DAB Digital Radio Alarm Clocks With Super Functions

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Updated 23/11/2020:
For exciting and versatile sound, the digital clock radio CD player is hard to beat. Get feature packed DAB, FM radio stations and compact disc music, all in 1 fashionable design. Handy mains powered alarm clocks with USB, remote control and Mp3, plus portable CD player Bluetooth empowered.

Bedside CD alarm clock radios present your tunes with bass, depth and clearness to help you ultimately listen to what you have been lacking. Expertly tuned stereo speakers match sophisticated amps to deliver class-leading sound, but DAB CD players now offer buzzers and 'bedside sleep timers' too.

: AUNA All In One DAB Radio CD Player Retro

DAB Radio CD Player Retro With Blue LCD

£59   AUNA All In One DAB CD Player - Get It!  

: Smith DAB Radio With Bluetooth And CD Player

DAB Radio Bluetooth CD Player In Wooden Case

£73   Smith CD DAB Radio Bluetooth - Get It!  

: OneConcept Bedside Alarm Clock Radio Mp3 CD

Bedside Alarm Clock Radio With Time Display

£69   OneConcept Bedside Alarm Clock Radio - Get It!  

: Radio And CD With Bluetooth

Bluetooth enables steaming of audio ranging from any Bluetooth operated gadget, for example, a mobile phone throughout the radio audio speakers. These smart DAB radios with Bluetooth CD player intends you can play Mp3, YouTube video recordings and resources of superior sound with improved quality.

: Snoozing Feature For Morning Hours

Featuring a bedside alarm clock radio snoozing facility in the radio gadget can be extremely advantageous as several of us prefer to expend an additional few minutes in bed untimely in the morning hours. Practically all of these electronics do not feature this purpose, so you have to stay somewhat 'guarded' when purchasing.

: Wireless Radio Streaming Choices

Apart from a compact disc DAB, DAB+ and FM, you may need additional methods to play tunes. For example, perhaps you need Wireless Bluetooth or even an Aux-in outlet, so it's possible to stream from your smartphone - do ensure you search for a genuinely integrated compact radio CD player.

: Dual Alarm System Time Clock

The radio controls should feature a dual independent alarm system to arrange diverse events. It may come out useful for numerous people since they can deploy a single alarm for Saturday and Sunday plus one for weekdays. The portable radio CD player should be competent in adjusting settings concurrently.

: Accurate Electrical Wattage Power

As all in one DAB radio CD players are not famed for their high power, there is still a possibility the maker tries to misguide the buyer. We are discussing the Wattage production of the audio speakers. They will actually possess dual diverse electrical power evaluations like RMS plus peak etc.

: Use In Your Household Or Outside?

A DAB+ digital clock radio with CD player can expend its entire lifespan inside your household, or use outside. You might have to keep mobility in judgement when you making the selection. Deliberate the alternative to power the radio receiver with batteries besides a mains powered connectivity.

: Why Choose Mp3 Music File?

In terms of genuinely electronic sound file sorts, Mp3 music is beyond question a world-beater. It is not too abominably hard to realise why most individuals and gadgets favour Mp3 data. This file style is more compact and enables you to accommodate much more files than any digital clock radio CD player.

: The Sort Of Radio You Need?

The fundamental aim of radio compact disc players is you can undoubtedly hear the radio receiver plus the tunes you already possess. Maybe you desire just a DAB+ version of the best CD player for your money or one which can additionally run more extras. The more alternatives you experience, the more fortunate you happen to be musically.

: Roberts CD Digital FM Radio With Remote

CD Digital FM Radio With Black LCD Screen

£98   Roberts CD Digital FM Radio - Get It!  

: Majority DAB DAB+ Digital Radio CD Player

DAB DAB+ Digital Radio CD In Black Casing

£99   Majority DAB DAB+ Digital Radio CD Player - Get It!  

: PURE DAB Radio CD Player LCD Alarm Clock


  • Auto Dimming Display
  • 3 Years Warranty


  • None..

DAB Radio CD Player In Black With Big LCD

£149   PURE DAB Radio CD Player LCD Alarm - Get It!  

: Azatom DAB Radio Alarm Clock Bluetooth

DAB Radio Alarm Clock With Blue Screen

£79   Azatom DAB Radio Alarm Clock Bluetooth - Get It!  

: Why Is DAB Radio So Superior?

DAB digital radio provides you high specification digital-quality audio, superb audio content material much of which is only accessible on digital radio stations. The DAB radio CD players here sound exceptional, make use of scrolling text to inform you of track titles, the programme titles plus more besides.

: Are Clock Radios Future Prepared?

These digital radio CD players conveniently discover all of your accessible channels and allow you to choose through a title. All digital radios likewise incorporate FM for just about any channels which have not yet gone digital. Be assured that you are prepared for any potential FM to DAB digital radio switchover.

: Bluetooth Streaming And DAB Internet

Integrated Wireless Bluetooth means that you can select your preferred tunes, streaming provider or perhaps Internet radio channel. DAB radios with Bluetooth and a CD player mean you can listen direct out of your mobile phone or even a tablet computer without having trailing wire connections.

: Individual Alarm Systems To Suit

Numerous DAB radio alarm clocks possess two individual systems to enable you to set them for just two various events. It may develop very conveniently for many people as they possibly can use one alarm for Saturdays and Sundays - and yet another one for Monday to Friday workdays etc.

: Radio CD Player With Snooze Plus

Using a snoozing characteristic within the Internet radio CD player is extremely helpful as many of us enjoy spending additional minutes in bed early in the morning hours. Every one of the gadgets does not possess this particular functionality, and that means you really need to remain careful while purchasing one.

