Really Loud Alarm Clocks That Wake The Hearing Impaired

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Updated 13/12/2019:
10 best loud alarm clocks for heavy sleepers to stop you getting up late each morning. View our big display, digital clocks that will wake you, and possibly the neighbourhood with an increased volume alarm system. Some even use, strobe illumination or shaking pads to get you up.

Features to watch out for in loud bedside alarm clocks include very high dB and snooze auto alarms. Configurations for volume and tone manager for the bell, shaker pad for under the pillow or bed mattress. Really vibrant screen, extra bright light and extra loud alarm clock dimmer roles.

: Geemarc Sonic Extra Loud Bedside Alarm Clock

Extra Loud Bedside Alarm Clock In All Black

£43   Sonic Loud Bedside Alarm Clock - Get It!  

: Banne Bon Extra Loud Alarm Clock Night-Light


  • Snooze Light Button
  • Month, Date And Year


  • None..

Loud Alarm Clock With White Border

£15   Banne Bon Extra Loud Alarm Clock - Get It!  

: Amplicom Radio Control Really Loud Alarm Clock


  • Auto Time Setting
  • LED Large Display


  • None..

RC Really Loud Alarm Clock With Red LED Time

£35   Amplicom RC Really Loud Alarm Clock - Get It!  

Bright Or Dim To Your Taste

Besides the current time, several really loud alarm clocks screen additional information, for example, the present date and room temperatures. Numerous contemporary styles include LED displays which can be brightened or perhaps dimmed to complement the users' aesthetic tastes.

Project The Time On A Wall

Several very loud alarm clocks may light project the time onto the ceiling as well as walls. This enables sleepers to determine the time without moving the bed position. Alarms that permit song play will come with a sleep timer that allows end-users to hear tunes for a predetermined period as they drift off to sleep.

How Loud Do You Want To Wake Up?

Some individuals have a preference for noisy LED alarm clocks, although some discover that less loud alarms are better. The alarm clocks generally make it possible for users to regulate the volume to their perfect degree, and a few also boast soft vibrating alerts intended for milder waking up.

Clock Modifying For UK DST

Standard radio alarm clocks call for users to personally modify the time when the system is disconnected or even if the electrical power disappears; however, many more recent designs instantly connect depending on an internal clock. These versions may immediately modify for (Daylight Savings Time) UK DST as well.

Back-Up Battery Inside Clock

The vast majority of super loud travel alarm clocks bought currently tend to be driven via AC electrical sockets, although some are AA battery controlled. Many AC powered versions can even be packed with back-up power packs in the event of electric power blackouts.

: Geemarc Wake n Shake Extra Loud Alarm Clock

The Wake n Shake is a small and trendy, big display electronic noisy alarm system which will wake you, and the dead using an extra high volume alarm, strobe illumination, or a vibrating pad - a mix of the 3, if you decide you want to simply have the shaker and alarm system, you are able to. It may also alert you to the phone.

Extra Loud Alarm Clock With Red Digits

The additional loud alarm rings as much as 96dB combined with the effective shaker pad and vibrant visible ring signal, which will make certain you constantly awaken on time. The clock possesses an extra large digital display screen so that you can begin to see the time pleasantly viewable and clearly.
[Rating: 9/10]   £48 Get It → Geemarc Extra Loud Alarm Clock

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: Sonic Alert Heavy Sleeper Alarm Clock

The clock is sleek and stylish, but additionally loud alarm clock which mixes a shaker in one unit, rendering it an excellent choice where transportability takes precedence. The travel time clock supplies a loud 70dB additionally 'high volume alarm' with simple to establish keys and a display screen illumination switch.

Clock In White With Carry Bag


  • 70dB Very Loud Alarm
  • Swivel Flush Display


  • None.

Additionally, it comes with a carry bag, straps and clip for baggage, garments and lots of other components. The shaker is the perfect alternative for a perceptible alert whenever 'hearing aids' have been eliminated during the night. A continuing four minute snooze selection, 3 ringer alarm system choices of loud ringer, vibrating or shaker.
[Rating: 9/10]   £30 Get It → Sonic Heavy Sleeper Alarm Clock

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: SUCK UK Clocky Quirky Noisy Alarm Clock

Clocky is the unique extra loud alarm clock that swiftly runs away and literally hides from view to help you get up out of bed every morning.

This quirky, but noisy alarm provides you with one particular opportunity to wake-up. However if you simply sleep, Clocky will 'leap off your table' and wheel about your bedroom.

Alarm Clock In Red, Steel And Blue

It just loves to search for a destination to hide, beeping constantly and avidly determined to help you get out of bed on time. You 'will' need to wake-up to silence this active alarm system - it's stylish, progressive and enchanting. What could be easier to awaken alongside..
[Rating: 9/10]   £45 Get It → SUCK Noisy Run Away Alarm Clock

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: Coolzon LCD Vibrant Night Alarm Clock

The Coolzon provides a snooze and LCD electronic back-lit alarm clock. with big screen display of 4.3 x 1.8 inch crystal clear figures. Displays amount of time in 12 or 24 data and illumination sensing unit.

Gentle lighting is instantly on when in darkish surroundings. It is possible to transfer illumination sensing unit to your requirements.

Night Alarm Clock With Large Numbers

Snooze functionality and workday 'beeping alarm system' with 5 minutes reproducing snooze and ascending alarm. Tranquil, economical and straightforward procedure makes certain of an excellent night's slumber. Can easily be utilised at work, vehicle or residential surroundings.
[Rating: 9/10]   £11 Get It → Coolzon LCD Large Night Alarm Clock

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: Acctim Acura Smartlite RC Alarm Clock

Smartlite display screen illuminates through the night, a brand new trademarked solution which instantly lights up the dial 'once the room darkens' for straightforward night time observing. The Smartlite sensing unit transforms the lighting off throughout the day to extend life of the battery.

