Compact Soundbars Under £200 With Exceptional Sound

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Updated 08/01/2022:
Top 10 compact soundbars under £200 for music bliss with a streamlined design and powerful subwoofer output. Speaker bars conserve space without giving up on sound, so get the ideal small soundbar that sits under your HD TV. Television soundbars with subwoofers for high level entertainment.

Wherever you position the Television and how much breathing space you may have around the TV might influence which kind all in one soundbar will work better for you - and the model will undoubtedly impact precisely where you set-up the device - perhaps in the wall mounted position.

Good Black All In One Soundbar On Wall
Good All In One Soundbar On Wall

: ROKU Bluetooth TV Speaker Streambar 4K HDR

You can view box sets with BBC iPlayer and All 4 or stream Internet content material from subscription offerings. You will have admission to more than 150000 films and TV shows throughout a vast number of free of charge and compensated for stations.

Employing superior quality audio, the Roku Streambar 4K HDR media player will populate your lounge room with cinematic audio, keeping you engrossed in the TV fun. Additionally, focus on your Spotify playlists simply by pushing the key in the remote.

Just stream the tracks you cherish through your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. It actually benefits volume strategies that decrease the sound of those noisy advertisements.

Streambar 4K HDR Media Player
Roku Streambar 4K HDR Media Player

Improve the conversation volume level throughout the programme you're observing. Because of this, you will listen to those things you intend to pick up. A single voice control regulates your TV, streaming and audio.

Convenient to use, you could start making use of the Streambar instantly, basically connect it to the TV and get connected to the Web. For added ease, everything you will need to arrange is incorporated inside the package.

Pretty much everything will appear astonishing concurrently in 4K Ultra HD together with dazzling colours and remarkable display quality. Appreciate films, soap series, live Television shows, media and sports on many totally free and paid stations.


  • BBC, ITV And BT Sport
  • Super Sound Performance


  • None

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Remote Control Via Voice
  • Four Thumping Speakers

Unique Selling Point:

  • Use Easily With ALEXA
  • Control Annoying Ads

With superior audio, pay attention in amazement as four inner audio speakers fill the space with cinematic audio. The Roku Streambar 4K media player offers advertisement volume options to improve the sound - or enhance nighttime hearing.

Specs: Stream 4K UHD | 41 x 19 x 10 cm | 1.1 Kg | HDR | BT Sport - Spotify

Have fun with your favoured music, stream your current most popular tunes with Wireless Bluetooth. Straightforward to set up, and everything you need is within the box. It works together with Alexa and Google Assistant to look for media, change your TV on or off, plus more besides.

Bluetooth TV Speaker Black Streambar With Remote

£129   ROKU Bluetooth TV Speaker Streambar - Get It!  

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: Paiyda Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer For TV

The bar offers superior crystal clear audio and solid bass, with full-range drivers and an integrated subwoofer. It provides you with an encounter that can not be archived via a regular TV. Basically, put the soundbar 'alongside the TV' or attach it to the wall for an extraordinary sound adventure.

Using an exquisite style, the Paiyda TV Bluetooth soundbar with a subwoofer facilitates personalised audio settings with DSP. It presents the independence to modify the audio output. Great if you are experiencing movies, the latest news or the best music, but install it to the wall for a beautiful feel.

Bluetooth Soundbar Built-In Subwoofer
Paiyda Bluetooth Soundbar Subwoofer


  • Potent Bass Sound Fun
  • Superb Value Soundbar


  • Not here

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Full Optical Plus Coax
  • Effortless To Set Up Bar

Unique Selling Point:

  • Ideal For Tunes Or Dialogue
  • Long Bluetooth Range 10 m

Enhanced Bluetooth concept and effortless put in place, the soundbar supplies you with improved audio solutions and 33 feet functioning to attain long-range Wireless interconnection. Commence playing songs from this Paiyda TV Bluetooth soundbar through your preferred platforms - for example, Spotify or any other popular application.

