10 Portable Compact Disc Players With Radio And Skip-Free Features

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Looking for a decent personal CD player with headphones? Take your favourite tracks anyplace you go with the finest in small CD players from reliable brands, such as Philips, SONY, Goodmans, Lenco, SHARP and Alba to find everything you need for music on the go.

01: Philips EXP2546 Convenient JogProof MP3 CD Player

Take sheer delectation in skip free audio using the EXP2546 MP3 CD player and appreciate hours of songs on one CD. A vintage style favourite, it comes with an LCD display - and is an ideal decision for simple, hassle free tunes pleasure when out and about.

'Dynamic Bass Boost' Function..

Philips EXP2546 JogProof MP3 CD Player With Headphones

Philips EXP2546 JogProof MP3 CD Player

The powerful (Dynamic Bass Boost) maximises your own personal audio entertainment by emphasising the bass content of the tunes through the entire selection of volume configurations from lower to excessive, at the simple contact of a key. Bottom bass radio frequencies generally drop when the volume level is defined at a lower audio level.

Jogproof 100 Magic ESP

Dynamic Bass Boost may be started up to improve bass ranges, to help you to have fun with consistent audio, even when you reduce volume level. Get more than 10 hours of audio on one CD and play compact disc, CD-R discs. This is a Jogproof with Magic ESP for improved bass efficiency, plus powerful 'Bass Boost' for strong and impressive audio.
(Rating: 4.90/5) - £26 - Philips EXP JogProof MP3 CD Player

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02: Bush 99 Track Jog Proof Anti-Shock Buffer MP3 CD Player Mp3

The Bush MPCD 126 is a mobile compact disc music player that additionally supports MP3 music replay from CD disc, and is bundled with functions to heighten your sound experience.

This particular CD is effortless to utilise and includes electronic anti-shock buffering security to guarantee those bumps and jolts do not disrupt your hearing joy.

Bush 99 Track Jog Proof MP3 CD Player In Black Finish

Bush 99 Track Jog Proof MP3 CD Player

It's possible to make a play list using the 99 track platform technology. The combining of a bass increase strategy support for compact disc, CD-R, CD RW plus MP3 music tunes on CD.

Includes random repeat programme replay settings, which render the MPCD a perfect facility, modest sized transportable CD music player.
[Rating: 9/10] £39 Get It Here → Bush 99 Track Jog Proof MP3 CD Player

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03: Philips AX2201 Dynamic Bass Portable Power Saver CD Player

The AX2201 fully transportable CD music player possesses good power saving solutions and gives up to 20 hours of playback from 2 LR6 alkaline battery packs. Provides all CD play settings with 14 track programming, shuffle, search, resume and hold functions.

Multi Track Programming Features..

Philips Dynamic Bass Portable CD Player

Philips AX2201 Portable CD Player

Electronic digital dynamic bass enhances your audio at all volume levels. CD Re-Writable appropriate plays instantly to rapidly scan any compact disk. The powersave function provides you with up to 38 hours of playing time with your personal CD recordings. Provided with bass wave stereo headphones.

Dynamic Bass And Power Saving Options..

Digital dynamic bass enhances and improves bass at low, mid and high volume level to provide strong, abundant sound. External battery pack is provided.

CD-Rewritable suitable makes sure that both CD Recordable and CD-Re-writable disks created by any recorder can be played.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £18 - More Details - Philips Portable CD Player

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04: Sony D-NE511 ATRAC Plus MP3 CD Audio Walkman

Receive the best possible audio with Sony's D-NE511 portable CD music player, consisting of (SonicStage CD Simple Burner) application to help you benefit from ATRAC3 plus, Sony's exclusive audio data compression concept when creating custom MP3 Compact disks on a PC.

48 Hours Of Constant Playback On Battery..

Sony D-NE511 ATRAC Plus MP3 CD Walkman in Bright Silver

Sony D-NE511 ATRAC Plus MP3 CD Walkman

This mobile CD player contains the well loved Jog Dial management for effortless folder finding, a 2 line dot-matrix display screen. It also accomplishes greater than 48 hours of constant playback on two double 'A' type batteries, which are not supplied.

ATRAC3plus is an audio-compression technology that decreases the dimensions of digital audio tracks, protecting the track's authentic sound quality.

ATRAC3plus Audio Compression

This portable music player is comparable in principle to 'MP3 or Dolby Digital' sound platforms, but with ATRAC3plus, music can be burned and compacted at 132 down to 48 kilobits per second, enabling you to pick the best stability among fidelity and space for storage, where you may get around 490 tracks per disc.

SonicStage CD Simple Burner App

The player arrives incorporated with SonicStage CD Simple Burner application. Suitable for ID3 tagging. This software exchanges tracks from compact disks or MP3 music documents from any computers hard drive, then burns them to a CD utilising ATRAC3 plus compression capability.
(Rating: 4.85/5) - £219 - Sony Plus MP3 CD Walkman

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05: Goodmans GPS01 FM Radio Portable CD Music Player

The quality Goodmans GPS01 Boombox incorporates a top running CD player and radio in one. In addition to offering FM radio, the Boombox is likewise CD, CD-R and RW playback suitable. It arrives with the usual Play, Pause, Repeat etc and programming functional capabilities with a 20 track programmable memory space.

Digital Radio CD Player With Telescopic FM Antenna..

Goodmans GPS01 FM Radio CD Music Player in Blue

Goodmans GPS01 FM Radio CD Music Player

A telescopic FM antenna supplies exceptional reception for clearness when playing a channel and improves 'reach' to find more channels when situated properly. The Goodmans CD Boombox can be powered by mains or battery, indicating it is possible to take pleasure in your songs anyplace you decide.

