Car Remote Central Locking Kits For Keyless Door Entry

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Updated 25/08/2020:
The car central locking kit is perhaps the best strategy of locking every door of your vehicle collectively, simply by functioning the driver's locking mechanism. The security car system advantage is that there's no risk of leaving your doors open. Visit our car bike racks here.

Vehicle crime or car theft instances are usually a concern for the driver, which is smart to consider any safety measure towards them you can. The car central locking kit is an option that gives both simplicity and extra security to anybody who frequently drives others inside their vehicle.

: KKmoon Universal Keyless Car Door Entry Kit

Car Door Entry Kit Black Fobs

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: Vislone Car Remote Central Locking Kit

Car Central Locking Kit With Colour Cables

£21   Vislone Car Central Locking Kit - Get It!  

: JOM Remote Keyless Car Central Locking System

Remote Keyless Car System With 2 Fobs

£22   JOM Keyless Car Locking Kit - Get It!  

: Car Keyless Entry Unlocking

Keyless car door entry solutions are the typical or choice buy in many vehicles created nowadays. A remote central locking kit will contain a key fob transmitter plus a receiver within the car to utilise that frequency. On the push of a key fob button, you are linking to the central processing unit (CPU) within.

: Transmitting Data To The Processor

A CPU transmits an information flow towards the radio frequency transmitter. The actual keyless remote is really a radio wave that contains full control for safety rules. The remote control car key fob lock systems receiver in a vehicle catches the RF, takes it - and directs the data to the processor.

: Long Range But Low-Cost Devices

The processor decodes and transmits instructions to the command component. Anti-theft car lock suppliers do need to think about how they can create a sturdy and trustworthy system with reduced current usage that may acquire an excellent range, but at a low expense as is feasible.

: Sleep Mode And Battery Life

Life of the battery is essential for the transmitter and receiver that should always be on prepared to acquire transmissions. Several solutions are created to leave a receiver on for a brief amount of time. It is going directly into sleep mode for the remainder but could awaken quickly as required.

: Lock And Unlock Keyless Style

Relating to the ultimate in driver convenience and luxury, you can lock plus unlock your vehicle and start the motor without possessing the key. You need to have it with you regardless of a wallet or bag. These kinds of car central locking devices are known as smart passive keyless entry, typical in high-end cars.

: The Radio Transponder Chip

Once the motorist draws near the vehicle, they are recognised by a combined radio transponder chip within the vehicle key. The doors open-up and clear once the driver tugs on the handle. The motor begins with the contact of a button on the dash panel. The option is performing the task of the key by shutting the circuit for the engine.

: Security From Vehicle Thieves

The particular unlocking isn't basically for efficiency. The start/stop option should really have better safeguards from vehicle robbers. The vehicles' computer can understand the code from the motorists particular key fob. Without having the fob, the car cannot be taken.

: Keyless Boot Opening Advancement

Securing the vehicle whenever exiting is equally as easy. The motorist basically presses a control button on the door handle - several solutions even ensure once the driver strolls away. A few cars have keyless boot opening up solutions with sensors the bumper where you move your feet side to side beneath.

: EasyGuard Remote Central Locking Kit Keyless

Remote Central Locking Kit With Silver Car

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: SLPRO Central Locking Kit Radio Controllers


  • 2 Radio Controllers
  • Blinker Control Opening


  • None..

Central Locking Kit With Cables And Controllers

£27   SLPRO Central Locking Kit With RC - Get It!  

: Keenso Remote Entry Auto Car Door Lock Kit


  • Range 60 To 80 Metres
  • Strong Car Compatibility


  • None..

Remote Entry Car Door Lock Kit With Black Fob

£14   Keenso Remote Car Door Lock Kit - Get It!  

Never Leave Any Car Door Open

The most distinct benefit of any central car door opener technique is that it offers an entirely foolproof strategy for locking all the doors of the vehicle, managing the driver locking mechanism. The protection benefit from this is there's no threat of leaving any door opened.

Easy To Set-Up In The Door Space

To transform your vehicle to the remote central locking kit, you will need a package that you can easily purchase from any 'good car electronics' store. This includes electronically run devices that you attach to the doors with all of the cabling, plus mounting brackets needed for installation.

2 And 4 Door Car Key Fob Security

A car key fob system may be used on any two or even four-door vehicle, even though the advantages of installation one to a four-door vehicle must be significantly higher. It is also utilised on nearly every type of vehicle; however, you need to check with the supplier initially if the car is acceptable.

Car Door Lock Remote Device

Several automatic car door lock packages will also be provided with remote power. This enables you to lock the vehicle from the exterior with a handheld device. They have the benefit that, if the locks freeze up in winter weather, you might still have the ability to open the door using a remote device.

Unlocking Via Digital Key Card

Along with remote central locking is keyless accessibility. The vehicle will not include anything at all the same shape as a key. You will find digital key cards that never need to be taken from your wallet. The vehicle registers the key like a car GPS tracker which may be in your purse, hands, handbag, and so on.

: Vankcp Remote Car Door Open Security System


  • Flashing Park Lights
  • Dual Impact Detector


  • None

Car Door Opener With Black And Red Wires

£14   Vankcp Remote Car Door Opener Kit - Get It!  

: AllRight RC Locking Kit With Car Alerts

Vehicle alarm immobiliser plus 2 door remote central locking system bundle with 2 years guarantee. This particular remote central locking kit and warning device comes accomplished with Shock sensing element.

There is an additional immobiliser for your entire automobile's protection. The system is going to safeguard all your door access plus bonnet and car boot.

