The Best Value Smart 55 Inch TVs For The Money

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Updated 11/08/2020:
We help you find the best 55 inch TV with true 4K colour and very sharp picture. Discover more of the TV you love using our widescreen smart 4K 55 inch UHD TV choices. Discover media as you view, browse the net with built-in WiFi. Want smaller? See our 32 inch smart TVs.

The big 55 inch class of 4K TV is among the most popular for both customers and Television suppliers. Even though many versions from Samsung, Toshiba, Hisense and Sony are introduced in more compact 42 inch sizes - the 55 inch 4K HDR TV types are ideal.

: Samsung Cheap 55 Inch 4K TV With Tizen OS

55 Inch 4K TV With 4 Legs

£495   Samsung Cheap 55 Inch 4K TV - Get It!  

: Sony 55 Inch Flat Screen TV LED 4K HDR

Flat Screen TV With Thin Black Border

£543   Sony 55 Inch Flat Screen TV - Get It!  

: Philips 55 Inch Ultra HD TV With Ambilight

55 Inch Ultra HD TV With Chrome Base

£599   Philips 55 Inch UHD TV Ambilight - Get It!  

Cello Cheap 55 Inch QLED TV Super Smart 4K

55 Inch 4K TV With Smaller Black TV

£399   Cello Cheap 55 Inch QLED 4K TV - Get It!  

LG 55 Inch 4K Smart TV With Freeview Play

55 Inch 4K HDR TV With Slim Black Edge

£449   LG 55 Inch 4K TV Freeview Play - Get It!  

TCL 55 Inch UHD TV That Works With Alexa

UHD TV On Wooden Sideboard

£455   TCL 55 Inch UHD TV That Works With Alexa - Get It!  

Why Buy A 55 Inch Smart TV?

Practically every essential style out there from all major labels will come in 55 inch 4K TV variants. It is mainly since 55 inches is the kind of 'perfect screen' for middle-sized TVs. Bigger 80 inches plus might be the preferred screen proportions for even bigger Televisions.

Right Screen Size For Its Location

55 inches is just right to comprehend 4K resolution at a sensible range and feel engrossed in the screen content material. The Televisions' reasonable size is also not being too big that the TV appears strange in a more compact location.

Not Too Big And Not Too Small

Most 55 inch TVs likewise have far more affordable prices for a more extensive customer list, whether or not they are sophisticated superior versions. Most of the cheap 55 inch 4K TV units here can be regarded as not too large, indeed not too small - yet somehow appropriate.

TVs With HDR And OLED Screen

Innovative screen technologies are fully incorporated into several 4K 55 inch LED TVs regarding proportions. You obtain an image quality that is exceptional for the design right here. Many of these are TVs with HDR, OLED and intense light.

Sharpness Of Screen 4K Display

The perfect viewing range for just about any sizeable smart TV is only due to its specifications. For just about any given display size, you need to sit far enough aside to understand the additional sharpness of screen content 4K resolution to feel really absorbed.

Viewing Range From 55 Inch Screen

The clarity is apparent at normal viewing range for any 55-inch Television, and best browsing length for optimum pleasure is approximately 8 feet or 2.5 metres. It is nonetheless fantastic at 7 feet, perhaps 9 feet as well for 42 inch smart TVs you can buy today.

High Definition 4K Resolution

55 inch TVs are at the minimum size in which 4K resolution begins to become clearly significant even at higher ranges. The 55 inch 4K ultra HD TVs, whenever viewed from a few metres, are practically indistinguishable from the high definition resolution.

Samsung 55 Inch 4K TV Dynamic Crystal Colour

55 Inch 4K TV On Steel Stand

£499   Samsung 55 Inch 4K TV Dynamic - Get It!  

Toshiba 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV Dynamic Range

55 Inch 4K UHD TV With Black Border

£382   Toshiba 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV - Get It!  

Ferguson Large Smart TV 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD LED


  • Smart 4K Ultra HD
  • Netflix And Prime


  • None..

