Smart Bicycle GPS Computers With Cadence Stats

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Updated 23/04/2020:
The first class GPS cycle computers with cadence and great possibilities providing a variety of performance data like speedometer and Sat-nav EU UK maps. The GPS bike computers scan time, range and calories spent plus HR monitor - ideal for push bike and e-bike trips.

A bicycle sat-nav is a wonderful training associate for the trails, blending direction-finding with beneficial overall performance to track, record and send data to Trainingpeaks or Strava.

: CooSpo Budget Bike Computer Speedometer

Budget Bike Computer With HR Display

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iGPSport Bicycle Sat-Nav Wireless Waterproof

Bicycle Sat-Nav Wireless And Waterproof

£52   iGPSport Bicycle Sat-Nav - Get It!  

Garmin Edge 520 Bike NavGPS Strava Live


  • Cycle Maps Turn-By-Turn
  • Integrated Incident Detection


  • Pricey..

Black Bike Navigation GPS With Touch-Screen

£179   Garmin Edge 520 Bike GPS - Get It!  

Mio Cyclo Push Bike Sat-Nav Touch Screen

Push Bike Sat-Nav With Colour LCD

£129   Mio Push Bike Sat-Nav - Get It!  

What Does A Cycle Sat Nav Do?

A suitable bike navigation GPS device enables you to download and promote post-ride statistics. Deliver data to mobile phones, social networking Apps and even heart-rate monitors.

You can download memory packs on systems like Google-maps, ordnance survey and UK 'AA road maps'. Make use of the HR monitor processor on the GPS navigation device is very useful in case of a cardiac issue.

Download Maps And Routes

Bicycling computer gadgets are excellent inventions for documenting your trips. The bicycle GPS will demonstrate how far you have ridden, just how fast that you are heading, guide you where to proceed, as well as connect with sensors in your cycle to offer you details to boost cycling tactics.

Publish Bike Training Data Online

An excellent push bike sat-nav permits you to publish information to training applications like Strava, providing you with an opportunity to see your advancements, share your activities with your good friends and review your trips to distinguish areas marked for progress, all making your techniques better.

Real-Time Statistics As You Cycle

There exists a broad range of cheap GPS cycle computers obtainable, meeting every spending budget with numerous highlights that can transform your journey for the best. Distinct computers link-up to your mobile phone, providing you with real-time facts about all your tours.

A Great Help For Pacing Yourself

The GPS travel device is just the thing for training and may assist you to better yourself, supplying you with 'increased determination' presenting a considerably better perception of pacing one's self. The Wireless cycle computers are possibly determined by your finances and product features you want.

Modern-day cycle sat-nav computers load up all the training and tracking highlights you can imagine, incorporating global positioning systems so you can venture out discovering while ensuring the route is recorded for teaching reasons or potential bragging etc.

Wahoo Cycle Sat Nav With Auto Routes


  • Screen LED Notifications
  • Push Data Bluetooth


  • None..

Cycle Sat Nav With Dark Border

£184   Wahoo Cycle Sat Nav Auto Routes - Get It!  

Beeline Cycling GPS Navigation Speedometer

Cycling GPS Device With Arrow On Screen

£99   Beeline Cycling GPS Nav Device - Get It!  

Polar Bike Navigation GPS With HR Monitor

Bike Navigation GPS With White Edge

£152   Polar Bike Navigation GPS - Get It!  

Cicli GPS Cycle Computer Altimeter


  • Easy Arrow Navigation
  • GPS mount fixtures


  • None..

GPS Cycle Computer With Speed On Screen

£199   Cicli GPS Cycle Computer - Get It!  

Satellite Precise Physical Location

You don't require a sensor to evaluate the speed, given that GPS uses geostationary satellites to find your physical location. Many cycling GPS navigation devices are basic and easy to browse, but will equally direct you wherever you want to assess how fast you arrive at your destination.

Enhance Daily Training Initiatives

Why not use the rate comparator that considers day-by-day training initiatives, enabling you to observe your advancements. Connected bike sat-nav computers are frequently the standard solution; nonetheless, they do provide a selection of product features that 'leisurely' bicyclists will find incredibly useful.

Wireless Bike Computers Have The Edge

The wired computers connect with a sensor from your wheel to provide details about the velocity and progression. Wireless cycling computers are definitely more accessible than cabled computers and give a far more extensive variety of features.

Sat-Nav Bluetooth And ANT+

Basic level cheap GPS cycle computers can merely link to their own detectors through fundamental digital receptors. Middle to luxury Wireless bike computers can undoubtedly connect with new gadgets like mobile phones, notebooks and sensors on any cycle using Bluetooth or ANT+ etc.

Testing Cyclist's Speed And Power

Speedometer reveals your present speed in miles as well as Kilometres per hour - mph or km/ph and the odometer discloses the length you rode. Riding period is the amount of time it takes one to accomplish your trip - note, the time clock is also perfect for enhancing your training.

Heart Rate And Cadence Features

Mini USB allows you to charge your gadget and transfer statistics, however, the intermediate bicycling computers commence to load essential product features. They enable suitability and interaction to sensors, which include heart rate and cadence monitors, as well as powered functionality.

Lezyne GPS Cycle Computer With Cadence

GPS Cycle Computer With Red Exterior

£123   Lezyne GPS Cycle Computer - Get It!  

Timex Trainer Tech GPS Cycle Computer

GPS navigation empowered Cycle Trainer with in-built heart rate monitor provide you with an effortlessly customisable and extensive set of features shown on a vibrant display screen divided with as many as six sections.

