Mobile Mini Bluetooth Speakers For Travel And Outdoors

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Updated 12/03/2020:
Looking for the best mini Bluetooth speaker? We help you find one with crystal clear stereo sound, powerbank, super bass, long playtime, extended Wireless range and hands-free calls. These small waterproof Bluetooth speakers are excellent for loud music.

Small tube-shaped or cylindrical rechargeable Bluetooth speaker versions directed at incredibly mobile or portable outdoors usage that connect to tablet, Android and iPhone.

: Sephia Small Bluetooth Speaker Microphone

Small Bluetooth Speaker In Circular Form

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LunaBox Wireless Rechargeable Bluetooth Speakers

Rechargeable Bluetooth Speakers In Steel Finish

£11   LunaBox Rechargeable Bluetooth Speakers - Get It!  

ZoeeTree Mini Bluetooth Speaker LED Lights


  • Multi Function Play Back
  • Built-In Li-Ion Battery


  • None..

Bluetooth Speaker With Blue Lights

£11   ZoeeTree Mini Bluetooth Speaker LED - Get It!  

Tronsmart Powerful Bluetooth Speaker Powerbank


  • Full Charge 15 Hours
  • USB-C Charging Cable


  • None.

Bluetooth Speaker With All Black Casing

£42   Tronsmart Powerful Bluetooth Speaker - Get It!  

How To Buy A Mini Bluetooth Speaker

The settings on the Wireless Bluetooth speaker generally incorporate the play switch, volume level settings, a pairing switch, and in a few situations - NFC can be presented.

Speaker For Travel Music On The Go

The most essential step in selecting the ideal powerful Bluetooth speaker is to determine what you really want to utilise it for. Several audio speakers might be for use in the household - others might be for outdoors, or just a versatile speaker for journeying.

Using Outdoors Or At Home?

Choosing the best Bluetooth speaker to suit your needs, it's essential to figure out what it is needed to accomplish. The perfect Wireless Bluetooth speaker with light for home use is probably not the very best for venturing, and the criteria will likely be entirely varied.

USB And Charging Your Speakers

Battery life is a crucial variable as you never want to be charging the audio speaker every hour. It must be in a position to be as durable as you anticipate. Compact USB Bluetooth speakers generally have small batteries; however, many of the bigger ones can expect 1 whole day.

Battery-Life And Playing Time

Considerably more standard lengths of connectivity maybe three to 10 hours, described as ordinary battery-life. The explanation is the more volume you use in the loudest portable Bluetooth speaker, the more it will implement, and your power supply won't last as long before it requires charging.

Type Of Battery Required

Picking out a mobile Bluetooth speaker, ensure the battery life is sufficient for what you require. Keep in mind that the Li-Ion battery packs utilised do not like becoming released, so charge before use the audio speaker and never leave it comprehensively discharged.

Music Bluetooth Speaker With Less Distortion

It is terrific to possess a good Bluetooth speaker with mic that sounds fantastic and provides specs for ultimate harmonic distortion evaluation. Lower is better, however many audio speakers will not give any specification - you might want to test it as frequency response is vital.

Nubwo Mini USB Bluetooth Speaker Bass Sound

USB Bluetooth Speaker With Blue Round LED

£11   Nubwo Mini Bluetooth Speaker Bass - Get It!  

Donerton Bluetooth Speaker Microphone In-Built


  • Compact Wireless Device
  • Pair To Your Smartphone


  • None..

Speaker With Black Pattern Exterior

£27   Donerton Bluetooth Speaker With Microphone - Get It!  

Zamkol Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Black Bluetooth Speaker In Cone Shape

£42   Zamkol Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - Get It!  

Comiso Loud Bluetooth Speaker Stereo


  • Connect Your Amazon Echo
  • 20 Hours Play Time


  • None..

Portable Bluetooth Speaker In Wet Conditions

£29   Comiso Loud Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Get It!  

Small Bluetooth Speaker Buying Tips

A lot of speakers sound better than others, and this is frequently because of the far greater frequency response. Statistics incorporate the top as well as bottom frequencies, which can be observed before the reaction actually progresses.

Buy The Latest Oddly Shaped Speaker?

There is certainly numerous variations available for a Wireless Bluetooth sound system so it's possible to obtain the design which most compliments your wishes. Many travel Bluetooth speakers consist of oddly shaped styles or look like small Wireless soundbars - plus the popular cylinder.

Speakers With Powerful Deep Bass

On the whole, the bigger they are, the better the sound level of quality and the much larger kinds may have a bigger battery for longer implementing. Not every Bluetooth speaker possesses their 'real' sound power stipulated - when it is declared, it is assigned in Wattage.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker For Pool Side

Bear in mind that more power is necessary for substantial open areas and for use outdoors. As music Bluetooth speakers are practical, actually because they are light and portable, this ensures they will be positioned in various locations - even around the pool.

Bluetooth Versions Up To 4 And 5

Frequently you will see Bluetooth variant v.1 is the first edition installed out several years ago, in fact, it is a significant rarity to find any kind of devices that incorporates this nowadays. 2.1 is observed yet; additionally, there are newer variations like Bluetooth 4 and 5.

Enhanced Data Rate Specs

The primary improvement for sound includes Bluetooth 2.1, which experienced a profile referred to as EDR. This kind of technology offered a 'jump in sound quality' achievable by permitting more data for the dedicated rendering of audio.

Provided the speaker offers Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 or more, it will be excellent - the more significant variations effectively offer extra capacities for such things as data range or perhaps additional receptors.

