10 Best Budget PC Speakers Under £50 With Super Loud Output

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We compare 10 best USB speakers for PC using ports on your laptop. Enhance your computer's sound quality with top brands like Creative and several more. Enjoy our best desktop speakers for music in clarity as you browse. See our popular buys mini Bluetooth speakers.

01: GOgroove BassPULSE 2MX PC Speaker Set Blue LED

The stylish SonusMAX superior 2.0 channel USB driven music speakers system is perfect for notebook or PC setups, MAC too. Nevertheless, the speakers likewise support the majority of AC wall charger USB adapters, and virtually any gadget with the useful 3.5 audio port. Stylish, contemporary design with unique curves and blue glow LED highlights.

PC Speakers Showing Blue Base

The spectrum of sound made by this speaker collection will certainly please vital audio bass fanatics. Luxurious black finish and special curves match with the blue coloured LED features to include a dash of gloss to any household, workplace, or mobile area. The original form aspect includes efficiency and fashion to satisfy your eardrums and vision.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £18 Get It GOgroove BassPULSE 2MX PC Speakers.

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02: Invero Lit-Up Water Jet Dancing Audio Speakers

They are typically the best and most distinctive audio speakers available. The dancing water spiral audio speakers are rather special. Connect them directly in to a laptop, iPod, MP3 Player or desktop PC. Basically, anywhere there is electrical power and a USB connection.

Invero Coloured Lit-Up Water Jet Speakers

The colourful water jets make the water dance to the music, and moreover, the 4 multi coloured LED's produce a 'great light display'. The audio speakers are 9 inch tall, suitable for any sound unit that includes a 3.5mm audio jack link.

They are entirely transportable and lightweight too. Play your tunes and surprise your friends and family. Take your music and audio to a different age. All essential cables incorporated.
(Rating: 4.93/5) - £16 Get It Invero Coloured Water Jet Speakers

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03: Fujitsu DS E2000 Acoustic Air Spring USB Speakers

The brand new, small and highly rated sound system DS E2000 Air is taking it's style creativity from the 'Great Pyramids', providing you with the most recent (Acoustic Air Spring) AAS for top level audio satisfaction.

Air Spring USB Speakers in Black

The E2000 Air increases exceptional, balanced, 'powerful audio' everywhere in the entire frequency band with regards to the small form aspect, which is unsurpassed in this class of USB audio speaker. This powerful satellite speaker is embellished with a lavish finish.

The bottom part is decorated with graciously enveloping lighting - one further touch to finish this set of stylish speakers.
(Rating: 4.90/5) - £50 Get It Fujitsu DS Air USB Speakers

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04: USB Driven GOgroove SonaVERSE PC Stereo Speakers

The GOgroove SonaVERSE O2i USB driven audio powered SonusMAX elevated 2 channel speakers are made for laptop computer or PC set-up with Windows and MAC compatibility. Daring, trendy design with refined metal speaker mesh, side loaded passive woofers and azure coloured glowing LED signals.

PC Stereo Speakers in White

The GOgroove SonaVERSE is not only an attractive set of speakers with appearance. Intended for functionality in addition to looks, the O2i functions two 3.5W drivers in conjunction with dual passive woofers in either speaker for increased bass resonance. The outcome is a powerful 'group of speakers' that can create a wealthy and varied variety of audio, regardless of what you are playing.

Twin Side Firing Passive Woofers

Plug n Play style and powers through your USB slot, with no additional adapters demanded. Rear loaded volume level command provides fast audio modification. 3.5mm audio connection performs music from PC, or various other sound gadgets like laptops, MP3, tablets or mobile phones.
(Rating: 4.90/5) - £29 Get It GOgroove SonaVERSE O2i PC Stereo Speakers.

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05: Creative T15 Bluetooth A2DP Wireless Speakers BasXPort

The Creative 2.0 Bluetooth wireless speakers present specific tweeters for highly detailed sound functions, specialised tweeters for sharp high notes, customised selected drivers for special mid-range, and BasXPort concept for substantial output bass sounds. It offers smart connection alternatives with Bluetooth features, (Line In) and a specific headphone output.

Bluetooth A2DP Wireless Speakers in Blacl

Handily placed volume level and tone adjustments are only a few of the smart highlights of this audio speaker set. The Creative T15 speakers present you with a stunning centrepiece, and include Bluetooth connection for increased functionality and sound.

Stream Audio Flawlessly To Your Audio Speakers

Stream audio easily to your audio speakers from any kind of suitable Bluetooth stereo gadget, for example your portable device or laptop from a selection of up to 10 metres range. For those non Bluetooth gadgets, basically link them straight to the audio speakers via a 3.5mm line-in wire.

The headphones jack is additionally to be found, so that you can take pleasure in confidential hearing.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £49 Get It Creative Bluetooth Wi-Fi Speakers.

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06: Logitech Z200 Speaker Acoustics Stylish Black Set

The Logitech multi-media audio speakers Z200 provides vibrant stereo sound and deep, heavy bass for just about any space you like. With 10 watts of maximum electrical power and 2 drivers per satellite, these fashionable looking, powerful, compact audio speakers generate sufficient volume level to populate any area with balanced stereo sound, in addition to increased bass sounds.

