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Updated 12/08/2020:
Exceptional USB turntables to rekindle your 33, 45 and 78 RPM discs. With built-in pre-amp, LP turntables can be connected recording vinyl to your computer quickly. Buy the ideal vinyl record player with USB slot and convert records to digital files with the included software.

There exists an enormous UK demand for USB LP players digitising vinyl records. Recording discs digitally means you can listen to your collection on any computer or digital device.

: Denver USB Vinyl Record Player Disc To Mp3

USB Vinyl Record Player With Lid

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: Fenton USB Record Player Bluetooth Turntable

USB Record Player Turntable In Suitcase Style

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: Jam Play Record Player With Digital Output

Record Player With See-Through Cover

£59   Jam Play Record Player 3 Speed - Get It!  

Denon Digital Turntable With Panel USB

Digital Turntable With USB In All Black

£399   Denon Digital Turntable With Front USB - Get It!  

Numark Direct Drive Turntable Convert To Digital


  • Adjustable Height Feet
  • USB Cable Connect Mac


  • None..

Direct Drive Turntable With Black Disc

£113   Numark USB Direct Drive Turntable - Get It!  

Lauson USB Turntable CD Player MP3 SD Input

USB Turntable CD Player With Clear Lid

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Why Choose A USB Turntable?

The USB digital turntable record player connects into your PC via a USB wire. Virtually all include software that will remodel your records into additional music platforms. Conversion applications will let you split songs into individual files, find LP titles or performers online for relevancy.

Software To Digitally Transform

Some of the software will even help you 'tidy-up scrapes' in the recording and eliminate backdrop sound. A USB direct drive turntable is suitable if you need to switch your collection to different music varieties, nevertheless ensure you have a quality music recording.

Convert Records To Digital Files

It is simple to copy your whole record assortment to different digital music types. It is accessible and becoming a far more popular feature on USB turntable vinyl players. This kind of player is often less costly, and the level of quality of product features are excellent.

How Often Do You Convert?

The central aspect when determining just how much to invest in a USB turntable is how much you are copying. If you intend to digitise a vinyl disc and hardly ever utilise it again, you should not spend a considerable amount for the best turntable with CD player and cartridge.

Bluetooth USB Turntable Features

If you intend to use the turntable to hear a vinyl compilation on a day-by-day or every weekly principle, we suggest spending a bit more on perhaps a Bluetooth USB Turntable. You will get features such as a direct drive motor, anti-skate plus counterweight to ensure play is dependable.

Both primary drive techniques for turntables are direct drive as well as belt-driven. The direct-drive HiFi turntable presents considerably more steady play rates of speed. They are long-lasting for the reason the motor is immediately coupled to the platter component.

Lenco USB LP Player Turntable With Pre-Amp

USB LP Player Turntable In Dark Grey

£99   Lenco USB LP Player Turntable With Pre-Amp - Get It!  

House Of Marley USB Wooden Record Player


  • True Depth Of Your Music
  • Super Rotational Stability


  • Pricey

USB Wooden Turntable On 4 Rounded Legs

£169   House Of Marley USB Wooden Turntable - Get It!  

Audio-Technica USB Turntable With Pre-Amp


  • Quartz Speed Locking
  • 0.7 Elliptical Stylus


  • None.

USB Turntable With Transparent Cover

£229   Audio-Technica USB Turntable - Get It!  

Shuman Bluetooth USB Turntable Vinyl To Mp3

Bluetooth USB Turntable With Smartphone

£84   Shuman Wireless Bluetooth USB Turntable - Get It!  

USB Turntable Features And Functionality

Belt driven USB record players with speakers produce a little bit less sound in the transformation method involving the drive motor and the platter. On the other hand, as belts begin to extend and degrade, they can slide and trigger sporadic play speed rates etc.

Direct Drive USB Turntables

Our organisation choose direct drive turntables because you may take away the increased sound they generate with sound restoration approaches. You will never need a particular turntable for digitising music, and it is easy to connect a turntable to your laptop.

Connect Record Player To Your PC

Select a top-quality wooden turntable for shifting your music no matter whether it includes a USB association or not. You can connect the record player on your PC using a 3.5 mm plug, or obtain an exterior analogue to digital conversion application.

USB Converting To Mp3 File Format

The USB slot helps you switch tracks from the records on your PC where one can exchange it to Mp3 file format. For individuals trying to digitise huge vinyl material, particularly aged or unique LPs unavailable on Mp3 format, using a USB deck slot can be significant.

Popular With Those Audiophiles?

USB turntables generally have a less than ideal standing amid audiophile pros. They also claim, often appropriately so that the price ranges of putting in the USB slot are frequently negated by using reduced quality parts on the deck.

Seek information and pay attention to as numerous versions as is possible to make sure you are not receiving a disappointing unit. If you need to get your records transformed into a digital file format, there are considerably better digital selections around.

