Safety Chainsaw Helmets With Mesh Visor Protection

Updated: 15/04/2021
As far as it goes for chainsaw helmets in any cutting job, personal safety is of great significance. This is especially true whenever you use a piece of equipment that can cause serious injuries whenever not handled correctly.

Garden Cutting Related?

The chainsaw is one piece of equipment that people use for the last 63 years for various wood-related activities. Besides its utility in different gardening cutting related work, it is also hazardous to use if not given the courtesy and chainsaw safety helmet that it deserves.

Falling Objects And Flying Debris

There are several ways by which a chainsaw can pose a potential threat to your safety. You are not only vulnerable to a chainsaws' powerful chain movement. Also, falling objects and flying debris can result in severe injuries if a proper protective professional chainsaw helmet is not used.

Protection Of The Head

Therefore, you cannot neglect your safety while working with a chainsaw. The head is one of the most critical and sensitive parts of the body. Therefore, a person needs to protect his head because sometimes, even a minor impact on any head can result in a fatal or life-threatening injury.

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Compare Forestry Helmets To Safety Helmets

Several companies are manufacturing different types of forestry helmets that are specifically designed for people that deal with such activities.
Many people may mock the idea of wearing safety helmets while using chainsaws. Still, you cannot deny their significance in terms of protecting your body parts.

Face Shield Protective Gear

Besides providing impact protection to your head, they also protect your face, ears, and eyes. Chainsaw helmet face shields with additional protective gear are available. They likewise provide additional protection to your body parts, such as face shield PPE gear for face and head.

Type Of Chainsaw Related Job

These helmets are specifically designed to provide the maximum amount of safety to the individuals associated with chainsaw-related work activities.
Therefore, several parameters must be considered or kept in mind before purchasing an ideal chainsaw work helmet for yourself. In the following section, we will discuss some of these parameters in detail.

Face And Eyes Protection

Protection of the face and eyes is significant as these are the vital organs of the body. Therefore, almost all the commercially available chainsaw helmets come with some sort of face protection. Face protection can either be in the form of a visor or a glass shield.

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Full Face Visor Helmets With Vision Clarity

Over the past few years, the use of visors in chainsaw helmets increased significantly. There are several full face visor helmets available, and you can choose the one that best suits your interest or nature of work.

Mesh Type Face Visors

Among the different types of visors commercially available, 'mesh-type visors' are the most common and popular ones. Besides protecting the face, they prevent the debris from getting into your eyes and keep your vision clear throughout the working day.

Are They Uncomfortable To Wear?

However, under certain environmental conditions, the use of padded safety helmet visors is limited. They tend to fog up very quickly and make the vision-impaired if working in any humid environment.
Likewise, they are very uncomfortable to wear in an intense hot environment. The hard hats make you feel suffocated as they do not have holes - and do not allow air to pass through.

UV Protection Helmet PPE

All the helmets that are meant for outdoor activities are subjected to UV radiation. The radiation compromises the helmet strength by both discolouring and eroding the hard hat helmet outer protective shell.

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Chainsaw Helmet With Visor And Ear Defenders

Another essential factor that you must keep in mind before buying a helmet with visor and ear defenders is its UV protection. Many chainsaw helmets come with built-in UV protection. This is important as it directly relates to the durability and strength of a helmet.

Durability When Cutting Trees

Your chainsaw safety work helmet must provide you with a wide range of protection against all sorts of potential dangers when you are cutting or trimming trees. Therefore, make sure that the helmet you are going to wear must be made of durable and quality materials.

Shock Absorbing Internal Cushion

It is crucial to look into the overall durability of a helmet to easily withstand any sort of blow on your head. Some chainsaw helmets also come with special inner padding that acts as a shock absorber and provides your head with an additional protective layer.

Adult Helmet With Hearing Protection

Chainsaws are thunderous machines when they are turned on. People who are used to working with chainsaws often develop tinnitus and suffer from different hearing impairments. Therefore, a user needs to choose an adult helmet that also provides hearing protection.

Some helmets with attached visors are available in the market that protects your ears from the chainsaws' loud sounds.

Chainsaw Hard Hat Breathability At Work

Breathability is another critical parameter that must be considered before buying a chainsaw hard hat helmet. It is essential that your helmet must possess good breathability - otherwise, you will feel suffocated and exhausted throughout your work activity.

Choosing The Right Head Gear

Some helmets come with too much padding, so that they affect the helmet's breathability. Therefore, before choosing a helmet for yourself, make sure that it has a good balance between breathability and comfortable padding.

Your Safety Helmet Comfort

Determining the comfort level of a chainsaw safety helmet is also very important before buying. Some new helmets are available in the market that is very uncomfortable to wear. You cannot perform and properly accomplish your task if your helmet does not have that desired level of comfort.

Generally, there are two types of helmets available in the market. One type is available in various size options, while the other type comes with an adjustable harness.

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Size Of The Helmet To Best Suit Your Head

Chainsaw helmets that come with a built-in adjustable band allow you to arrange the helmet's size that best suits your head dimensions. While purchasing a helmet that comes in a variety of sizes, it is imperative that you exactly know the dimensions that fit correctly to your head.

