Best Car Tracking Devices With Superb Real-Time SMS

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Updated 27/12/2019:
Our best GPS tracker for cars are indispensable equipment for overseeing a solitary car or perhaps several vehicles. Real-time vehicle tracking systems provide fast, up-dated speed and car alert placement data via text or e-mail notifications according to criteria you determine.

What Is A Car GPS Tracker?
GPS magnetic car trackers are mobile gadgets that permit fleet leaders, father/mother and car drivers of all types to observe and monitor the whereabouts of their vehicle. These real-time car GPS trackers offer instant speed and placement info, plus a recording of this data for future usage.

: Toptellite Car Tracker Spy 4G GPS Real-Time Locator

Car Tracker Spy GPS Locator In Black

£65   Toptellite Car Tracker Spy 4G GPS - Get It!  

: Zeerkeer GPS Vehicle Tracking System SMS Alerts


  • Water Proof IP58
  • Strong Magnetic Device


  • None..

GPS Vehicle Tracking System In Black Box

£42   Zeerkeer GPS Vehicle Tracking System - Get It!  

: Jueapu GPS Magnetic Car Tracker Real Time Position


  • Vibration Alarm System
  • Very Easy To Hide


  • None..

Black GPS Magnetic Car Tracker In Case

£79   Jueapu GPS Magnetic Car Tracker - Get It!  

: BuFan Mini GPS Tracking Device For Car Positioning


  • Free Mobile APP
  • Google Maps Real-Time


  • None..

Mini GPS Tracking Device With White Smartphone

£43   BuFan Mini GPS Tracking Device - Get It!  

Advantages Of Real Time Tracking

With many GPS car tracker spy devices, it's actually simple to create real-time notifications for each time a motorist speeds or even varies from a specific region. Advantages of setting up a car system on unique autos are enhanced car safety and theft recuperation. Real-time car position and less complicated route plans.

How The GPS System Functions

The real-time GPS tracker implements a system of geostationary satellites to ascertain the position of a gadget explicitly created for this function. The fundamental concept is that a GPS system applies absolute/relative multilateration points to view its location according to its range from tracker satellites.

OBD System Tracking Characteristics

The main difference from a GPS monitor and a vehicle routing method is that the navigation method gives you your physical location as well as travelling guidelines. Although an OBD tracker possibly looks after a report of the motoring characteristics - or even shows its sat-nav GPS position in real-time.

Web Map Linking Via Smartphone

Whenever a GPS tracker for any vehicle is capable of transmitting its position, it generally utilises the very same solutions your mobile phone does to create calls or hook-up to the web maps etc. This is the reason a few GPS car trackers with subscription demand a month to month payment set-up.

Precise Position Of Your Stolen Vehicle

The primary intent behind a live GPS tracker system is to inform you exactly where your automobile is year-round, and you will find a lot of different eventualities where that is valuable. If the vehicle has been stolen and you had a monitor set-up, you might supply the UK police with the precise position.

Monitor Your Child/Teens' Whereabouts

GPS navigation trackers for cars likewise fall straight in the well-respected child control scenario. With the appropriate vehicle tracking device set-up in your teen's vehicle, you can access their whereabouts in real-time, or perhaps watch a car journey recording of where they have recently been etc.

: CarLock OBD Tracker Android And iOS GPS APP


  • Alerts If Disconnected
  • Detailed Car Trip Tracker


  • None

OBD Tracker GPS In Steel With Mobile Phone

£75   CarLock OBD Tracker Android/iOS GPS - Get It!  

: LikorLove Car Tracker Without Subscription GPS


  • Accurate To 5 Metres
  • Set-Up The GEO Fence


  • None..

Car Tracker GPS With Black Cable

£19   LikorLove Car Tracker GPS - Get It!  

: SpyTrack Nano Live GPS Tracker Real-Time Locator


  • Highly Recommended!
  • No Contract Tracking


  • None..

GPS Tracker Locator With LED Status Light

£39   SpyTrack Nano Live GPS Tracker - Get It!  

: Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker With Subscription


  • Set-Up Your Own Zones
  • Activity Anti-Theft Alerts


  • None..

Real Time GPS Tracker With Lanyard

£99   Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker - Get It!  

Ideal For Fleet Business Owners

Several GPS tracking devices for cars are additionally enormously helpful for those who own significant fleets of vehicles. A few utilise these solutions to 'keep an eye on' exactly where their own vehicles are at any particular time to better organise regular procedures, even monitoring miles for accounting or reclaims etc.

Car Spying And Ethical Dilemmas

Needless to say, there is a downside of GPS vehicle tracking systems as well. A few may use them without the car owner's awareness to keep tabs on where the automobile will go. If you feel this is the situation, you can attempt to identify the GPS tracker which has been concealed in your car.

