Virtual Reality Headsets For Samsung & Google Smartphone

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Updated 10/09/2019:
Meet our best phone VR headsets and engross yourself in full 360 degrees videos and 3D magnificence. Buy the ideal VR headsets for iPhone and Android with super games and Apps in existence. Access panoramic virtual scenes and play video games in an exceptional VR realm.

What Is A Phone VR Headset?
A phone VR headset is a screening gadget deploying your smartphone for instant VR imagery. This enables anyone to use their head motion to steer the interaction with the graphics.

Bnext VR Headset For iPhone And Android Games

VR Headset For iPhone With Black Strap

£29   Bnext VR Headset For iPhone And Android - Get It!  

Canbor VR Headset With Controller Apple, Samsung


  • 3D Videos And Apps
  • Face Heat Dissipation


  • None..

VR Headset With Controller And Small Hand Remote

£27   Canbor VR Headset With Controller - Get It!  

Trust Gaming Mobile VR Headset For Smartphones


  • VR Bluetooth Controller
  • Enjoy Space Journeys


  • None.

Gaming Mobile VR Headset In All Black

£46   Trust Gaming Mobile VR Headset - Get It!  

How To Buy The Best VR Goggles

In the event, you are a complete VR beginner, the most accessible and most affordable choice will usually be to 'apply your smartphone' as the resource. In contrast, the more complex VR headsets with controller or devices for PC may need more processing ability for visuals.

PC VR With Bundled Processor

You can choose an encounter with VR possibly using an impressive gaming computer, a game system like Playstation or Xbox, and even through the freestanding PC VR bundle incorporating the processor already in-built.

Smartphone VR Headset Benefits

The smartphone is vital to your initial steps for VR existence. Many mobile phones are equipped for taking you on a pleasing impressive Wireless headset tour. Virtually all mobile VR encounters can be experienced without space - you simply need your smartphone and standalone VR headset device.

360 Degrees Video And Gaming

Mobile VR headsets need a phone for the screen, monitoring and the rest required to give an active VR encounter. This concept may be wholly regarded as a newcomers cheap VR headset that provides admission to 360 degrees video clips and standard game titles.

Google Daydream VR Headsets

New Daydream smartphone VR headsets just use specific mobile phones and seek to produce an excellent quality experience than the ones given by many standard mobile screens. Equally, systems have focused App stores filled with VR activities and gaming goodies.

Oculus VR Headset For Android

Whenever any mobile VR headset for Android might not be for you realistically, the further alternatives available are the standalone VR headsets - with Oculus typically the most popular choice available currently. Standalone VR headsets under no circumstances need a computer.

Elegiant Virtual Reality Glasses Headset 3D Movies


  • Soft Porous Cushioning
  • Magnet Adsorbed Cover


  • None..

VR Glasses With White Smartphone

£21   Elegiant Virtual Reality Glasses 3D - Get It!  

Hamswan Standalone VR Headset With Headphones


  • Complete 360 Immersion
  • 120 Degree Viewing


  • None..

VR Headset With Black Over Ear Style Headphones

£19   Hamswan Standalone VR Headset - Get It!  

Shinecon VR Headset For Android And Samsung Phone


  • View Avoiding Low Pixels
  • 360 Panoramic Roaming


  • None.

Phone VR Headset With Blue Front Flip

£25   Shinecon VR Headset For Android, Samsung - Get It!  

Primus Cheap VR Headset Compatible Cardboard Apps


  • Integral Gyroscope Sensor
  • Augmented Reality Congenial


  • None..

VR Headset With Smooth Black Exterior

£29   Primus Cheap VR Headset Cardboard Apps - Get It!  

Xbox And Playstation 4 VR

The situation is comparable to superior mobile VR headsets like Gear VR as well as the Google Daydream version that features a specific controller for interaction. They are somewhat more costly than mobile Playstation VR gaming headsets, nevertheless with enhanced graphics.

Need For Cutting-Edge Visuals?

You may have the possibility to purchase a computer powered VR headset. These kinds are the most competent available, offering sophisticated games and VR encounters with amazingly accurate cutting-edge visuals for maximum captivation.

VR Goggles With A Controller

Controllers are essential when selecting a VR headset. The controllers differ determined by strategy, with some supplying authentic positional monitoring while some never. The controllers are a virtual universe that permits you to connect to visual surroundings.

VR Headsets That Include Tracking

In most cases, the sophisticated VR headsets such as the (Rift) present excellent controllers due to true 1:1 positional examining. The Playstation 4 VR headset presents tracking; nonetheless, it is not really as reliable as the more popular Oculus platform possibilities.

Screening Rotation And Motion

Separate cheap VR headset controllers are acceptable, supplying a similar level of quality that you get coming from superior smartphone VR headsets. They don't provide the same sort of tracking as luxury controllers which monitor rotation, although not motion.

Degrees Of Freedom:

For controller tracking in most cases, there is yet another essential region to reflect upon in the wonderful world of VR. Mobile VR headsets for Android and lots of standalone versions just offer 3DoF in comparison to 6DoF available in superior headsets.

Samsung Galaxy Virtual Reality Headgear

Have supreme convenience with an amended fit compared to ever previously with this Galaxy congenial virtual reality headgear. Cushion padding is soft using the correct measure of comfort and it's anchored safely to manage long encounters.

