High Definition Wireless PC Headsets For Phone Use

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Updated 02/05/2020:
The best Wireless PC headsets for phone calling that deliver the capacity to drop the cable. Great for mobile phone and notebook users who desire the opportunity to wander freely. The on ear USB sound cancelling headphones are ideal for gaming, around the house or work.

: Betron PC Headset With Mic Bluetooth Wireless

PC Headset With Mic And Leather Band

£34   Betron Wireless PC Headset With Mic - Get It!  

: Mpow Wireless Headset For Phone Retract Boom

Wireless Headset For Phone With USB Cable

£39   Mpow Wireless Headset For Phone - Get It!  

: TaoTronics Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Headset

Wireless Mic Headset With Soft Cushion

£48   TaoTronics Wireless Mic Headset - Get It!  

: OneOdio Wireless Headset For PC Hi-Fi Stereo

Wireless Headset For PC With Black 3.5 Wire

£38   OneOdio Wireless Headset For PC - Get It!  

: Bose QC Wireless Around-Ear Headset

These Wireless headphones are entirely orchestrated with first-class reduction, rendering all sound more tranquil and tunes sounding deeper. Constructed with superior components, the headsets are light as well as comfy for daily hearing - and it's possible to individualise your encounter using the smartphone App.

Liberate yourself from cables and link-up effortlessly to your gadgets with Wireless Bluetooth in addition to NFC matching to delight in counter-balanced sound execution at virtually any volume level with perfected EQ etc.

Comfy Wireless NC Headphones In All Black

A sound eliminating twin microphone offers crystal clear phone calls, even in breezy or loud surroundings. The Bluetooth over ear headphones voice cues and intuitive commands constitute your communicating in addition moderating your tunes fuss-free.

A Lithium-Ion battery affords you as much as 20 hours of Wireless playing for every boost session. Whenever you foresee a situation where boosting might simply not be conceivable, merely connect in the incorporated audio lead.
[Rating: 9/10]   £169   Get It → Bose Wireless Headphones

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: PowerLocus Bluetooth Wireless Headset

The on-ear Wireless headphones possess Bluetooth 4.0 aptX technologies for high quality audio with outstanding, powerful sound. These headsets function expertly tuned 40 mm custom drivers, providing end users the very best in studio perfected sound, devoid of the problems cables bring.

Headphones in All Black

A worldwide audio headphone and components brand name, SMS Audio is committed to enhancing the way individuals everywhere encounter music by mixing technology, performance and style to create a good level of audio, enjoyment and style to each item. SMS provides an expert, studio-quality tunes encounter.

Play music at a range, which is approximately (32 ft) 10 metres distance. The cross types performance of the SYNC by 50 headphones offer you wireless playtime for approximately 16 hours.
(Rating: 9/10)   £22   Get It - PowerLocus Audio Headphones

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: Jabra Move Digital Wireless Headset

The trendy headphones are unplugged, but nevertheless linked to experience complete wireless independence with optimum Dolby Audio. The new Jabra wireless headphones offer unmistakable sound quality, sturdiness and cutting edge structure with absolute cordless mobility.

Jabra Wireless Headphones

No cables does not simply imply sacrificed sound quality. With Revo wireless headphones, it indicates liberty of motion and sound. The (Turntable Touch Control) enables you to quickly play, jump or pause your tunes and handle calls too. Listen to and be heard with clear calls, tap to match with NFC and maintain your music with long playback.

It incorporates a collapsible design for quick, streamlined storage space and includes an easily-removed wire and USB charger for comfort. Acquire an improved music encounter with the Jabra App, a very good music player that provides you the complete Dolby Plus sound and much more.

Make use of the app to generate and search through playlists, share songs and modify the graphic equaliser in order to play your songs as you would like to hear them.
(Rating: 9/10)   £59   Get It - Jabra Wireless Headphones

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: Sennheiser On-Ear Wireless Headset

The RS is a two component technique that includes excellent Wireless audio quality, with a genuinely adaptable, although streamlined transmission device for listening in your own home, on-the-go, or at your workplace.

This headphone item includes a set of two cordless units - the HDR and a small transmitter TX 160, which operates on mains or battery power to support your requirements, regardless of where you happen to be.

