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Updated 26/11/2020:
Our meticulously decided-on Micro Hi-Fi Systems evaluations supplying play-back of high resolution audio. Wireless mini Hi-Fi systems bring together a sophisticated design with premium quality sound. Yes, you should find a super sound system or Micro Hi-Fi here.

Should you be an informal listener, possess a small space or even restricted price range, a small CD micro system or mini Hi-Fi model will be the right selection because it offers all you need. Built-in amplifier, Wireless Bluetooth, DAB radio tuner plus a clock radio CD players system.

: Lemega Bluetooth HiFi System Remote App Control

Bluetooth HiFi System In White

£139   Lemega Bluetooth HiFi System - Get It!  

: Pure Evoke HiFi CD Player With DAB+ Digital Radio

HiFi CD Player With DAB+ In All Black

£179   Pure Evoke HiFi CD Player - Get It!  

: SoundMaster DAB HiFi System Wireless Bluetooth

DAB HiFi System Bluetooth With Dial On Top

£129   SoundMaster DAB HiFi System - Get It!  

: Yamaha CD Micro System AirPlay Bluetooth

CD Micro System In Black On Mantelpiece

£399   Yamaha CD Micro System With Bluetooth - Get It!  

: DigitNow! All In One Hi-Fi System Bluetooth


  • Warranty And Good Price
  • Auto-Scanning Solution


  • None..

All In One Hi-Fi System With Black Screen

£139   DIGITNOW! All In One Hi-Fi System - Get It!  

: Philips Mini Hi-Fi System Streaming Via Bluetooth


  • Brilliant Sound Quality
  • Remote Control Included


  • None..

Mini Hi-Fi System With Bluetooth And Big Dial

£129   Philips Mini Hi-Fi System Bluetooth - Get It!  

Need DAB+ Radio And Bluetooth?

There is a significant number of diverse features intended for actively playing back your own music as well as hearing DAB radio stations. Many small Hi-Fi systems carry several discs simultaneously, but we describe the critical choices to help you ensure you find a Bluetooth Hi-Fi system that meets your preferences.

Budget Hi-Fi Systems With Extras

Wireless Bluetooth NFC permits you to quickly get connected via any budget micro Hi-Fi system for just about any Bluetooth, or even NFC enabled gadget close by. It is hassle-free as there is no requirement for an actual link with streaming, however, watch out for emptying the battery quickly on your smart gadget.

Minimalist All In One Hi-Fi Units

Small all in one Hi-Fi systems that are effective in obtaining your home WiFi network can stream tunes, radio stations or podcasts on network resources. This includes streaming providers like Spotify, ITV, BBC iPlayer Radio, TuneIn, Amazon plus Google Play music - so it is easy to get your mini Hi-Fi linked to the web.

Connect PC, Tablet Or Smartphone

Inner storage space permits you to record tunes, Internet radio station programmes and podcasts to the mini Hi-Fi solution disc drive. If you have a substantial CD variety, it is undoubtedly worthwhile considering this as you may digitise the CD set. Micro music systems can undoubtedly link to a PC, tablet or even mobile phone.

Mini Stereo System Pen Drive Options

A USB slot provides you with the option for inserting in the pen drive to enjoy the saved audio tracks, in addition to possibly recording songs and the radio stations of your mini stereo system to the USB.

Mobile Phone Streaming Requirements

It's also possible to be connected to exterior equipment via a compact Hi-Fi system utilising a USB wire for streaming requirements to charge a gadget like a mobile phone or perhaps tablet. It is additionally a possibility to connect an 'external hard disc' through the USB outlet.

: AUNA Bluetooth Hi-Fi System Internet DAB And CD


  • Connect (S) From Auna
  • Net Player Via WiFi


  • None.

Bluetooth Hi-Fi System On Wood Ledge

£79   AUNA Bluetooth Hi-Fi System Internet - Get It!  

: LG Multi Colour Twin Mini System

For far-reaching play-back, as we acknowledge that the present micro systems are positioned as high requirements in terms of replay data format, compatibility using gadgets with the most distributed technology.

Likewise playing compact discs, you and your MP3 music player in addition will not only be using 2 USB inputs, however also Bluetooth WiFi.

X-Boom RMS Mini Sound System In Black And Red

It's even conceivable to command such forward-looking technology using LG Wireless Bluetooth Remote, so you're forever prepared for fast streaming from your mobile gadget.

The tracks are additionally always recognised, since the strategy can interpret your ID3 labels and AUX input for associating several music players.
[Rating: 9/10]   £68   Get It → LG CK Mini Sound System  

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: Sony Sound System CD And Bluetooth

A small sized system for all your tunes that is compact, space conscious and slides in virtually any surplus area. Listen to your compact disc, preferred disc-jockeys and MP3 collections in top quality sound.

