Best Heavy Duty Electric Power UK Tile Cutters For Sale

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Powerful electric tile cutter equipment with built-in steel working table that allows comfy and precise functioning. Outfitted with a mitre plus parallel guide cutting flawlessness, the blade is cooling system controlled with water that grants dust free, accurate, quick cutting. View our angle grinders.

01: PlasPlugs Tile Cutting Machine Ceramic And Slate

Modern and amended DW tile cutting machine with bench stops to terminate cutting tool. Integrated carrying hand-grip, lead safe keeping, able to lock cutting instruction, deploy left or perhaps right handed plus in-built wire storage. It's possible to cut tiling as much as 20 mm, and cuts ceramic, porcelain, stone etc.

Tile Cutting Machine In All Black

It cuts masonry and marble straight cuts, formed cuts 22 plus 45 degree mitre cuts, simply no mess water circulation strategy that cuts practically all dimensions of tile. Incomparable 'high-torque' no stall electric motor and elevation adaptable splash safeguard.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £53 Get It → PlasPlugs Tile Cutting Machine

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02: Vitrex 650 Watts Power Professional Tile Cutter

A 650 Watts powered professional tile cutter saw impelled by a direct drive electric motor with a 180 mm diameter continual rim diamond edge for the competent cutting of several of components and hard materials.

This impressive no mess water dispersal arrangement guarantees the blade is continued at the best functioning temperature throughout utilisation.

650W Professional Tile Cutter With Big Table

This highly recommended saw possesses a dual extension for bigger platform tiles. Mitre joint cuts are additionally possible adopting the predetermined table slants of 22 in addition 45 degrees. Spec input electrical power 650 Watts, no load speed, negligible range cutting 30 mm and item weight of 2.7 Kg.
[Rating: 9/10] - £96 Get It → Vitrex 650W Professional Tile Cutter

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03: Clarke 450W Electric Tile Saw With Water Reservoir

This electric tile saw supplies quick, precise cutting of hard ceramics using a 180 mm continuous edge diamond blade that makes quick work of the majority of hard tiles. 450 Watts, 230V electric motor and the table angles, locks to as much as 45 degrees for bevel cutting functionality.

Maximum range of cutting 35 mm on 90 degrees and 22 mm at 45, maximum breadth of cut 330 mm. Introduced water supply reservoir understates dust particles. The cutting blade incorporates cutting edge, parallel fencing, 'mitre joint' template plus blade safeguard.

450 Watts Electric Tile Saw With Steel Platform

A powerful electric motor with table cant features plus it locks away to 45 degrees for an accurate bevel cut. Upper limit depth of cut 35 mm, maximum width of cutting 330 mm. Introduced water reservoir downplays dust degrees and lubricates the cutter edge.
[Rating: 8/10] - £54 Get It → Clarke 450 Watts Electric Tile Saw

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04: Einhell Cheap Wet Tile Saw With Diamond Blade

This modern cheap wet tile saw with diamond blade is a high powered as well as modest sized tile cutting equipment - fashioned for the competent and precise cutting of roofing or wall tiles.

The cutting tool possesses a 600 Watts electric motor that can cut at velocities adequate to 2950 rpm using an ample maximal cutting range 90:45. The durable diamond cutting cycle features sizes of 180 x 25.4 mm.

Cheap Wet Tile Saw With Metal Gude

This excellent modern equipment additionally boasts a water system to cool off the blade throughout arduous tile cutting procedures. There's likewise an incorporated parallel stop and direct guide for imparted precision once cutting.

This effective work bench can in addition be tilted at 45 degrees for additional precision and ease of use for the more ambitious tile cutting processes.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £49 Get It → Einhell Cheap Wet Tile Saw

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05: Sealey TC 500W 180 mm Table Tile Cutting Tool

Operated by a 500 Watts 230V electric powered motor, this table tile cutting tool includes thermal overload safety in addition to a VDE authorised magnetic protection electric switch.

The chromium plate coated table angles ranging from 0 to as much as 45 degrees, and is accommodated with a versatile parallel cutting off fence area.

Table Tile Cutting Tool With Square Red Base

Additionally, it incorporates a 45 degree cutting point and equipped 180 mm size continuous rim diamond cutting edge that's appropriate for glazed ceramic, porcelain, quarry, slating as well as all natural masonry tiles.

It includes 3.5 Litres total capacity water supply reservoir for cutting blade cooling, and it's outfitted with a BS sanctioned wired connector.
[Rating: 9/10] - £92 Get It → Sealey TC Table Tile Cutting Tool

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06: Draper Ceramic And Slate Tile Cutter For Sale

This particular 80 mm 230 Volt 350 Watts transportable ceramic and slate tile cutter for sale is a high powered, nevertheless effortless to use equipment that makes the job of cutting tiles straightforward.

