Selected Professional DJ Headphones For Music Mixers

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Updated 13/02/2020:
We help you choose the best UK DJ headphones for mixing tailored to the majority of reasonable prices with essential features. Outstanding frequency response professional DJ headphones in light and sturdy styles, active noise cancellation concept and folding cups.

If you are a disc jockey, little or nothing but top-rated gear will suffice. Nevertheless, purchasing the best DJ headset for mixing may be a dilemma acknowledged by existing functionality.

Sony Over-Ear DJ Headphones For Music Mix

Over-Ear DJ Headphones On Vinyl Disc

£41   Sony Over-Ear DJ Headphones For Music Mix - Get It!  

BeyerDynamic Studio Headphones For Mixing PROs


  • Ultra Light Weight Diaphragm
  • Head Band Makes A Secure Fit


  • None..

Studio Headphones With Black Cups

£97   BeyerDynamic Studio Headphones For PROs - Get It!  

Sivga Professional DJ Headphones Over-Ear Open Back

DJ Headphones In Open Back Style

£86   Sivga DJ Headphones Over-Ear - Get It!  

Types Of Music Mix DJ Headphones

Several studio headphones for mixing are created the supreme in music mixing perfection. Even with a multitude of choices that can be found, understanding what to watch out for may be difficult. Here we discuss the essential features you must know about when selecting DJ headphones.

Translate Signal To Superb Sound

We look at the frequency range of the headsets, 'bass sound' and treble audio. The field is generally to 20000 Hz with all the lesser side comprising bass as well as more advanced features. The drivers in our headphones for mixing translate signals to sound, so the bigger the item, the higher acoustic calibre.

Closed And The Open Ear Styles

The drivers ordinarily array between 8 mm to all the way to 50 millimetres. The headphones for music production come in two variations of closed as well as the open ear. The closed ear structure will keep out encompassing sound and is recommended by many - most here are closed style.

Weight And User Comfort

Headsets are available in distinct weight loads, and the type you decide on will identify just how comfy they are to put on. In case you foresee wearing any cheap DJ headphones for extended periods, think about getting lighter in weight merchandise.

Interference Of Environmental Sounds

Incredibly good headsets are a necessary device to a disc jockey since with no excellent set, there is simply no smart approach to hear what they're establishing in any recording studio room or over the stage, although just suppressing interference from environmental audio.

Decent Wireless headphones make it possible to listen to all aspects in any formula and have interest in areas like frequency and range to provide enjoyable and nicely rounded production. In spite of this, high performing headphones are a pricey expenditure.

TaoTronics Wireless DJ Headphones Deep Bass


  • Built-In Mic Hands Free
  • Deep And Powered Bass


  • None.

Wireless DJ Headphones In All Black

£69   TaoTronics Wireless DJ Headphones Deep Bass - Get It!  

Monoprice Monolith Over-Ear DJ Headphones

Over-Ear Headphones With Black Cables

£99   Monoprice Mono Over-Ear DJ Headphones - Get It!  

Sennheiser Close DJ Headset Split Head Band


  • High Attenuation Of Noise
  • For True Music Mix Pros


  • None

Close Style DJ Headset With 2 Bands

£145   Sennheiser Close Style DJ Headset - Get It!  

Numark Excellent DJ Headphones With Smooth Swivel

DJ Headphones With Red And Black Stripes

£45   Numark Comfy Swivel DJ Headphones - Get It!  

Balancing DJ Headset Features With Price

Professionals frequently suggest against reducing your expectations on good DJ headphones when you are just a flourishing mixer with just a few pounds free, you will in all probability be forced to select the most desirable your hard earned money can purchase.

Inexpensive Headsets Fit For Purpose

There exists some inexpensive headphones 'sub-par equipment', which not merely offers substandard sound quality, but additionally, hardly ever last past 30 days of lively usage. A certain amount of low-cost headsets may be perfect to fulfil your preferences.

Need The Expensive Headsets?

Just spending more will probably get you the very best headphones for mixing out there, as various approaching and founded DJ's perform great with 'more basic' devices. This usually brings up the question if expensive headsets are genuinely worth the excessive cost.

No matter the cost, an appropriate set of headphones will need to meet quite a definable group of requirements when selecting for your spending budget.

Comfort Level Value To The DJ

You will have these DJ headsets on all the time and no matter what pair you purchase, they will need to feel convenient for your own ears, i.e. certainly not too restricted, and with the perfect scale cups to accommodate the form of lobes, yet won't be worth it if they cannot keep background sound at bay.

Noise Cancelling Of Background Sound

The closed style studio headphones for mixing attribute sturdy open up casing throughout the ear cups, which usually make sure that environmental disruptions are as separated as is feasible from precisely what is observed in the headsets - note, the noise cancelling headsets can range significantly in cost.

Are Headphones Built Hard Wearing?

In any rough conditions, open-back cups can force one to fire-up the volume level to possibly ear-damaging variants. If you are an accomplished DJ, the headsets you acquire will more than likely be relocated around all night, with various other intense assessments of sturdiness involved.

Audio-Technica ATH Circumaural DJ Headphones

The ATH-M50x specialist monitor DJ studio headset is perhaps the best in the M-Series range, recognised by leading audio technicians and expert audio testers regularly. It functions the identical sought after sonic signature, with refined ear pads and easily-removed wires.

Circumaural Studio Pro Headphones In All Black Finish

Coming from large aperture drivers to audio isolating earcups and sturdy design, the M50x offers an unparalleled encounter for the most critical sound authorities.

