Top 10 Soundbars With Built In Subwoofer And Surround Sound

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Tired with your TV's sound? Enter our best soundbars with Wireless subwoofers - allowing you to appreciate flawless interaction via Bluetooth and stream your favourite tunes out of your linked mobile phone. Get a good sound system for TV, the easiest method to boost your Television audio.

01: Yamaha YAS101bl Side Speakers And Subwoofer SoundBar

The Yamaha YAS101bl is a built-in system with twin front side audio speakers and subwoofer. The YAS-101 brings together a couple of 6.5cm cone audio-speakers using a dual driver 7.5cm cones bass speaker, powered by an electronic amplifier with an overall creation of 120 Watts.

Twin Front Subwoofer SoundBar In All Gloss Black Finish

Yamaha YAS101bl Twin Front Subwoofer SoundBar

The dual-driver subwoofer utilises substantial magnets as well as large-diameter voice coils to grasp powerful and strong bass sound duplication. This helps to ensure that the general audio includes a wealthy feeling of existence, producing film impact sounds much more authentic.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £189 - Get It - Yamaha YA Twin Front SoundBar

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02: Panasonic SC Stream Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

This Panasonic SC-HTB480EBK 250 Watts smooth 2.1 channel soundbar with Wi-Fi subwoofer offers a potent audio output. At 950mm broad, the HTB480 completely enhances medium sized flat panel televisions, improving TV set audio, as well as providing wireless Bluetooth. Straightforward integrating 'Wireless Tracks Playback' from mobile phone or tablet PC's etc.

Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar In All Black With Speaker Box

Panasonic SC-HTB480EBK Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

Include bass to your television sound using the HTB480's incorporated principal left and right channel quality audio speakers, coupled with a separate subwoofer to supply an abundant sound quality as well as comprehensive 2.1 channel audio. Bass sound producing for powerful, potent bass audio.

Make use of your Soundbar as a good quality audio speaker in order to stream tracks wirelessly from a Bluetooth prepared unit or buy a 5.1 soundbar upgrade you won't regret.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £259 - Get It - Panasonic Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

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03: Denon DHT Bluetooth Wireless AptX Soundbar Subwoofer

The Denon DHT-S514 home entertainment soundbar speaker system will embrace you in prosperous, room filling audio. An easy task to establish and straightforward to implement, the DHT-S514 changes any kind of television in to a home theatre set-up, providing genuinely deep bass from the wireless subwoofer.

Soundbar IN Smooth Black Exterior

Denon DHTS514 Bluetooth Wireless AptX Soundbar

The coordinating wireless subwoofer functions twin woofers, which work in conjunction to supply the definitive heavy bass found in film, as well as soundtracks for 'distortion-free' bass at virtually any listening degree. The small subwoofer may be placed flat, or even vertically for the broadest selection of instalment choices.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £364 - Get It - Denon Bluetooth AptX Soundbar

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04: KitSound Ovation Compact Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

The KS Ovation soundbar is expert at filling your space with (Virtual Surround Sound) quality audio. Regardless of whether you are thinking about creating your own household movie cinema strategy, or perhaps turn your living room in to a wild dance club, the KS Ovation soundbar is capable of filling your area with music.

Bluetooth Soundbar in Black, Close-Up Side View

KitSound Ovation 10 Metres Bluetooth Soundbar

Utilising spatial time delay, it generates room-filling, virtual surround sound that's so extraordinary, you will no more require several audio speakers that occupy a great deal of space in your living room. With three new ways to connect your own media, this soundbar may be the greatest audio answer.
(Rating: 4/5) - £59 - Get It - KitSound Ovation Bluetooth Soundbar

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05: Philips Wireless Subwoofer Soundbar With HDMI ARC

A slender subwoofer soundbar with HDMI ARC and upper limit production of 320 Watts. A first-class steel finish contributes it's elegance and it may be fixed on the wall structure or even positioned on table.

ARC HDMI in for video recording as well as Wireless Bluetooth - including aptX plus AAC for Wi-Fi tunes. 2 devices, every one including 4 woofers plus 2 tweeters internally.

Subwoofer Soundbar With HDMI In Smooth Finish

Philips Subwoofer Soundbar With HDMI

Coupled with Wireless Bluetooth gadgets and effortlessly using one-touch NFC, rendering it the best soundbar for music enjoyment. Merely tap the NFC operated mobile phone or tablet PC on the NFC region of the audio speaker to switch the speaker on, begin Bluetooth pairing and start streaming tunes.

It creates deep and immersive surround acoustics ranging from an excellent speaker organisation. Extremely advanced spacial algorithmic rules dependably duplicate sonic features.
[Rating: 9/10] - £299 - Get It → Philips Subwoofer Soundbar With HDMI

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06: Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar And Wireless Audio Speaker

The Sonos PLAYBAR wireless soundbar produces superior home entertainment system acoustics and easily channels all the tunes via one efficient, easy to operate soundbar. PLAYBAR is the soundbar for audio enthusiasts that can occupy your property with your favourite music.

