Stunning Vintage Vinyl Players In Portable Suitcase Style

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Updated 05/08/2020:
An excellent choice of vinyl record players with retro styling and 3-speed turntable plus top-notch speakers integrated. Record the vinyl records and cassettes on compact disc and Mp3 from the classic style suitcase and USB record players with speakers in-built.

Regardless of whether choosing your first portable vinyl player turntable or improving your model, there are numerous features you will observe as many high-end turntables can cost you.

: VOKSUN Budget Record Player Vintage Turntable

Record Player In Vintage Wood Style

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: Wockoder Bluetooth Vinyl Player With Belt-Drive

Bluetooth Vinyl Player With White Mobile

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: VinylMusicOn Vintage Vinyl Player Wireless Connect

Vintage Vinyl Player In All Black

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DigitNow Bluetooth Vinyl Player Retro Suitcase

Vinyl Player In Cream Retro Suitcase Syle

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Shuman Vintage Vinyl Record Player DAB And CD

Vintage Vinyl Record Player On 4 Legs

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Main Types Of Vinyl Player

A belt-driven vinyl music player is operated by a motor unit that takes advantage of a belt to rotate that plate for the disc. The motor of a belt turntable is attached and is seen as a shock/damper, generating less shake and exterior sound, indicating you obtain better audio.

For The Best Sound Precision

In the event, you are merely searching for a sophisticated system, a belt-driven vintage vinyl record player is your best option. A direct-drive turntable's platter is situated on the base of the motor. Simply no flexible belt required, thus offering you steady speed and substantial sound precision.

Belt-Driven Or Direct-Drive?

In comparison with the belt-driven versions, direct-drive Bluetooth vinyl players in many cases are more durable, very dependable and secure a sufficient speed faster. You may also modify the record play-back tempo and even stream tunes from the record turntable etc.

For DJ Or Home Music Enthusiasts

The direct-drive digital vinyl turntables are fantastic for DJ's or perhaps any person enthusiastic about establishing exceptional sounds or combinations. They permit you to operate rotated records forwards and backwards style manually.

Manual Retro Vinyl Player Tonearm

Most manual retro vinyl players necessitate some adeptness so you will have to position the tonearm specifically on the record and raise it off whenever you are finished. You will probably find it more comfortable as they have a 'raising system' that will bring the arm hanging over the record.

Automated vinyl CD players work for you by merely positioning the record to play. The tonearm can instantly move to the border of the album. It can go back to position when the disc is completed, and the platter ceases rotating.

Victrola Portable Vinyl Player Bluetooth

Portable Vinyl Player In Blue And Red

£94   Victrola Portable Vinyl Player - Get It!  

Lenco Vinyl Music Player Pre-Amplifier Included


  • MMC For Clear Sound
  • Arm Lift Auto Return


  • None..

Black Vinyl Music Player With Square Lid

£99   Lenco Vinyl Music Player Pre-Amp - Get It!  

Soundmaster Vinyl Turntable Radio Tuner

Vinyl Turntable With Side Speakers

£49   Soundmaster Vinyl Turntable With Radio - Get It!  

Shuman Retro Vinyl Player With MP3 Recording

Retro Vinyl Player With Wooden Finish

£84   Shuman Retro Vinyl Player Bluetooth - Get It!  

USB Vinyl Turntables With CD And Mp3

USB vinyl turntable turntables let you copy your records straight to compact discs or Mp3 data files by linking instantly to your PC or device. This procedure will take little exertion on your part; nevertheless, most USB outfitted turntables have an application to help make the task simpler.

Linking To Your Own Stereo System

Turntables create a phono transmission, which must be transformed into a line standard to cooperate with your sound system. Although good digital vinyl turntables appreciate a preamp installed, there are a few that need you to buy one to use with your own stereo system.

Turntable With Internal Preamp

In case your receiver does not have a phono source, you will possibly have to buy a vinyl record player turntable with an internal preamp. Several extra particulars to reflect upon with preamps is various turntables with USB resource and already preamp in-built.

Accuracy Of The Grooves On Vinyl

The cartridge is installed to the closure of the tonearm and regulates the accuracy over the grooves of vinyl. Cartridges impact the sound level of quality of your vinyl much more than any other element.

Vinyl Sound Is Way Better Than CD?

Probably vinyl sound is way better, yet analogue songs reproduce original tones in a fashion that digital compact disks and Mp3s are unable to. The grooves of the record reflect the 'sound wave' of any recording that's precisely not condensed by any means.

Relating to tonearm as well as weight, vintage vinyl record player turntables may be somewhat tricky. There are plenty of elements and hardware you have to get, so everything is spot on before having fun playing tunes on the music system with turntable.

GPO Memphis Radio, Vinyl Player Music Centre

It's all you should need to take pleasure in your 'older' music assortment. The music centre continues to be created in 3 lovely colours with appealing black and chrome impact.

Vinyl Player In Black And Crome Finish


  • Spare Stylus Included
  • Bass Boost Function


  • None.

GPO likewise incorporate in the box a 3.5mm connection lead to let your MP3 players play music from this stereo system. Retro full size LP turntable. Record music straight to USB and SD card from the integrated LP turntable, LCD display with blue back lighting.
(Rating: 9/10)   £99   Get It - GPO Turntable Vinyl Player

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Teac Music Centre Turntable Cassette Recorder

The unit is a new, all in one music centre that can record CD straight from your vinyl record assortment of 33s, 45s, 78rpm and your cassette tapes. You can now play and record your vinyl collections and cassettes on to compact disc and listen to your preferred records practically anyplace.

