Bathroom Bluetooth Shower Speakers With Radio For Music Fun

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Our best bathroom Bluetooth speakers for any wet shower area are battery powered and easy to set-up inside your space. A water proof shower Bluetooth speaker radio enables you to tune in to your tunes whilst preparing to go out in the morning. Ideal for linking-up to your mobile phone or Tablet PC.

01: VTin Relaxer LCD Water-Proof Bluetooth Shower Radio

The Vtin Wireless Bluetooth 4 water resistant shower radio provides smooth streaming in addition to 8 hours of music playing time. Integrated microphone plus FM radio to savour best audio for an exquisite showering encounter.

You will enjoy tunes with the most spontaneous sound calibre conceivable and there is a suction cup included for smooth wall structures.

Water-Proof Bluetooth Shower Radio In Black

Do not allow the water to stop you from relishing your preferred tunes, as this impressive companion is for the beach, pool side, on yacht, shower area happily jet flossing teeth, bathing tub or even cooking area.

Wireless Bluetooth APTX audio system present to luxuriate yourself in crystal clear audio, plus piercing treble and high powered bass audio.
[Rating: 9/10] - £24 Get It → VTin Bluetooth Shower Radio

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02: TaoTornics Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Room Speaker Radio

Tune in to your favourite 'music streaming' directly from your own mobile phone, additionally, you can listen to your preferred talk shows with the integrated FM stations with this shower radio.

Suitable for virtually any Wireless Bluetooth or smart phone - and is effective with iPhone or Google Android products plus S-Voice.

Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Radio In Blue And Orange

Automated function pairs your gadget with the audio speaker instantly when it's in range. The speaker can be enjoyed for around 26 hours of play, along with long stand-by period. The sound of the audio speaker is certainly high in volume. It charges with a Micro USB, even if you lose your own battery charger.
[Rating: 8/10] - £12 Get It → TT Bluetooth Shower Radio

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03: Steepletone Penguin Water-Resistant In-Shower Radio

This MW FM water repellent shower radio offers a press switch alarm, independent On/Off transition, stylish flipper adjusting dial and is operated by 3 x AA batteries, which are not provided. Consider this particularly good looking Penguin radio along with you in the shower or bath and tune in to the the finest music around.

Shower Radio In Black And Red Finish

Now you can sing to all the most recent music, listen to the football final results, or perhaps catch-up with the most recent occurrence from the radio 4 as you clean yourself.

Together with highly effective suction patches, which adhere this penguin on to your rest-room tiles or windows. You need not be weary again when you scrub. Additionally, there is an alarm switch.
[Rating: 8/10] - £19 Get It → Penguin Water-Resistant Shower Radio

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04: HHX IP67 Water Proof Bathroom Bluetooth Speaker

A water proof bathroom Bluetooth speaker constructed of top quality and elevated ABS eco secure components for estimable ruggedness, long-wearing and can without doubt supply the best security for jolts, bump proof, scrape-proof plus dust particle resistant.

It's specifically fashioned for open-air tenting, BBQ's, picnic as well as bathroom. Incorporated Wireless Bluetooth (4) adaptation with high effectiveness as well as a very balanced Wireless data transmission system.

Bathroom Bluetooth Speaker Surrounded By Water Drops

With an integrated microphone for hands free phone calls, it may be intelligently and instantaneously associated with your iPhone, tablets, iPod, Galaxy, Kindle, smart mobiles and virtually any Wireless Bluetooth agreeable gadget within 10 meters distance.

Using a rainproof degree of IPX7, the water resilient receiving set audio speaker can effortlessly and impeccably deploy in any steamy bathroom with no troubles.
[Rating: 9/10] - £23 Get It → HHX Bathroom Bluetooth Speaker

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05: Roberts Splash Shower Proof Radio DAB FM With LED

The latest Roberts Splash DAB and FM radio is a lightweight and convenient device that is weather-resistant, so you can 'use it outdoors', in the shower room, throughout the swimming pool area or in the rest-room. It's rotating handle implies it is possible to effortlessly suspend anyplace, perhaps the shower head.

Shower Proof Radio In White With Clear Display

This particular Splash DAB water tight radio will provide you with as much as 60 hours tuning in on one set of two D type measured batteries, which are not incorporated - rendering it suitable for outside and camping out usage. Additionally, it provides an LED flash light, emergency security alarm in addition to 8 radio station pre-sets.
[Rating: 9/10] - £78 Get It → Roberts Splash Shower Proof Radio

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06: Hydro-Beat Bluetooth Bathroom Speaker With SIRI

A Wireless Bluetooth bathroom speaker that's small sized, transportable and entirely water resistant - plus dust particle and jolt proof. Contrary to most water-repellent speakers, it can be drowned with no concerns and may be utilised within a dust-covered surroundings, minus the stress of specks entering it's component parts.