Specs: DSP Bass | 90 x 7 x 7 cm | 2.6 Kg | Optical AUX USB | 120 dB

Three wired associations on the soundbar for Television currently have 3 cable links. This includes AUX, Optical and Coax input, appropriate for PC's, tablet computers, Blu-ray players, LCD projectors, plus more. The optical function may constantly supply the best audio quality.

Soundbar With Subwoofer With Remote Device

£69   Paiyda Soundbar Wireless Subwoofer - Get It!  

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: JBL 5 MultiBeam AirPlay Soundbar For TV

This exceptionally streamlined channel soundbar delivers super Television viewing or video gaming one stage further. It merges programmed MultiBeam calibration and digital Dolby Atmos for a fascinating and exhilarating three-dimensional audio encounter.

The home cinema situation is enhanced with HDMI eArc delivering deep, punchy bass with four pre-installed passive radiators. With the JBL 5 MultiBeam Bluetooth channel soundbar, you don't need to include an additional bass speaker or subwoofer.

With AirPlay, ALEXA multi-room songs and Chromecast furthermore integrated, you can actually produce a multi-room installation to wirelessly stream. Enjoy your own preferred web content in substantial sound quality using one press button.

Black Studio Soundbar For TV Fun
JBL Studio Soundbar For TV


  • Delivers High Sound Quality
  • HDMI eArc Bass Sound Music


  • No

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Hand Remote Includes Batteries
  • Streaming Chromecast AirPlay

Unique Selling Point:

  • Beautiful Black Surface
  • Superior Surround Audio

Small and straightforward to utilise through Wireless Bluetooth on your selected gadget, the plain and direct style incorporates a grille structure and metal surface. The JBL Bar will complement virtually any interior design.

Specs: HDMI eArc | 96 x 16 x 12 cm | 2.8 Kg | AirPlay | Alexa | 5.0 MultiBeam

The merchandise includes one JBL Bar 5.0 MultiBeam soundbar, one remote control, two batteries and mains cables. You will find an HDMI wire, two L-shape wall support brackets using screws, and a start guidebook plus a guarantee leaflet.

MultiBeam Bar For Large 55 65 Inch TVs In Black

£239   JBL 5 MultiBeam Soundbar For TV Audio - Get It!  

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: Amplify Your Home Audio System

Soundbars are entirely slim, unassertive and effortless to assemble, but the better budget soundbars can certainly emulate a prominent surround audio system for less outlay. Working out which soundbar to select may be challenging, granted the variety of settings which are involved.

: Only For The Sound Superiority?

Even budget soundbars are perfect for tunes using a USB speaker power input, it's possible to connect your favoured tracks - just ensure you ascertain which data file platform it corroborates Mp3, WMA plus. Dolby Digital sound and integrated WiFi enable to you hear to web streaming entertainment.

: Control From Smartphone Wirelessly

If you decide on an all in one soundbar including Wireless Bluetooth connection, you will be able to associate the congenial smartphone, tablet or perhaps PC wirelessly. As a consequence to play tracks on the speakerbar, likewise, listen to compact discs via a Blu-Ray player for increased sound.

: Multi-Room Music System

Your particular soundbar can additionally assist you in assembling a multi-room music player arrangement. With several TV speakerbar trade names enabling communication with additional players, audio speakers and receiver system expending a Wireless network, stream tunes throughout.

: Soundbar To TV Connections

To associate a DVD or even Blu-ray player, ascertain that soundbars under £200 accepts leastwise individual digital sound connectivity or perhaps RCA in addition to stereo system connectors. HDMI data input is connectivity that passes video transmission via the 'soundbar to the TV' with just 1 lead.

: Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer

Subwoofers are audio speaker drivers committed to the replication of LF sound - consider a full bass sound irrupting soundbar for music that accompanies a subwoofer. This will undoubtedly impart punch to Television programmes as a consequence of any motion picture producing comprehensive audio.

: Soundbase Or Soundbar?

You can decide between good soundbars which feature the existent bar anatomy or perhaps additionally choose an edition that's titled 'soundbase' or even plinth soundbar with Wireless surround sound. Simply not bar formed, but comparable to regular soundbars, but constructed to endorse the weight of any TV.

