Reasonably Priced Stereo Headphones For Xbox One

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Updated 21/03/2020:
The best Xbox One stereo headsets for gaming crafted for beautiful surround sound, noise cancelling, microphone and swivel earpieces. Lightweight stereo PC gaming headphones with soft velvet earpads and padded headpiece plus Dolby. Don't miss our TV headset choices.

Selecting the best Xbox One headset with mic may include a cabled or Wireless gaming option for unrestricted playing time, much less lag or interruption in connectivity.

LionCast Xbox Headset 7.1 Surround Sound

Stereo Headset In Red And Black

£56   Lioncast Xbox Stereo Headset 7.1 - Get It!  

Turtle Beach Xbox One Surround Sound Headset


  • Stream Tunes And Take Calls
  • Immersive Virtual Sound


  • None.

Surround Sound Headset With Black Mic

£99   TurtleB Xbox One Surround Sound Headset - Get It!  

Razer Kraken Xbox One Headset With Mic

Headset With Mic And Remote On Stand

£52   Razer Kraken Xbox One Headset - Get It!  

The Type Of Xbox Headset You Want

An Xbox One Wireless headset offers you the flexibility to 'wander about' and not become restricted to a cable whatever. It is pretty much all your responsibility, but remember that more and more headphones are listed high price for a purpose - and might just be worthwhile to some people.

Features For Audio Preferences

A few ancillary product features for the Xbox stereo headset are in-line settings which give you a straightforward adaptation into putting your primary volume as well as your microphone on silence with one click. This mic has a flexibility environment allowing sound hearing preferences too.

Headset That Works With Your PC

Concerning the platform you utilise, you need to look into the connection type of the headphones you wish to buy. Declining to achieve that involves you might end up getting an extravagant Xbox gaming headset that is perhaps incompatible with your computer.

USB And Wireless Bluetooth Options

Types of connection are 3.5 mm, dual cabled USB, wireless USB as well as Wireless Bluetooth. If you are a PS4 participant, you may come across Xbox One and PC headset connection challenges. In case you are primarily an avid computer gamer, you will need to get further subject advice.

Volume And Equaliser Configuration

Headphones specifically for computers need you to set-up supplementary drivers, or perhaps software or you are not in a position to discover the sophisticated highlights - like equaliser configurations for sound. If you want a good Xbox one headset on PS4, ensure suitability is clearly explained on the package.

Regarding headset suitability with Xbox, everything is somewhat challenging. If you want Wireless USB headphones offering an Xbox services, you should check their functionality. More recent Xbox controllers feature a jack for regular 3.5 mm headphones.

Ready For Long Game Playing Sessions?

The headband will need to repose on your head pleasantly, so you are capable of wearing the headphones throughout those weekend game playing sessions. The cushioned headbands appear to be the comfiest types and simply perfect for studio DJ headphone designs.

Logitech Xbox One Wireless Headset 7.1 Artemis


  • Sleep Mode To Save Battery
  • RGB 16.8 Million Colours


  • None..

Wireless Headset 7.1 With RGB Light

£105   Logitech Xbox One Wireless Headset - Get It!  

T.Flight U.S. Air Force Xbox One PC Headset

Xbox One And PC Headset With Chrome Trim

£69   T.Flight US Xbox One And PC Headset - Get It!  

Lupsan Budget Xbox One Headset With Microphone

Xbox One Headset With Microphone In All Black

£15   Lupsan Budget Xbox One Headset With Mic - Get It!  

Plantronics RIG Xbox One Headset Noise-Cancelling


  • Lag-Free Wireless Sound
  • Balance Game Sound And Chat


  • None

RIG Xbox One Headset With 2 Buttons

£89   Plantronics RIG Xbox One Headset - Get It!  

Headsets To Boost Game Performance

Convenience is vital to best overall gaming performance, it is more comfortable and unhindered. The headset may be made from long-lasting, light components where you can concentrate exclusively on the game performance. Applying an incredibly useful Xbox 7.1 headset reduces the risk of neck discomfort after a few hours.

Comfy Fit With Surround Sound

The components employed for Xbox One surround sound headsets are certainly not the only aspect that establishes if the gadget will be a comfy one. The subject is noticeably different; therefore we summarise all factors that make any headphone comfy to utilise.

Compatible With Eye Glasses

If you wear spectacles, do take this seriously into consideration whenever looking for the perfect Bluetooth headphones for Xbox One to suit your needs. A handful of businesses use a useful glass concept that will not place any kind of tension around the support frames.

Ear-Cup Materials For Best Comfort

Components utilised in the headband as well as the ear cups are essential. Leather ear-cups will be considered to be the comfiest; also they are genuinely fashionable.

They make the ears vulnerable to sweat, but softer versions allow considerably better air flow, however, some low priced Xbox One X headset versions are certainly not very pleasant.

Microsoft Appropriate PS4 And PC

Should you have an old budget Xbox One headset system, you may want to buy the Microsoft 3.5 mm headphones adapter. USB Wireless versions are appropriate primarily with PS4 and PC, and perhaps with Xbox One. Wireless Bluetooth headphones support mobile products, PS4 as well as computers.

Will You Sacrifice Comfort For Price?

In case you have an Xbox One and PC headset in mind that offers simply no cushioning, you must think carefully and determine whether you will sacrifice the ease and comfort.

Headset Features You Really Expect

The overall weight of the headphones also makes a difference, so ensure you grab headphones that are light and portable as well as long-lasting. In case the headphones are very weighty, you can reach a stage when the inconvenience is too much.

Sennheiser NC Clarity Surround Gaming Headset

The Sennheiser game playing headphone 363D supplies a heavy and authentic directional sound encounter. Utilising Dolby headset technologies, it provides 7.1 surround sound for the non-compromising computer participant who searches for only the most effective sound expertise.