Music Centre In Black With Transparent Lid


  • Transfer Your Music
  • Stereo RCA Pin Cable


  • None.

It includes two installed stereo audio speakers and a function remote device. Take out those vinyls and valued cassettes so anyone can listen to them repeatedly. This is a music centre with a big difference.
(Rating: 9/10)   £369   Get It - Teac Music Centre CD Recorder

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Importance Of Tonearm Functionality

To experience music accurately, the tonearm must be deliberated perfectly, so the needle is situated flawlessly in the groove. An excessive amount of weight and the record will finish impaired, too little and the arm will leap to incur scratching or extreme jumping.

Needle Situated On The Vinyl Groove

Most turntables arrive put together, nevertheless you're making your decision - so inquire about the tonearm as well as the weight. A top-quality Bluetooth vinyl player may have a more strong influence in the arm and supply considerably better play.

What If Discs Jump Or Skip?

This tonearm is one of the product features you will pay money for with any top of the range music vinyl player. The needle towards the end of the vinyl turntable tonearm is what tunes throughout the grooves. You may want to exchange the needle stylus if discs jump or skip etc.

Should your vinyl records start skipping, the first thing you have to do is look at your records for any scrapes, dirt and grime. This could impact the music sound quality of the record enormously. In case your discs are right, the next conclusion must be the vinyl music-player provider.

Retro Steepletone Vinyl Record Player FM MP3

The player is a great method for playing dozens of old vinyl records you have just found in the attic. The Norwich is a standalone record player with it's personal internal amplifier and audio speakers.

Player In Brown Wooden Exterior

Extra features of this music centre consist of 33, 45, 78 rpm turntable, it plays 7 inch, 10 and 12 inch records, 45rpm spindle adaptor is provided, FM radio and MP3 playback through the USB port and from any SD card slot from capacity 64MB - 3GB maximum.
(Rating: 9/10)   £74   Get It - Retro Vinyl Record Player

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ROXY 60's Nostalgic Stereo System Turntable

Records vinyl records and compact discs on to MP3. You can use a USB stick or SD memory card as much as 2000MB. This is a 60's style look good quality turntable with 3 speed 33, 45 and even 78 records.

Turntable In Black And Chrome Finish

DTL sub woofer speaker socket plays much deeper, increased tones. There is an earphone socket and RMS extension speaker sockets. Black and chrome texture. Approximate dimensions are 35.5cm X 34.5cm X 17cm.
(Rating: 9/10)   £79   Get It - 60's Nostalgic Stereo Turntable

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Latest Vinyl Record Players In Vintage Styles For Sale

Paying attention to your preferred songs from a music system is not merely dedicated to the musician. The overall look of the retro portable vinyl player is meaningful as well.

DJ's make use of mats to lessen friction on the discs, however, are necessary for just about every turntable. They increase sound quality and safeguard the records from becoming impaired. Never make an effort to play a record disc devoid of a cushioned mat.

Steepletone SMC Retro Vinyl Player Music Centre

The music centre in stunning black is more than merely an excellent functioning record player. Additionally, it incorporates a completely functional CD player, double cassette tape player and an FM, MW radio station option.

Vinyl Player In Black Exterior

It is possible to maintain your audio files on these memory gadgets and play them back through the music centre, or move the documents to your computer for storage space, exchange to MP3 player and even generation of CD and so forth.

Additional attributes of the music centre incorporate constant play on cassette players and link USB device of up to 4GB size.
(Rating: 9/10)   £169   Get It - Steepletone Retro Vinyl Player

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AUNA Traditional 50's Vinyl Media Turntable

The player is a multi use program that mediates in between old and brand new media. Behind it's classic 50's facade lies a modern audio system with an AM FM tuner.

Vinyl Media Player In Black And Chrome Shell


  • CD Player And USB
  • Power Option On Rear


  • None..

Store your music on USB and SD storage devices via the USB and SD slots - with no use of a PC required. Perfect for preserving the old recordings by taking them forward. A classic compact stereo with good quality turntable and radio tuner for your entertainment.
(Rating: 9/10)   £144   Get It - AUNA Vinyl Media Player

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GPO Jive Turntable Vinyl Player Record To USB

Save your valuable, although aged and beloved records straight to a USB drive or record your vinyl in MP3 format using the GPO Jive 3 speed retro vinyl player. It additionally enables you to play your preferred records and MP3 files from the safety of your sofa with the fashionable remote device.

Vinyl Player In All White Finish

To attain a considerably better sound, the GPO Jive player may also be linked to an external amp or headsets with a 3.5mm jack connector, which is not supplied. Additional attributes of this player consist of a good quality turntable with 3 speed ranges in 33, 45 and 78 rpm, stereo system amplifier, FM stereo radio stations and CD, MP3, USB interface.
(Rating: 9/10)   £71   Get It - GPO Turntable Vinyl Player

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If you believe the record rotating on a turntable should be 'as protected' as is feasible. A vinyl player table pad really helps to keep the disc in position and lowers any movements and oscillation. This will make for a considerably more steady play.

With an expansion of even more long-established vinyl music players distributed at this time, retro is making a significant comeback. Hopefully, you have enjoyed our selection of classic retro briefcase vinyl record players and the few present-day USB turntable options.