: Entertainment Organisations Speakerbar

To establish a consummate home entertainment scheme for the complete household, link up your speakerbar to multi-room audio speakers in the sleeping room or kitchen space. Heed the tracks you adore in virtually every area at home, setting the mode for musical or TV felicity.

: Majority Surround Sound Soundbar Bluetooth


  • Music, Film Or Dialogue
  • Long Guarantee Included


  • None whatsoever

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Powerful Stereo Speakers
  • Multi-Connection Options

Unique Selling Point:

  • High 150W Productivity

Specs: HD | 4Kg | 150W | Surround Sound | 76 x 5 x 6 cm | HDMI ARC AUX

Surround Sound Soundbar In Black

£74   Majority Surround Sound Soundbar Bluetooth - Get It!  

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: Bomaker Soundbar Subwoofer Wall Mountable

Bomaker Soundbar Subwoofer For TV
Bomaker Soundbar With Subwoofer


  • Super Home Cinema Fun
  • Surround Sound 4K TV


  • None

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Easily Enhance The Bass
  • All Fixings Are Included

Unique Selling Point:

  • Perfect Distortion Free Audio
  • HDMI ARC Input LED Lit Signal

Soundbar With Subwoofer On Wooden Desk

£104   Bomaker TV Soundbar With Subwoofer - Get It!  

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: Wharfedale Bluetooth Vista Soundbar Sonic

The Vista delivers impressive audio to further improve your listening encounter via a 60 Watts amplifier. It features 'Sonic Emotion Absolute' 3D technologies, passing on spatial sound characteristics that may be noticed by any individual inside the room. Wireless Bluetooth capability enables interconnection inside a 10 metres radius.


  • Stylish Wall Mount Design
  • Bluetooth Link Smartphone


  • None

Vista 100 Soundbar Wireless

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Powerful Sound Amplification
  • Offers Excellent Sound Effects

Unique Selling Point:

  • Very Reasonable Price Tag
  • Video Streaming And Music

Virtually all capabilities and characteristics are recognised by means of a remote control, which is Wireless Bluetooth capable. The Vista 100 is an intelligent soundbar strategy with an excellent audio and video alternative for individuals who choose striking as well as contemporary appearance more than conventional box-type loudspeaker products.
[Rating: 9/10]   £179   Get It → Wharfedale Bluetooth 100 Soundbar  

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: Music With Cinematic Acoustics

It's possible to likewise deploy the associated Television set, compact soundbar and multi-room audio speakers to expand celebration music and establish fantastic cinematic acoustics. All can be manipulated by your particular mobile phone through the applicable brand name mobile App.

: Dolby Atmos Along With DTS-X

Dolby Atmos is a current surround audio application which amplifies upon 5.1 plus 7.1 arrangements. Rather than directing tracks to an assigned speaker unit, Atmos produces a spherical environment contributing a sensation of elevation with DTS equivalent addressed DTS-X into luxury Dolby Atmos soundbars.

: Soundbar Placement Mounted Or Fixed?

The most generous contribution of your purchasing decision is going to be determined by where you prefer to localise the soundbar. Perhaps you are anticipating to place it on a TV sound system mount or maybe tray. You do not need the soundbar over the border since its legs may simply not make touch contact etc.

: Wireless Connect Easy Pairing

The soundbar must be decently sustained, or maybe the audio could worsen. When you prefer to wall-mount, ensure the PC soundbar accompanies an attaching bundle, or ensure there is a discretional one accessible. Wireless connectivity can make it more comfortable to link your smartphone after pairing.

: Are HDMI Ports Important?

A few soundbars extend an HDMI input where some offer more than one, which efficaciously switches them directly to modest-sized A/V receivers. Many soundbar and subwoofers comparable to Sonos do not feature an HDMI input, but perhaps you're already short on HDMI slots, so that is one to bear in mind.

: Brilliant Soundbar Streaming Audio

Using a soundbar which delivers Wireless Bluetooth, the end-user can stream from their smartphone gadgets to this particular soundbar. It creates the arrangement more flexible, and the majority of Bluetooth TV speaker soundbars will enable you to stream the tracks preserved on this specific gadget.