For a broader field of perspective as well as smoother pictures with implausibly low illumination escape and reflection bar. Congenial with equally USB power type C and mini USB power, you merely have to snap on a connection faculty f'or your mobile phone' and you're finished.

Virtual Reality Headgear With Ample Padding


  • Reduced Light Leakage
  • In-Built Proximity Sensor


  • None

Bettered ergonomics and restructured touch pad where you can download games and encounters via the store. Explore better accuracy and command using the bigger touch-pad as the modern (home key) brings you directly back to the Oculus home screen.

Match seamlessly using a congenial Galaxy mobile phone adopting micro USB power connectivity. Sensor units accelerometer, gyroscope sensor device and proximity sensing element.
[Rating: 9/10] - £32 Get It → Samsung Virtual Reality Headgear

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Destek iPhone Samsung Smartphone Virtual Goggles

The smartphone virtual goggles wide field of perspective makes your experience like an genuine climber, simply not like a mere spectator as it counterbalances absorption and detail of panorama, however offering you the most superior virtual reality view to determine 360 degrees pictures.

Comfy Smartphone Virtual Goggles With Curved Remote


  • Very Wide Compatibility
  • Anti Blue Light Lenses


  • None..

Perfect for consumers with shortsightedness under 600, or perhaps hyperopia under 300 degrees etc. With extended conformity, share one with the entire household as it accompanies mobile phones with 4.5 up to 6 inches display screen, for example iPhone, Samsung mobiles, Google Pixel smartphones and so forth.
[Rating: 9/10] - £39 Get It → Destek Smartphone Virtual Goggles

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Virtual Reality 3DoF And 6DoF

Immediate 6DoF can track the position within the natural open area. This genuinely boosts captivation so you can easily stroll digital realms. It is also worthwhile observing that some standalone VR headsets do not need exterior sensors to supply 6DoF progress.

Motion And Flexible Positioning

The 3DoF functionality implies that you can stand in position, browse around, down and up, nevertheless, virtually any motion forwards, in reverse, upward or downward will not be encountered.

It's a smart idea to examine image resolution and refresh rate of any kind of VR headset for iPhone or other OS before investing because both are essential to a reasonable VR encounter.

Best Level Of Resolution Quality

The higher the resolution, the better the level of quality the pictures created by the screen will probably be. It will suggest the mobile device offers sharper perimeters and easily readable content material.

Determining Refresh Rates

The resolution will not mean much if the refresh level is inadequate. There have been numerous assessments carried out in VR to determine the perfect refresh rate to overcome issues experienced by initial Wireless VR headset end users, but 92Hz is the bare minimum necessity for active VR.

Smart Phone VR Headsets Compatible With Most Mobiles

The best cheap mobile VR headsets to fully launch yourself in dream existences, video media 'and 3D' action. Enjoy VR domains in your own discretionary perspective and view what you want to observe in just about any point of view.

Field of view or FOV as its frequently known effectively offers you a concept of how impressive the virtual reality glasses are. You must shoot for a PS4 VR headset that delivers a FOV of between 100 and then perhaps 115 degrees.

KAMLE Android And iOS Virtual Reality Glasses

Reasonably priced Android and iOS virtual reality glasses offering you pleasurable visible 360 degrees bird's-eye video recordings as well as pictures, determining 3D IMAX films in your home base, featuring high-definition optimisation, 3D virtual reality game play assistance and much more besides.

VR Glasses With Controller


  • 3D Reality Visuals
  • Compact Mobile Design


  • None..

Impressive ventilating system for long deployment, additionally the flexible phone holder will accommodate your mobile phone in position, plus you are able to boost and utilise the earpiece simultaneously via the ventilation gaps on both edges.

3-D realism headset with super visual sensation where all you demand is correct placement of you mobile phone, then correcting the perspectives of watching so you will experience immersive 3D VR throughout the lens system.
[Rating: 9/10] - £15 Get It → KAMLE Android iOS VR Glasses

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LesHP WiFi Bluetooth VR Headset PC Compatible

A VR headset PC compatible and very convenient since simply no smart phone is required, just link up the VR goggles to WiFi or even Wireless Bluetooth and you will be able to delight in your own very important person 3-D flicks as well as games.

VR Headset For PC In Black And White Finish


  • Real Humanised Design
  • Immersive 3D Movies


  • None.

Large-scale display screen of IPS 5.5 inches as well as 1920 x 1080 3-D split contributing you an amended viewing encounter. This particular headset can assist to safeguard your listening and ears with long term enjoyment, and the stereo system acoustic affords the perfect encounter while utilising.
[Rating: 9/10] - £23 Get It → LesHP VR Headset PC Compatible

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Oculus Rift Wireless Xbox Controller VR Goggles

VR goggles with custom user interface and optics, it deploys a customised screen and optics system organised specially for VR glasses, sporting two AMOLED displays using reduced continuity.

VR Goggles With Integral Ear Pieces


  • Tracking IR Emitter
  • Xbox 1 Controller


  • Expensive..

The tracking arrangement is configured to monitor you regardless if you happen to be sitting or perhaps standing upright. Incorporated VR goggles possesses an integral virtual reality sound system organised to win you over.

The built-in headsets are easily removed just in case you fancy to deploy your own. There's additionally a high calibre interior microphone for social encounters.
[Rating: 9/10] - £470 Get It → Oculus Wireless VR Goggles

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By way of each headset move and turn, the possibilities to uncover are everlasting, all made imaginable only by using an excellent phone VR headset device.