Portable Bluetooth Mp3 Players With SD Card Slots

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Updated 16/09/2020:
Adore tunes on the move? View our Bluetooth Mp3 players with SD card slots delivering superb quality of sound in small portable music players. Suited to joggers and holiday-makers, appropriate for Hi-Fi such as WMA and WAV - with FM Radio, speakers and microphone.

For a digital Mp3 music player, there are numerous of conditions to reflect upon. Sound quality aside, you can assess Bluetooth Mp3 player factors such as screen, dimensions and slots used. An Mp3 player with radio or advanced Android functionality and different kinds of SD TF space etc.

: Oakcastle Bluetooth Mp3 Player With Radio

Bluetooth Mp3 Player With Square Screen

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: MYMAHDI Bluetooth Touch Screen Mp3 Player

Bluetooth Mp3 Player With Tall Display

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: IHOUMI Budget Mp3 Player With Bluetooth

Mp3 Player With All Black Exterior

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: Why Mp3 Players With Bluetooth?

Bluetooth MP3 players will Wirelessly correspond with only specific Bluetooth equipment. It's most frequently used for connecting to suitable headsets and audio speakers without the necessity for pesky wires. MP3 players are appropriate for exterior speakers and headsets to play tracks.

: For Drivers And Smartphone Users

Wireless Bluetooth kit gadgets present an excellent substitute for cabled earphones plus. Sportspeople, motorists and smartphone users might specifically prefer the glorious independence that this Bluetooth budget Mp3 player concept provides if they are moving around.

: Why Mp3 Player Over A Mobile Phone?

An Mp3 player with speaker supplies you with more liberty and convenience concerning hearing music and songs where you prefer. There are super explanations of why you should obtain an MP3 player even though you possess a mobile phone. Its satisfaction focused on having fun with super sound.

: Connect Wireless Network Or Router

Should you be keen on interacting with several Internet sites like social and video networks, Vimeo, and even more, you might consider an Mp3 player with WiFi features. In case the MP3 player you want has WiFi potential, you need to connect with a Wireless system or router for specific web content.

: Disruptive Calls Too Much For You?

You never want to make use of a mobile phone simply because you wish to save battery life and storage space. You have to be capable of bringing your sounds along with you just about anywhere, devoid of the disruption of calls or maybe the stress of deteriorating your smartphone.

: How Much Music Can I Store?

Currently, MP3 players let us transport about pretty much 1000s of our preferred tunes in one smart and small space device. Android Mp3 players have made CD albums and cassette tapes somewhat outmoded. Your record recording swapping and switching today just entails one press of a button etc.

: Now View Movies And Photographs

Most good digital Mp3 players present many different additional capabilities other than having fun with music and songs. These versions permit you to view movies, enjoy photographs as well as gaming. The devices are made to perform any music data file, by just condensing tracks into tiny play formats.

: Is An Mp3 Player Better Than CD?

You can store many more files per GB than a standard audio format, such as those used and intended for compact disks. The CD player can hold about 24 to 30 songs or 80 short minutes of sounds, while a similar disc may keep roughly 178 songs in its Mp3 composition.

: JOLIKE Digital Mp3 Player With Bluetooth HiFi

Digital Mp3 Player With Bluetooth

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: AkaMate Bluetooth Mp3 Player Built-In Speaker

Bluetooth Mp3 Player With Black Screen

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: SuperEye Mp3 Player With TF/SD Card Storage


  • HI-FI Class Audio
  • Smart Noise Reduction


  • None..

Mp3 Player With On Grey Desk

£23   SuperEye Mp3 Player With TF/SD - Get It!  

: Very Fast Music File Transfer Speeds

The tiny scaled MP3 data files provide for high-speed transfer rates. You can acquire your most popular tunes or collections on the web and get it accessible to focus on your desktop or Mp3 player with superior sound quality in minutes. This translates to not departing from your couch/house for fun.

: Not Just For The Music Orientated

Even though the ease of mobility will usually stay the primary aspect for Bluetooth Mp3 player devices and personalised playlists likewise entice the many fresh musically orientated individuals. A super chance to produce an exclusive directory of tracks suggests that you can just press that play option.

