front line base including 3 chamfer channels. Example possesses digital soft start in addition to unremitting speed management.
[Rating: 9/10]   £249 Get It → Makita 240V Wood Planing Tool

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: Ryobi Electric Wood Plane DustTech

750 Watts wired electric wood plane, an excellent merchandise capable of matching all of your planing necessitates. It possesses 3 (chamfer) channels in addition to a dual sided fence for accurate planing.

Included undivided length trigger including over mould for updated manipulation, a live tool signal to display when electrical power supply is represented, plus the (DustTech) integral dust strategy.

Electric Wood Plane In Black And Yellow


  • Ideal Internal Doors
  • Dual Chip Exhaust


  • None..

Great for upper limit dust pick-up effectiveness, dual sided fence for precise planing plus chamfer channels in die-cast front line shoe for added accuracy. Back foot stand secures blades whenever equipment is simply not used.
[Rating: 9/10]   £79 Get It → Ryobi Electric Wood Plane

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: LXT Makita Battery Planer Left/Right Handed

A modern 18 Volt Lithium battery planer that exclusively possesses a lock-on option, which contributes the end user the pleasure of continual functioning. It possesses left as well as right handed deployment thanks to the options upon either position of the hand grip.

Dust removal slot on the aspect, versatile as much as 2 mm range of cut. A shoe upon the under-surface checks inadvertent laying downward of the planing machine - and it rebates to an upper limit range of 9 mm.

Cordless Battery Planer In Dark Blue

Fence guide and bundled wrench, planes a breadth of 82 mm in an individual pass. Incomparable for sheer high power, dimensions and functioning.

Accommodated with a comfy operator command plus effortless to deploy flexible depth configurations. The cutting tool head establishes 14000 cuts for every 60 seconds.
[Rating: 9/10]   £128 Get It → LXT Makita Cordless Battery Planer

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: Bosch Expert GHO Powerful Planer

This particularly powerful planer is the top of the crop wired planing machine. The high powered 710 Watts electric motor generates 18000 revolutions per minute, consequently intending a quick remotion speed can be accomplished.

Outfitted with a long-lasting as well as sharp WoodRazor edge, the expert tool offers quick blade alterations due to the expedient alteration to the front end shoe.

High Power Planer With Big Black Hand Grip


  • High Precision Planing
  • Left Or Right Ejection


  • None.

A highly recommended modification additionally offers increased precision as well as equilibrium, and may contract front plate twisting. Due to the incessantly adaptable cutting range environment ranging from 0 to 1.6 mm, the crafts-person accomplishes quick accurate work.
[Rating: 9/10]   £128 Get It → Bosch GHO High Power Planer

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Reliable electric planer tools with accurate functioning, sizing as well as smoothing out of wood. Indispensable for carpenters and even furniture makers, they're valuable for all-purpose levelling of wood pieces or intricate wood working.

Diverse dimension bevelling grooves machined in planing shoe, plus front command depth management in intelligibly marked steps.