Powerful sound using 10 Watts electrical power output, plus Bass Boost.

10 Watts Sound System In Black And Chrome Effect


  • Classic Box Design
  • Mega Bass Sound


  • None

It includes 2 x 5 Watts audio speakers that multiply every note of your preferred music in luxurious, accurate sound. Delight in an immense selection of DAB radio stations speedily and effortlessly with the DAB receiver.

Smooth, modest construction is just right for more compact areas - a small sound system that is ideally appropriate to homes where space may be restricted.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99   Get It → Sony 10 Watts Sound System  

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: Panasonic 30W CD Sound System Bluetooth

Enjoy your latest tracks in style with this particular small sized micro Hi-Fi system. It plays just about anything you like from compact discs to MP3's, and it tunes in to your preferred radio stations - including DAB DAB+ radio.

Use the FM radio receiver, as it links up to your iPod, iPhone, and in addition iPad effortlessly through USB for additional tunes play-back and charging up the battery.

DAB CD Sound System With Remote Control

The merchandise additionally extends advanced, effortless to use Wireless Bluetooth selections, for example BT automatic Connect plus BT Standby setting.

BT Auto Connect is going to recall each Wireless Bluetooth gadget that gets associated, rendering it effortless to reconnect once more later on. Whenever the BT Standby setting is operated, it may be used via any Bluetooth gadget.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99   Get It → Panasonic DAB CD System  

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Essential Compact Disc Player

Just like any USB source, a 3.5 mm auxiliary AUX input indicates you can literally link your mini Hi-Fi Bluetooth sound system to a different gadget. Thus to help stream tunes from your Hi-Fi audio system. Additional characteristics could also incorporate Mp3 music compatibility, CD player and Wireless Bluetooth.

FM AM Radio Or Digital DAB?

The majority of micro Hi-Fi systems offer built-in FM AM radio station receivers or even a DAB tuner. Over 66 per cent of mini Hi-Fi's we have examined gain access to each, however only some have access to web radio stations. Generally, Hi-Fi models which are WiFi enabled and have Internet radio cost more compared to their own traditional equivalents.

CD Micro System Headset Usage

Don't assume all CD micro systems have an earphone slot; therefore, you must see if you intend to connect headsets in your audio system. In case a mini Hi-Fi does not have a headphone slot; nevertheless, its Wireless Bluetooth allowed, you can hear wirelessly with a Bluetooth headset.

10 Wired And Wireless Micro Speaker Systems Conclusion

: Neon LCD DAB MCB Mini Hi-Fi System

Deep and high powered audio with Wireless tunes streaming. It's possible to straight off hear virtually all your electronic tracks through Bluetooth and it offers you 10 meters as you wish connectivity. It can intelligently pair with your mobile phone, tablet PC or additional gadgets.

DAB FM Mini Sound System In Silver Grey


  • Radio Data System
  • Rich Clear Vocals


  • None

It is furnished with a high powered amplifier division as well as two audio speakers using steel brush lined coating panel, in addition bright diamond cut border. It comes with crystal clear, constant and deep sound functioning with Wireless Bluetooth receiving system for streaming enjoyment.
[Rating: 9/10]   £169   Get It → Neon MCB Mini Sound System  

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: Denon DAB FM Micro CD Music System

Denon is small Micro Component Receiver 'come' CD unit, designed to offer you a clear impressive audio, plus more iPod and iPhone tunes libraries. This nice 30 Watts per channel incorporated amp implies it isn't only smaller than average, compact but highly effective, with the ability of offering an enormous sound from such a modest package.

Denon DAB Micro CD System


  • Triple Noise Reduction
  • Industrial Derived NE


  • None..

This flexible, compact device is usually more than effective at working with any media you present to it, and in addition functions a built-in tuner with DAB FM functionality. Combine with this MP3 and WMA playback via the integrated CD Player, or the front side panel USB input for good flexibility together with your music resources.

The USB may also charge your gadget even if in stand-by. The style summary for the 'Q Acoustics' 2010i was to assist with the prior effective edition, as just before every single part of it is unique. The project previously worked. New 2.5 cm dome tweeter includes a sophisticated multi-layered cone.
(Rating: 9/10)   £239   Get the Denon Micro CD System  

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Mini and micro Hi-Fi speaker systems allow you to enjoy incredible quality music tracks in your home. With dynamic bass boost functionality, Wireless streaming and playing your favourite music from your mobile phone, we have several on this page that may suit you plus our car multi-media systems if you are a driver that loves your tunes.