Radio Controlled Alarm Clock With Black Base


  • Night Time Viewer
  • SmartLite Technology


  • None..

The radio controlled system designed to your time clock includes an integrated receiver, which can be updated towards the (National Physical Laboratory) MSF Transmitter located in Anthorn Cumbria.

Time transmission acquired is managed by way of a Cesium time clock, and is precise inside of one second each and every thousand years.
[Rating: 9/10]   £18 Get It → Acctim Smartlite Alarm Clock

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: Sonic High Decibel 80dB Alarm Clock

The Sonic Alert Boom bedroom alarm clock for heavy sleepers provides an appealing graphite finish and is compactly created for comfort, transportability and flexibility. It may rest on your bedroom desk or even placed in your travel suitcase whenever you're venturing etc.

Alarm Clock With White Vibation Pad

A distinctive extra-loud alarm so you can wake up with self-confidence. It comes with a sizable display screen and unique 'bed vibrating device' in the event you need some revitalisation, to put it mildly. Sleep well recognising you will awaken promptly and on time.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39 Get It → Sonic High Decibel Alarm Clock

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Smart Alarm Clocks That Charge Gadgets

Similar to several electronics made available these days, several smart alarm clocks attribute USB slots you can use to charge mobile phones, tablets, as well as other gadgets. Quite a few more very loud alarm clock designs may be connected to Bluetooth DAB radio speakers utilising their Wireless network.

The absolute maximum volume in any noisy electric alarm clock distributed nowadays may vary between lower than 62 decibels dB - to more than an 'earth-shattering' 115 dB.

Best Alarm Clock To Wake Up To With Very Loud Volume

: Drill Pro Twin Bell Loud Alarm Clock

Battery powered twin bell extra loud alarm clock with 4 inch screen and simply no ticking. The crawling 2nd hand offers hushed sleep as well as functioning surroundings. Estimable legibility with big dial, stereoscopic digits plus white colour hour as well as minute hand.

Extra Loud Alarm Clock With 2 Black Bells


  • No Tick Second Hand
  • For Heavy Sleepers


  • None

Night light functionality assists you to interpret the time inside any dark area, just push the brightness level option to trigger the night lamp. Extremely accurate due to the high calibre quartz driven time of the alarm system that is super precise.

The battery operated alarm system time clock uses AA 1.5 Volt type suggested, but not incorporated. The conception of the battery area is straightforward for replacing.
[Rating: 9/10]   £15 Get It → Drill Pro Extra Loud Alarm Clock

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: DreamSky Loud Alarm Clock Heavy Sleepers

Mini dimensions dual bell loud alarm clock for heavy sleepers with entirely non-ticking second hand motion to guarantee a noiseless existence, working surroundings and a great sleep. Conventional, however attractive appearance with high calibre cold cast metal as well as vintage dual chime.

Dual Bell Loud Alarm Clock With Gold Colour Exterior

An elementary push button that's situated in the back of the time clock with several uses. Light weight, modest dimensions, battery enabled but not enclosed. It is mobile for carrying any where you like, or perhaps even on any journey. For a child it's a most adept wake-up acquaintance, however renders a wonderful present too.
[Rating: 9/10]   £14 Get It → Dream Alarm Clock Heavy Sleepers

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: Kwanwa 110 dB Really Loud Alarm Clock

This impressive LED lit 110 dB really loud alarm clock delivers with regular volume level alerts as well as first-rate loud siren. It will maintain the 1.2 inch time screen in excess of 12 months through 4 pieces AA batteries.

The modern clock is outstanding for heavy sleepers, however simply 'not' so beneficial for older folk. The rationality is the alarm system acoustics of this clock is driven by a bell, however not an audio speaker, which intend it emits a high pitch sound.

Really Loud Alarm In Black With Red Digits


  • Low Power Usage
  • 110 dB Super Loud


  • None..

The big 24 hour illuminated time screen can allow you to ascertain the time intelligibly, even from range as well as inside dark spaces. It can additionally preserve working completely for a year with 4 batteries that are sadly not enclosed.

1 year guarantee bundle incorporating wire free LED time clock. Product dimensions of 140 x 90 x 60 mm, display screen dimensions 105 x 38.5 mm.
[Rating: 9/10]   £19 Get It → Kwanwa 110 dB Really Loud Alarm

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: Aeterna Very Loud Hard To Wake Up Alarm Clock

High calibre very loud hard to wake-up alarm clock with bespoke drive strategy that makes functioning time periods more extended as well as the timing more prompt. The metallic housing with black layer renders this excellent alarm time clock indestructible as well extremely loud.

Very Loud Wake-Up Alarm Clock With White Dial


  • Two Bells Loud Sound
  • Classy Retro Style


  • None..

A stylish construction returning the classical or rather nostalgic design, this excellent dual bell alarmed time clock will establish an impressive add-on to virtually any space. The clock's captivating and endearing styling will append a hint of class to any interior decoration.
[Rating: 9/10]   £16 Get It → Aeterna Very Loud Alarm Clock

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Choose the best extra loud alarm clocks and ensure that you get to work. For those seriously interested in getting out of bed on time. Find it difficult waking up each and every morning?

You will not any longer with our household equipment ear splitting alarms that could possibly awaken the dear departed.