10 DAB Digital Radio Alarm Clock Reviews With Super Functions

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For exciting and versatile sound, the clock radio CD player is hard to beat. Get feature packed DAB, FM radio stations and compact disc music, all in 1 fashionable design. Handy mains powered alarm clocks with remote control and Mp3 player, plus portable CD player Bluetooth.

01: Roberts Sound38 DAB FM Wave Bands Clock Radio CD

The SOUND 38 is a very good performing DAB, DAB+ and FM compact disc player with clock and several radio stations. With all the advantages of DAB, the SOUND 38 provides several alarms, CD and MP3 play-back, as well as the useful CD Bookmark functionality.

DAB FM 20 Clock Radio CD In Black And Grey

Roberts Sound38 DAB FM Clock Radio CD

Listen To DAB FM Wave Bands With 20 Station Presets

The Sound38 includes sleep electronic timers. It features an extremely useful display dimmer so you're able to set your selected illumination, well suited for individuals who just like a darkish room during the night to listen to music. Overall, a great option for any room.
[Rating: 9/10] £90 Details Sound38 DAB FM Clock Radio CD

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02: PURE Chronos DAB FM CD Remote Control Clock Radio

The Chronos compact disc II incorporates a fashionable structure, as well as offering remarkable audio, from electronic digital radio stations, FM or CD, due to it's exceptionally enhanced 2.5 inch custom audio speakers, as well as the most recent digital amp.

DAB FM CD Series II In All Black Finish

PURE Chronos DAB FM CD Series II

Additionally, there is a PowerPort, supplying electrical power for 'convenient USB' components. The alarms may be set for Mondays to Fridays, weekends, every day, or as one-off situations.

An opportune sleep timer enables you to fall asleep to your preferred channel. The all-important snooze option is straightforward to locate with a flexible snooze timer.
[Rating: 9/10] £69 Details PURE DAB FM CD II

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03: Roberts Swallow Bass Clock FM Radio CD Player

The Swallow is a sleek and stylish compact disc radio station player, operated by both mains source as well as batteries, which makes it genuinely easily transportable. The three band radio offers LW, MW and FM stereo wave bands. You can alter the strong bass and enhance to personal preference.

Clock FM Radio CD Player In Chrome Effect

Roberts Swallow Clock FM Radio CD Player

The Swallow has the benefit of a play-back function. Push the repeat option and you may replicate all the tracks on the compact disc, so you are able to carry on and listen to your preferred tunes without having to go back to the radio.

Additionally, you can programme as much as 20 of your much-loved tunes from your compact disc to play-back inside your desired sequence.
[Rating: 8/10] £39 Details - Roberts Clock Radio CD Player

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04: Duronic Micro Radio Alarm Clock CD Player MP3

A contemporary micro radio alarm clock CD player that is going to assume less room and look impressive in virtually any placement.

Individual left and right audio speaker boxes to minimise disturbance, top side compact disc deck to guarantee it's possible to effortlessly load as well as unload any compact disc. Audio plus MP3 CD replay, blue back-lit LCD screen to assure you are able to intelligibly observe.

FM Radio Alarm Clock CD Player In Chrome And Black

Duronic Radio Alarm Clock CD Player

With AM FM stereo system radio receiver including memory presets, it's possible to keep an eye on your preferred radio channels comfortably plus USB power port to play data files from you exterior USB drive.

This is going to afford you impressive versatility to play from a large listing of saved audio data files. SD card port for MP3 music replay from your already saved files.
[Rating: 9/10] - £64 Get It → Duronic Radio Alarm Clock CD Player

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05: Roberts Blutune100 CD DAB FM Bluetooth Music Player

The Roberts Blutune100 includes a large number of characteristics. It is completely wireless Bluetooth suitable, permitting use of Wi-Fi interconnections coming from all your Bluetooth appropriate gadgets, from mobile phones to tablets, meaning that it is possible to stream your own music assortment wirelessly.

CD DAB+ FM Bluetooth Player In Dark Wood Finish

Roberts Blutune100 CD DAB+ FM Bluetooth Player

It's a stunning, 'acoustically tuned' solid wood cabinet and a multi purpose audio system. Additionally, it includes a compact disc player that performs WMA MP3 data files. It provides outstanding acoustics and the 6 placement graphic equaliser with independent treble and bass provides you with additional management.
[Rating: 9/10] £220 Details - Blutune CD DAB Bluetooth Player

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06: Roadstar LCD iPhone Dock Alarm, Clock FM Radio

FM Band electronic PLL radio receiver and sound replay via iPhone, iPod plus iPad. Blue LCD display screen and multi purpose remote devices.