Great Quality CD Unit With Useful Functions..

Operate the popular Goodmans GPS01BLK FM Boombox anyplace you want, even in the children's bedroom, in the backyard or even in the storage area. Transportable CD Player CD, CD-RW playback agreeable with useful FM Radio, line-in jack, powered by AC, DC with 2 digit LED display plus.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £39 - Goodmans GPS01 FM Radio CD Music Player.

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06: AGPtEK CD FM Radio Player Wireless Bluetooth Capable

Play both conventional compact discs and MP3 music discs and delight in undivided function mobile sound at home, or maybe on the move with this effortless to expend CD music player.

It is operated by an AC adapter, and in addition it can play compact discs using MP3 music files burned. Link up the CD music player to Wireless Bluetooth gadgets.

AGPtEK CD FM Music Radio Player In White Exterior

AGPtEK CD FM Music Radio Player

Play typical audio compact discs in stereo and connect using an exterior audio speaker through the 3.5mm audio-in jack resource. Renders a very pleasant hearing encounter FM radio programming.

The bundle incorporates a remote device, press FM option, plus you are able to alter the channel using the dual arrows push buttons.
[Rating: 9/10] £23 Get It Here → AGPtEK CD FM Music Radio Player

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07: Denver DMP-389 Mobile CD Player 'Bass Boost' Function + LCD

The Denver DMP is a mobile compact disc music player which additionally subscribes MP3 music replay via CD disc - and also is bundled with characteristics such as 'Bass Boost' functionality to raise your sound experience.

It features electronic anti-shock security, buffering 40 seconds value of replay to guarantee jolts do not disrupt your hearing delight.

Denver DMP-389 Mobile CD Player In Dark Blue

Denver DMP-389 Mobile CD Player

Whenever the DMP is operated off throughout play back, once next operated - it begins playing from where it broke off due to the restart facility. It's possible to produce a play list using the programme function.

Compounding of a bass boost strategy, support for compact disc, CD-RW in addition to MP3 music on CD and random replay settings.
[Rating: 9/10] £33 Get It Here → Denver Mobile CD Player

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08: Philips AX1100 Bass Boost Portable CD Player With Earphones

The Philips AX1100 is a low cost portable CD player, supplying CD-R suitability, Bass Boost systems and around 20 hours playback on couple of AA type batteries. It is a perfect player for anyone seeking a reliable device with sufficient functions, but without having to shell out a lot of money.

Bass Boost System And 20 Hours Playback..

Philips AX1100 Bass Boost CD Player

Philips AX1100 Bass Boost CD Player

Packed in a small container, the AX1100 CD player does not offer you anything significantly distinctive from other convenient CD players. It offers some great capabilities, such as CD-R compatibility, good for personalised CD compilations. Bass Boost and 15 track programmable memory and also gives good-quality playback.

15 Track Programmable Memory

This mobile music CD player includes earphones and three info pamphlets in 12 languages. The AX1100 is a simple, transportable CD player with a few crucial characteristics that provides astonishingly good sound, regardless of it's reduced price. The bass boost is highly effective, providing a warm, profound audio through the 'supplied earphones'.

Earphones Included In Bundle

The player does not include any batteries or mains adapter, however for the purchase price, you probably would not expect it to. If you prefer a CD player without having all the special features that doesn't really bargain on sound quality, the AX1100 ought to be towards the top of your checklist.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £57 - Philips AX1100 Bass Boost CD Player

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09: SONY D-NE711 G-Protection Skip-Free CD Audio Player..

Effortless programming with bookmark Play-back functionality, so it's possible to quickly system your preferred tracks from several CD's and enjoy them with the simple contact of a press button. This characteristic makes it simple to program and playback a customised mixture of your chosen tunes.

Bookmark Play-Back Plus Volume Level Limiter..

SONY G-Protection CD Audio Player in Silver Finish

SONY D-NE711 G-Protection CD Audio Player

GProtection technologies consistently offer quick recuperation from both horizontal and vertical jolt with effective Skip-Free protection. Auto volume level limiter system, (AVLS) retains volume output at ranges under distortion tolerance for clearer audio processing.

Skip-Free Protection Plus 8 Playback Settings..

8 playback settings present several selections in the playback of compact disks, which includes hearing one track 'again and again' or hearing an array of tracks in a preferred sequence, or playing tunes arbitrarily.

CD-R RW playback discs burned possibly in a personal computer, or a household recording deck. Produce custom mixes through your current individual songs assortment.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £209 More Details - SONY G-Protection CD Audio Player

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10: Alba 24 Track Memory Personal CD Music Player With 6 Hours Playback

With decent sound quality and an elegant silver finish, this convenient Alba CD player has everything required to hear your treasured compact disks. It facilitates CD-R and RW playback functionality - in addition, possesses an LCD display and 24 track CD memory to maintain your content whilst you play together to your preferred tracks.

Personal Music Player With 24 CD Memory And LCD Display..

Alba 24 Track Personal CD Music Player With Silver Exterior

Alba 24-Track Personal CD Music Player

As much as 6 hours playback CD-R CD-RW playback Look-up, programme and replication features, 24 track CD memory and LCD display. General Size L240, W140, D30 mm. Batteries needed 2 x AA type are not supplied. (Rating: 4.80/5) £20 - Alba 24 Track Personal CD Music Player.

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10 Portable Stereo CD Players And Boom Boxes

Selected your perfect portable music player yet? Purchase a home or portable CD player with radio to play your favourite CD's and Mp3's etc. You will find a wide selection of music players, boom boxes and larger CD players here.

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