Handheld Laser Range Finders Making Your Life Easier

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Updated 18/02/2020:
Fast and easy to use, our best laser distance measurer tools use computation strategies for range, area and volume. Incredibly precise measurements presenting first-class dependability - the ideal digital laser measures for builders or DIY people in metric or imperial.

With laser distance meter equipment, you can accomplish better measurement analysis specifically at longer lengths - and in a far shorter period than others like our golf rangefinder devices.

Urceri Laser Range Finder With Bubble Level

Laser Range Finder With Yellow Bubble

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Makita Digital Measuring Device High Precision


  • Very High Class Accuracy
  • Dust And Water Resistant


  • None..

Digital Measuring Device With Big Red ON Button

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DeWalt Laser Measuring Tool Digital LED

Laser Measuring Tool In Yellow And Black

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Laser Range Finder Advantages

You don't have to consider slack or to qualify an excessive amount of pressure on the tape - stretching out or perhaps even breakage. You must line-up the markings straight within the start line. Even high temperatures can impact your measuring if you use old tape measures.

Best Brands For DIY Workers

The good laser range finders will be among the quickest and 'most accurate' approaches to acquire measurements, specifically if you have various measurements to consider throughout a comparable project or working day. Ideal for DIY fans and builders from DeWalt, Leica, Disto, Stanley and Bosch.

Using The Laser Red Dot Pointer

Just about all laser digital measuring devices give unproblematic procedure, and a few sophisticated versions provide much more highlights and capabilities based on what you're attempting to carry out. The length measuring device assigns a laser which usually appears much like a 'red pointer'.

Tool Measurement Starting Points

Basically, point and push the press button. It will instantly evaluate where the laser is directed. With some versions, you choose the size of the device itself as part of the dimension or not, which can be useful where it's beneficial to have the back side of the device alongside any wall structure etc.

Minimum And Maximum (-/+) Readings

Many laser measuring tools can control standard measurements like plus, subtraction, area, as well as volume. They will likewise store earlier measurements concerning the style into the memory space. Several laser measuring products will track the minimum and optimum (-/+) dimensions.

Imperial, Metric And Angle Calculation

You may instantly switch between diverse models of measuring, which include feet, inches, metres, and so forth. Many lasers enjoy an integrated tilt detecting sensor to consider an elevation angle, varying anywhere to 120 degrees.

Pythagorean Measuring Functionality

A super objective of these electronic measuring devices is the Pythagorean modal, which is a functional attribute available on most designs. By way of this, you can estimate the size of a subject employing 3 specifics - so you don't have to possess all data whenever taking this reading.

Lomvum Electronic Measuring Device With LCD


  • Low Battery Signal LED
  • Tough Rubber Good Grip


  • None.

Electronic Measuring Device With White Digits LCD

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Floureon Laser Distance Sensor With Battery