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Updated 15/02/2020:
We uncover the best DAB radio Bluetooth speakers that are perfect for streaming using your mobile Internet device for supplying excellent sound. Buy a portable DAB+ radio with Bluetooth for terrific sounding music listening via DAB digital technology.

DAB+ and DAB digital radios with Bluetooth from PURE, Roberts, Azatom and BUSH offer you masses of channels in contrast to FM, which means you enjoy hearing a lot of different tunes you adore.

Pure MIDI Portable DAB Radio Bluetooth

Portable DAB Radio Bluetooth In Blue Finish

£68   Pure Portable DAB Radio With Bluetooth - Get It!  

Majority DAB Stereo Radio Bluetooth And CD


  • Reassuring Long Guarantee
  • Handy Remote Control


  • None..

DAB Stereo Radio Bluetooth With 2 Speakers

£99   Majority Digital DAB Stereo Radio Bluetooth - Get It!  

AZATOM Multi DAB Radio Bluetooth With Alarm

DAB Clock Radio Bluetooth With Black Exterior

£49   AZATOM DAB Clock Radio Bluetooth - Get It!  

Getting Used To DAB Radio Features

Most digital DAB stereo radios are created to be user-friendly, so look through station titles using the dial without needing to concern yourself with recalling pesky wavelengths again.

The preferred DAB WiFi radio stations will also be saved on the fast access presets and crystal clear screens that help keep you current, together with channel information and facts, for example, track titles or perhaps show names, which means you continuously determine what you are hearing.

Apart from becoming rather convenient to experience your personal music over Bluetooth, there are many Internet radio applications for Tablets and phones which can be enjoyed with this system as well.

DAB CD Radio Transmission

You must have your mobile technology inside distance of the DAB radio as Wireless Bluetooth isn't the most powerful of interaction; nevertheless, it entails you are able to steer clear of spending additional cash for Web connection on any DAB CD radio by itself.

How Did DAB+ Come About?

Digital radio is carried electronically and provides an infinitely more reliable transmission compared to analogue broadcasting. Digital radio conventional utilised in Great Britain is known as DAB, and an enhanced model referred to as DAB+ premiered approximately a decade ago, so plenty of digital stations generally transferred in this direction.

Look For The DAB Logo/Emblem

A great deal of the more 'mature' DAB radios cant grab DAB+ transmissions, but a majority of brand new ones may. Make entirely sure you consider buying a DAB radio CD player with Bluetooth showing the emblem or perhaps digital radio sign on the package.

SONY Portable DAB Radio Bluetooth Speaker


  • 2 Full Range Speakers
  • Bluetooth Connect With NFC


  • Dull Colours

DAB Radio Bluetooth Speaker In Green On Kitchen Table

£99   SONY Portable DAB Radio Bluetooth Speaker - Get It!  

Roberts Blutune Bluetooth Speaker Radio DAB

Bluetooth Speaker Radio DAB In Blue And Black

£249   Roberts Bluetooth Speaker Radio DAB - Get It!  

Lemega Wireless DAB Bluetooth Speaker Clock Alarm

Black DAB Bluetooth Speaker With Clock On 4 Legs

£109   Lemega Wireless DAB Bluetooth Speaker - Get It!  

Ocean Digital Bluetooth DAB WiFi Radio With Subwoofer


  • Big Clear Colour Screen
  • Super Sound Passive Subwoofer


  • None

Bluetooth DAB WiFi Radio With Subwoofer In Black

£49   Ocean Bluetooth DAB WiFi Radio Subwoofer - Get It!  

Digital Radio And Analogue Differences

Analogue radio stations are transferred making use of radio waves, but analogue radio including FM plus AM had been the actual standard concerning broadcasts before digital radio arrived. AM seemed to be probably the most popular radio structure in Britain right up until surpassed through FM.

Most analogue stations are generally transmitting upon FM, even though a few of these are usually in AM, hardly any tend to be AM exclusive.

Remember Moving The Antenna About?

The legitimate sound quality of analogue radio stations could be intermittent in comparison to electronic digital because it is incredibly responsive to disturbance. That's the reason why you occasionally need to slowly move the antenna as well as the radio about to obtain an excellent transmission.

