10 High Calibre Belt Drive Turntables With First-Class Sound And Styling

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Exceptional belt drive turntables to recapture your classical 33 and 45 RPM discs. Using the integrated pre-amp, they can be plugged instantly to your PC, household stereo system, operated audio speakers as well as different fittings. See our record players with speakers and extras..

01: SoundLab Pro Belt Drive 3 Speed Turntable 78 RPM

Top quality USB power belt drive 3 speed turntable merchandise may be utilised on 33 as well as 45 RPM records - and also by employing the incorporated software package.

Your 78 rpm vinyls can additionally be effortlessly recorded. Small sized and competent, the turntable includes pitch command and head-shell plus.

33, 45 RPM Belt Drive 3 Speed Turntable With Cover

SoundLab Belt Drive 3 Speed Turntable

It includes a stylus, cartridge and USB input plus it is furnished with a cover and the popular Audacity software system. Effortlessly plays 7, 10 inch in addition 12 inch vinyl records featuring an extremely high calibre belt drive style turntable.
[Rating: 8/10] - £88 - Get It → SoundLab Belt Drive 3 Speed Turntable

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02: ION Audio Belt Driven Turntable With Integral Speakers

The belt driven turntable to enjoy your preferred tunes with acquaintances as well as transform disc to MP3 music digital data files for deployment with your laptop, MP3 music player or mobile phone. Extended in an tasteful, attractive wood finish, this Max LP is the centrepiece of vinyl resurgence.

In-Built Speaker Belt Driven Turntable In Hardwood

ION Audio Belt Driven Turntable

Complete turntable including integrated stereo system audio speakers. Preserving dust lid, 45 connector and felt slip mat incorporated. Wood finish vinyl player to discover your favoured tracks via your stereo, or perhaps home theater arrangement with RCA output - plus jacks incorporated.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £79 - Get It → ION Audio Belt Driven Turntable

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03: Pyle Pro Belt Drive Turntable With Audacity Software

Associate the belt drive turntable with a PC or even Mac to record tunes or produce music files whenever you connect. Deploy the supplied USB wire and encode your vinyl disc records or cassettes immediately to MP3's. It delivers with virtually every thing you demand to get plugged in and manage your tracks.

Pre Amp USB Belt Drive Turntable In All Black

Pyle Pro USB Belt Drive Turntable

Edit music and in addition produce play lists for virtually any event with cost free music redacting software package. Convert your batch of records in to an electronic tunes library - engineer your tunes collection, or perhaps just economise some room by digitising your discs. Expend the RCA line-out to link the home audio system.
[Rating: 9/10] - £91 - Get It → Pyle Pro USB Belt Drive Turntable

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04: Pro-Ject Debut Precision Made Belt Drive Carbon Turntable

The modern precision made belt drive turntable has been configured to established new criteria in this class for the approaching decade as analogue nowadays is once more an esteemed resource.

The requirement for dependable turntables is flourishing again and this one steps up hardness and diminishes uninvited resonance.

High-Fi Belt Drive Carbon Turntable With Polished Finish

Pro-Ject Belt Drive Carbon Turntable

Expended with luxury tone-arm, however price grounds was never utilised in this merchandise at low cost levels. Boost in platter dimensions as well as weight to actualise even more fluent rotary motion and new construction electric motor suspension system, the general audio calibre is greatly bettered.
[Rating: 9/10] - £324 - Get It → Pro-Ject Belt Drive Carbon Turntable

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05: TEAC TN Analogue Belt Driven Record Player Turntable

This is a belt driven record player using a fashionable and plush build, comprising an equaliser amplifier including USB power production. It accompanies phono plus line output signal that enables you to play vinyl discs with a stereo system which is not furnished with phono input.

Belt Driven Record Player Turntable With Steel Arm

TEAC Belt Driven Record Player Turntable

It's possible to carry-over tracks from vinyl disc records to your MAC or perhaps PC, expending the USB electronic production. Compact disc calibre digital filing using the USB output maintains your discs and additionally enables you to delight in vinyl records using a mobile phone or music player.
[Rating: 9/10] - £299 - Get It → TEAC Belt Driven Record Player Turntable

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06: Sony PSHX Belt Drive System Turntable Disc Player

Simply hook-up the belt drive system turntable to your computer from USB, play a disc and catch virtually every aspect of the vinyl disc with DSD pure transition. Transform your 'cherished vinyl disc' assemblage in to high-resolution sound, or perhaps just delight in playing your valuable vinyl masters.