Headset In Black And Grey Finish

This is an ultra comfortable headset as a result of it's velvety ear padding and headpiece. Enjoy noise cancelling clearness, where the pro microphone guarantees crystal clear discussions.

Handy microphone silence technique instantly silences the microphone by elevating the boom arm. The volume level management is incorporated around the right earcup.
(Rating: 9/10)   £129   Get It Sennheiser NC Gaming Headset

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HyperX Cloud Gaming Headphones With Microphone

HyperX Cloud incorporates memory foam ear-pads and (compatible earcups) for different audio styles and various consistency choices. It is suggested through top notch game playing companies and is the recognised headset associated with expert game playing firms like Intel or TeamLiquid etc.

Gaming Headphones In Black With Red Logo

Every HyperX headphone incorporates all the components required, which includes an airplane adapter, leather and velour ear-pads, along with a travel friendly mesh carrier to adopt your game on the move. The easily-removed high quality microphone features a slender windshield.
(Rating: 9/10)   £78   Get It HyperX Cloud Gaming Headphones

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SteelSeries Siberia Headset PC Gaming

The iconic conception of this Siberia headset has embodied a front-runner among game players for several years. The Elite continues the custom of using an all-new take on the classical appearance and feeling.

Elite First-Class Gaming Headset


  • Big Memory Foam Cushions
  • Dolby ProLogic IIx Surround


  • None..

It additionally includes an LED appropriate on the microphone to signal whenever you are hushed. Light weight metal arc using it's attractive steel finish assists an additional cushioned leather head band.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99   Get It → SteelSeries Gaming Headset

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Headsets With Genuine User Comfort

An ideal Xbox one headset with mic is comfy, reasonably light with smooth cushioning, includes an accommodating headpiece and the ear cups will be adequate enough for use in your complete ear, and ultimately that entire merchandise is not overweight.

Impressive Clarity With Noise Cancellation

The integrated microphone assists you to speak with your fellow avid gamers. Furthermore, the best game playing Xbox stereo headsets have an outstanding sophisticated noise cancellation characteristic to ensure that those you talk to can hear your tone of voice with impressive clearness.

Should you play games online, you will need to speak with your players. This will make a microphone absolutely essential with any decent Xbox one surround sound headset.

Buying A Headset With Built In Mic

You can buy a good headset with a constructed in microphone or perhaps obtain an independent microphone you will hook-up to your game playing apparatus. According to your requirements, you may have the decision between headsets with a mic or versions without.

Corsair WiFi Gamers Headset With Mic

The Corsair Vengeance 2100 provides high-end game playing sound with no cables. The effective 2.4GHz link provides you with as much as 38 feet of wireless spectrum and up to 9.5 hours of the battery. Correct Dolby 7.1 multi-channel surround sound helps you determine your enemy's position, prior to them viewing you.

Headset In Black With Cushioned Headband

Corsair Vengeance WiFi Headset

The earcups function microfibre covered memory foam earpads for many hours of comfy gaming with 2.4GHz wireless sound. High performance games sound, without having to worry about cables. Precise multi-channel sound assists you to find competitors even though they can not discover you.
(Rating: 9/10)   £69   Get It Corsair WiFi Gamers Headset

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EasySMX Wireless Gaming Headset Xbox One

A Wireless gaming headset for Xbox one with superior sound delivering minus any electric cord, instead trusting on 2.4 GHz digital transmission system strategy to render a high calibre signal inside 10 metres range.

Wireless Gaming Headset Xbox In All Black Exterior

Extremely lightweight conception plus 'soft ear cushion' guarantee your upper limit convenience throughout extra time gaming. Adequate to 12 hours functioning time period for every replete charge up.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → EasySMX Wireless Gaming Headset

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Noise-Cancelling Xbox One Gaming Headsets Surround Sound

The best possible PC Xbox One gaming headset features several functionalities that each gamer must search for. Take a headphone with 'surround sound' which will accomplish similarly successful as a hearing gadget and a conversation device.

The Wireless Xbox gaming headset style is additionally vitally important, it should be lightweight and also good fitting.

Creative Blaster Studio WiFi Gaming Headset

The Sound Blaster Tactic WiFi game playing headset is the must-have equipment for intense players, providing good, wireless game playing sound that's supported by years of informative Blaster experience.

Headset In Black With Blue And Red Aspects


  • Super 3D Surround Sound
  • 360 Degrees Sound Stage


  • None

Obtain the greatest, least expensive wireless game playing head-set in it's category and notice great sound quality. Encounter exceptional, static-free uncompressed wireless game playing sound with no latency. High-powered 3D game playing sound experience with huge bass and comprehensive highs.
(Rating: 9/10)   £79   Get It Creative WiFi Gaming Headset

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Astro Gaming Headset Mix-Amp Xbox One

A modern budget gaming headset with MixAmp facility expanding end user customisation to accommodate virtually any surroundings. Set-up for home deployment with microphone set, LAN play or perhaps the most audible professional tournament, it's possible to convert the TR from an open back style to a closed-back design noise-cancelling headphone.

Customisable Budget Gaming Headset Xbox One In White

For sincere live streamers, it is re-engineered containing all electronic parts for lag as well as disturbance free functioning. The incorporated command centre software system enables competing gamers to tune up virtually every input and production parametric quantity. The MixAmp professional TR to accurately manage for particular apparatus.
[Rating: 9/10]   £199   Get It → Astro Gaming Headset Xbox One

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Several gamers likewise use on-ear Xbox One Wireless headsets, nevertheless they tend not to provide all the comfort as over-ear headsets. Considering that the Wireless earbuds rest around the earlobe, they may be much less comfy as the over-ear Bluetooth headphones for Xbox we bought last week.