JBL Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Deep Bass


  • 7500 mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Streaming Connect 2 Devices


  • Expensive..

Mobile Bluetooth Speaker In All Red

£124   JBL Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Deep Bass - Get It!  

Anker Small Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Small sized and high power first-rate portable music mini Wireless Bluetooth audio speaker that comes with superb audio as well as healthy bass throughout a 5 Watts sound driver, plus passive sub-woofer.

Small Bluetooth Speaker With Smartphone


  • 5W Driver Passive Subwoofer
  • 15 Hours Continuous Play


  • None.

Elevated Wireless Bluetooth system using version 4.0 seamlessly links up to virtually any Bluetooth gadget. A 66 foot signal spectrum and a noise cancelling microphone allow hands free phoning. Unbeatable music SoundCore mini features micro SD assistance, AUX-in jack as well as an FM radio.
[Rating: 9/10]   £21   Get It → SoundCore Small Bluetooth Speaker

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Groov-e Bluetooth Wireless FM Speaker With LED

This bedroom alarm clock audio speaker system possesses twin bass suspension cone speakers, a Wireless Bluetooth WiFi receiver built-in for sound streaming A2DP plus a PLL stereo system radio station receiver with FM station memory presets.

Speaker With White Exterior


  • FM Radio 20 Presets
  • Connect External MP3


  • None..

Basically pair the product and luxuriate in WiFi play-back and management from your Bluetooth system. You can even link the sound creation of an outside gadget, for instance a music player - somewhere to listen to the music of that gadget via the top quality amplifier of the stereo system.
[Rating: 9/10]   £17   Get It → Groov-e Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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Bluetooth Speaker Connectivity

The latest mini iPhone Bluetooth speaker can connect to a further speaker for stereo audio. If stereo system music is imperative, then this really is a characteristic worth examining as there is nowadays numerous audio systems using stereo.

Smartphone Linked Bluetooth Speakers

Linking a music resource such as a smartphone or iPod Touch to Wireless Bluetooth speakers is generally straightforward. It's possible to work with NFC, near field communications on facilitated speakers to circumvent any suitable waterproof Bluetooth speaker configurations, and then just begin playing tracks.

iPhone And Android Using NFC

Although some Apple iPhones have an NFC functionality, it is employed rarely, and thus NFC has been dedicated to merely this for various explanations. Consequently, this ability is beneficial with Android mobile phones, yet it's effortless to connect any small Bluetooth speaker today.

Speaker With Standard 3.5 mm Jack

Various older gadgets don't have Bluetooth so you can acquire a small Wireless transmission device, or select a traditional sound wire. Almost all new portable Bluetooth speakers feature a 3.5 mm jack, so it is not impossible to set-up wired gadgets via an appropriate lead.

Consider Making And Receiving Calls

Just before presuming any unique rechargeable Bluetooth speaker feature, it will always be better to examine first. It might be utilising a mobile phone as a music resource, so you may have to consider making phone calls. This is often completed using a device with speakerphone capability.

Small size mini Bluetooth speakers use an expert system to improve the sound of your own tracks whether or not streaming from a smartphone, associated laptop speaker or configured directly into beloved broadcasts and protected stations for your favourite tunes.

Beautiful Mini Bluetooth Speakers For Travel Music Fun

August x2 15 Watts Bluetooth Speakers

Adaptable Wireless Bluetooth audio system from August's highly sought after array of Wireless merchandise is a strikingly eye-catching Bluetooth Hi-Fi product using FM radio. Merging wireless connection, FM radio and an AUX-in alternative, the adaptability will certainly satisfy your every single requirement.

Speakers In Black With Smart Phone


  • Fast Simple Pairing
  • Connect TV And MP3


  • None..

2 x 15 Watts audio speakers function relentlessly to offer you highly detailed trebles, abundant mids and perfect bass. The link through Wireless Bluetooth is made within seconds and plays tunes from mobile phones, Apple iPhones, iPads along with other Bluetooth allowed products through to '10 metres' distance.
[Rating: 9/10]   £42   Get It → August Bluetooth Speakers FM

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Betron Mini WiFi Bluetooth Speaker TF Port

The easily transportable as well as streamlined Dice Wireless Bluetooth audio speaker is the most suitable associate when you are on the move. It enables you to stream tunes easily from any Bluetooth enabled product.

Speaker FM Radio In Woman's Hand


  • TF Slot Mp3 Music
  • 10 Metres Range


  • None.

The cube structure will certainly result in the audio speaker becoming the main focus of interest, and the sound of exceptional high quality will certainly help you stay.

Regarded as the most suitable mixture of traditional and contemporary functionality, it is recognised as must see/hear of audio track boxes.
[Rating: 9/10]   £12   Get It → Betron Mini WiFi Bluetooth Speaker

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Sony's Best Sounding Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Elegantly compact and high powered, this is the best sounding mini Bluetooth speaker in comparison to several others. Merely hold your mobile phone inside 10 metres to have fun with the deep bass sound and crystal clear highs of this advanced 360 degrees unit.

Mini Speaker In White With Black Cable


  • Deep Bass Clear Highs
  • Sophisticated Speaker Unit


  • None..

At hardly 300 grammes and using a small 78 mm breadth plus 60 mm elevation, it is great for involving in the park, the work place or any where you demand brilliant audio for your tunes or telephone calls.

A Wireless Bluetooth audio speaker can additionally be boosted through a small USB power connection.
[Rating: 9/10]   £34   Get It → Sony's Best Sounding Mini Speaker

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