Compare 10 1st Class Record Players With Speakers Options

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They still exist! View our top 10 super quality record players with audio speakers and turntable vinyl recording ability. Selection of multi-function portable record players with speakers including record your old CD, cassette or dated vinyl music straight to Mp3.

01: Teac LP-R500 Vinyl CD Recorder Radio Cassette Speakers

The LP-R500 music centre comes with a significant difference, in addition to being a top quality stereo system, it records your vinyl records and tapes them directly on to compact disc for you. You may then play them in the music hub itself in the CD recorder area.

Recorder Radio Cassette In Black With Clear Lid

Vinyl CD Record Music Player

TEAC present this new, all-in-one music unit able to record compact disc straight from your vinyl record variety of 33's, 45's, 78's as well as your audio cassettes. You can now enjoy listening and record your vinyl collections and 'cassettes on to CD' and focus on your own preferred records almost anywhere.

Cassette Tape Player In-Built Speakers Play, Pause, Stop, FWD, RW..

It includes 2 built-in stereo system audio speakers and a full functionality remote device integrated. Pull out those old vinyls and appreciated audio cassettes. You can now listen to all of them over and over if you wish. Listen to that excellent music once again, and on compact disc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £299 - Get It → Teac Vinyl CD Recorder Radio Cassette

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02: Steepletone SM Bluetooth Vinyl Music Centre Speakers

The SMC386R is an excellent 8 in 1 style stereo system in a brand new design with wireless Bluetooth incorporated. There is a 3 speed vinyl record turntable, top quality compact disc player and the useful FM AM radio performs music to the centre's significant sized audio speakers.

Vinyl Music Centre In Black With 2 Separate Speakers

Vinyl CD Radio Music Centre

You may connect with the centre via mobile phone, iPhone, iPod device, PC and so forth while using wireless Bluetooth, therefore absolutely no cables required. 3 speed record turntable plays 33, 45 and 78 rpm records, your album collections and singles.

Playback and encode recording to USB stick. Includes track separation technologies for Mp3 creation from compact disc, vinyl and cassette to audio.
[Rating: 9/10] - £159 Buy Now → Steepletone Vinyl CD Radio Music Centre

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03: Ion Audio Record Player - EZ Vinyl To CD Converter

Listen, link-up and transform using Max LP, an uncomplicated 'all in one' turntable that renders it effortless to love your records - plus turn them to digital tracks on your PC.

Transmitting your 33, 45, and vinyl 78 RPM records to a Mac or perhaps PC is leisurely. Simply link to your PC using the incorporated USB lead.

USB Record Player In Wood Finish

Ion Audio Max LP PC USB Record Player

It delivers with integrated stereo system speakers so you are able to hear your favourite records. It's possible to link it instantly to your household stereo system, expending it's regular RCA outputs.

It's life-like wooden finish compliments virtually any space, and earphone output is additionally in-built for confidential hearing.
[Rating: 9/10] £64 Get It → Ion Audio USB Record Player

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04: 1byone Belt Driven Turntable With Built-In Speakers

Stylish and vintage design, the briefcase titled record turntable is a great combination of fashionable components as well as nostalgic mode including classical colour series, rendering it a tempting alternative from a bygone era. An incomparable complement to your particular home ornamentation.

Soft Dampening Belt Driven Turntable Speakers With Handle

1byone Belt Driven Turntable Speakers

Including RCA as well as headset connection outputs, it's possible to delight in the tracks of vinyl records at your personal audio speaker arrangement - and headset with impressive acoustics. It can additionally bestow you the music from iPod, MP3 music player, smart-phones and so forth at the turntable.
[Rating: 9/10] - £42 Get It → 1byone Belt Driven Turntable Speakers

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05: GPO Jam Record Vinyl To PC Via USB Turntable Speakers

The GPO Jam 3 comes with an union jack vinyl turntable with integrated speakers. The 3 speed stand-alone vinyl turntable with Union Jack art print fronts the mods and rockers lifestyle of the 60's. Absolutely adorable for just about any genuine music enthusiast. An aesthetically progressive showpiece, the GPO will look excellent in any room.

