Live Electric Cable Detectors For Finding Wire, Wood, Studs

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Updated 06/02/2021:
Electronic handheld live cable detectors help you avert costly blunders as a result of drilling in to undetectable electric power wires, gas or water plumbing. Eliminate uncertainty whenever securing fittings, framing artwork or installing shelves by determining a safe structure for affixing.

Tavool Wire Detector In Walls With LCD Display

Wire Detector With Green LCD

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ULTRA Electric Cable Detector Stud Scanner

Electric Cable Detector In Black And Orange

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LOMVUM Wire Detector In Wall Surface With LCD


  • Extremely Accurate Scanner
  • Ergonomic With Good Grip


  • Battery Not Included

Wire Detector In Wall With Red Exterior

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How To Use A Live Wire Detector

For correct use, always position the wall cable detector flat up against the surface before turning on. Push and contain the scan option invariably while in use. Position it flat upon wall structure, to begin with, after that push and support the scan switch - maintain the device still until eventually calibration is finished.

Ensure the tool stays 'flat on the wall' and slowly move the unit gradually. The electric cable detector should not be put immediately over any stud or solid component, for example, steel, wet or perhaps recently decorated regions or it won't appropriately adjust.

JurgK Electric Wire Detector With Smart Sensor


  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Button Start Calibration


  • None..

Black Electric Wire Detector With Screen

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The recognition depth and border discovery can differ on account of the dampness content of materials, wall structure consistency, fresh paint and so forth. All live cable detectors feature a significant LCD display, are convenient and easy to discover stud perimeters.

Bosch LCD Digital Live Wiring And Pipe Scanner

This particular Bosch created safety device makes your projects pass quicker, with much more specific and effective working functionality. It comes with multi-mode recognition for wooden studs, metallic materials like rebar or copper plumbing and live wiring. An illuminated visual LCD display signifies settings and recognition.

Live Wire And Pipe Scanner In Blue, In Bathroom

Bosch Live Wiring And Pipe Scanner

Strong metallic recognition capacity picks-up steel as much as 12cm deep in treated concrete structures. Automated middle locater finds the centre of recognised metal or wood objects. 3 selection processes in wood, metal or cabling with automated standardisation for straightforward and accurate sensing.
[Rating: 9/10]   £69 - Get It → Bosch Live Wiring Scanner

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Zircon Multi Scanner TruCal Live Cable Detector

The Zircon multiple scanning device Pro SL is a reliable instrument for all those sub surface area checking assignments. It effortlessly and precisely discovers the perimeters of studs, joists, and all metals. Additionally, it detects and records live electrical cables. 4 mode transition offers instantaneous access to all capabilities.

Scanner TruCal Live Cable Detector In Yellow And Black Finish

Zircon Scanner TruCal Live Cable Detector

The 'stud scan' discovers wood or metal studs and joists approximately 19.5mm deep and the deep scan setting increases the scanning degree to 38mm. Steel function picks up metallic studs in addition copper, lightweight aluminium and iron piping as much as 3.8cm deep. Rebar in concrete finds as much as 7.6cm in depth.
[Rating: 9/10]   £37   Get It Here → Zircon TruCal Live Cable Detector

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WAL Cable And Pipe Detector Wall Scanner


  • Deep Mode Scanning
  • Pro Or DIY Enthusiast


  • None..

Cable And Pipe Detector Tool In Red

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Silverline Small Studs, Joists And Live Cable Detector

A powerful self-calibrating 3 in 1 sensor for detecting wood plus, for example studs and ceiling joists, 'live AC cables' as well as metallic materials. LED and clear sensor alerting indicators. Demands one 9V PP3 charged battery, which is not incorporated.

Silverline Studs, Joists Live Cable Detector In Yellow With Strap

Silverline Studs, Joists Live Cable Detector

Recognised and dependable through UK and Europe, Silverline's extensive selection of resources fulfils both present and foreseeable future requirements. New items, making use of the most recent technologies. Product range consists of hand and DIY equipment to be used in your own home.
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HOL Pipe Live Electric Cable Detector

This particular tool picks up cables and metallic piping just before drilling for security. It provides a depth of recognition for metal studs of 50mm, and a range of sensors for copper piping of 25.5mm. Depth of discovery for AC cables is 50mm and the device functions an LED display screen for simple ease of use.

Live Cable Detector In Red And Black Casing

Pipe Live Cable Detector

Whenever redecorating, safety factors are essential - and for that reason you need to ensure that it is risk-free to drill in to a wall structure to prevent burrowing in a water pipe or live cable. Pre-assess exactly where piping and live wires are situated before you begin the drilling activity.

Basically switch the sensor on and put it up against the wall structure. Whenever having discovered electric wires of plumbing, the instrument offers you graphic and sound notifications. Operated by 9V alkaline battery and lightweight. A perfect system that needs to be in any DIY tool resource.
[Rating: 9/10]   £28 - Get It → HOL Live Cable Detector

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Draper Live Wire Stud Metal Detector

Picks up live or expended electric wires, metal water piping, nails, along with other metallic materials and wooden studs in partition walls, which may be positioned without creating surface area destruction. Optimum depth of infiltration 27mm.

Live Wire Vage Detector In Grey With Logo

All Draper equipment are produced to good quality specifications, which are rigorously managed by quality control technicians. They feature the best value for money and a variety of beneficial characteristics to enhance the efficiency of the merchandise.
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Bosch D-Tect Accurate Detector Visual Readout

The D-Tect 150 specialist scanner is for all experts and beginners who desire to steer clear of unintentionally making contact with unwelcome materials whenever drilling. Extremely wide band radar sensing unit method gives millimetre accurate sensors of alloys, live wires, wood studs as well as plastic type piping.

D-Tect 150 Accurate Detector In Black And Blue Plastic


  • Easy To Read LCD Screen
  • Works On All Surfaces


  • Expensive

Accurate recognition of floor and wall structure heating solutions. It offers dependability as a result of a precise display screen of material components and optimum security on account of display of the highest possible authorised drilling depth. Five diverse processes allow the most beneficial recognition on virtually any surface area.
[Rating: 9/10]   £523 Get It → Bosch D-Tect 150 Detector

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Live Wire Detectors For Risky Cables That Find Pipes

The multi-indicator together with the check settings discover wood, steel, AC live cables as well as deeply embedded techniques. Whenever calibration is completed, the device will sound a brief beep - plus the display screen bars will be removed.

Great for metal detecting jobs, the ergonomic grasp style enables a snug hold of the electric wire detector in a choice of any hand at virtually any perspective.

The ideal indicator for plumbing engineers, building contractors, craftsmen, masons, property renovators, building employees, domestic electrical engineers, and DIY lovers among others who require a reliable diagnosis.

INTEY AC Live Wire Detector And Stud Scanner

AC Live Wire Detector With Big Power Button

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Tacklife Scanning Electric Cable Finder Probe

Electric Cable Finder With Square LCD

£29   Tacklife Wall Electric Cable Finder - Get It!  

Live wire detectors enable you to determine and locate wooded stud work, steel and AC voltage wiring, supplying a specific indication of undetectable physical objects using an LED and buzzer indicator strategy. Discover wood, AC cables and metallic studs. Locate and pinpoint stud middle position.