: Bose Solo 5 TV Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

The Solo 5 Television audio system is a 'one set-up' soundbar that perceptibly improves sound to virtually all your preferred TV shows.

It's orchestrated to assist distinctly reproduce everything like dialogue and music in super detail. In addition, for even more clearness, it's dialogue setting makes each word more leisurely to pick up.

Bluetooth Sound Bar With Black Remote Device


  • Much Better Audio Quality
  • Universal TV Hand Remote


  • Not at all

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Connect Your Bluetooth Gadgets
  • Excellent Dialogue Mode Offered

Unique Selling Point:

  • Stream Tunes From Anyplace
  • Single Link-Up To Your TV

This particular sound bar is so flexible, it's possible to position it almost anyplace. Using Wireless Bluetooth connectivity, it's possible to play your favoured WiFi tracks via the audio speaker as well.

Dialogue plus noiseless passages on the TV may be so difficult to pick up, however the Solo 5 Television audio system is an effortless answer.
[Rating: 9/10]   £204   Get It → Bose Solo TV WiFi Sound Bar  

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: Budget Soundbar Features To Look For

Soundbars are definitely more flexible with regards to set-up. Even the modern budget soundbars are manufactured to suspend on any wall structure - or perhaps reside underneath and on the front side of the Television set.

: Surround Sound From Television

Usually, soundbars arranging is rather straightforward. If your Television is on the desk or stand, simply put the new surround sound soundbar on the very same desk, straight under the display. Ensure you have sufficient space, examine the specs and gauge the region before ordering.

: Do It Yourself Set-Up On The Wall

If the TV is wall installed, attach the compact soundbar to the wall structure immediately beneath it. A handful of the latest 5.1 soundbars sometimes accompany installing packages - making do it yourself set-up a straightforward task.

: Active And Passive Soundbars

Choose an active all in one soundbar that includes integrated audio receivers as passive soundbars usually do not. It can be worthwhile, particularly if you're planning to conserve space or perhaps require a 2 in 1 alternative soundbar device for under £200 set-up.

: Wireless Soundbar Or Sound Base?

Forget increasing the volume level to hear music or speech. Seeing that Wireless surround sound system soundbars are more significant than most sound bases, they cast audio farther right/left, and to a certain degree - much closer to any genuine home entertainment influence.

: Above Or Below Your TV - Subwoofer For An Extra Boost

Most decent HDMI soundbars nowadays arrive boxed with an independent Wireless subwoofer, plus the extra punch genuinely does complete this encounter. By way of a few or more channels, you can replicate surround sound for a new and impressive meeting.

: Sufficient Room Around The TV

Regardless of whether suspending on a wall or maybe resting on a rack, an ideal location for your surround sound system soundbar can be focused under or possibly above the TV. Make absolutely sure you have a sufficient amount of room before you take the plunge.

Budget Under £200 Wireless Soundbars With Superior Sound

: MEGACRA Slim Surround Sound Soundbar

By far the thinnest soundbar that contributes a strong overall performance to Television home movie theatre enjoyment. Designed to complement the slender outlines of flat panel Television set, this particular soundbar and subwoofer provides a thrilling dimension to your observing satisfaction.

Slim Surround Sound Soundbar With Bass Enhancer

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Recommended Budget Soundbar
  • Deep Bass Sound Incorporated

Unique Selling Point:

  • Brilliant For Watching TV
  • Wireless Or Wired Function

With Bluetooth, Optical and Aux connection, it is simple to get connected to numerous sound resources for excellent digital tunes and audio quality. Managed by an unobtrusive remote device, you'll be able to gain access to just about all capabilities straight from your couch.
[Rating: 9/10]   £67   Get It → MEGACRA Surround Sound Soundbar  

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Observe our very best Television soundbars under £200. When you do not have the space or interest for a home cinema procedure, then the best news is really a sound bar or soundbase, which offers an outstanding audio quality. The easiest method to enhance your TV audio without introducing a bulky 5.1 surround cinema strategy.