Frequency response 15 - 28000 Hz maximum input power. Sensitivity 99 dB Impedance. Weight 287g with no wire and connection.
(Rating: 9/10)   £104 - Audio-T Circumaural Headphones

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Yamaha PRO Over-Ear Headphones Gold Plated

A high fidelity premium over the ear headphone. The HPH provides an resulting audio so remarkable, authentic, crystal clear and pleasingly enveloping, it causes your heartbeat to run faster and transmits down your backbone.

Over-Ear Style Headphones In Black With Alloy Earcups

The drivers include a brand new proprietary style, showcasing 'neodymium magnets' offering optimum efficiency when used in combination with mobile phones and tablets, along with other convenient music players.


  • Offers Great Noise Isolation
  • High Energy High-Performance


  • None

The over-ear cup design gives superb sound isolation, even though the ultra-premium ear cushion components guarantee a sharp, clear audio. Ultra comfortable and long lasting.
(Rating: 9/10)   £148 - Yamaha HPH Over-Ear Headphones

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Features You Can Be Confident Of

A smart idea is to obtain well-made headphones for mixing that will at minimum offer you many months of regular performances before them displaying indications of deterioration. You will discover headsets in existence that will not even endure a single evening in any nightclub.

Technical Bass And Natural Highs

Like the majority of various other digital devices, several headphones attribute several technical specs. Many are created to address the bass sound, while some concentrate on those who would prefer extended and all-natural highs, mids and then those lower frequencies.

Close And Encircle The Ears Completely

Ear pads must be perfectly cushioned for comfort and attached to revolving or rotating arms, which usually enable convenient solitary sided monitoring and then placement. Your professional DJ headphones ear protection will need to entirely and pleasantly encircle the ears.

Sufficient Ear Cup Side Force Check

Your headband needs to present convenient flexibility that keeps a sufficient amount of side force to hold a single earcup protected when you're monitoring your music mix similar to several good gaming headsets for Xbox and PC we have on our site.

SHURE Portable Open Back Style Headphones

Shure offer range topping, high-end stereo, open back headphones with independently matched drivers for unrivaled audible functionality, not forgetting the smooth continuous highs and precise bass sounds, perfect for blending and perfecting.

Headphones In Silver And Black Exterior

Light and portable headphone construction, offering aircraft grade lightweight alloy and stainless-steel grilles for improved longevity. It includes alternative velours earpads, a trendy zippered carry case and gold-plated adapter.

Open back, circumaural style of exceedingly natural audio, wide stereo image and elevated level of field. Compact construction and increased resilience with replaceable deterioration parts etc.
(Rating: 9/10)   £99 - SHURE SR Open Back Headphones

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Pioneer HDJ Memory Cushion DJ Headphones

Resilient, good quality headphones for the expert disc jockey. The HDJ guarantees excellent clearness with apparent separation and optimum convenience, whatever atmosphere you may notice yourself in. Regardless of whether it's performing in a crammed nightclub, or engineering in a recording studio.

DJ Headphones In Black Finish


  • Circumaural Dynamic Type
  • Stereo Mini Plug Gold Plated


  • None

The heavy-duty construct of these headsets guarantees zero resonance. Enjoy comfort, sporting a durable but light and portable magnesium swivel style fold system, the headphones are powerful, comfy and compact to transport. Each 'ear-cup provides good insulation' and pivots a complete 90 degrees.
(Rating: 9/10)   £339 - Pioneer HD DJ Headphones

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V-Moda Crossfade Headphones For Studio

Regarding the Crossfade nightclub DJ headphone is the genuine music brand name that combines trend and performance. Headphones are an important instrument for firms and artists who demand unmatched functionality, provided dependably every time.

Headphones In Black With In-Line Controls

Analog noise isolation naturally decreases the interruptions of jet motors, crying infants and audience sounds. No batteries or synthetic processing. Strong, pure audio without the two extra analog conversions of battery powered headphones that contaminate the wholesomeness of your tunes.
(Rating: 9/10)   £199 - V-Moda Headphones Studio DJ

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Over Ear Style DJ Headphones With Superb Sound Range

Many headphones for music production are really great sound systems, providing an excellent switching sound. Search for elliptical, circumaural design headphones for mixing with maximum convenience plus lower background sound.

Professional headsets are well suited for noisy DJ scenarios with substantial noise isolation as well as swivel ear cups and so forth. A significant set of headphones can be accepted for any audiophile; nevertheless, they will become distressing when employed for DJ work.

Aiaiai Gold Coated Plugs Headphones For Mixing

This impressive configuration renders it the best headphones for mixing with it's dependable ability for extensive hearing. Impressive bass sound plus imparted power in the deeper mid depth, broad audio stage plus high setting isolation.

Tilted Studio Headphones For Mixing With Black Wire

Organised with a 40 mm titanium plated driver to contract straining, supplying an ample and deep sound. The studio headphones audio is strong and the device plays bass sound extremely well even at reduced noise levels.
[Rating: 9/10]   £160Aiaiai Headphones For Mixing

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Shure Closed-Back Circumaural DJ Headphones

The stylish Shure specialised Circumaural headphones are suitable for Disc Jockeys, experienced audio technicians and recording studio pros. Headsets that offer precise response throughout the complete sound range.

Closed-Back Circumaural DJ Headphones


  • Neodymium Dynamic Drivers
  • Masters Your Critical Listening


  • None..

Light and portable ergonomic fit with high quality cushioned headband offers superior comfort over prolonged time periods. A 'closed-back circumaural style' rests easily over the ears and decreases background sound. Retractable design, with 90 degrees rotating ear cups for effortless storage and ease of mobility.
(Rating: 9/10)   £169 - Shure Circumaural DJ Headphones

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Leading designs employ aluminium, and (ti) hardware which keeps weight reduced. Try to find studio DJ headphones that are comparatively small to fit in your DJ carrier. They have to be durable enough to share storage space with your various other equipment and come out like new.