You May Need A 4G/5G Phone Contract

Whenever you consider virtually any scenario in which you may want to understand precisely where your vehicle is, you may require a GPS car tracker spy gadget. The only real caution here is many of these types of trackers, even pet GPS trackers may need a 4G/5G mobile plan to give you real-time position information.

: Quad Band Car GPRS Tracking Device

This particular car tracking system is the enhanced version of the TK102, which includes large built-in memory space. Once the GPS tracker gadgets lose GSM transmission or fall offline, the GPRS tracker may keep the tracking placement details and notifications instantly upon the pre-set situation.

GPRS Tracking Nav Device With Cables And Box

Whenever the signal returns, all of the event notifications will likely be auto-sent to the approved numbers or tracking platform server, nevertheless the saved monitoring information needs to be packed towards the tracking system by way of SMS instruction.
[Rating: 9/10]   £25 Get It → GPRS Tracking Nav Device

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Best Tracking Devices For Cars - Small And Unobtrusive

: Lekemi Easy Set-Up GPS Tracker For Car

This easy set-up sat nav GPS tracker for car locating is a new style of GPS monitoring device for any vehicle/motorcar. With an integral magnet, the gadget can effortlessly be set-up inside your automobile in just seconds. Using GPS satellite emplacement plus AGPS auxiliary aligning, LBS base station setting, the mechanism functions any where you like in the globe.

It accompanies live tracking and historic itinerary functionality so the end user can ascertain the live track as well as past through a mobile phone anywhere you like and anyplace.

Android And iOS GPS Tracker For Car In Black


  • For Android And iOS
  • SIM Card Support GSM


  • None.

You'll enjoy reassurance with acknowledging incisively where your automobile is. Effortless set up with integral strong magnet so you can establish the tracking device on your automobile inside 10 seconds effortlessly.

Demanded SIM card GSM band with GPRS data programme. GPS predisposition -159 dBm precision Geo-fence alarm system and reduced electrical power alert assistance. Vibration alert assistance plus historic itinerary replay 3 months route can without doubt be determined.
[Rating: 9/10]   £46 Get It → Lekemi Smart GPS Car Tracker

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: TKSTAR Mini GPS Car Tracker GSM AGPS

The application for this is based on Apple software called Tkstar, which you can download free of charge through iTunes or Google so you can monitor where the tracking system is. Supply peace of mind with regard to individuals monitoring luggage, as well as other essentials on a trip.

Min GPS Car Tracker GSM In Black And Red Exterior

The SOS process operates when the switch is pushed. A help me type textual content is transmitted to all sanctioned telephone numbers, plus tracking devices. You can use it in car leasing or fleet administration. It is water-resistant, light and portable, compact, with a smooth style.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39 Get It → TKSTAR Mini GPS Car Tracker

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: REWIRE GPS Car Tracker Smart Placement

Specialist GSM navigation vehicle tracking system with a compact, smart placement GPS precision of only 5 metres. Assistance non-server dependent position, position memory, automatic location document. Authorise or delete the monitoring telephone number. Concealed alarm and voice monitoring.

Pro GSM GPS Car Tracker In Black


  • Cloud Car Tracker Software
  • 6000 mAh Built-In Battery


  • None..

Geo-fence alarm in the event of breaking the pre-determined area. Motion alarm alert in case there is motion detected. Velocity alert in the case of more than the actual pre-determined speed. Electrical power alarm for safety of the children, elderly folk, disabled, pets and so forth.
[Rating: 9/10]   £89 Get It → REWIRE GPS Car Tracker UK

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: Leshp Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracker

Real time monitoring GPS vehicle tracker with location alarms and elementary text content instructions. It remits Google maps coordinates, addresses in addition to Lat/Long location to your mobile phone which necessitate a 2G SIM card. Global positioning system monitoring with excellent web portal adopting.

Small GeoFence GPS Vehicle Tracker In Black


  • Advanced Real-Time Car GPS
  • Sends Text Alerts To You


  • None.

This first-class individualised tracking gadget features a fall screen, and can additionally track motion, can arrange border limits with Geo-surrounding and features an SOS push button in the consequence of a situation. Position the GPS tracker inside your baggage, or perhaps on animal collars.

SOS distress alert will broadcast text content to an upper limit of 3, put forward numbers and additionally calls to a maximum of 3 proposed numbers. It allows 2 way spoken communication, exactly like a telephone call to safeguard yourself, your kids, your automobile and more.
[Rating: 9/10]   £90 Get It → Leshp GPS Vehicle Tracker

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The typical GPS tracker for cars frequently make use of GLONASS solutions for locating your car, nevertheless, other types of Wireless car technologies are used. Uncover the most effective GPS car tracker that allows you to view your car on a map from your PC or smartphone.