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Updated 16/02/2020:
Our best bike helmet cameras are brilliant cycling devices recording your outings with an opportunity to enhance and create videos. The sports action helmet cams provide you cycle tracking proof if you need to show your version of actions for any incident.

A waterproof head camera is ideal especially during your commute and recording your journey. Catch all the action descents or movements on your trip to the office in the rain.

: Dragon Head Cam For Cyclists With WiFi 4K

Head Cam For Cyclists Drenched With Water

£31   Dragon Head Cam For Cyclists WiFi - Get It!  

Andoer Sports Bicycle Camera Helmet/Handlebar


  • Photo Shoot Time Setting
  • Video Frame Rate 30 FPS


  • None..

Sports Bicycle Camera In Bullet Style

£32   Andoer Sports Bicycle Camera - Get It!  

Geekam WiFi Waterproof Head Camera 2.4G Remote

WiFi Waterproof Head Camera In Black

£36   Geekam Waterproof Camera - Get It!  

Why Do You Want A Cycle Helmet Cam?

Use the bicycle helmet camera to display expertise on a mountain bike, speed and agility on traditional road trips or produce video footage if you require as substantiation in case of a traffic occurrence. Before you purchase, consider what you want from your bike cam as there are numerous choices.

Prices Regularly Decreasing?

Cycle helmet cameras range from the simple yet perfect GoPro or Garmin but are certainly a pretty regular perception on the tracks nowadays. During the last few years, they have departed from costly listings to now a cost-effective system. Although prices came down, the quality of bicycle cameras has elevated.

High Definition Action Videos

Now you can produce full high definition film with an action video camera that will fit into your hand perfectly. Presently, there are plenty of cameras created for action sports in use currently. The GoPro is top rated safety helmet cam and on most peoples wish list; nevertheless there are numerous other alternatives.

Microphones And Battery Extras

If you wish to buy a cam, look at how you want to attach the cycling adventure camera and the grade of the video footage you are satisfied with - plus any kind of add-on you should implement. Extras such as microphones, accessory LCD displays and batteries are accessible - all deserving of your curiosity.

Head Camera Mounting Options

Most head cameras for cyclists are not inexpensive, therefore be genuinely straight with yourself with regards to the functionality you will make use of - and those that appear incredible, but will not, in fact, see any kind of practical application.

Consider the mounting possibilities you are more than likely to apply frequently. Will you be needing to acquire extra discretionary support to get the video footage you are pursuing?

Camera Water Resistant Properties

Simultaneously, reflect on if you will possibly use the video camera in rainfall. In case you are, it'll need to be moisture resistant or feature a 'water-repellent' casing, even though sound quality may be affected by a waterproofed cover.

Vemont Video Camera For Bicycle With Mount Kit


  • Powerful 900mAh Battery
  • Affix To Helmet, Surfboard Or Car


  • None.

Action Video Camera For Bicycle With Red Front

£14   Vemont Action Video Camera For Bicycle - Get It!  

FMAIS WiFi Waterproof Cycle Helmet Camera

Waterproof Cycle Helmet Camera In White And Red

£20   FMAIS WiFi Cycle Helmet Camera - Get It!  

ThiEYE 4K Bicycle Helmet Camera 12MP WiFi


  • Special Effect Options
  • Work With Android or iOS


  • None.

4K Bicycle Helmet Camera With Black Mounts

£49   ThiEYE 4K Bicycle Helmet Camera - Get It!  

Campark 4K Wifi Cycling Adventure Camera

Wifi Cycling Adventure Camera In Grey Finish

£29   Campark 4K Cycling Adventure Camera - Get It!  

Viewing Your Video Action Cam Footage

It is essential the HD action camera has a decent display screen, at least a means to see the video footage you are obtaining and examine the camera installation perspective. The battery life and the expense of extras likewise need planning.

Memory Card Video Footage

You have to take into account the expenditure of memory cards as well - even though some video cameras have a card in-built, the larger and speedier the card you can manage, the more the video footage you will have the ability to record.

Helmet Camera Image Resolution

Even though 1080p provides a higher specification for video, we have a tendency to create the cycle helmet camera at 720p image resolution with 60 frames per second recording, mainly because it offers more stable footage when compared to 30 frames per second.

Attach The Bicycle Helmet Camera

Occasionally we make use of the 120 FPS arrangement, but only a few cams own this for capturing great slow-motion video footage that will perform more reliably than only slowing right down.

Before commencing recording, dedicate some time getting the installation and your perspective fixed. Take into account the bicycle camera arena of view and exactly where its directing, along with ensuring the support is as secure, and as judder-free as is feasible.

Camera And Battery Up-Keep

Keep your bicycling camera clean, and in its casing, additionally, it pays off to maintain it in a carrier when you are not utilising it to prevent damaging the lens or perhaps triggering any external destruction. Should you be venturing out during the day, ensure, the battery pack is completely recharged.

It is far better to file format the memory card before starting - even though formatting removes everything off the card, so ensure you have acquired all of the video footage on the card which you may need before you start this action.

Akaso 4K Sports Cycle Helmet Camera HD

A 4K Ultra HD cycle helmet camera that offers expert video recording using 12 MP photographs at adequate to 30 frames per second for unbelievable pictures.

HDMI Sports Cycle Helmet Camera In Light Blue


  • For All Water Sports
  • For Extreme Environments


  • None..