Vinyl To PC Via USB Turntable With Union Jack Design

GPO Jam Record Vinyl To PC USB Turntable

Save your valuable and 'aged' precious records to any computer. The 11 inch plate dimension 3 speed 33, 45, 78 RPM turntable and ceramic auto stop tone arm implies the GPO Jam is perhaps all you need to take pleasure in your whole vinyl music assortment, yet again and bring life back to those aged vinyl records in the attic room.
[Rating: 9/10] - £79 - Get It → GPO Jam Record Vinyl USB Turntable

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06: Zennox Vintage Vinyl Hi-Fi Music Radio, Cassette System

Now you can play and record your current much-loved tunes on compact disc, vinyl, cassette as well as MP3 slimline vintage hi-fi system This modern-day vinyl music centre is attractively designed and offers a wonderful six capabilities to accommodate all of your music requirements.

Music System In Black With Left And Right Speakers

Zennox Vintage DeLuxe Vinyl Hi-Fi System

There exists a turntable for all your 33s, 45 and 78s plus an FM radio with fine tuning switch. It likewise includes an essential antenna for ideal reception and a front-loading compact disc player with vibrant, superior LCD display and back-lit adjustments. An expedient cassette deck so that you can take pleasure in your much-loved tape tracks.
[Rating: 9/10]   £184 - Get It → Zennox Vinyl Hi-Fi Music System

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07: Steepletone BT Vinyl Music Centre With Wi-Fi Speakers

This is an USB recording equipment with turntable record player, compact disc function, radio and wireless play-back. This Steepletone product can assist you to move your entire vinyl records and CD's immediately to Mp3 structure by pushing one particular option.

Vinyl Music Centre In Black With Transparent Cover

Steepletone BT-SMC99R Vinyl Music Centre

It also provides you with a choice of 'moving your current records' and compact discs straight away to an Mp3 music player, SD card or useful USB drive functionality, and also the choice to permit you to remove your memory stick data from the device itself, as opposed to going backwards and forwards from your laptop or computer.
[Rating: 9/10]   £144 - Get It → Steepletone Vinyl Music Centre

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08: GPO Attache Record USB Vinyl Turntable With Speakers

Fashionable, light and portable, as well as obtainable in a selection of colours, the GPO Attache separate recording player makes it uncomplicated for you to play your 'much-loved vinyl records' anytime and anywhere you prefer. Offering effective integrated audio speakers and an elegant vintage style.

Vinyl Record Turntable In Light Blue With Handle

GPO Attache Record To USB Vinyl Turntable

The GPO Attache stand-alone record player is perhaps all you need to listen to your preferred aged records as you simply hook it up and enjoy. Additional options that come with the record player consist of a 3 speed turntable, which enables you to record your entire chosen vinyl records to USB.
[Rating: 9/10]   £49 - Get It → GPO Attache Vinyl Record Turntable

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09: SMC922 Vinyl Music System X-Bass Option CD Record

The Steepletone SMC922 stereo system permits you to play vinyl, compact disks, tapes or FM MW radio stations and recording direct to CD - all at the contact of a solitary button with a single device. Finished with modern-day high gloss black, or super silver facia, the compact disc burning stereo system includes a 33, 45 or 78 rpm turntable with cueing management.

System In Black With 2 Individual Speakers

SMC922 Vinyl Music System With X-Bass

Basically, choose and enjoy your selected record cassette or compact disc, push the record option on the CD recording unit and move your own music on to a brand new disc. It's so easy to navigate, in addition to 'conserving old vinyl' and cassettes to electronic digital, it's also possible to make duplicates of your current compact disks - all with out using a PC.
[Rating: 9/10]   £159 - Get It → Vinyl Music System X-Bass

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10: Steepletone Radio CD Player Vinyl Music Speakers

This 6 in one stereo system with CD and Mp3 format recording with handheld remote control, semi-automatic 3 speed turntable with auto-stop button and dual compact disc decks. One switch compact disc recording with track splitting selection. USB slot and SD card port for Mp3 format encoding and recording play-back link as much as 16 GB max.

Radio CD Player In Black With Front Blue LED Display

Steepletone SMC1033 Radio CD Player And Vinyl

This is a versatile system, because it is possible to record either to a compact disc or MP3, USB Stick or SD storage device. The majority of music centres permit one or the other, however, not a selection of both. It records from records, cassettes or compact disc, plus recording with track separation possibility.
[Rating: 9/10]   £225 - Get It → Steepletone Radio CD Player Vinyl

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10 Turntable Record Players With External Audio Speakers

Numerous vintage style record players demand exterior audio speakers to ensure that the records play great sound, although some of them possess built-in speakers. This means turntable and speakers systems may be easier to transport and don't need other gadgets or wires. This transportability ensures they are your best option for on the move.