Insulated Wire Stripper Pliers For Electrical Repairs

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Updated 30/12/2019:
The best cable stripping tools are used for trimming and insulation peeling of the overlay across the cable for simple and easy wiring directly to fittings. They are flexible and the elements of the electric cable stripping pliers let you use with only one hand.

Just about every specialist domestic electrician makes day-by-day use of this standard tool called an electric wire stripper, but many own unique types of this instrument. Every DIY lover who performs almost any electrical repair job must also own some variation of this equipment.

Engineer Precision Electric Wire Stripper Steel Jaws

Electric Wire Stripper In Green And Black

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Zoto Multi Functional Wire Stripping Pliers DIY Tool


  • Auto Adjust Stripping Length
  • Reduces Hand Work Pressure


  • None

Wire Stripping Pliers Yellow And Black Grip

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Hi-Spec Automatic Wire Stripper Tool Terminal Crimper

Automatic Wire Stripper Tool With Black Jaws

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Wire Stripper Tool Versions

Specifically valuable is an edition typically referred to as a combination cable wire tool, which usually includes a cable stripping action, nevertheless the pliers tip, trimming blades, as well as crimping equipment are for consumer electronics jobs.

Stripping The Plastic Insulation

You will find tools referred to as wire strippers that provide only this kind of action to strip the plastic material insulation away from conductors to allow them to become installed on terminals or may be associated along with cable fittings. Many types of wire stripper tool also fulfil different tasks.

Versatile Combination Stripping Pliers

A handful of manual wire stripping tools include slots you can use for producing crimp cable connections. Cable strippers or combo tools really should not be mistaken for a wire ripper; nevertheless, a unique tool applied just to cut aside the outer vinyl sheath of NM wires.

Sheath Stripping With Labelled Holes

An insulated wire stripper contains a compilation of labelled openings which usually match the regular wire features. As you place the cable into the appropriate opening and close the tool grip, it accurately cuts through the plastic layer.

Remove Cable Insulation Flawlessly

It works without destroying the copper cable, but the instrument after that eliminates the cable insulation, making use of a few smart strategies.

Marked Holes On Stripper Tools

One type of standard 'cable stripper combination' equipment fit into this concept are a little, flat kit that appears to be pliers. They can be low-priced tools and are extremely easy to use. Together with the grips closed, you will notice several tagged holes that meet the standard cable gauge.

Sealey Heavy Duty Cable Sheath Stripping Tool

Cable Sheath Stripping Tool With Red Handles

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Tacklife Compound Automatic Cable Wire Tool Crimper


  • Flawlessly Machined Jaws
  • High Calibre Steel Build


  • None.

Auto Cable Wire Tool Crimper With Steel Claw

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AWinE Electrical Wire Stripping Tool Self-Adjusting

Electrical Wire Stripping Tool In Yellow And Black Finish

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Daniu Pro Insulated Wire Stripper Automatic Cutter


  • Super Quality Carbon Steel
  • Multi Strand Sheath Wires


  • None..

Insulated Wire Stripper Cutter With Yellow Grip

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Variations Of Cable Stripper Strategies

When you accurately position the wire inside the head and press the control, the stripper holds onto the cable, slices the heat insulation and entirely eliminates it from your wire in one movement. The self-working cable strippers are around three instances more costly than standard tools.

Strip NM Wire Or COAX Cable

Types of multi-function CAT5 cable tools in many cases are labelled as combination equipment or multi-featured cable strippers. They possess razor-sharp cutting jaws to slice NM wire or cut specific COAX cables down - they include clench pliers tips which you can use to flex cords.

Sheath Stripping Techniques

Coax cabling possesses extremely slim cables at its centre, nevertheless that wire is between various kinds of components, every one with its personal durability and density. A different type of cable stripper is a cable sheath stripping tool system that eliminates cable insulation using compound processing.

Best For Home DIY Enthusiasts

The cutter equipment benefits a single action exclusively, and are routinely held by specialist technicians who choose niche equipment for every activity. DIY enthusiasts traditionally are considerably better served with a good wire stripping tool device that provides many combination characteristics.

Combi Wire-Stripping Pliers

Even though distinct companies provide versions of the instrument, the procedure for stripping cables is essentially precisely the same with every product. This is actually the course of action for the conventional combination wire-stripping plier technique.

Non-Metallic Sheathed Cables

Merely discover the cable gauge, distinguish the copper cable to be removed. You will find this around the outer sheath which usually binds different cables jointly in an NM wire.

Stanley Fat-Max Grip DIY Wire Stripper

This particular Fat Max spring laden DIY wire stripper bares internal in addition to outward sheaths on cables from 0.2 to as much as 6 mm in size. The pair of pliers possesses a crimping capacity as well as entire colour coding for crimping upon the most common insulated plus non insulated termini 1.5 up to 6 mm.

Strong Fat-Max DIY Wire Stripper In Yellow


  • Offers Multi Crimp Capabilities
  • Induction Hard Steel Jaws


  • None

They feature bi-material hand-grips, enabling effortless grasp in addition to the elementary diligence of significant sized forces necessitated for crimping as well as stripping general tasks.
[Rating: 9/10]   £15 Get It → Stanley Fat-Max Wire Stripper

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DrillPro Stripping Pliers Electrical Crimping Tool

A stripping pliers plus electrical crimping tool for your insulated terminals 10 to 22 AW 0.5 to 6.00 mm, as well as non-insulated termini, automatic ignition system terminals 7 to 8 mm.