Compact Belt Drive System Turntable Player With Black Exterior

Sony Belt Drive System Turntable Player

Extremely balanced belt drive strategy with the perfected anatomy of the drive pulley, which braces the belt drive for an all natural audio replication. Additionally, the high-inertia metal die cast disc extends ideal counter balance in between durability and volume.
[Rating: 9/10] - £449 - Get It → Sony Belt Drive System Turntable Player

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07: Rega RP1 High-Calibre Tonearm Belt Driven Turntable

This high calibre belt driven turntable is the means to explore why discs sound far better compared to compact disc. This particular entry-grade example delivers ready equipped including a cartridge, establishing once again that you do not demand lots of money to afford a good music player.

Speed Altering Belt Driven Turntable In Red And Blue

Rega RP1 Belt Driven Turntable

First-class build calibre, dependability and convenience blend to create a merchandise that is going to offer a life time of melodic delectation.

Excluding practically all the regular twists enables centralising the fabrication costs on the top quality components, essential to reproduce discs precisely. A hand-operated speed alteration instead of automated device is used.
[Rating: 9/10] - £279 - Get It → Rega RP1 Belt Driven Turntable

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08: 1byone Belt Drive Wireless Bluetooth Turntable Speaker

A vintage style and advanced belt drive Bluetooth turntable speaker made with strong hardwood, specific sound, as well as a present-day system.

Integrated Wireless Bluetooth converts your record turntable to an impressive audio speaker. Simply select your particular preferred tracks and play it immediately from your mobile or even tablet PC.

Wooden Style Belt Drive Turntable Speaker With Transparent Lid

1byone Belt Drive Bluetooth Turntable Speaker

Orchestrated and hand adjusted by the 'audio frequency pros' to guarantee the best conceivable sound. Vinyl disc to MP3 music recording function enables sound to be translated in to MP3 music data files. Relish your vinyl disc recordings anyplace and stream your preferred tunes via your phone.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £99 - Get It → 1byone Belt Drive Bluetooth Turntable Speaker

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09: AKAI Pro High Performance Belt Drive Turntable

A superior high performance belt drive turntable with Wireless Bluetooth streaming capacity. It streams tracks wirelessly to virtually any audio speaker.

Includes updated brushed metal commands, gold coated RCA jacks to easily transform your analogue discs in to digital data files, expending the enclosed software package and USB slot.

Integral Pre-Amp Belt Drive Turntable In Dark Wood Style

AKAI Pro Design Belt Drive Turntable

Noiseless belt driven strategy with a mechanically detached motor, an impenetrable formed metal platter, a rubber non skid mat as well as a reduced mass unbent tone-arm. Integrated pre-amp for deployment using a regular stereo system, or perhaps direct connectivity to high-powered audio speakers.
[Rating: 9/10] - £349 - Get It → AKAI Pro Design Belt Drive Turntable

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10: C-Essentials Counter-Weight Hi-Fi Turntable Anti-Skate

The counter weighted belt driven Hi-Fi turntable is constructed for continuing delectation of your disc collection using top quality audio replication and build character.

It additionally boasts a modest USB power outlet, so it's possible to link to a PC and additionally transform your discs to data format if you want.

Anti-Skating Hi-Fi Turntable With Hinge Cover

Connected Essentials Hi-Fi Turntable

A superior record turntable with a built-in pre-amp, which entails it will function with the majority of sound, Hi-Fi arrangements or audio docks expending your equipment’s AUX or even Phono RCA. Connect in to an electrical power outlet and your amp - nothing additional to associate or buy.
[Rating: 9/10] - £168 - Get It → Connected Essentials Hi-Fi Turntable

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10 Belt Drive Turntables Supplying Fluent And Precise Spins

Several belt drive turntables accompany an electronic converter. Simply connect your turntable in to your PC and expending the incorporated Audacity software package, transform your vinyl disc to Mp3 files.

Vinyl discs become digital using these particularly useful devices and deliver with an accessible RCA output to link to your audio speakers.

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