Special Bass Management And Dual Device Hearing..

Top Quality Speakers In Black

It is possible to modify the bass to your preference as a result of the devoted bass management controls. A couple of audio inputs allow it to be 'a piece of cake' to connect your mobile phone, tablet or notebook - or perhaps 2 simultaneously. Regardless of whether you are listening to songs in your bedroom, cooking area or family room, these audio speakers add style and 'verve' to any room.

Balanced Audio, Tuned For Boosted Bass

Both a 3.5mm audio line-in and auxiliary input allow you to link 2 gadgets concurrently, such as your mobile phone and tablet and interchange between them. These types of sturdily constructed speakers are designed to survive with top quality acoustics, analysed and tuned at Logitech's advanced sound amenities.
(Rating: 4.90/5) - £23 Get It Logitech Z200 Speaker

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07: Wesdar Multi Media Budget USB Speakers For PC

With the calibre acoustic media budget USB speakers for PC, you are able to access a universe of entertainment from your laptop. This particular orchestrating make certain you discover it all using merely a couple of audio speakers. Incomparable electronic indication processing creates regularly absolved, full audio at virtually any volume level.

You will delight in your preferred tunes, video recordings as well as stream far more content compared to previously. With a broad sound stage, position at your laptop or PC and get set-up to listen to acoustics that appear to expand long beyond the regular run of the mill audio speakers.

USB Speakers PC With Smooth Black Exterior

It is commodious as well as natural, all made achievable through the stereo system digital treating circuitry. A contemporary small sized construction that makes transport effortless and fuss free. Straightforward set-up, simple plug n play strategy concept that powers through the USB power port without any exterior adapters necessitated.

Back loaded volume level command on the computer speakers enable for prompt audio frequency adaptation. 3.5 mm sound connectivity is incorporated to play tunes ranging from any laptop or perhaps additional sound gadgets, such as MP3 music players, tablet PC's or perhaps popular smartphones.
[Rating: 9/10] - £19 Get It → Wesdar Budget USB Speakers PC

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08: Trust 17966 Headphone Connect Tytan Speaker Set

The Trust Tytan 2.1 speaker duo delivers luxurious sound quality, with an attention grabbing style. The Tytan is ideal for your personal mobile phone, tablet, notebook, computer - or even television set. Utilising the 120 Watts optimum electrical power, this subwoofer set has the capacity to produce quality structured audio.

Tytan Speakers in Gloss Black Finish

Sophisticated Look, Coupled With Sturdy Characteristics..

In order to save power, the speaker instantly changes to 'standby setting' when not utilised for around 60 minutes. As soon as your equipment begins to play tunes once again, the speaker immediately converts back on. Wired remote can be placed in your desktop computer, enabling you to effortlessly control the volume level.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £52 Get It Trust 17966 Stylish Tytan Speakers

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09: Palo Alto Cubik USB PC Jitter Free Speakers

Palo Alto Cubik USB audio speakers easily compliment your household or maybe work place area. The first full electronic USB multi-media system speaker is just right for any music genre.

It's genuine high fidelity audio and persuasive exterior construction will impress even the most knowledgeable audiophile with an advanced, undivided digital amplifier system.

Jitter Free Speakers x 2 in Black

The electronic sound amplifier circuit employs a (jitter eradicating) full digital amplifier feature, an innovative strategy which expands electronic audio frequency signal minus changing over the signal to analogue.

Moreover, the sound signal is directed from the PC to the audio speaker via a digital USB link. Because the signal is maintained inside digital arena until driving the audio speakers, audio isn't dissipated by virtually any analogue sound.
[Rating: 9/10] - £55 Get It → Palo Alto Cubik USB PC Speakers

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10: Altec Lansing VS2721 Computer Speaker Set

The Altec Lansing VS2721 2.1 pair of speakers with full-range drivers and a driven side-firing subwoofer. This audio system effortlessly links to desktop computers, notebooks, netbooks, MP3 players, plus more.

The speakers, housing and electronics are suitably balanced with Audio Alignment concept to supply abundant stereo sound, enabling you to delight in your media with impressive detail and audio.

Computer USB Speaker Set in Black

A handy wired controller places volume level, tone and silence settings close at hand. The VS2721 audio speakers easily connect to MP3 players, game playing devices and just about any other audio equipment. A 2nd audio jack makes it simple and allows you to connect portable music gadgets without needing to disconnect the system from the PC.

Second Jack For Your iPod Or Additional Device

Advanced Audio Alignment technology supplies the ideal stability of the three aspects of the speaker system. The drivers, housing and electronics, to produce organic, uncoloured and pleasing audio.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £27 Get It Altec Lansing PC USB Speaker Set.

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10 Best Portable Wireless Computer Speakers Under £50 Rated

Our high-end USB compact budget PC speakers are great for listening to tracks and other media on your PC, notebook, tablet or computer. Innovatively good speakers for music and design that allow you to enjoy deeper bass sounds. Enjoy our quality speakers offering Wireless functionality and Bluetooth 4.0.

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