Bluetooth Bathroom Speaker In Black And Blue

It's possible to convert the audio speaker off and on, stop and also play tunes, effortlessly correct the volume level or even track.

The easily removed suction cup renders it exceedingly adjustable and it's possible to attaching to just about any smooth surface area. It possesses Bluetooth 4.0, which affords you a spectrum of adequate to 10 metres.
[Rating: 9/10] - £29 Get It → Hydro-Beat Bluetooth Bathroom Speaker

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07: RoryTory Bluetooth Shower Radio Water Proof Speaker

Invalidate electrocution and enjoy the shower using this excellent water resistant Bluetooth shower radio and recharging speaker. This first-class audio speaker features a big 3 inch size suction power cup.

It is going to maintain in position on your very own shower bath wall structure. The dimensions of the audio speaker is 3.25 inch in length by 3.25 inch width - and features a large command screen.

3.0 Bluetooth Shower Radio On Tiled Wall Surface

Recharging 500 mAh lithium enables approximately 6 hours replay and the Wireless Bluetooth is congenial with 3.0 edition - plus it delivers with a 12 inch micro USB power charging up lead.

There's end user instructions in the digital shower radio bundle including a guide to associate to your Wireless Bluetooth agreeable gadgets. It comes with an instrument panel manual as well as a few troubleshooting hints.
[Rating: 9/10] - £12 Get It → RoryTory Bluetooth Shower Radio

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08: iFox Wireless Bluetooth Shower FM Radio Speaker

An impressive sound first-class calibre Bluetooth shower speaker radio that is constructed to endure - and is just the best in that respect.

This highly recommended 5 Watts speaker comes with the blasting acoustics you would anticipate from a big ghetto blaster. An optional LED lighting screen additionally bestows great atmosphere and is ideal also for a Wireless speaker system inside the motorcar.

Bluetooth Shower Radio Speaker In Black Plastic Finish

Established to last since it attained the CE, FCC as well as ROHS certificates. Entirely water resistant, even completely submersible including it's grade IPX7 authentication.

Hear your preferred tracks or even radio channels using this amusing merchandise. The shower audio speaker is so reliable around any body of water, it is simply not merely waterproof - it is competent of being completely swallowed up in water.
[Rating: 9/10] - £34 Get It → iFox Bluetooth Shower Radio Speaker

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09: Seguro Shower Bluetooth Speaker With FM Radio

This shower Bluetooth speaker with radio offers high suction power and a mobile IPX7 water resistant FM radio using a set integral microphone recharging water-repellent sound organisation, perfect for seaside, bathroom, shower etc.

Great for interiors and open-air congenial with iPhone, mobile phones, tablets and more besides. Integrated with high calibre twin voice coil audio speakers, brilliant treble, deep bass sound, all imparting you the ideal tunes to delight in.

Shower Bluetooth Speaker In Blue And Black Finish

It's water proof form pushes the limits of mobility so it's possible to take to the seaside, swimming pool, woods, outside activities and inside the steamy shower room. The high-definition microphone as well as new echo cancel chipset ensure easy to operate and hands free telephone calling.

Constructed in FM radio set can catch a line-up of diverse channels. 7 colours blinking, incomparable, energetic and beautiful design with soft illumination and tracks that sound superb.
[Rating: 9/10] - £23 Get It → Seguro Shower Bluetooth Speaker Radio

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10: LS-Epoch IP67 Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker

Wireless Bluetooth water resistant speaker system provided with an elevated technology and congenial with practically all Bluetooth compatible gadgets. The audio speaker instantly reconnects to the most recently gadget expended.

IP67 water resistant and a first-class alternative to utilise about any swimming pool, beach, bathroom, yacht, automobile and virtually all water surroundings. It can additionally be submerged in water for half-hour without problem.

Water Resistant Speaker In Circular Shape

With an excellent acoustic calibre, this excellent high powered speaker possesses twin 5 Watts drivers, rendering a clear middle as well as high audio production where the individual 15 Watts 'sub-woofer' extends impressive and pounding bass sound.

It possesses an integrated microphone that's perfect for hands-free audio speaker telephone calling. With Wireless connectivity, it's effortless to match non-Bluetooth gadgets adopting 3.5 mm auxiliary wires, or perhaps instantly play tunes adopting the TF card etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £22 Get It → LS-Epoch Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker

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Bluetooth Water Resistant Speakers With Popular Radio Stations

Waterproof Bluetooth bathroom speakers are ideal for anyone who loves to hear their much-loved tunes or radio channels in the bath, or washing their hair etc.

Easily transportable waterproof radios are the approach to take with a contemporary appearance and saturated in other possibilities, including FM tuning, hook handle, built-in speakers and big dial volume level control.