Nearly all DAB radio and Bluetooth speakers likewise incorporate an analogue receiver. Instead of being transmitted utilising an analogue or electronic digital radio transmission, Web radio stations are actually used on the Internet for top tunes or even music concerts etc.

Using WiFi To Pick-Up Internet Radio

You will require a WiFi link to pick-up transmission as opposed to the typical antenna. The most significant benefit of net radio stations is that you'll have the ability to gain access to a vast number of radio channels - more than 35000 throughout the planet.

DAB and even Bluetooth speakers with FM radio together with built-in Internet radio are generally more expensive than the alternatives. Nonetheless, you may also gain access to Internet radio free of charge on your PC or perhaps on the appropriate smartphone - or probably smart Television applications.

MultiPlex Digital DAB Radio With Bluetooth

A DAB radio with Bluetooth and dependable two-channel audio speaker arrangement plus 2 full spectrum drivers, as well as 30 Watts of high-definition audio. Individual bass sound settings plus treble command.

Future set-up features see it is going to afford you delight for the long term as you can stream your tunes and audio Wirelessly from just about any Bluetooth unit, which includes mobiles, tablet PC's and laptop computers etc.

DAB Digital Radio Bluetooth In All Black

Utilise the incorporated carrying hand grip to establish the unit more transportable. The USB power boosting output enables you to re charge your smartphone or additional USB gadgets. You are able to additionally associate virtually any audio gadget through the 3.5 mm AUX.
[Rating: 9/10]   £58 Get It → Azatom Radio With Bluetooth

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August Wireless Bluetooth Speaker DAB/+ Radio

The DAB radio enables you to save your favoured channels as 10 presets for effortless station browsing. NFC Wireless Bluetooth audio speaker entails simply touch your NFC (Near Field Communication) mobile phone.

Simply couple up and begin playing music from your personal mobile. It may additionally be expended as a mobile audio speaker for notebooks, MP3 music players etc.

Bluetooth DAB/+ Alarm Radios In Several Colours

Take an SD card or perhaps USB pen drive with your preferred MP3's - plus it's possible to connect it in and hear virtually any time you wish.

Awakening to your preferred DAB channel is an ideal method to begin the working day. It permits you to establish 2 diverse alarm system times, and you are able to select to be awakened via 'DAB or FM' channels.
[Rating: 9/10]   £22 Get It → August Bluetooth DAB Radio

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Pure Evoke Bluetooth Speaker DAB Radio

Probably the most stylish product of the enduring, but stylish Evoke family. The D2 is a convenient DAB and multi choice FM radio with genuine walnut veneer housing and modern day design. This edition also incorporates Bluetooth for smooth streaming of your songs from tablet and mobile phones etc.

Tuned Speaker And Advanced Digital Amp

Clock Digital DAB FM Radio in All White

D2 Clock Digital DAB FM Radio

This radio consists of around 20 presets with four fast access switches, home and sleep timers, tone or radio alarm system, stereo headphone socket and aux socket for your personal iPod or music player.


  • Sleeping Timer Alarm
  • Ideal For Bedroom Or Kitchen


  • Not Cheap

The Evoke D2 also requires an optionally available (Pure ChargePAK) rechargeable battery power for transportable tuning in etc.
(Rating: 9/10)   £99 Get It - Pure Clock DAB Radio

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Battery Or Mains Powered?

Based on where you would like to make use of any radio, you may not need it to become connected to a point. A few receivers have the choice associated with incorporating regular power packs concerning transportable use, although some provide optionally available rechargeable batteries.

You should browse the measurement and excellence of any DAB radio with a remote control device and screen displaying the channel programme details. They will change from straightforward line scroll screens to the bright colour displays - and a few are more straightforward to understand as opposed to others.

Digital Radio Station Presets

Many digital radio Bluetooth speaker devices supply handy presets, however practical use is determined by the number of distinct channels you hear. Five pre-specified control keys may not be sufficient if you want to transform between certain radio stations.

Bluetooth Streaming Is The Norm

Numerous radios now provide Wireless Bluetooth streaming, which means that you are able to send songs straight from your mobile phone and listen with the DAB radio Bluetooth speakers. It can save you from spending money on an independent Wireless audio speaker.