Sporting a wrist band 2.4 WiFi RF remote device, it's possible to capture your domain in an all-new strategy. Commanding the digital camera, framing scenes or perhaps documenting video recording are now extremely accessible - simply push the option on the remote device.
[Rating: 9/10]   £49 Get It → Akaso Cycle Helmet Camera

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Piwoka UHD Sports Action Camera

Impressive sports action camera with (FOV) optional wide perspective views for capturing grand landscapes and environment. 2 inch high-definition display for effortless preview of video recordings and photos.

Integrated Gyro Sports Action Camera With Cyclist

Proposing warn sound prompts, like video recording start, video stopping, reduced electrical power, deficiency of storage etc. Adjustable shooting strategies and action video camera diving modality with features for catching spectacular consequences.
[Rating: 9/10]   £21 Get It → Piwoka Sports Action Camera

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Tektalk Head Camera For Cyclists HD 1080P

This particular action head camera for cyclists is entirely fashioned for extreme activities, with integral Wireless, you can deploy the mobile or perhaps notebook to partake in how you enjoy, additionally HDMI, USB power, AV video recording production selectable for linking up PC's, Televisions and even projectors.

Head Camera For Cyclists In Black And Light Blue


  • WiFi Range 10 Metres
  • Motion Detection Feature


  • None

Movement sensing function allow the camera to document movable objects instantly. Fully cover the lens system, push the O.K option to cancel recording, and so press mode button 3 times to insert the menu configurations.

You can convert the functionality to stop if you don't require it. Water-repellent as much as 30 metres submersed grants capturing transfixing pictures and video recordings in water.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39 Get It → Tektalk Camera For Cyclists

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Head Camera For Cyclists Frame Speed

Battery-life is especially essential for any person accomplishing much longer trips. A 'cycling adventure camera' that has easily exchanged battery packs can be handy. In the event you run the camera in its maximum resolution and frame speed, it might work the battery down a lot quicker.

Cycle Cameras For Poor Weather

In case you may be on your cycle in bad weather, the camera must be water-repellent. Various head cameras for cyclists feature a waterproof case that encompasses perfectly.

Set-Up Camera On The Helmet

Just about all cams shoot in HD 720 pixels or maybe more with opportunities to alter resolution and frame speed. The display quality is additionally dependent upon bit rate. More significant is more preferable - as well as data compression etc.

Look For Versatile Mounting Choices

Many action video cameras have their particular mounting structure; however, makers now use a process that is suitable for GoPro, and you can purchase varied mounts to supply versatility. Your choices when installing a camera on the helmet is determined by the placement of ports and smooth surface types.

Action Camera Recording Location

There are many unique mount versions, and various HD action cameras might be best in a variety of locations due to the method in which they attach. You can obviously just contain the camera if perhaps you are recording another person, or sit down on the floor to shoot yourself cycling etc.

Crosstour WiFi Small Helmet Camera

LCD 4K action recording ultra high-definition water proof small helmet camera that possesses robust video recording choices, accompanies 2.7K as well as 1080P for your predilection.

Merely push one option on the remote command, where it's possible to possess total domination of your recording camera and catch the reality from your mountain bike however you want.

Small Helmet Camera In Black On Motorbike

Simply no concerns for your camera in water so enjoy the under water existence. Integrated WiFi activities camera including WiFi association is fully under your command with the iSmart DV smartphone App.
[Rating: 9/10]   £87 Get It → Crosstour HD Helmet Camera

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ApeMan Water Proof Cheap Action Camera Review

The water proof cheap action camera picture and video recordings will constitute you in a contented ambiance throughout the holiday. You're proposed with the chance to catch practically all that you wish in HD.

LCD Cheap Action Camera With Black Case

Several video recording platforms in 1080P 720P WVGA along with aggregated photographic capturing strategies. Small visual aspect HD action camera with wide-ranging colours accessible.
[Rating: 9/10]   £79 Get It → ApeMan Cheap Action Camera

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10 Action Cycling Helmet Cameras Easy Set-Up

Perhaps you should record every part of your bike journeys using a fantastic bicycle helmet camera. Examine the best-rated brands and promote your fantastic descents, or maybe super stunts with your acquaintances utilising an excellent mounted cycle helmet camera within your budget.

GoPro HERO3+ Small Cycle Helmet Camera Recorder

It is more compact, lighter and smaller as compared to earlier designs, plus it's a lot more powerful, making it probably the most sophisticated bike video camera to date. Openly wearable, gear-mountable and water-resistant to 40 metres, it records professional quality video clips at resolutions approximately 1080p60 10 FPS.

Camera In Black Finish


  • Photo Capture Plus GPS
  • 2 Inch Touch Screen


  • Excellent But Not Cheap

Along with the quicker built-in WiFi, increased 'low-light efficiency' and 30 percent lengthier life of the battery, the HERO3+ makes recording and sharing life easier for you than ever before using this camera video recorder. Having a major boost in life of the battery, it is possible to stay longer, as well as capture more with this model.
[Rating: 9/10]   £245 Get It → GoPro Cycle Helmet Camera

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Tecevo Cycling Helmet Camera For Sports

This activity recording cycling helmet camera for action sports records video through full high-definition 1080P 12 Mega pixels high calibre pictures, 2 inch TFT liquid crystal display monitor so you are able to encounter what you incisively capture whenever you happen to be recording.

Cycling Helmet Camera With 2 Inch LCD

Get the App on Google play or perhaps the mobile App Apple store, arrange camera characteristic and in addition record strategies. Furthermore, share it on social media effortlessly and punctually.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29 Get It → Tecevo Cycling Helmet Camera

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Essentially the most well-known technique of mounting the waterproof head camera for cyclists is based on versions providing top or perhaps aspect support choices. You will often acquire some helmet in shot; nevertheless that offers a concept of your position and angle to rectify.