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Updated 03/01/2020:
We help you find the best Freeview HD box recorders and digital TV receivers, so you stay tuned to wide-ranging shows through via your smart TV and watch your preferred digital recorder box multi-media or recordable Freeview shows full series plus.

Any Freeview box with record and pausing enable you to save each of the shows you wish to have and view at any given time that you prefer using several Freeview programmes and over 15 HD channels.

Humax FVP 1TB HD Freeview TV Box Recorder

HD Freeview TV Box Recorder In All Black

£207   Humax FVP 1TB HD Freeview TV Box Recorder - Get It!  

Panasonic DM 1TB HDD Smart Freeview Box Recorder


  • Ideal Netflix And Amazon
  • SD Card Playback Possible


  • None.

Smart Freeview Box Recorder With Indented Grips

£223   Panasonic HDD Smart Freeview Box Recorder - Get It!  

Freeview Recorders For Live Television

Simply highlight and choose the show you want to record, after that possibly select to record a solitary programme or maybe the entire series. With most Freeview PVR recorders, you can record a single show while you are watching an additional, stop or rewind the live Television and recorded shows etc.

Digital Television Coverage Area

Once you have bought a smart Freeview box HD recorder, there is simply 'no agreement to sign' with no regular monthly expense, which can be somewhat sweet as well. The amount of programmes available in the market is susceptible to digital Television coverage at the dwelling address.

PVR Recorders In Great Britain

Providing HD and regular definition TV stations through the aerial, Freeview digital terrestrial support is currently obtainable in most areas of Great Britain. Although non-recording Freeview plus boxes may be acquired cheaply nowadays, the PVR marketplace has expanded like crazy.

Recording TV Stations Simultaneously

Just about all Freeview TV box versions can often view and record HD and SD programmes - and possess a few tuners permitting recording frequently of two stations simultaneously for any interior and perhaps exterior hard disk drive.

TV Recorders With All Channels

A 500 GB disk drive can ordinarily store somewhere around 200 hours of SD, or perhaps hours of high-definition recordings. Blu-ray hard disk drive 'recording combis' are likewise obtainable, but just about all 4K TV boxes with all channels will be Freeview+ HD accredited - or perhaps present very similar efficiency.

Sky TV And Virgin Media Boxes

There are comparable possibilities as appreciated by lovers of Sky TV or Virgin Media technology etc. The Freeview plus boxes incorporate the capability to plan automated series recordings, stop and rewind in real time TV to instantly record the two parts of a separate programme.

Netgem SoundBox Freeview Box HD TV Streaming


  • Music Stream Via Bluetooth
  • Connect Multiple Devices


  • None.

Freeview Plus Box HD With iPlayer Logo

£199   Netgem SoundBox Freeview Plus Box - Get It!  

Panasonic Recordable Freeview Box HD Digital TV

Recordable Freeview Box - Very Slim In Black

£198   Panasonic Recordable Freeview Box Digital - Get It!  

iView UK FHD TV Box All Channels Freeview

UK TV Box Freeview With Black Remote

£26   iView TV Box With All Channels Freeview - Get It!  

Humax DTR 500 GB Digital Recorder Box YouView


  • Seven Day TV Guide
  • 125 Hours HD Recording


  • None

Digital Recorder Box With Front Dial

£90   Humax DTR Digital Recorder Box YouView - Get It!  

Smart HD TV Recording Boxes

They allow the user to arrange recordings of a programme by hitting the green switch when an advert is transmitted. Many so-called smart TV recording boxes exceed mere Television recording in providing such bonus functionality as video on demand as well as catch-up Television from BBC or YouTube.

Streaming Multi-Media Entertainment

Many boxes offer web affiliated App sites, net radio streaming, a chance to play multi-media files found on USB drives or maybe network drives, perhaps in some instances to stream TV to new gadgets.

TV Freeview Needs An Aerial?

