Top-10 Rear Bike Carriers To Securely Carry Cycles

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Updated 06/05/2020:
These rear mounted bike racks for cars are the perfect UK transfer solution for the family including sufficient safe keeping for up to 3 bikes. Strong fixing bands restrain the rear cycle carrier to the car and forestall motion, or even impairment throughout the car journey.

: Greenfields Universal Bike Carrier For Car SUV

Bike Carrier For Car Fixed On Rear

£31   Greenfields Bike Carrier For Car - Get It!  

: Maypole Rear Cycle Rack For Car Clam-Shell Fit

Rear Cycle Rack On Silver Car

£32   Maypole Rear Cycle Rack For Car - Get It!  

: Hollywood Car Mountain Bike Rack Heavy-Duty

Car MTB Rack In All Black

£114   Hollywood Car Mountain Bike Rack - Get It!  

: Roadster Rear Bike Carrier For Car

An all versatile 2 rear bike carrier appropriate for virtually all saloon type cars plus 4 x 4 vehicles. The design of this cycle ledge baggage is accommodated for the motorcar and bigger commercial cars. It's not appropriate for the Landrover, but effective for travelling with your cycle totally protected.

Roadster Rear Bike Carrier For Cars On White Vehicle

One or perhaps two cycles may be positioned collectively. The fixture set-up is effortless and enclosed is a detailed fixing guide, but it is possible to set-up inside a few minutes without. Desirable for transporting 2 racing, mountain or maybe touring cycles, is completely adaptable and corresponds to the majority of cars.
[Rating: 9/10]   £23   Get It → Roadster Rear Bike Carrier

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: Perruzo Rear Mounted Bike Rack 3 Cycles

This comprehensively created rear mounted bike rack is just right for moving either one, two or 3 bikes. It is fashioned to agree with most modern-day cars, excluding those big 4 x 4's including back mounted wheels. Once you exchange your motorcar, you are not going to necessitate altering your bicycle rack.

Rear Mounted 3 Bikes Rack With Diagram

It folds up for leisurely storage, which implies that it may be intelligently stacked away in the car boot and brought out whenever demanded. Effortless to accommodate, it delivers with an entire manual - and in addition is set-up for deployment in approximately 10 minutes.

Suited for as much as three cycles with fast and simple fixings.
[Rating: 9/10]   £54   Get It → Perruzo Rear Mount Bike Rack

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: Green Valley Rear Bicycle Rack Fixed

The GV 620 rear bicycle rack is for carrying 3 cycles and is fixed on to the tail-board back door, although it will consequently not demand any additional gear.

Easy 60 seconds set-up is practically all that's called for and whenever not occupied, the rack is ideal for the bulky fat tyre bike and folds up - but may be tidily stacked away for later use.

GV Rear Bicycle Rack For 3 Bikes In Black And Red

Presented set-up to utilise the 620 forks which are around 45cm separated, so be sure to guarantee the cross bar breadth is at the lowest degree. This particular width is to enable the cycle frame to position upon the fork.

Whenever the cross bar breadth is under this, consider the Adventure 621 which feature forks closer fitting at 30cm.
[Rating: 9/10]   £76   Get It → Green Valley Rear Bicycle Rack

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: Thule Freeway Rear Car Bike Rack

This top quality, efficient choice rear car bike rack is principally for saloon vehicles and is effortless to attach on to the back end door with practically all components in contact with the motorcar.

It is layered with rubber for additional security and transports an upper limit of three cycles. Developed with corresponding fixtures and the load total capacity is around 60Kg.

Thule Freeway Rear Car Bike Rack 3 Cycles With Black Fixings


  • Easy To Set-Up
  • Fits All Frames


  • None, It's A Good One..

It weighs 14.5Kg and accommodates virtually all framework sizes. It is furnished with rubber surfaced frame holders and enables car boot access using the carrier as well as cycles mounted upon.

You can view the Thule suitable instructions for vehicle suggestions. A high quality, efficient choice bike bearer primarily for saloon motorcars.
[Rating: 9/10]   £74   Get It → Thule Rear Car Bike Rack

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: Summit 3 Bike Rear Carrier For Saloons

This 'rear mounted cycle carrier for motorcars' extends to possibly one, two or maybe three bicycles. It's been organised to accommodate most new cars, aside form ones including the extra wheel fitted out to the back end. The holder turns up for leisurely safe keeping, thus it does not assume a great deal of space.