Central Locking Kit With Black Cables

Set-up along with the 2 motors supplied will additionally advance your locking system to remote, so you will be able to lock plus open-up at the quick contact of a simple push button on the remote.

The locking mechanism and unlock doors through remote fob, indicants, or side lights will flash upon locking, unlocking of the vehicle or immobiliser.
[Rating: 9/10]   £13   Get It → AllRight Keyless Locking Kit  

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: Rightclick Central Lock Car Entry Kit

The most recent high specification Hopping code remote central locking system with 12v organisation general outfitting.

The latest modern design with contributed additional characteristics and great protection using the random code anti-scan grabber controls. First-rate code safety and copy proof with over 4 billion conceivable codes.

Locking Keyless Kit With Hopping Code


  • Windows Roll Function
  • Remote Boot Release


  • None..

This particular outfits is for vehicles with no central locking system and would like to change to remote, in addition manual C/L.

It delivers 2 master solenoid commands and 2 slave solenoids that permits you to lock-up and open up all doors from equally both sides - the drivers door plus passenger front door.
[Rating: 9/10]   £33   Get It → RC Central Locking Keyless Car  

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: vidaXL Vehicle Central Door Locking Kit

A decent vehicle central door locking kit and essential merchandise for virtually any car to upgrade, adopting ease of use as well as motoring safety. In arming condition, push the locking option for 3 seconds, the focus illumination will blink.

An impressive locking organisation that enables the driver to lock-up and open all the doors plus release the car boot inside a certain range of the vehicle via pushing a button upon the remote device.

Universal Vehicle Locking Kit With Wires

This modern central door locking mechanism is comprehensive for 2 in addition 4 door cars - and appropriate for practically all motorcars using 12 Volts. Using the 360 degrees mobile head of electric motor, it's effortless to set-up and delivers with all indispensable components.
[Rating: 9/10]   £20   Get It → vidaXL Vehicle Locking Kit  

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Central Locking Kit From Drivers Door

Once the driver's door locking mechanism is used, it shifts a switch within the master drive device. The master system then transmits a signal to the drive system that slowly moves the link supports and locking mechanism. You can perhaps open other car doors with this type central locking kit.

Auto Locking System Car Safety

Using some central locking system - when the key is in specific vicinity from the vehicle, the car routinely opens by itself. You may possibly effortlessly lock the rear doors to maintain your young children within the car safely.

The start control key enables you to start the car. It's also smart to check around before you purchase one that suits your driving habits etc.

Car Key Fob Central Locking Kits Remote Control Entry

: RightClick Keyless Central Locking

This particular keyless entering organisation contributes remote command to your existent central locking system.

It's elevated remote keyless technology that contributes central locking system to cars with hand-operated central locking systems. Functions incorporate total close down, vehicle spotter and an accessories.

Keyless Car Remote Start Locking

Perfect for employment with car boots and remote control starters. The integral entire closure fundamental locking system interface allows for 'keyless' to be associated to the cars present central locking system (wherever accommodated) - sanctioning the doors to be locked up and unsecured.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24   Get It → RightClick Keyless Car Locking  

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: MASO Car Central Door Locking Kit

The UCP central locking transition outfit will permit you to change over virtually 'any vehicle' in to remote central locking system.

No longer fiddling with the keys, or perhaps scraping the paint on the car doors etc. These kits are extremely easy to equip, plus accompany everything that you require.

Remote Central Door Locking With 2 Fobs


  • All Fittings Supplied
  • 2 Or 4 Door Cars


  • None..

It comes with 4 x door motor actuators incorporating 1 master unitary for the car drivers door, so you are able to lock the entire vehicle from the car drivers door.

Some cars are cable system motored, which will command a supplementary bracket. All wiring demanded to exchange either 2 or 4 doors and most recent key fobs.
[Rating: 9/10]   £17   Get It → MASO Remote Door Locking  

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: Zerone Car Remote Locking System Keyless

This is an accomplished remote device central locking technology for your vehicle. This particular scheme is comprehensive and will accommodate all acknowledged automobiles, vans and lorries, irrespective of model.

Put differently, it will accommodate virtually any vehicle and will change over your manual door locking to a completely usable central locking organisation.

Car Remote Locking System With Coloured Wiring

LED position signal and pneumatic compressor locking mechanism, or digital lock jumper environment. Remote commanded door lock or open up. Remote car boot eject plus windows roll-up output signal feature. Auto finding and output index light.
[Rating: 9/10]   £13   Get It → Zerone Car Remote Locking  

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: Scorpion Car Alarm System Immobiliser

Car or van alarm system immobiliser with locking technology that possesses full integral 6 wire CDL command to electrical power to change over a car's CDL arrangement AUX alarm, armed add-on plus aggregate closure productions.

Safety characteristics 2 x 4 option receiving set keys controlled, water as well as shock proof using random 66 bit encoding to forestall skimming and code seizing etc.

Car Or Van Immobiliser With All Wiring


  • Built In Full 6 Wire CDL
  • Four Button Radio Keys


  • None.

Misplaced or taken radio keys may be programmed outside border safety circuit for doors as well as hood. Inner safety selectable through the radio receiver keys, manual arm adopting radio key, inactive arming of the immobiliser or perhaps with alert in collaboration.
[Rating: 9/10]   £66   Get It → Scorpion Car Immobiliser  

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Car central locking system organisation is painless to set-up and can be equipped to any car that operates a standard 12v battery.

The technology allows all doors to lock and un-lock at the same time from the drivers door, all by means of the active key. All cabling and fixtures are incorporated and the device comes complete with outfitting and all functioning directions.