: Full-Size Glass Touch Screen Mp3 Player

Incorporating a colour display with a back illumination supplies the Mp3 player with 'supplementary lighting' and a gorgeous aesthetic look. With no colouring display, the touch screen Mp3 player would effectively only be an outstanding music player, except a colour panel is rather essential.

: DAB Radio For All Your Updates

Most Mp3 players will come pre-loaded with possibly a radio tuner or possibly advanced DAB+ radio system. In several Mp3 players with SD card slot, you may have the choice to record straight from the air, meaning that you may hear back those announcement transmissions and many others.

: Artist Or Sports Enthusiast?

The Mp3 player with radio characteristics will even permit you to hear sports messages should you be out and do not possess a notebook computer or TV. A bigger screen and back illumination will let you observe video clips, access photos and create recording designs to your track listings.

: Mibao Bluetooth Mp3 Player With Armband

Mp3 Player With Included Armband

£29   Mibao Bluetooth Mp3 Player - Get It!  

: Expert Tech Mp3 Mobile Media

One of the significant highlights to reflect on after investing in a technologically advanced Mp3 player is battery power. Due to busier and more mobile standards of living, this unfolds the importance of extended life mobile media gadgets, where many come with rechargeable battery packs.

: Bluetooth Mp3 Player Batteries

The regular batteries may last for days or weeks and eradicate the prerequisite which keeps you obtaining new batteries, which in turn saves cash. Additionally, you can charge the Bluetooth Mp3 music player using a compatible USB wire, intending it's easy to charge-up the Mp3 player at the office in your PC.

: Victure USB Mp3 Player With Headset And Radio

Mp3 Player With Big Square Control

£19   Victure USB Mp3 Player With Headset - Get It!  

: Timo Mp3 Player Radio And Sport Pedometer

Mp3 Player With Screensaver On

£19   Timo Mp3 Player With Radio And Pedometer - Get It!  

: FiiO M6 2GB Micro SD DAC MP3 Player

The player makes use of a dual core processor and assists all six significant music platforms including DSD, WMA and WAV lossless tunes formats. This is the most satisfactory group of supported platforms until now among Hi-Fi system DAP's. The X6 even decodes Apple's exclusive ALAC structure effortlessly.

Micro SD Card Slots MP3 Player In Black, In Mans Hand

The X6 serves not just as a DAP, but additionally as a USB DAC when linked to a PC, therefore fulfilling your music requirements in and out of your home. Employing a quad balanced power source, the X6 accomplishes bipolar end results without needing coupling capacitors. This eliminates any kind of coupling sound from capacitors.

The mechanical interface can be operated from vision as well as shortcut keys for immediate access to crucial selections.
(Rating: 9/10)   £134   Get It - FiiO M6 Micro SD MP3 Player

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: HiBy R3 Portable Mp3 Music Player

The popular pocket Hi-Fi is really a high-res transportable audio tracks player with 32GB of memory along with a Micro SD expansion port. Colorfly's main objective is very simple - a transportable player that enables an individual to experience music files using a top quality audiophile DAC and components.

Mp3 Player In Gold And Black Exterior


  • SD Card Supports 2TB
  • HD Sensitive Screen


  • Expensive..

WAV files could be enjoyed together with FLAC, APE, capable of being enjoyed straight to your preferred earphones, or make use of the integrated DAC and output to your current Hi-Fi utilising the S/PDIF coaxial outlet.

To incorporate your own preferred tunes for your C4 Pro, merely drag and drop your own music documents on to the flash dependent 32GB built-in drive, or to your micro SD card, which is not provided.
(Rating: 9/10)   £199   Get It - HiBy R3 Mp3 Music Player

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: FiiO X3 Micro SD 64GB TFT MP3 Player

The X3 Mp3 music player is here, after following long stretches associated with development and research, FiiO have finally prevailed for making a top quality portable Mp3 music player that can service five main music platforms, as well as unique master copy at 192K/24BIT, planning to help music enthusiasts discover missing quality audio.

TFT Screen MP3 Player In Brushed Black Finish


  • Superb Scroll Wheel
  • Tough Tempered Glass


  • None..

The X3 is lightweight as well as transportable with high quality HD audio and a 64GB memory. The X3 works with APE, FLAC. ALAC, WMA as well as WAV files, which to date is easily the most comprehensive device that you can buy. Connect and charge via virtually any computer USB slot.