3 Bike Rear Mounted Cycle Carrier On Silver Colour Car

It holds adequate to 3 bikes and corresponds with the the majority of cars. It's made with a substantial and durable steel body along with foam cushioning shields. It is not appropriate for cars with the spare wheel fixed on the back-side.

Practically all sizes are entirely estimated and acquired at the upper limit points of the product, unless differently expressed.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24   Get It → Summit Rear Cycle Carrier

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: WNB 3 Cycle Bike Carrier For Car

The bike carrier for cars is dispatched via a British firm using VAT invoice offered if necessitated. This bicycle carrier comes with an adjustment guide and additional belts for protection.

The cycle rack smoothly collapses down for leisurely safe keeping and possesses cushions so it does not harm the paint work on your vehicle's operative spots.

WNB 3 Cycle Bike Carrier For Car, Hatchback In Black Metal

It holds as much as 3 cycles and accommodates the majority of motorcars, saloons, small sized 4 x 4's, estates or even the hatchback. It offers a secure steel framework, foam bolstering to safeguard cycle and the car.

Be sure to observe the product is not appropriate for caravans or 4 x 4's using an extra wheel fixed on back.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → WNB 3 Cycle Bike Carrier

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: Cicli Bicycle Rear Rack 3 Bikes

This is a quality affixed bicycle back rack for 3 cycles, appropriate for virtually all motorcars and especially for sedans etc. Entirely adaptable and very functional back cycle holder.

Dual upper bands and all 6 straps examined at 250 kilos each. 6 hardened hooks plus additional metal buckles included. Proprietary shock absorbing body assistance and 30mm size pipes.

Bicycle Back Rack For 3 Bikes


  • Different Colours To Buy
  • Made Of Strong Material


  • Slightly More Pricey

It's extra secure with an additional protection band fastened to the framework. Completely set-up with simply no instruments demanded and appropriate for practically all vehicles. Remember, always your license plate in addition to rear lamp must be viewable.
[Rating: 9/10]   £83   Get It → Cicli Rear Bicycle Rack

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Top-10 Recommended Rear Bike Carriers For Most Cars

Several rear bike carriers which are fastened onto the rear of a car in many cases are offered as universal carriers, and they must be regarded as vehicle unique - which means they should merely be utilised if they have been accepted for use on a specific car.

The rear mounted bike racks will often be the cheaper and affix to the back of your vehicle, typically with a group of bands. Back attached bicycle carriers sometimes just accommodate particular cars, so make sure to check out the fitting instructions to make sure you choose the best one for your vehicle.

Homcom Folding Rear Mounted Bike Rack

Rear Mounted Bike Rack On Black Vehicle

£36   Homcom Rear Bike Rack - Get It!  

Selecting The Right Bike Rack

Installation of many rear bike racks is often car particular, so you need to ensure you select the right choice for the automobile. Specific car physical structure, for example, spoilers, as well as those divided car boots, are probably not appropriate.

E.Saver Universal Rear Cycle Carrier


  • Simple To Put Together
  • Folds Flat Easily


  • None..

Rear Cycle Carrier On Silver Car

£34   E.Saver Universal Rear Cycle Carrier - Get It!  

The Towbar Strategy

An additional way to carry your bicycles is by using a rear cycle carrier that connects to a towbar. The fitted bicycle carriers possess a couple of positive aspects in addition to being genuinely durable. They support the bicycles very low so you can get to all of them with less effort.

A few rear bike carrier types may tilt aside, enabling you access to the boot. The bicycles may be secured towards the rack and the rack towards the vehicle. It's not hard to lift the cycles to the frame, which means they are great for higher cars etc.

Rhino Auto Bicycle Rear Bike Carrier Rack

3 Bicycle Rear Bike Carrier With Blue Box

£32   Rhino Auto Rear Bike Carrier - Get It!  

Protecting The Car Paintwork

The rear mounted bike racks offer rubber layered framework holders and maintain the cycles securely in position, whilst protecting from scrapes and scratches. The incorporated straps help fastening of the cycles and you effortless 'attach to the back door' using a secure locking system.

Adapt it to accommodate to your particular car at the start - following that, it's possible to equip and eliminate the carrier in just seconds. Visit our tyre pressure gauge tools here to check your air levels.