Before ordering a cheap recordable Freeview box, make sure that you can get Freeview applying the coverage checking option. Transitioning to Freeview is straightforward, and the probabilities are you currently have the elements you require. Almost all TV's have Freeview integrated but need an aerial connected to the rear.

HD Recorder Viewing High-Definition

Should your TV be older, you might need a recordable Freeview box, or else you have an HD prepared TV, so purchase a Freeview HD recorder plus observe in High-definition.

Should you be searching for a new Television, get one with integrated Freeview Play. They are the foreseeable future resistant, providing catch-up together with live TV via the in-built information.

Freeview TV Home Entertainment

If you wish to record real-time and gain access to on-demand solutions throughout your Television, Freeview HD recorders provide a straightforward answer and can easily link to virtually any HD prepared TV. The Freeview plus box can easily change your TV habits for better entertainment value.

These kinds of Freeview TV boxes change your room into a Television dreamland, allowing you to take pleasure in the most popular movies on TV sharp HD.

Manhattan Plaza Smart Freesat Digital Receiver

The high-tech HD receiver will uncover a complete new world of on the web and satellite television pleasure. Appreciate over 140 stations, several in magnificent HD, in addition to On-demand television.

Manhattan Receiver in Black

There is a USB slot for offline upgrades, so you can take pleasure in your most loved shows in a new approach with integrated upscaling, that produces SD content HD output. The HD-S may even assist in saving you cash because of incredibly low power usage (0.05W in standby) and arrives suggested by the trusted Energy Saving Trust authority.
(Rating: 9/10)   £47 - Get It - Manhattan HD Digital Receiver.

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Panasonic 3D Freeview HD Twin DMR Recorder

Definitely not a run of the mill recorder/player, the Panasonic incorporates sufficient storage to keep an eye on your preferred shows, in addition to twin HD tuners, so it's possible to record a lot more simultaneously.

Panasonic Remote Recording And Freeview

Panasonic HD Twin Recorder in Gloss Black

Since the recorder comes with two Freeview HD tuners, a couple of diverse TV shows could be recorded at the same time. You don't need to to think about passing up on recording a programme when two shows overlap. By enrolling with the (Panasonic Remote Recording Assistance), it is possible to navigate and browse the programme information.


  • Freeview Play Compatible HDD
  • Smart Screen Mirror Function


  • None.

It additionally incorporates DLNA. Simply get connected to your home system and stream media effortlessly from attached PC's as well as other gadgets. Unbelievably fast starting up instances suggest that this player is able to play a show in seconds.
(Rating: 9/10)   £239 Get It - Panasonic HD Twin Recorder

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August DVB TV HDMI Recordable Freeview Box

Highly popular HDMI recordable Freeview box with impressive resolution of 1080p. This particular Freeview receiving system and recorder is elementary to link-up and due to the HDMI, it affords you beautiful high-definition Television pictures without any every month payment.

TV Recordable Freeview Box With Yellow Digit On Screen


  • Live TV Timeshift Function
  • Easy Scheduled Recording


  • None

With recording functionality, Time-Shift, EPG including a full 7 days EPG, it's possible to quickly surf through TV itemisations for the following weeks scheduling. Intelligently arrange regular recordings plus auto-channel altering - therefore you never neglect your favoured TV series.

Just right for efficient browsing, and stations may be saved in effortless to discover classes affording you speedy entry to your popular channels.
[Rating: 9/10]   £32 Get It → August TV Recordable Freeview Box

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Television Recorder Boxes With Super 4K

For revolutionary entertainment, make an effort for an Apple Television box with voice-control and 4K video features for a beautiful sharp picture, Dolby 7.1 for impressive sound and outstanding connection that turns viewing into a memorable encounter on your LED or smart OLED Television.

WiFi Freeview Box Connected APPs

You could have all the media streaming Apps you could possibly need with a WiFi Freeview box, incorporating iTunes, then Apple Music and songs. Nevertheless, it's not always merely Apple that influences the smart industry - there are all kinds of smart TV boxes through your preferences of Amazon, NOW TV and Google.