Large Smart TV With PRIME Logo

£394   Ferguson Large Smart TV 55 Inch 4K UHD - Get It!  

Hisense LED HDR Wide Screen 4K 55 Inch TV

Delight an immersive and genuine cinematic calibre household entertainment encounter with more graphic colours watching this widescreen 55 inch 4K TV - essential for crisper pictures and Ultra SMR (Smooth Motion Rate).

Wide 4K 55 Inch TV With Smooth Steel Stand

Expose concealed colours and particulars explicated in LCD faculty solutions that present first-class functioning through dimming particular expanses of darkness upon the display.

Not only can you follow virtually all your favoured programmes through recording or perhaps even series linking - it's possible to even stop live Television if you want.
[Rating: 9/10]   £699   Get It → Hisense LED 4K 55 Inch TV

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Smart TVs With Apps And Netflix

Smart Televisions include 'integrated WiFi' to connect Web-based solutions as Netflix intended for streaming movies or to manage Apps. They are ideal for viewing unique interest applications, installing on-demand films, gaming or even publishing to social media.

Streaming Services And Real-Time Media

The most recent smart 55 inch 4K TV versions can even seek out content throughout streaming providers and real-time programming on cable as well as satellite TV. The screen user interfaces are usually a convenient bar of symbols at the end/bottom of the display.

Smart TVs And HDR Functionality

Streaming applications available in the market on smart TVs are a great way to find and revel in 4K HDR content material. Due to films and shows provided by services, it is fast and straightforward to see the two 4K resolution and HDR empowered content.

Cheap Smart TVs With App Diversity

Various affordable labels will give you smart TV features without identifying the real platform they can implement. In these instances, be prepared to run into restrictions as a few smart systems often experience severely limited App variety and poor functioning.

Ultra HD 4K Television Technology

Just about all significant 55 inch TV under £600 provide the same primary connections in their Ultra HD Televisions no matter the size or cost. This is not a significant matter so far as obtaining entry to what you require for content screening etc.

Large Smart TV With Blu-Ray Players

HDMI is the primary connection port concept in virtually any large smart 4K Television. It is through HDMI 2.0, which is present in practically all contemporary Television sets. You will obtain access to 4K and high definition videos from exterior media resources like Blu-ray players etc.

While many smart Televisions range from the significant media solutions like Netflix, examine them to make sure the TV you purchase provides the selections you prefer.

UE 55 Inch Samsung HD Catch-Up Smart TV

Allow the UE to educate you on the concept of Ultra HD viewing. A variety of smart functions provide you with anything from catch-up TV to applications and game titles, while the sophisticated Quad Core retains everything very fast and receptive.

Catch-Up Smart TV With Slim Black Frame

Along with S Recommendations, all you should do is request and the Television will search for the shows that you really like, it even discovers much more about your preferences as time passes.

(Smart Hub) interface tends to make being able to access apps, video games and Television shows straightforward using it's smart menu technique.
(Rating: 9/10)   £699   Get It - 55 Inch Samsung HD Smart TV

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Connectivity With USB Media Gadgets

USB is the core connection interface for peripheral multi-media gadgets and mobile equipment like smartphones and laptops. It is likewise an excellent interaction strategy affixing external hard disc drives and controllers on your Television.

4K Television Using Latest USB 3.0/3.1

Several 55 inch 4K Ultra HD TV versions supply the much more impressive USB 3.0. These types of slots may be used to transmit tracks, video recordings and also other media from your 4K Television. They will even be used for recharging products from your TV.

Ethernet Connected Freeview HD TV

Ethernet is essential to the smart efficiency and 4K HD-video concept of any sort of 4K Television at this time. Devoid of Ethernet connection, any Freeview HD TV will not have the ability to stream 4K UHD content material from some specialist resources.

55 Inch 4K TV WiFi And Streaming

WiFi is advantageous for sharing particular varieties of content relating to the TV and other screen products close by like mobile phones. Various 55 inch 4K HDR TVs enable you to stream content to their own bigger displays with integrated upscaling for excellent observable image resolution.