Because of this, the X3 works with iTunes data files. The X3 includes an integrated lithium polymer battery with 3000mA capability, which ensures 10 hours of extremely lengthy playback.

The intelligent USB charging technologies indicates you won't ever need to search for the correct charger.
(Rating: 9/10)   £159   Get It - FiiO X3 Micro SD MP3 Player

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Top Of The Range Portable Bluetooth Mp3 Players With SD

: Cowon X9 Touch 32GB MP3 Music Player

Get ready to experience an amazing 110 hours of tracks on the go with the X9 player using it's lithium polymer power supply. You may also appreciate over 12 hours of video and browse TXT data files. The X9 shows ID3 tag info, so you will understand exactly which performer, record, as well as track you happen to be hearing.

Touch Screen MP3 In Black Showing Settings

The X9 will store tunes, films, publications, essentially your complete digital amusement assortment in one location to enjoy on the move, whenever and wherever you want them. The X9 includes intense and robust playback power. Simply settle-back and revel in your own music as the X9 encapsulates you in it's energetic, realistic reproduction of sound.

As always, the sound duplication is actually 'market leading' - such as the outstanding sounding Cowon J3. The X9 is operated by JetEffect 5 BBE+ which reinforces the quality of sound, even from inferior resources, as well as improves it to such a high quality that the audiophile in your soul will enjoy.
(Rating: 9/10)   £162   Get It - Cowon iAudio X9 32GB Memory MP3

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: AGPTek Wireless Bluetooth MP3 Music Player

The small MP3 player offers a shock immersion surface area and weights just over 1oz. It is fashionable, but genuinely colossal on music function.

Go in to configurations, play settings and so 'Shuffle'. Instantly monitor and keep your best FM channels. Synchronise to play lists effortlessly via Media Monkey free of charge.

MP3 Music Player In Black With Red Dial

20 hours registering, even extra using memory card and you can function it as a memorandum taker. Address to it when any divine guidance descends to your mind.

Sleep time keeper and automatic electrical power off timer, the ideal bed time story reviewer. As much as 50 hours of tracks play back with 10 hours FM radio play-back whenever completely charged up.
[Rating: 9/10]   £22   Get It → AGPTek Bluetooth MP3 Music Player

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: Cowon iAudio MP3 Player With Full HD

The iAudio features an impressive 3.7 inch, Full High Definition touch sensitive screen with the ability to playback HD 1920 X 1080 videos. This vibrant display will have you reviewing your valued videos and pictures all night. No time before have your recollections appeared so crystal clear.

Touch Screen MP3 Player In Black Gloss Finish

Cowon create exceptional MP3 players, and the brand new Z2 isn't different. The Z2 has numerous functions which will make you jump with excitement. Enjoy WiFi 3.7 Inch display screen, video compatibility plus much more. This is the display screen you have always wanted.

The screen provides extremely well-defined and lively pictures. Employing this technology utilising a backlight, permitting every individual pixel to produce light, giving a softer, however quicker changeover compared to using an LCD screen. Settle-back, relax and luxuriate in your latest sound encounter.
(Rating: 9/10)   £399   Get It - Cowon iAudio AMOLED MP3 Player

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: SanDisk Sansa FM MP3 Player Memory Card

There is certainly a lot more to enjoy whenever you spend playtime with any Clip+ MP3 player. Together with four Gigabytes of storage space, this modest sized player enables you to pay attention to as much as one thousand tracks with stunning sound high-quality.

Digital FM Receiver MP3 Player In Blue And Black Finish

It possesses a huge selection of exceptional functions, such as an FM radio, long-life battery and incorporated voice recording unit. With it's expandable memory card port, you can include pre-loaded microSD, SDHC or slot radio cards, so that you can enjoy your favourite music, podcasts and mp3 audio books.

All this without needing to gain access to a computer, or waiting for downloads.
(Rating: 9/10)   £30   Get It - SanDisk Clip+ MP3 Player

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A variety of MP3 players with micro SD card slot to help you update memory and storage space capability. Through using a micro SD card, you'll be able to improve the quantity of MP3 files possible to store on your Mp3 music player.