On-Ear Headphones in Black

It is possible to link up to four different sets of Sennheiser Kleer headphones. Comfortable design and adjustable headband for a cosy, protected fit. Streamlined, convenient transmitter, which can transfer audio indicators to numerous sets of headphones. Lengthy battery life making use of standard rechargeable batteries which are charged up in the transmitter.
(Rating: 9/10)   £89   Get It - Sennheiser On-Ear Headset

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Best Wireless PC Headsets With Mic For Taking Clear Calls

: Sony WH Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

No more messy cables with the Sony headset. Link wirelessly and immediately with 3.0 edition Bluetooth and one touch hearing through NFC. Experience every single note with deep bass response and powerful driver.

The 'over ear', closed headphone style closes more audio in, reducing exterior disturbance, so it's possible to appreciate your tunes without distraction.

Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Headset in Black

Using an integrated 17 hour battery life, you are allowed to go for more time in between charging up. The MDR-10RBT headsets permit you to hear tunes in the manner in which artists planned. You will still listen to every note of your preferred songs in unequaled clearness, as a result of 40 mm driver units, which provide wide-frequency response for flawlessly balanced audio processing.

Forget about puzzling set-up requirements or challenging pairing sequences to adhere to. Simple, quick, basic one-touch relationship. It is possible to still stream audio to the headphones via Bluetooth, even though your gadget will not function NFC capability.
(Rating: 9/10)   £139   Get It - Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headset

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: Sennheiser Microphone Bluetooth Headset

The cutting edge MM 550-X headphones provide both an excellent sound quality within an extra comfy 'around ear' style. Declare farewell to the annoyances of wire entanglement if you are moving around and currently have an excessive amount to transport.

You can now unwind, focus on tunes, or take a telephone call at the touch of a key - even in deafening surroundings like airports or stations.

Bluetooth Headphones in Black Finish

The MM 550-X was created as a bigger, full-size headphones for best comfort, and for those with 'unusual' ear shapes and sizes. It's simple to experience good audio with no need for trouble and become snarled up with your bag, or if you want to answer your telephone. The ear cups are enclosed to block out annoying noises and stop noise seeping out to disrupt other people.
(Rating: 9/10)   £199   Get It - Sennheiser HD Bluetooth Headphones

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: Plantronics Bluetooth BackBeat Headset

This impressive active Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones deliver virtually all the magnificence and refinement of your tunes, in addition to the emotional lucidity of your sound. Using adequate to 24 hours of uninterrupted WiFi deployment, link and switch sound in between a mobile phone and tablet PC.

Stream Bluetooth Headphones With Black Case

It incorporates signature sound, open as well as naturalistic on-demand Active Noise Cancelling ANC and adequate to 24 hours continual WiFi streaming.

Enjoy as much as 100 metres spectrum ranging from Class 1 Wireless Bluetooth gadgets. Open-Mic characteristic allows you discover your environment, plus automated tunes play/stop whenever headsets are put on or dispatched.
[Rating: 9/10]   £199   Get It - → Plantronics Bluetooth Headset

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: Beats Solo3 Portable Wireless Headset

Beats HD headphones are created to be a lighter in weight, on-ear edition of Studios. Small enough to slip in your bag, Beats headsets bring the effective signature audio Beats by Dr. Dre in to your life. The newest headsets are created for tunes lovers searching for high definition headphones that appear as effective as they sound.

On Ear Portable Headphones in Black

The Solo headphones incorporate innovative driver systems and high quality design for headphones that provide hours of constant enjoyment. These modern headphones are definitely the first Beats to get the earcups, wire and headpiece all the same colour. And the first to include a reflective Beats emblem on the ear cup exterior.

Furthermore, all 'Beats Solo HD headphones' function a variable headband for the best possible comfort and ease. The headband is made from durable, versatile materials and strengthened with a metallic strip, providing you with less motive to even think about breaking them.

The original folding technique and compact style help make these headphones ideal while travelling.
(Rating: 9/10)   £179   Get It - Beats Wireless Headphones

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These Wireless PC headsets offer flexibility to roam without being dependent on wires. They may be in-ear or 'over ear' styles, however, with the advancements in technology, nowadays there are noise cancelling wireless stereo headphones which have a crisp, clear sound - and a wide variety to choose from.

You may use these Bluetooth NC headphones to hear music from your MP3 player, PC, or even watch a film while all others within your house nap.