Plastic PVC Pipe Cutter Tools For Less Hand Effort

Updated: 06/04/2021
Pipe cutters are the tools that are extensively utilised by the plumbers throughout their plumbing activities. These plastic pipe cutters are widely used because of their reliability in cutting and slicing various pipes' types and sizes.

Pipe Tube Cutter Alternatives

Their use increased significantly over the past few years because they are more convenient. These pipe tube cutters are easy and fast to use compared to their traditional alternatives used for cutting purposes.

Commercially Available Tools

There are different types of pipes commercially available, and each type is meant for various pipe cutting tools. In plastic pipes, two main types are widely used; PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) pipes.

Precise Work Requirements

Plumbers prefer to use these plastic pipes because they will never corrode and are inexpensive, light in weight, and more shock-resistant than their metal alternatives.
Moreover, these adjustable pipe cutters are also durable, recyclable, and easy to work with significantly when cutting and moulding these pipes according to the work requirement.

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Different Types Of Waste Pipe Cutter Tools

Plastic pipes rarely come in custom sizes; therefore, you have to cut and adjust these pipes accordingly based on your work requirements. For this, different types of pipe cutters are commercially available, and you have to choose them wisely before cutting any particular kind of 15mm plastic pipe cutter.

Generally, the thicker the plastic pipe, the harder it will be for you to cut it. Your DIY plumbing projects can become much easier if you use the correct type of cutters for the right kind of materials.

Effective For All Types Of Plastics

Like plastic pipes, there are different waste pipe cutter tools or cutters commercially available for other materials. It is worth noting that the users know the characteristics of good blades and how to use them effectively against various types of plastics and toilet plumbing pipes.

Plumbing Project Pipe Dimensions

It is imperative for you to exactly know your requirements before starting any plumbing project. PVC or ABS pipes purchased from the market usually come with markings on their sides that indicate their size. These markings make it very easy for the customers to choose the lines that best suit their work scope.

Measuring The Outer Diameter

These markings mentioned on the sides of plastic pipes are based on their internal diameter. Some people make false assumptions regarding pipes' size by measuring their outer diameter and ultimately purchasing tubes bigger than their work requirements.

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Comparing Electric Pipe Cutters To Hacksaws

People used to cut these plastic pipes using different types of saws instead of electric pipe cutters. Coarse saws and hacksaws were extensively used and considered suitable for cutting both PVC and ABS pipes.

Clamping On The Workbench

You can easily cut the pipe to your desired size by simply 'holding or clamping' the tube against the edge of your workbench and carefully moving the saw in a back-and-forth motion all the way through the pipe.

Joining Different Pipes

At present, some people prefer to use hand saws as they are relatively inexpensive compared to plastic pipe cutters. The disadvantage of using hand saws was that they left 'spikey' edges at the end of the pipes that later interfere with the adhesion process meant for joining different pieces of pipes.

In other words, hand saws create a mess as they leave large burrs on the edges of plastic pipes, and you have to deburr those edges before using tubes in your plumbing project.

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Make The Cutting Process Easy

To overcome the disadvantages associated with the use of hand saws, different types of 40 mm plastic pipe cutters make the cutting process easy for you.
Several methods are used for cutting plastic pipes; a brief description of all these methods and their pros and cons are discussed here in detail.

Inexpensive Plastic Pipe Cutters

Most 110 mm plastic pipe cutters are simple and inexpensive tools that make the cutting process much more manageable. They usually are straightforward to use; however, you can also seek professional assistance if you are not sure how to use them properly.

Specific Rotating Pipe Tube Cutter Tools

Several types of pipe tube cutters are available in the market that differs from each other based on their cutting mechanisms and their utility for different plastic materials. Rotating pipe cutters are used for almost all types of plastic materials.

Accurately Positioning The Blade

You can easily cut the pipe by placing and rotating the cutter blade that clamps down onto the pipe's edges that you are going to miss. It is essential to accurately position the blade on the point from where you intend to cut your pipe.

Ratcheting Pipe Cutting Devices

Rotating plastic pipe cutters are designed explicitly for agitated users by unsafe and dangerous tools, such as saws. Ratcheting pipe cutters are best for cutting pipes made up of PVC plastic.

Unique V-Shaped Cutting Blade

They differ from other types of cutters because of their ratcheting-style and ultra-sharp V-shaped cutting blade. They are comparatively expensive, but they are much better than other commercially available pipe cutters in terms of their cutting capacity.

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The Pipe Cutter Sets For PVC Exclusively

They work in a single-handed operation and are capable of producing clean and precise cuts with minimum effort. Plastic pipe cutter sets are specifically designed for PVC pipes.
They are not recommended for use on ABS pipes as they are much more complex and brittle than pipes made up of PVC plastic material.

These cutters possess a jaw that holds the plastic pipe in position while its blades cut the tube when the edge is rolled in a circular motion.

What Is A PVC Pipe Cutter?

A PVC pipe cutter is the most commonly used instrument in daily life projects, particularly in plumbing. Why are ABS pipe cutters a better tool for PVC cutting than other plastic cutters and hacksaws?

Debris Left Over Cutting Pipes

Because PVC cutters are easy to utilise, they don't cause any mess and provide you with good and neatly cut PVC pipes of the desired size. While tubes cut down by electric grinders or hacksaws give blunt-end products and produce much debris while cutting PVC pipes.

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Rigid PVC Pipe Cutters For Plumbing Jobs

Most rigid PVC pipe cutters available in the market have a plastic build, while iron or steel made PVC cutters are also available. The working principle resembles a lot with pruning shears to cut down bushes and twigs. In the following, we will give a brief overview of different designs of PVC cutters available in the market.