Avoiding Monthly Subscriptions

The digital recorder box implies you will not have to pass up anything at all and can catch live situations 'for later watching' at your personal leisure time.

TV monthly subscriptions can be costly, nevertheless, with a one-off expense and several programmes obtainable, digital Freeview Television is extremely popular.

Philips BBC iPlayer HD Freeview Recorder 300 Hours

Digital iPlayer HD Freeview recorder conveying you an encounter like simply no other in the convenience of your living-room, including the twin Freeview high-definition tuner, this excellent box enables you to observe, stop and record HD Television.

HD Freeview Recorder In Black With LCD

Using automatic retune, virtually any recent channels are instantly appended to your surviving channel range. Impressive content with simply no contract, Freeview fetches you as much as fifty Television channels, which includes 4 HD channels and as much as 24 FM channels without any contract or active fee.
[Rating: 9/10]   £109 Get It → Philips HD Freeview Recorder

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BT YouView+ iPlayer, Freeview HD TV Recorder

The BT YouView+ recorder helps make virtually any TV somewhat intelligent. As a result of terrific catch-up TV from the evergreen BBC iPlayer or ITV Player and much more.

Overlooked shows are set to turn in to an issue of history. Furthermore, together with it's massive pre-installed hard disk, you may also temporarily stop and record live television to help you view what you want.

BT YouView+ iPlayer, Freeview HD TV Recorder


  • Scroll Back Last 7 Days
  • Intelligent Smartphone Apps


  • None..

Watch the TV you aspire to to enjoy. You may use a smart search throughout all live TV, catch up services, although on-demand lets you lookup by programme kind, or key phrases. It indicates you will usually find something no matter what time during the day or evening.
(Rating: 9/10)   £115 - Get It - YouView+ Freeview HD TV Recorder

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HD Recordable Freeview Boxes For UK Digital TV Viewers

All our Freeview box recorders with pause devices present a great deal of space for storage, which means you will not run out. By way of series record and a great many other recordable Freeview box features, you do not miss a single moment of your preferred TV programmes.

Samsung Blu Ray Smart Freeview+ HD Recorder

Experience incomparable pictures never previously seen using this particular Freeview+ HD recorder where you can play Blu-ray films on your Television - and acquire the cinematic encounter at home with beautiful visuals that will certainly bring your favoured movies to life.

Smart Freeview+ Recorder With Black Control Dial


  • Built-In Freeview Tuner
  • Pause And Rewind Live TV


  • None.

Because you will find dual HD tuners, it's possible to observe one channel as well as record different, implying debates concerning overlooked shows will now become a matter of yesteryear. Due to the integrated Freeview+ high-definition tuner, you've several cost free digital channels to select from now.
[Rating: 9/10]   £189 Get It → Samsung Smart Freeview+ Recorder

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Humax Smart TV WiFi HD Digital Recorder

The recorder shifts the method that you appreciate Freesat. With over 145 programmes, several in amazing HD in addition to on-demand providers like UK iPlayer, Demand, and ITV Player. It also offers an ingenious 'roll back' TV guide, so investigating skipped shows is as effortless as evaluating what's on.

Built-In WiFi And Ethernet Connect

Humax Freesat HD Digital Recorder in Pure White


  • Subscription Free Satellite TV
  • WiFi For Easy Connectivity


  • None..

The roll back electronic programme manual even makes it simple to pull up those shows that you did not remember to record. Integrated upscaling provides your preferred standard definition channels updated with HD quality. Smart recording function lets you record a complete series at the simple contact of a press button.
(Rating: 9/10)   £180 - Get It - Humax HD Digital Recorder

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Hopefully, you have enjoyed our digital Television Freeview hard disk drive recorders page, helping you to view and gain access to media from everywhere at home. The smart Freeview box recorder presents BBC iPlayer and WiFi sharing, watch NOW TV, Sky sports entertainment, news and even more.