Constructed of top quality steel, aggregation of stripping, cutting back, crimp terminal 3 procedures inside an individual instrument. Expert grade instrument, indispensable for just about any cabling task.

Electrical Crimping Tool In Orange Finish

Self correcting with pad hand-grip clench and simply no requirement to adapt, it's possible to effortlessly crimp cables. Economise more endeavour compared to regular wire strippers as this is more improved and will not destruct the line for amended workplace effectiveness.

Simple without any adaptation multi function created of strong steel with extended lifespan.
[Rating: 9/10]   £9 Get It → DrillPro Electrical Crimping Tool

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Capri Tools Auto Pivoting Cable Stripping Tool

An impressive cable stripping tool with first-class self adapting feature for the electric car enthusiast eg. The rotating control micro adapts to strip cables smaller compared to 26 AWG, as well as crimps insulated plus non-insulated termini ranging from 10 up to 22 AWG. See our metal detectors on this page.

Nickel Steel Cable Stripping Tool In Blue


  • Micro Adjusting Stripper Tool
  • Nickel And Chrom Steel Construct


  • None..

It's manufactured of long-lasting nickel along with chrome steel and incorporates a wire cutting tool, rendering it an overall more flexible instrument.
[Rating: 9/10]   £12 Get It → Capri Cable Stripping Tool

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For Household Home Electric Wiring

The most prevalent wire gauges in home electrical cabling will be possibly 10 or perhaps 16 evaluations. Significantly less regular are others which can be routinely utilised for kitchen appliances like washers and AC units. Enhance the cable to the tool with all the adequately tagged openings on the stripper tool.

Choose The Correct Hole Size

If you select an opening that may be too large, the insulation will never be cut, and you will find it painful stripping. If you go with an excessively small gap, the cable might be nicked and even cut thoroughly. Open up the unit and set the cable, then start the cable wire tool grips.

Distort in the event the wire insulation will not completely slice, you might have to turn the wire inside the opening carefully, or maybe the wire stripper tool surrounding the cable, no matter which, there is no need to turn significantly, only one-fourth turn in a single path and back again.

Simple Hand Action For Wire Stripping

Remove the insulation and draw the wire stripping pliers toward the closure of the cable to eliminate the insulation. Several believe it is least complicated to push resist to the tool making use of the thumb around the hand that may be grasping the cable, all while the other hand retains the device tightly.

CStom CAT Coax Network Cable Stripping Tool

Outfitted with coax cable stripper, rounded wire stripper, CAT cutting tool plus flat wire peeler, this popular network cable stripping tool is a versatile stripping tool for diverse insulation densities, and forestalls impairment of screening plus.

Phone Line Network Cable Stripping Tool In Orange Plastic

The cassette is double-faced, individual aspect and accessible for RG 59,6 as well as additional placement for RG 7,11. It strips external jackets of UTP plus STP wire 'and CAT5' rounded phone wires. Superior wire cutting functionality and lightweight, small sized, cost-efficient and elementary to work with.
[Rating: 8/10]   £8 Get It → CStom Cable Stripping Tool

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Neo Automatic Long Wire Stripping Pliers

Neo quality wire stripping pliers with 175 mm length is going to strip cables ranging from 1 to as much as 3.2 mm in diameter. Soft hand grip anti-slip command and jaws constructed from indestructible wear proof SK5 stainless steel.

Wire Stripping Pliers With Black Spring


  • SK5 Steel Spring Opening
  • Soft Grip Non-Slip Handle


  • None.

There are spring opening hand-grips that make function more leisurely and the instrument can be utilised using one hand exclusively.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24 Get It → Neo Wire Stripping Pliers

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Electrical Cable Stripping Tools With Comfy Grip

Step to choosing the proper electric wire stripper tool from the very best cable strippers is really being aware of what kind of cable you are going to be trimming. You will find several different types of electric powered wires to consider nowadays.

Sheaths are available in equally metal and non-alloy variations, but the heavier cable generally needs a more significant manual wire stripping tool and frequently composed of distinct components.

Jokari Auto Wire Stripper For Flat Cables

This first-class automated small wire stripper for flat cables is an ergonomic tool that's appropriate for PVC insulated flat wires using breadths of up to 12 mm and diameters ranging from 0.75 to as much as 2.5 mm, for example twin as well as earth. Simply no size readjustments are necessitated.

Auto Small Wire Stripper In Black Case

The FKZ possesses an inexhaustible stripping spectrum, and features specifically tempered, convertible edges. It includes an integral wire deflecting hole to supply an efficacious expiration for conductors adequate to 2.5 mm. Optical size scale of 15, 18, 20 mm plus TUV and GS approved.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39 Get It → Jokari FKZ Auto Wire Stripper

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SAC Flexible CAT COAX Cable Stripping Tool

SAC RG6 as well as Cat COAX cable stripping tool with impressive function is lightweight, small sized and a cost-efficient stripper that's elementary to function. Adaptable stripping edge for diverse insulation density, plus stops damage of screening and as a consequence conductors.

COAX Cable Stripping Tool With Steel Cutter


  • CAT5 And CAT6 Cable Stripper
  • Cutter For Diverse Insulation


  • None.

The cassette may be inverted to alter dissimilar coaxial wires. Effortless to correct using thumb screw in addition wire cutting tool.
[Rating: 9/10]   £7 Get It → SAC COAX Cable Stripping Tool

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These quick and quite simple to use cable stripping tool offers jaws to squeeze the wire case, while a couple of edges basically remove the insulating material. They remove the wires of the conductor area and thoroughly implement the appropriate pressure variants.