PVC Sewage And Water Pipelines

PVC is one of the most utilised pipes for plumbing purposes around the world. Mainly, sewage lines, water pipelines of a newly built house are composed of PVC pipes. PVC pipes also provide insulation protection and are also used for the electrical wiring of buildings and homes.

Ease Of Cutting PVC

This is because of PVCs strength, durability, lightweight nature and ease of cutting compared to other plastic materials. Different materials like wood and metal, when cut down, they give blunt ends and splintered metal filaments. But PVC cuts down so easily and small plastic components left at the end which are safe to handle.

Essential Tools For Plumbers

PVC is also cheaper than other plastic materials. Most importantly, its usage is eco-friendly as PVC can be recycled again and again. Due to PVC's comprehensive utility, a large tubing cutter becomes an essential tool for workers dealing with plumbing projects.

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Scissor Pipe Cutter Tools For DIY Projects

Scissor style PVC pipe cutters are suitable for DIY users as they are pretty easy to handle and low-cost. You can find rigid pipe cutters on any hardware store dealing in plumbing and construction goods. You can find them in the plumbing section of every town supermarket too.

Blade Sharpness Is Paramount

Cutters flexibility and blade sharpness, and durability are some other features you should focus on while purchasing a PVC cutter. It is better to put a PVC cutter into a test cutting before paying for it. In this way, you can find a suitable edge for your working needs.

Professional Cutting Work

As we said earlier, these water pipe cutters are only valuable for DIY projects or small pipe works at home. If you are intended to use these PVC cutters for professional work, you will be disappointed. Due to their limiting cutting capability, they fail to do so and create stress on your hands.

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Cutters In Local Hardware Stores

Ratchet style PVC pipe cutters, no doubt, are expensive than scissor-style PVC pipe cutters. But these cutters are way effective than simple scissor-style PVC pipe cutters. PVC pipes of 1-1.5 inches diameter can easily cut down by these ratchet-style PVC pipe cutters into desired lengths.

Check Performance Of The Cutters

These ratchet-style PVC plastic pipe cutters are also readily available in local hardware stores or the market's plumbing section.
Overuse of these cutters also put stress on the hands and arms of plumbers. Still, these cutters' working efficiency and performance in plumbing projects are superior to scissor-style PVC pipe cutters.

How Does The Typical PVC Pipe Cutter Work?

As we discussed above, there are two most used classes of PVC pipe cutters in the market. So, in this section, we will discuss how both these types of cutters perform their function. The scissor-type PVC cutter has built a tiny scissor and consists of a pair of arms mostly made of plastic.

Applying Force With Your Hands

These cutters' ends are mounted with sharp blades, which cut down the pipe along the specified dimensions. A user will apply force by utilising his two hands and can cut the PVC pipe according to requirements.
A drawback of scissor-type PVC cutters is that it requires a lot of upper body strength to utilise them. Some may find it inconvenient and prefer to shift to another PVC cutting tool.

Use The Ratchet Handle Effectively

On the other hand, the ratcheting-type plumbing cutting tools have one fixed arm and one ratchet handle. So, cutting PVC drain pipes through these cutters require one-hand handling, and the user can cut PVC pipe with a sharp blade.

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Advantage Of Ratchet Pipe Cutter

Moreover, accuracy devices are mounted in most of the ratcheting-type PVC cutters, helping users get cut with a neat finish. The advantage of ratcheting-type pipe tube cutter is that they offer extra push while cutting down the pipe. So, most users prefer these cutters to get a stress-free cutting of PVC pipes.

Damage Or Breaking The Pipes

Remember one thing that PVC plastic cutters are designed to utilise for cutting new pipes. Thus, any effort of cutting off old pipe length may result in damage or breaking of the old pipe. Other tools which can be used for cutting new PVC pipes are the tried-and-true hacksaw, and mitre saw.

One-Hand Operation Plastic Pipe Cutter Tools Top-10

After buying of suitable PVC cutter, the next thing is about the utilisation of PVC pipe cutters. To have an efficient cutting experience, you must have to 'be focused' on two points before the cutting process. The first point is that always make sure to utilise the sharpened blade for cutting PVC pipes.

Smooth Cut Throughout Pipe Surface

A PVC pipe cutter with a blunt blade gives an irregular cut and gives the cutting end of the pipe an unprofessional look.
The second point is that always use the appropriate size cutter for PVC cutting according to the pipe's diameter. In this way, you will able to get a tidy and smooth cut through the PVC pipe.

The Easiest Way To Cut PVC Pipe?

Many ways are utilising nowadays in the industry for PVC tube slicer work. The conventional and effective way of them cutting PVC pipes is the usage of a saw and clamp. First, a clamp is utilised to tightly hold the PVC pipe in place.

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An Expert In Using A Saw?

Then, a hacksaw is utilised to cut the PVC pipe according to the required dimensions. But the drawback of this method is that you have to be an expert in using a hacksaw. More, you have to deal with blunt edges of pipes afterwards, which cut down by this method.

Plumbers nowadays prefer to use one of the different PVC pipe cutting tools available for plumbing purposes. They are cheap, easy to utilise and offer extra help to provide stress-free PVC pipe cutting.

For getting a precise cut, using a mitre box is advisable while cutting either through a hack saw or scissor cutter. Make sure that your saw or ABS pipe cutter is precisely on the cutting line for the mitre box.

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Tools Available In The Marketplace

Different PVC pipe cutters available in the market differs in functioning and operating methods to cut down the PVC pipes. So, you might like some cutters to buy due to ease of utilisation but might feel reluctant for some edges.

Nature Of Work And Preferences

For example, scissor-type PVC cutters challenging to utilise as they require more strength but ratcheting-type PVC cutters cut the pipes quickly. So before buying a plastic pipe cutter, you should have to be sure about your nature of work and personal preference.