: Mains Or Battery DAB+ Radio Player?

The apparatus works together with electrical power; nevertheless, it will likely be much better if your system possesses USB ports or back-up alternative through battery power. Twin sources of energy make sure you can use the Bluetooth alarm clock even when there is absolutely no accessibility to sockets.

: Lemega DAB Radio Bluetooth And CD Player


  • Slot-In CD Style
  • Wireless Stream Content


  • Pricey..

Brown DAB Radio With Bluetooth CD On 4 Legs

£159   Lemega DAB Radio With Bluetooth CD - Get It!  

: Lava CD Alarm Clock Radio DAB DAB+ FM

CD Alarm Clock Radio With Blue LCD Digits

£69   Lava CD Alarm Clock Radio DAB DAB+ - Get It!  

: How Many Station Presets Do You Need?

Choose the right clock DAB radio CD player with a minimum of 12 radio presets. It means you achieve success in hearing tunes for your preferred channels. Radio players can be purchased with various costs, but you will find a 'respectable and inexpensive' radio CD player alarm clock without difficulty.

: Which Small Features Are Important?

Nowadays, the finest DAB radio with Bluetooth and CD player comes with a desirable remote device and presets for rapidly choosing your much-loved channels. This extends to radio or perhaps compact disc with alarm, stereo earphone outlet - as well as AUX-in socket that is advantageous.

: Diverse Alarm Wake-Up Strategies

It is crucial that your mains powered alarm clock radio needs to be competent at establishing two alarm systems simultaneously for your convenience. Have an even more personal experience with the alarm clock - plus a wake-up strategy that works for you without really disturbing anyone.

: PURE Chronos DAB FM CD RC Clock Radio

The Chronos compact disc II incorporates a fashionable structure as well as offering remarkable audio from electronic digital radio stations. FM or CD, due to it's exceptionally enhanced 2.5 inch custom audio speakers, as well as the most recent digital amp.

DAB FM CD Series II In All Black Finish

There is a PowerPort supplying electrical power for 'convenient USB' components. The alarms may be set for Mondays to Fridays, weekends, every day or as one-off situations.

An opportune sleep timer enables you to fall asleep to your preferred channel. The all-important snooze option is straightforward to locate with a flexible snooze timer.
[Rating: 9/10]   £169   Get It PURE Chronos DAB FM CD II  

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Best Portable Radio CD Players With Remote Control Devices

: Roberts Blutune CD DAB FM Bluetooth Player

This radio includes a large number of characteristics. It is completely wireless Bluetooth suitable, permitting use of WiFi interconnections coming from all your Bluetooth appropriate gadgets, from mobile phones to tablets, meaning that it is possible to stream your own music assortment wirelessly.

CD DAB+ FM Bluetooth Player In Dark Wood Finish

It's a stunning, 'acoustically tuned' solid wood cabinet and a multi purpose audio system. Additionally, it includes a compact disc player that performs WMA MP3 data files. It provides outstanding acoustics and the 6 placement graphic equaliser with independent treble and bass provides you with additional management.
[Rating: 9/10]   £260   Get It - Blutune CD DAB Bluetooth Player  

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: Auna Clock Alarm Mp3 Compatible CD Player

Music system Auna Vertical with Mp3 compatible compact disc player, USB and SD inputs for immediate play-back associated with all audio files from suitable storage space gadgets - for example USB sticks and various audio players. AUX input allows you to connect to exterior sound gadgets such as MP3 players etc.

Mp3 Compatible CD Music Player In All White

Playable platforms include CD-R, MP3, WM. Straightforward procedure by way of remote or built-in adjustments. Effective MP3 directory navigation, reads ID3 tags, automated and hands-on PLL tuner, sleep timer and equalizer with presets.
[Rating: 9/10]   £59   Get It - Auna MC Mp3 CD Music Player  

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: KitSound Clock FM Radio Dock iPhone

The KitSound XDock is yet another good quality alarm clock radio, where the primary LCD panel exhibits the time as well as two alerts. The LCD panel's display screen is straightforward to see, however the understated colour is not going to make you stay alert during the night. Additionally, it exhibits which audio input happens to be in use.

Clock FM Radio Dock In Black With Time Display


  • Compact And Stylish
  • Lightning Connection


  • None..

The 'useful sleep functionality' will switch off radio stations following a pre-determined length of time. Radio stations may be established as the alarm in the same manner as your iPod or iPhone songs. Basically, set one of the two alarm systems to the time that you want to be woken up - and set to radio.
[Rating: 9/10]   £49   Get It - KitSound Clock FM Radio Dock  

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Clock DAB radios with remote control and CD players using several channel presets and sleeping, snooze features. Many DAB digital radio alarm clocks come with an headphone outlet and time clock, in addition to useful alarm systems. USB socket for your iPhone, or mobile phone charging.

: USB Power Slot Requirements

A few of the radios critiqued here also feature a USB power port for boosting a gadget, for example, a mobile phone or playing Mp3 music files from a power port. An alarm clock with USB slot is an estimable choice if you have several music data files kept on an Mp3 music player or USB pen device.

: Buy To Suit Your Surroundings?

When your current digital FM radio with remote control is an essential of your home surroundings, you have to make sure that it construes with you in a personal sense of expressive style.
Searching something slick and expedient or perhaps something a great deal more refined. Radio compact disc players are presented in several pretences excellent and bad, so the choice is yours alone.

: Control Your Music From A Mobile App?

The majority of mains or battery alarm clock DAB radios with integrated CD players accompany options that earmark you to command your tunes from the gadget by itself.
You are plausibly going to need a method to control your listening encounter remotely as well. The best budget CD player with dedicated mobile app can be much more functionality ample compared to regular remote devices.