GPS Cycle PC Showing Altitude

The unit comes using the Flex Tech electronic 2.4 heartrate sensing unit. This is appropriate for the ANT+ speed and cadence detectors, as well as power metre distances.
(Rating: 9/10)   £89   Get It - Timex Cycle GPS Computer

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Cateye Waterproof ANT+ GPS Cycle Computer

This is a straightforward power meter that is ANT+ suitable, therefore it works together with CatEye or alternative ANT+ power, heartrate, cadence and velocity receptors. Monitor fundamental biking information with heartrate and cadence details to achieve objectives.

GPS Cycle Computer In Black Viewing Velocity

Publish journey information to web-based training web sites, where one can visualise your action, evaluate overall performance as well as reveal your own journey details. Additional features incorporate a full-time backlight, auto-stop, start and automated odometer.

The Stealth 50 is water-resistant, USB rechargeable and can be utilised on several bicycles, thus you will continually be able to journey. Works together with CatEye, alternative power, heartrate, cadence and velocity detectors.
(Rating: 9/10)   £105   Get It - Cateye GPS Cycle Computer

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Popular Cycle GPS Nav Features

This kind of cycling GPS navigation computer needs some sensors for a number of the functionality to get results, just like the heart rate feature which the suitable sensor is necessary to provide particular info. GPS navigation cycle computers are mainly offered devoid of sensors.

Set-Up Route Planning Applications

The GPS devices are often purchased from a bundle, which includes sensors. Most cycle sat-nav's likewise feature route planning efficiency, helping you to perform without a sensor for 'monitoring your improvement' and get connected to applications like Strava.

Bicycle RPM Sensor Set-Up

A cycle computer with cadence monitor documents the RPM by a sensor possibly on the chain or maybe the down-tube and a magnetic component around the back side of the crank which activates the sensor. Heart rate monitors make it possible to preserve and view the data level HR.

Features You Might Want

Calorie counters reveal just how much energy you have burned up and the stop-watch is an excellent device for training so you can time yourself over a particular phase. A Wireless cycle computer temperature range dial demonstrates how hot/cold it really is - perfect for selecting clothing before cycling.

Posting Your Rides To Mobile App

An altimeter on your push bike sat-nav can help you estimate the vertical ascending and climbing down hills on your trip. The automatic data publisher is well suited for immediately posting rides to App solutions like and so forth.

Bike GPS To/From Your Smart Phone

Back-lit displays are fantastic for travelling in the darkness, and the pacing notifications are actually convenient for more protracted situations.

Lap functions create a route and attempt to beat the quickest time etc. You can easily connect the bike navigation GPS to sensors, mobile phone and computer, together with your trainer wirelessly for simplicity of use and statistics.

CatEye SL Scan Wireless Cycle Computer

Cycle Computer In Black Glossy Finish

(Rating: 9/10)   £28   Get It - CatEye Cycle Computer

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Garmin Edge Bike Maps GPS Cycle Computer

This is a satellite navigation device for on or off-road routing on your cycle. Using a pre installed bike chart of European countries, you will find the right path conveniently on a couple of wheels.

Bike GPS Cycle Computer In Black And White

Arrange and download brand new routes to visit, relive and present your trips with Connect. It functions just like the GPS navigator you employ inside your vehicle, just with road-maps featuring the resources that will help you get where you're going by leisure or electric mtb.

Regardless of whether you possess a particular location under consideration, or simply an extended distance you would like to journey, the Edge Touring provides you with the liberty to find the right path.
(Rating: 9/10)   £219   Get It - Garmin GPS Cycle Computer

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GPS Bike Computers With Cadence And Map Routes

There exists a freeze frame memory which catches an overview of your screen and waypoints easily plan in your preferred position for instantaneous bicycle sat-nav movements. Interval training workouts put you through your own paces with less significant periods of exercise and recuperation.

Sigma BC Cadence HR WiFi Cycle Computer

The brand new ROX is the perfect every-day associate with regard to committed bike riders in coaching. The cadence cycle PC exhibits not merely the pace, but also the heart rate and cadence figures, and may even be utilised as an operating PC if you desire.

Cycle PC In Black And Chrome Effect


  • Training Stats 1 Year
  • NFC Communication App


  • None

Having a impressive black style, the ROX is the ideal PC for regular bicyclists as well as athletes. A docking station and data centre are offered individually. With time frame functionality and journey time etc.
(Rating: 9/10)   £25   Get It - Sigma BC Cycle Computer

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Bryton Anti-Glare Cycle Sat Nav Computer

Merely power on and function with this cycle sat nav computer. No longer adjusting for wheel dimensions, time as well as units, simply no additional set-up and matching with speed sensor device.

Night Time Cycle Sat Nav Computer With Black Band


  • Easy To Upload Data
  • Strava And Training Peaks


  • None.

An impressive cycling computer using Global Positioning Systems and it possesses a highly sensitive receiving set that provides quicker locations.

There's simply no demand to set-up just about any style of 'speed sensing' element. Effortlessly turn it on and start travelling. IPX7 water resistant and easy to interpret display screen, 7 individualised information screens.
[Rating: 9/10]   £85   Get It → Bryton Cycle Sat-Nav Computer

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We hope you enjoyed our bike sat-nav computers here for assessing long-range reliability. They function worldwide, and the more advanced Wireless GPS cycle computers offer heart-rate, cadence, European map packs, temperature range, elevation and calorie consumption combined.