Finger Tally Counters For Activity And Sports Occasions

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Updated 22/05/2020:
Hard-wearing and inexpensive hand tally counters for industrial business concerns, transport system, music venues, sports events plus more. The click counters record using a 4 digit screen. An easy push of the finger calculates from 1 to 9999 and a turn control takes you back to zero.

: Ewinev Digital Number Counter Clicker For Sport

Number Counter Clicker In Black With Cord

£7   Ewinev Digital Number Counter Clicker - Get It!  

: Walfront Mechanical Counter Number Tally

Mechanical Counter With 5 Number Display

£7   Walfront Mechanical Counter Tally - Get It!  

: B.Baosity Score Counter Selection 0000 To 9999

Score Counter In Red And Green

£6   B.Baosity Score Counter - Get It!  

: KWmobile Handheld Click Counter 4 Digit 9999

Click Counter With In Steel 4 Digits

£6   KWmobile Handheld Click Counter - Get It!  

: TOOGOO Click Counter For People Checking


  • Small 5 Digit Electronic LCD
  • Easy To Use Counting Counter


  • None!
Hand Click Counter In Black And Yellow

£4   TOOGOO Mini Hand Counter - Get It!  

: RelX 4 Digit Hand Tally Counter Clicker

Mechanical Hand Tally Counter In Polished Chrome

£3   RelX Mechanical Tally Counter - Get It!  

: Q Connect Hand Usage Tally Counter

This 4 figure hand-held tally counter offers up to 9999 clicks, aluminium framework, ABS physical structure plus additional colours. A mechanised counter including press button actuator, in addition to a readjusting push button function, sporting an ergonomic construction to nicely accommodate in the hand.

Hand-Held Digital Tally Counter In Man's Hand

Data track your invitee's in and out of premises with this particular LUPO palm counter. Just right for any eating houses, bar rooms and events where numbers of visitants are controlled.

This particular hand counting counter is best for virtually any social occasion. Steel structure for strength in addition to long life, ideal for music venues, some electronic darts games, sports stadiums etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £4   Get It → Q Connect Tally Counter

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: Gogo Mechanical Tally Counter 4 Digit

This Gogo hand tally counter edition is impressive 'for ticket collectors' at big sporting occasions or perhaps for virtually any other summing up requirements. Enumerate anything, as well as virtually every thing with comfort and ease. Monitor attendance, pitch calculation, as a consequence anything that demands enumerating.

Gogo Mechanical Hand Tally Counter With Black Screen

Dateless conception preferred for dependability in repetitious calculating and adding up jobs. Count tally adequate to 9999 in increases of one, and then rolls over to return to zero.

Effortless finger add up push button style steel structure with digit ring for protected manipulation. Push button features perceptible click whenever pressed down.
[Rating: 9/10]   £2   Get It → Gogo Mechanical Tally Counter

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: Tiger 4 Digit Hand Tally Clicker

Regardless of hand held or table, it can function conveniently and includes a black area on the right aspect for the zero clarification. Impressive mechanical counter to enumerate the attendance at the school house gate or perhaps social occasion threshold. Designed using the big push button and digit ring to forestall inadvertent drops.

Manual Mechanical Counter Clicker In Polished Steel

It's an dependable answer for teachers or keeping track of pupils at sports occasions. Robust, low-priced, top quality device utilised in progressive business organisations, technological enquiry, conveyance, concert locales, tourism, church buildings, activities, parties and much more.

Hand-held click enumeration counter base with attractive collapsible peeler add-on.
[Rating: 9/10]   £6   Get It → Tiger Mechanical Clicker

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: Ewinever x3 People Counter Hand Clicker

People Hand Clicker In Blue And Black

£7   Ewinever Hand People Counter - Get It!  

Hand Mechanical Tally Counters For Sport Or Number Track

: PENT Hand 4 Digit Click Lap Tracker

Mobile 'hand-operated counting clicker' fits nicely in the palm of your hand and includes a fast reaction speed function, which automatically enumerates on virtually every push. Constructed of long-lasting steel with simply no batteries demanded - plus counting as much as 9999 steps. Modest and in addition ergonomic fashioned.

HDE Hand Held Counting Clicker In All Black Finish

This affordable device is great for virtually any sports enthusiast and the numeration clicker agrees well in the hand. It automatically considers figures adequate to 9999 clicks.

It is created of long-wearing steel and is just right for a number of active exercising activities - including sporting as well as social occasions.
[Rating: 9/10]   £14   Get It → PENT Hand Counting Clicker

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: BIlinli New Tally Click Counter

This tally counter offers an enumeration depth of up to 9999 counting rate basis on individual response speed. Material used is untarnished steel in neat colour silver.

The steel hand held tally counter for golf play and it automatically 'leaps' by virtually every push with fast reaction. Specified electronic digital calculating machine accommodates nicely in the hand.

Tally Counter In Ash Grey Steel


  • Count Based On Rate
  • Fits Well In The Hand


  • No Cons..

It can be fixed on the table for end user convenience, however it's the perfect steel hand counting counter for golf with a zero discharging switch on the front.

It is additionally desirable for other simple machine instruments and automatically jumps from each press with a very fast response. A good electronic counting tool in durable aluminium.
[Rating: 9/10]   £6   Get It → BIlinli 4 Digit Tally Counter

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: SAMGU People Counter Calculates Faster

Regardless of in hand or desk, this people counter is easy to employ. The black on the right placement is the zero clearing area and ideal to enumerate the attendance at the school time gate, or maybe social celebration threshold.

Constructed including the big push button and digit ring to forestall the chance of dropping, it's a dependable answer for teachers to monitor pupils.

Kobwa Manual People Counter Clicker With Key Ring

Indestructible, inexpensive and top quality unit expended in the progressive business sector for scientific exploration, transport, concert, locales, tourism activities, sports parties and many more.

Hand-held 'click counter with key-ring' including Kobwa's logo. This particular construction conforms to the hand effortlessly for easy and mobile instrument usage.
[Rating: 9/10]   £5   Get It → SAMGU People Counter Clicker

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: Beikalone 4 Digit Finger Tally Counter

Superior 4 figure manual hand held finger tally counter with mechanised design. The clicker is a convenient device for enumeration of individuals, however it can additionally be utilised for activities such as golf or maybe cricket.

Ideal whenever you demand to keep counting of numbers, it calculates up to 9999 using a readjusting option situated upon the aspect.

4 Digit Finger Tally Counter In Pink

It includes a ring loop upon the top, which is going to sit comfortably inside the hand. Effortless to control, generally expend to all statistic events and assists you to avert learning big numbers automatically.

It jumps through virtually every push with a speedy response and provides a zero readjust control at the side of the 4 digit screen.
[Rating: 9/10]   £6   Get It → Beikalone Finger Tally Counter

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Hand tally counters can be handy for calculating visitors throughout an exhibition, carnival or fete. Including zero clearing alternate on the right position, they automatically jump by virtually every push with a fast response.

Calculation spectrum from 0 to 9999 displaying a 4 figure console. The numbers 'instantaneously' come back to zero using a turn of the reset control.