SoundLab Pro 3 Speed Turntable 78 RPM

Top quality USB power 3 speed turntable merchandise may be utilised on 33 as well as 45 RPM records - and also by employing the incorporated software package.

3 Speed Turntable With Cover

It includes a stylus, cartridge and USB input plus it is furnished with a cover and the popular Audacity software system. Effortlessly plays 7, 10 inch in addition 12 inch vinyl records featuring an extremely high calibre belt drive style turntable.
[Rating: 9/10]   £96   Get It → SoundLab 3 Speed Turntable

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ION Audio Turntable Integral Speakers

The turntable to enjoy your preferred tunes with acquaintances as well as transform disc to MP3 music digital data files for deployment with your laptop, MP3 music player or mobile phone. Extended in an tasteful, attractive wood finish, this Max LP is the centrepiece of vinyl resurgence.

In-Built Speaker Turntable In Hardwood


  • Protective Clear Dust Cover
  • Turn Tracks Into Digital


  • None

Complete turntable including integrated stereo system audio speakers. Preserving dust lid, 45 connector and felt slip mat incorporated. Wood finish vinyl player to discover your favoured tracks via your stereo, or perhaps home theater arrangement with RCA output - plus jacks incorporated.
[Rating: 9/10]   £64   Get It → ION Audio Converter Turntable

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USB Turntable Vinyl To Digital Tips

Remember that focused noise coming from an undesirable vinyl digital transformation when delivered immediately through your ear will most likely alert. It will damage the encounter and take the attraction right out of your entire endeavours.

Hands-On Tone Arm Procedures

Virtually all more expensive Bluetooth USB turntables use a hands-on procedure, indicating you need to actually 'elevate the arm' and then lower it on the record. Then you lift it back off as it extends to the edge of the area.

Using An Automated Turntable

Lifting the arm several times is somewhat overwhelming for starters who bother about damaging the vinyl. If you are the kind of person that simply wants to strike a button and permit the USB turntable to do the remainder, then an automated turntable might suit your needs.

Turntable Connecting To Speakers

Vinyl discs turn into digital applying and especially valuable equipment - they achieve with an available RCA output to connect to any good bookshelf speakers system.

Buying The Ideal Vinyl LP Player

The suitcase-type of vinyl LP players frequently attribute vintage styling, similar to old-fashioned record players. The systems usually do not sound as effective as they appear. You need a direct-drive turntable to be as sturdy and long-lasting as is feasible to reduce undesirable vibration from external areas.

Pyle Pro Turntable With Audacity Software

Associate the turntable with a PC or even Mac to record tunes or produce music files whenever you connect. Deploy the supplied USB wire and encode your vinyl disc records or cassettes immediately to MP3's. It delivers with virtually every thing you demand to get plugged in and manage your tracks.

USB Turntable In All Black

Edit music and in addition produce play lists for virtually any event with cost free music redacting software package. Convert your batch of records in to an electronic tunes library - engineer your tunes collection, or perhaps just economise some room by digitising your discs.
[Rating: 9/10]   £122   Get It → Pyle Pro USB Turntable

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TEAC TN Analogue Record Player Turntable

This is a belt driven record player using a fashionable and plush build, comprising an equaliser amplifier including USB power production. It accompanies phono plus line output signal that enables you to play vinyl discs with a stereo system which is not furnished with phono input.

Turntable With Steel Arm


  • Records To Mac Or PC
  • Gold Plated Terminals


  • None..

It's possible to carry-over tracks from vinyl disc records to your MAC or perhaps PC, expending the USB electronic production. Compact disc calibre digital filing using the USB output maintains your discs and additionally enables you to delight in vinyl records using a mobile phone or music player.
[Rating: 9/10]   £159   Get It → TEAC Record Player Turntable

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USB Turntables Recording Vinyl On To Your PC

Different belt-driven digital turntables go with a digital conversion application. Just hook-up your turntable to your computer and expend the integrated and cost-free Audacity software system, convert your vinyl disc to Mp3 data files.

If you love the thought of having the ability to tune in to your records in various locations throughout the house, you might be drawn to the concept of a portable USB record player. Some of the most well-known labels, make wooden turntables that collapse into transport case audio systems.

Sony PSHX System Turntable Disc Player

Simply hook-up the system turntable to your computer from USB, play a disc and catch virtually every aspect of the vinyl disc with DSD pure transition.

Turntable Player With Black Exterior


  • High Inertia Cast Platter
  • Phono And Line Output


  • None.

Extremely balanced belt drive strategy with the perfected anatomy of the drive pulley, which braces the belt drive for an all natural audio replication. Additionally, the high-inertia metal die cast disc extends ideal counter balance in between durability and volume.
[Rating: 9/10]   £277   Get It → Sony System Turntable Player

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Affordable turntables with CD player are designed to be light, and as a result, they are usually a tad insecure. They will not reconstruct the sensitive vibration of the vinyl as consistently as others. If its an audio quality USB turntable you are pursuing, stay away from light and cheap versions.