AUX input, time and alarm system functionality compact disc music player with loader style and digital shock safety. Compressed sound play-back disc support plus automatic ID3 tag detecting.

LCD Dock Alarm, Clock FM Radio In White Finish

Roadstar LCD Dock Alarm, Clock FM Radio

Fast forward and reverse track look-up plus intro monitor and a 'hit-or-miss' play. Repeat track album programme functionality, tuner radio set type electronic, PLL ranges FMRDS organisation.

Radio text content plus preset channels stereo. Mono selector switch stereo automated tuning. Manual tuning cassette deck auto level commands.
[Rating: 9/10] £64 Get It → Roadstar Alarm Clock FM Radio

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07: Titan Speaker HD Docking Wi-Fi Bluetooth Alarm FM

Integral Apple endorsed dock congenial with virtually all iPhones and iPad, in addition to iPods using the more current design lightning connection.

Wireless Bluetooth system for streaming to link-up any Wireless operated mobile phone, computer or tablet PC to the dock for smooth Wi-Fi connection. Commands allow you to interchange track and alter volume level.

HD Audio Docking Station With Black Remote Unit

Titan Speaker HD Audio 25W Docking Station

The dock additionally features a 3.5mm AUX input for you to associate virtually any gadget which features an ear-phone socket. Superior audio calibre proposed by the proprietary HD sound 25 Watts audio speaker strategy.

Product incorporates Wi-Fi remote device, but charge up your mobile phone and play your preferred tunes at the same time.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £39 Get It → Titan Speaker HD Docking Station

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08: Auna Clock Alarm Mp3 Compatible CD Music Player

Music system Auna Vertical with Mp3 compatible compact disc player, USB and SD inputs for immediate play-back associated with all audio files from suitable storage space gadgets - for example USB sticks and various audio players. AUX input allows you to connect to exterior sound gadgets such as MP3 players etc.

Mp3 Compatible CD Music Player In All White

Auna 120 Mp3 Compatible CD Music Player

Playable platforms include CD-R, MP3, WM. Straightforward procedure by way of remote or built-in adjustments. Effective MP3 directory navigation, reads ID3 tags, automated and hands-on PLL tuner, sleep timer and equalizer with presets.
[Rating: 9/10] £59 Details - Auna MC Mp3 CD Music Player

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09: KitSound XDock Clock FM Radio Charger Dock iPhone

The KitSound XDock is yet another good quality alarm clock radio, where the primary LCD panel exhibits the time as well as two alerts. The LCD panel's display screen is straightforward to see, however the understated colour is not going to make you stay alert during the night. Additionally, it exhibits which audio input happens to be in use.

Clock FM Radio Dock In Black With Time Display

KitSound XDock Clock FM Radio Dock

Listening To Your Preferred Radio Stations Is Simple

The 'useful sleep functionality' will switch off radio stations following a pre-determined length of time. Radio stations may be established as the alarm in the same manner as your iPod or iPhone songs. Basically, set one of the two alarm systems to the time that you want to be woken up - and set to radio.
[Rating: 7/10] £19 Details - KitSound Clock FM Radio Dock

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10: Apple MFI RMS 2.1 Channel iPod FM Radio CD Player

The created for iPod logo type implies that a digital add-on has been contrived to link-up specially to iPod in addition iPhone - and has been endorsed by the developer to conform to Apple operation criteria.

It's a touch key commanded strategy, fashionable iPod docking system containing incorporated radio plus AUX input.

iPod FM Radio CD Player In Black With Dock

Apple MFI Certified iPod FM Radio CD Player

Ricco IMS29C is an ensured attention grabber, imposingly tall and high powered to correspond nicely. This particular docking arrangement is the ideal iPod associate.

It is additionally, and to a higher degree simply an iPod dock - integral FM tuner, alarm system time clock, and AUX input for additional sound resource with a whole array of listening choices.
[Rating: 9/10] £69 Get It → Apple iPod FM Radio CD Player

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Best Portable Radio CD Players With Remote Control Devices

Clock DAB radios with remote control and CD players using several channel presets and sleeping, snooze features. Many DAB digital radio alarm clocks come with an headphone outlet and time clock, in addition to useful alarm systems. USB socket for your iPhone, or mobile phone charging.