Primary Helmet Benefits

A chainsaw helmet is a top-notch protective gear that provides a wide range of benefits to its users. Some key benefits associated with the use of chainsaw helmets are as follows:

Inclement Weather Wearing

Lightweight helmets for sale equipped with built-in 'rain gutters' prevent liquid from running into your eyes and then running down your shirt. The use of chainsaw helmets increases your work productivity as they make you feel safer throughout your workday activity.

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Comfort And Hat Fit For Best Work Efficiency

The chainsaw helmet you are using while working with a chainsaw must be comfortable to wear on your head. A loose or big helmet will cause you a lot of trouble while working, and you might get injured.

Stop It Sliding On Your Head

Your work efficiency will also get affected if you remain busy adjusting your helmet, which keeps sliding on your head. Different brands of helmet face shields are available in the market which different features like internal padding, metallic gauze, visor, etc.

Performing Laborious Heavy Work

While purchasing a helmet for yourself, always prefer the model with 'adjustable straps' and internal padding. These adjustable straps keep the helmet at all times fixed to your head and prevent it from sliding while performing laborious work.

Properly Ventilated And Comfy?

It is advisable to check the helmet by wearing it on your head before purchasing from a store or market. Always select the adequately ventilated helmet, fit, comfortable, and provide a clear view of the wood cutting objects and the worksite. This whole process may take time, but this activity will save mishaps in the future.

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Hi-Vis Colour Specialised Chainsaw Helmet

The specialised helmet colour should be the last thing that comes to your mind while purchasing it. Because you have to use it while using a chainsaw, not to wear it for a fancy modelling show. Jokes aside, but the colour of the helmet is also significant while you are working in groups.

Workers May Remain Visible

Hi-vis and dark-coloured helmets keep you distinguished among your own co-workers and make your recognition easy in a crowd. Workers remain visible to all, which is very important while dealing with tree-cutting or other processes that involve heavy machinery.

Light And Dark Coloured Helmets

Similarly, always choose a light-colour protective helmet if your work demands exposure to sunlight. You may get heat-stroke during work with a dark-colour helmet as dark colours are an excellent absorber of the sun.
Light-coloured helmets are a perfect reflector of sunlight and keep the head environment cool inside the helmet.

Headgear Material And Structure

Different brands use a wide range of plastic materials to manufacture the safety helmets available in the market. Among these widely used plastic materials are polycarbonate, thermoplastic, and even fibreglass.

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Work Helmets With Heavy Impact Protection

Based on structure, different helmet models with varying thicknesses of plastic material are available in the shops. You can select any helmet according to the nature of your work, but for multi-purposes, always prefer reinforced helmets.

Reinforced High-Tensile Helmets

These helmets have vast voids between plastic layers, and different materials filled in these voids for reinforcement of the helmets. These items have high tensile strength and can protect your head against heavy blows in the case of any unfortunate incident.

Tree Surgeon Helmet Features

Best quality chainsaw helmets usually contain all the essential accessories required for your safety of the worksite. These helmets not only protect their users but are also comfortable and convenient to use.
Different manufacturers are striving to equip their tree surgeon helmets with the latest technology and comfortable specs.

We will list here the essential features of the best quality helmets, which you should consider when purchasing a chainsaw helmet. The excellent features which are present in any good quality helmet are:

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What To Look For Buying A Chainsaw Safety Helmet

Reduces The Chances Of Injury

A proper ventilation system is ideal for keeping the head cool while working in hot climates. It also reduces the sweat and perspiration running into the eyes. Wearing these helmets while working provides ultimate protection and significantly reduces the chances of any injury.

Padded Helmet Safety Standards

Any negligence may lead to severe head injury, concussion, or even death. Most hard hat helmets are made of lightweight plastic materials which are durable and save your neck and back from strain. To purchase the best chainsaw helmet, ensure to be aware of the safety standards of the gear.

Light Chainsaw Helmets For Strimmers Or Brushcutters

Most manufacturers follow either the safety standards of ANSI (American National Standards Institute) or CE (European Conformity) while manufacturing. These standards are created to ensure that every chainsaw work helmet offers maximum protection and comfort to its users.

Confidence To Work Freely And Safely

With essential awareness, you will find a helmet that is well adhered to their standard safety protocols. Such helmets will fill you with the feeling of protection and confidence - and allow you to work freely on the worksite.

Ultimate Eyes And Ear Protection

Eyes, ears, and head are the three body parts most exposed while dealing with chainsaw work. You can use a chainsaw safety helmet to protect your head, but what about the safety of eyes and ears? You cant fully cover your eyes as it will distort your vision and will affect your working capability.

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Cutting Wood And Splinter Risks

During the cutting of wood branches or trees with a chainsaw, wood splinters fly away, which might injure your eyes. Chainsaws also cause dust to flow on the working site due to heavy vibrations. These dust particles can get into your eye and cause pain or teary eyes, which also impedes your vision.

Forestry Helmet High Volume Issues

For dust reasons, most forestry helmets include visors attached to helmets nowadays. These visors are made of either plastic or metallic gauze, which offers protection and ventilation at the same time. A chainsaw is a powerful machine, and its use is affiliated with excellent noise levels.

Regular workers are in grave danger of hearing loss as the noise of chainsaws can affect their eardrums. A high hearing loss rate has been reported in workers functioning with the chainsaw for more than 3.3 years.

Helmets With Earmuff Protection

For that reason, most modern helmets now have earmuffs mounted on them for ear protection. So, along with the helmet's hardness, you should consider these accessories' presence in a chainsaw helmet when considering buying.