Philips MediaSuite Fast Core LED HD TV 55"

Offering Full HD, dual core speed and a realm of applications, the TV engages probably the most sophisticated functions right in to a Television, that's easy-to-use for the entire household.

LED HD TV 55 Inch In Blue Start Screen


  • Miracast And Direct Share
  • iOS And Android Users


  • None

A smarter encounter, that can be found on 4K OLED Televisions and even QLED. Rent and stream motion pictures, movies or perhaps game titles. Watch catch-up Television and enjoy an expanding choice of Internet applications.
(Rating: 9/10)   £762   Get It - Philips MediaS LED TV 55 Inch

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Sony KDL 55 Inch Screen Freeview HD

Convey 4K Ultra HD and leading-edge style to your lounge with the X9005 Wedge. Offering a great display and the immersive audio associated with magnetic fluid audio speakers, this Television engages the most effective out of your preferred movies and shows.

55 Inch TV In Stylish Black Frame


  • Triluminos Colour Gamut
  • Prime Video In 4K Res


  • None..

Hear more, experience far more, utilising technologies created for the NASA space technologies. Magnetic fluid audio system ensures clear, effective sound from smaller speakers on your TV set from whispered conversation to increasing explosions. Echo cancelling indicates you will pick up every bit of the discussion.
(Rating: 9/10)   £636   Get It - Sony KDL Display 55 Inch TV

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Bargain Ultra HD Flat Screen 55 Inch TVs Top-10 Rated

For full use of each of the streaming media choices in any of the cheap 55 inch 4K TVs, you must also provide an Internet connection of at minimum 22 Mbps for your ability to connect to the net. Essential for optimum 'smooth streaming' and real-time sports activities etc.

Panasonic 50 Inch TV Voice Assistant LED HD

Using the built-in Voice Assistant, you may also stream Television and video recordings in order to enjoy wherever you might be with the (TV Anywhere) functionality. Not only Full HD, the AS7 incorporates 1200Hz backlight blinking that produces richer, smoother movement.

50 Inch TV With Slender Chrome Frame

Transfer TV or recorded shows to your mobile phone or tablet anywhere you might be. Because of sophisticated cloud servers, you can view your content anywhere you want to with a quick enough web connection.
(Rating: 9/10)   £455   Get It - Panasonic TX 50 Inch TV

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LG Freeview 55 Inch WiFi Smart Large TV

Clear and consistent TV pictures even throughout fast-moving motion, as well as sports clips etc. Combining your entire preferred amusement solutions, appreciate catch-up Television from BBC Player and Demand, in addition to instantaneous access to films on demand.

Smart Plasma TV With Black Metal Framework

Stream live sports via Sky Sports on NOW TV, BBC Sport and ESPN Player and access tunes from Spotify and Napster or observe the most recent videos on Youtube.

Providers are susceptible to accessibility and may fluctuate throughout services and programs. As a result of platform updates, some services demand adjustment prior to starting on some gadgets.
(Rating: 9/10)   £469   Get It - LG Inch WiFi Smart Plasma TV

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Samsung 4 Step HD Upscaling 3D TV 55 Inches

The TV combines probably the most innovative display systems, with a delicately curved display screen that puts an individual right in the soul of the motion with amazing viewing perspectives. Three dimensional pushes this one stage further with the addition of more detail.

3D TV With Brushed Chrome Stand

Four step Ultra HD upscaling changes your media with 4K degrees of sharpness. Unique dimming technologies refines colouring as well as distinction, whilst smart backlighting creates a lot more authentic shades of black.
(Rating: 9/10)   £499   Get It - Samsung Ultra HD 3D TV

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There are smart 55 inch UHD TVs with full high-definition 1080p and valuable HDMI slots, besides, outstanding 3D screening. Smart TVs find films and shows you would love to appreciate. You identify movies and shows with considerably less surfing around in full high-definition.