Hi-Fi Sound For TV Soundbar In Black With Silver Trim

Sonos PLAYBAR Hi-Fi Sound For TV Soundbar

Pair with SUB and with the press of a button, you can contribute superb bass to your motion picture encounter - wirelessly. Include SUB pair to your PLAYBAR for an accurate surround sound experience.

Cover yourself in seriously immersive, magnificent, advanced Sonos audio. Connect the power wire in, attach the optical wire to your TV, link to your router or Sonos BRIDGE.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £649 - Get It - PLAYBAR Hi-Fi For TV Soundbar

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07: LG SH 420 Watts Soundbar With Built In Subwoofer

An advanced calibre soundbar with built in subwoofer including updated audio processing strategy presenting audio of 24 bit 192 kHz character with boosted components - all accessible for high resolution sound.

It's possible to hear the studio criteria of audio and encounter a degree of audio that's genuine to the master copy. Link up to the tunes that matter and simply not merely for the Television set, this particular soundbar is orchestrated with superior Wireless strategies.

Soundbar With Built In Subwoofer In Silver Effect

LG Soundbar With Built In Subwoofer

Streaming your particular tracks in top quality audio is effortless alternating in between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Using Google Cast integrated, it's possible to cast your favoured tracks apps like Spotify or Deezer as well as Google Play via your personal gadget to your audio speakers.

Not just a soundbar for 32 inch TV, you are able to cast via your Android phone, tablet PC or Windows notebook etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £344 - Get It → LG Soundbar With Built In Subwoofer

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08: Samsung HW-H355 3D Audio 120 Watts Wi-Fi Soundbar

Improve your Television with all-natural 3D audio, without those unattractive wires. The H355 Soundbar links to your Samsung TV set without wire connections to provide a brand new sort of functionality. Enjoy audio that's crystal clear, effective and synchronised using motion and action.

Wi-Fi Soundbar In Black Finish

Samsung 3D Audio 120 Watts Wi-Fi Soundbar

Enhance the pictures you see on screen with authentic, remarkable all-natural audio. 3D Sound Plus studies the 3D image and synchronises the audio to complement the motion and degree of the actions.

Encounter 3D audio, in addition to vision and make use of your mobile device to stream music to your Soundbar.
(Rating: 4.93/5) - £140 - Get It - Samsung HW 3D Wi-Fi Soundbar

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09: AZATOM Stealth Bar AZHD1 Wireless Soundbar AirPlay

Append real sound to your Television and also produce a superb full home theatre encounter using surround audio. The arrangement additionally connects to your mobile phone, tablet PC or even computer via AirPlay plus DLNA.

This enables you to play tunes saved on your gadget, or streamed via services which includes Apple and Spotify etc. Consider the Stealth Bar inside a domestic strategy as a division of multi-room technology - including rafts of choices for connection.

Soundbar In Black, Side View

AZATOM Stealth Bar 150W AZHD1 Wireless Soundbar

The Stealth Bar is contrived to present the most powerful sound accessible for all your mass media files. Regardless of motion picture, a thriller or perhaps a football game, it produces the most immersive encounter.

Gaming gets more genuine, including realistic surround, positioning you at the focus of the activity. Electronic circuitry for virtual surround and multi-directional audio speaker settings plus.
[Rating: 9/10] £184 - Get It → AZATOM Stealth Wireless Soundbar

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10: Philips Fidelio Small Sound Bar Wireless Subwoofer

With impressive acoustics, the B1 nano small sound bar with Wireless subwoofer presents high powered, naturalistic, immersive audio in an outstandingly compact bundle. Including it's Wireless connection as well as muddle free concept, it accommodates by nature directly in to just about any household cinematic surroundings.

Outfitted 5.1 channels including integrated 6 amplifiers present impressive audio calibre. This first-class 5.1 system deploy the equivalent audio speaker channels as well as superior conformation featuring a front line left in addition to right, a centre station, 2 surround channels as well as a subwoofer.

Wireless Small Sound Bar With Subwoofer In All Black

A Microbeam system grants the delivery of high powered, accurate audio ranging from a modest sized form element. This 4 high sensitivity device driver with 2 at the ends in addition two central positioned are formatted in a crosswise firing conformation, enabling audio to cast throughout a 180 degree sound-stage using an extremely broad sweet-spot.

This soundbar with HDMI includes the assistance of Dolby digital sound Pro-Logic, however deploy the soundbar like a Wireless Bluetooth audio speaker to play your preferred tracks using a fantastic stereo system.
[Rating: 9/10] - £406 Get It → Fidelio Small Sound Bar Subwoofer

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10 Best Soundbars With Bluetooth For Tunes With HDMI In-Built

These Wireless soundbars with built in subwoofer include an abundance of capabilities. Many are competent at streaming tunes wirelessly through Bluetooth. Many more include a Wireless input for additional, effective and expanded compact subwoofer bass sound.

The surround sound home theater system soundbars that feature various inputs and function over an HDMI association. You can hook-up straight to your Television's (coaxial) slot using a specialised wire.

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