Revo DAB+ DLNA Bluetooth Radio Speaker

SuperConnect sums up Revo's unique style, technological innovation and approach, offering a first-rate digital, Internet and FM radio, which will suit any type of any contemporary household.

Together with your SuperConnect linked to a WiFi system with access to the internet, you can readily focus on stereo from around the globe. Channels are detailed in alphabetical order based on country, or by audio type.

DAB Plus Net DLNA Radio With Wooden Finish

SuperConnect DAB Plus Net DLNA Radio

With a sleek rate of recurrence, extensive sound stage and strong and gratifying bass incorporate the overall performance advantages of a speaker with the movements of a standard loudspeaker, creating a top rated compact drive unit.
(Rating: 9/10)   £299 Get It - Revo Connect DAB DLNA Radio

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Majority DAB Bluetooth Radio CD Player

A DAB Bluetooth radio CD player with FM that includes a mix of calibre, expressive style and price which is difficult to outsmart.

Superior audio calibre provided by proprietary high-definition sound 35 Watts speaker unit system where you can separately correct the bass plus treble. 2 USB power charging up outputs, so it's possible to charge up your mobile and play your favoured tunes at the same time.

Wireless DAB Bluetooth Radio CD Player In Black

You are able to additionally link-up virtually any sound gadget through the 3.5 mm auxiliary input. It possesses both DAB+ digital as well as FM radio including the power to keep 20 preset channels of 10 DAB plus 10 FM etc. It features a headset outlet so it's possible to link your preferred headsets - and incorporates a remote device.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99 Get It → Majority Bluetooth Radio CD

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T.Baker Bluetooth Speaker DAB/DAB+ Radio

The Finisterre DAB FM radio is a snappy, however unchanged quality DAB FM radio plus Bluetooth audio speaker which blends the craftsmanship of past times including forward looking technologies - plus energetic Hi-Fi acoustics.

Bluetooth DAB Radio In Brushed Silver And Tan

Incorporating brushed metal, authentic leather plus a trilateral audio speaker arrangement using two mid-high range drivers.

In addition, there is a separate bass device aggregated to bring forth an ardent acoustic sound, reminiscent of a dependable old-fashioned valve style desk radio set. Fitted out to welcome DAB plus DAB+ programmes - and conventional FM using RDS etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99 Get It → Ted Baker Bluetooth DAB Radio

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10 Best Small DAB+ Radios With Bluetooth In Super Styles

Perhaps you have discovered the perfect Wireless Bluetooth DAB radio speaker with all the tremendous capabilities, nevertheless hearing the DAB radio Bluetooth speaker is just one of the better policies to uncover fresh songs and tracks locally.

Along with DAB, there is undoubtedly much more assortment of tunes channels when compared to some years in the past. Together with the usual DAB WiFi radio Internet radio stations, you are able to hear a vast number of exceptional stations throughout the planet in any language.

Lenco Vintage LCD DAB+ Bluetooth Radio

The vintage style LCD DAB+ Bluetooth radio speaker presents high powered sound functioning and updated procedures. It includes a retro conception joined with amended listening process.

This DAB radio imparts you entry to hear digital broadcasts, as well as a several digital exclusive services. Whenever you are outside of DAB spectrum, it's possible to alternate to FM then keep on hearing.

20 Presets DAB+ Bluetooth Radio With White Finish

Including 20 controlled presets, it's effortless to change over between your preferred channels. With a broad range of connection settings, it's never been more comfortable to stream your preferred music from virtually any gadget.


  • Brilliant Retro Style
  • Dual Stereo Speakers 30 Watts


  • None

Effortlessly and wirelessly link-up just about any smart gadget through Wireless Bluetooth. As an alternative, the 3.5 mm auxiliary input enables you to link any additional gadget.
[Rating: 9/10]   £55 Get It → Lenco DAB+ Bluetooth Radio

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Stereo quality has to be a remaining issue for many. It is really worth examining the power of a portable DAB radio using Bluetooth audio speakers and whether or not the receiver provides any other sound characteristics such as an equaliser to give you an excellent audio encounter.