The saw is provided with a water supply cooled 80 mm continuous edge diamond blade for efficient cutting of those hard ceramic tiles, quarry tiles in addition thick slates etc.

230V Slate Tile Cutter With Black Cable

Characteristics of this first-class tile cutting saw incorporate a 0 up to 45 degrees bevel cutter head in addition to a blade safeguard for contributed protection. This modern saw is additionally furnished with a tough blade, a direct fence for parallel cutting off and a water container cooling system.

It abridges dust particles when working and it's supported by a 2 years guarantee.
[Rating: 9/10] - £68 Get It → Draper Slate Tile Cutter For Sale

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07: Ferm Tile Cutter Machine With Water Cool System

An electrical powered tile cutter machine with water cool system that is perfect for cutting bath as well as cooking area tiles. The equipment is water supply cooled in order for dust free high accuracy cutting plus lengthier saw cutting blade long life.

The equipment offers a high powered 600 Watts electric motor and the work table is adaptable ranging from 0 to 45 degrees tilt for exact perspective cutting.

Tile Cutter Machine With Blue Blade Safety

It includes a water cooling strategy for dust particle free high accuracy cutting and parallel direct for exact outcomes, protection electrical switch plus PRCD connector. The work table is adaptable by 0 up to 45 degrees for accurate position cutting. Top quality diamond saw cutting blade and robust chrome coated table.
[Rating: 8/10] - £59 Get It → Ferm Tile Cutter Machine Water Cooled

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08: Vitrex Mains Powered Electric Table Wet Saw

This flexible table wet saw is a diamond bladed mains equipment using a direct drive arrangement equipped with a high powered 900 Watts hushed induction motor. It raises a steady cutting velocity for very smooth cutting of all tiles.

The big water container fitted out and features a submersible pump system that delivers tap water to the dynamic cutter wheel for necessary cooling down.

Mains Electric Table Wet Saw On 4 Legs

This out-sized bench design slotted metal cutting desk is just right for supporting big tiles, and in addition features an integrated drain. It possesses a sliding rule plus locking system mitre joint guide.

The completely flexible mitre guide enables for slanted cuts ranging from 0 to 45 degrees. Includes convenient integrated hand-grips, versatile castors as well as rugged folding feet construct for simple positioning and transporting.
[Rating: 9/10] - £331 Get It → Vitrex Mains Electric Table Wet Saw

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09: Erbauer 750 Watts Locking Electric Tile Cutter

Flexible wet electric tile cutter with a solid steel work platform. It includes an expanding working arena, integrated water container as well as interior wire safe keeping zone.

Includes 0, 22.5 plus 45 degrees bevel cuts and you are provided with a carry hand grip. The merchandise includes a parallel guide, safety related guard, 45 degrees upright fence, 2 wrenches and mitre joint cutter guide.

Electric Tile Cutter With Steel Work Area

Incorporates water supply reservoir, extending work desk, cutting blade, cutting blade diameter. 180 mm x 22.2 mm bore. Table dimensions 730 x 440 mm, bevel cutting. Item weight 12.3 Kg.
[Rating: 9/10] - £130 Get It → Erbauer 750W Electric Tile Cutter

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10: SKIL 7 Inch Wet Tile Cutting Saw With Steel Table

Accomplish tough tasks effortlessly using this reliable 7 inch wet tile cutting saw. The steel top rejects corroding and the versatile rip fence including mitre joint gauge guarantees precise and direct mitre cuttings.

Following several applications, the adaptable rip fence enables you to create exact and straight mitre joint cuts. Bevel cutting tiles ranging from 0 to 45 Degrees versatility.

7 Inch Wet Tile Cutting Saw In Red Finish

For a more involved concept or perhaps to manage those end compositions, the 0 to 45 degrees bevel is going to supply versatility for most cutting types. The blade cooling system reservoir not just a protection characteristic since it continues the edge from heating up.

The ceaseless circulation from the water supply is going to control dust and junk when cutting your tiles.
[Rating: 9/10] - £240 Get It → SKIL Wet Tile Cutting Saw

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Professional Tile Cutters With Precise Mitre Cutting Features

Electric ceramic tile cutter machines for just about any size wall or floor tile. They cut ceramic, porcelain and even slate using an extended work table for bigger tiles - including accurate guide for mitre cuts.

Lock style cutting guide for direct edge cuttings, plus some wet tile saws offer a protection wheel guard with adaptable height alterations.