Flat Headphones For Sleeping With - 10 Comfortable Headbands

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Updated 20/06/2020:
The best headband headphones configured specially for sleeping or physical exercise compared. They appear like an average headband, however they in reality obscure high calibre audio speakers and Wireless Bluetooth functionality, nicely fashioned for comfy night long tunes.

What Are Headband Headphones?
Headband headphones are just headbands with inner speakers, now widespread in the UK considering they are so comfy for sleep, playing music and bedtime relaxing. Some sleep headphone headbands generate superb audio but look for a breathable textile sports headphone that is comfy.

: Skyeol Bluetooth Headband SleepPhones With Mic

Bluetooth Headband SleepPhones With Blue Buttons

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: ESR Bluetooth Headband Headphone Sleep Mask

Bluetooth Headband Headphone Black Mask

£18   ESR Bluetooth Headband Headphone - Get It!  

: Blueear Bluetooth Bed Headphones Men And Women

Bluetooth Bed Headphones In Black Material

£17   Blueear Bluetooth Bed Headphones Unisex - Get It!  

: Navly Bluetooth Sleep Headphones Ideal For Sport


  • Perfect For Sleeping
  • For Any Head Size


  • None..

Bluetooth Sleep Headphones With Blue Volume Controls

£17   Navly Bluetooth Sleep Headphones For Sport - Get It!  

: VZ Sport Bluetooth Headband With Breathable Fabric


  • Power Up Via USB
  • Sleep Mask Headphones


  • None.

Bluetooth Headband With Brown PLAY Button

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Are Sleep Headphones Comfortable?

Bluetooth headphone headbands merge style and technological know-how with a soft, comfy dual-layer textile that is easily cleaned. Skin-friendly, smooth and flexible Wireless sleep headphones come with speaker synchronised music for just about any gadget running Bluetooth functionality.

Get To Sleep Wearing Bed Headphones

Wireless music headbands integrate an advanced rechargeable lithium battery, which works consistently for 8 hours or more with just a few hours recharging periods. The bed headphones permit you to hear music and get to sleep promptly without putting on extra headsets.

The Latest Bluetooth Sleep Headbands

The majority of the devices are over-ear headsets, unisex style and a wonderful present for good friends or family members. Several Bluetooth sleep headphone headbands implement the newest 5.2 technology.

Are Sleep Headphones Good For Sports?

Link your Wireless Bluetooth smartphone or iPad in seconds as the connection is quick and steady. They guarantee more powerful quality audio and are suitable for sporting activities. Ideal for the health club, exercise routines, jogging, yoga exercises and other outdoor behaviours.

Headphone Upkeep And Cleaning

The internal speakers are rather advanced and water-resistant but just take away the sleep earphones battery with a little device that's enclosed. You can thoroughly clean and 'sterilise the headband' material.

Which Is The Best Material To Look For?

A very soft and breathable headband with Wireless Bluetooth is exceptionally delicate and light in weight, which can be made from the long-lasting mesh lining. The best sleepphones will very easily stretch to match all head magnitudes, are hypoallergenic, plus ideal for obstructing light when lying down.

: LC-dolida Wireless Sleep Headphones Bluetooth V5.1

Wireless Sleep Headphones Worn By Blonde Woman

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: Manta Sleep Headphones Built-In Speakers


  • 12 Months Full Warranty
  • User Friendly Design


  • None

Black Sleep Headphones With Woman On Plane

£26   Manta Sleep Headphones With Speakers - Get It!  

: AcousticSheep Classic Fleece Sleep Earphones


  • Machine Washable Textile
  • Smooth Soft Fleece


  • None..

Fleece Sleep Earphones In Black Textile

£37   AcousticSheep Fleece Sleep Earphones - Get It!  

Bluetooth Cosy Phone Recharging Time

Cabled headphones and earbuds may be challenging as the cord could get twisted. The Wireless Bluetooth cosy phones choice usually is more comfortable, yet you will have to reflect on battery-life. Examine each brand for hours you may hear the sound before you are scheduled for a recharge.

Is The Sound Quality As Good?

With regards to sound, the key concerns are just how clear and sharp the music is, just how well the sleep headphones obstruct the exterior sound are challenges. They are superb kids headphones but if another person is within the room, they may be interrupted by the audio taken from the headband gadget.

Wireless sleep headphones supply a superior encounter; however, they may not be the comfiest for you. Wireless earbuds are generally good but can be a super pain for quite a few. Even though Bluetooth sleep headphones are the least complicated to settle on, the sound quality may not be exceptional.

: Blulu Light Bluetooth Headphones To Sleep In

Bluetooth headphones to sleep in that merge mode and advanced technologies using a first-class Lycra dual layer headband that's anti-perspiration breathable, enabling you to hear tunes minus being forced to wear extra headsets.

The Wireless Bluetooth stereo system headset brings you impressive sound calibre, elegance and convenience. Great for the health club, physical fitness exercise, easy life-style, for sleeping and taking calls too.

Headphones To Sleep In Blue Textile

Modern Bluetooth V4 strategy that's leisurely and quick to couple with mobile phones, tablet PC's, computer and additional Wireless Bluetooth operated gadgets with a wide spectrum adequate to 33 feet or 12 metres.

Easy to utilise functioning options with expedient operating push button style, integrated stereo system audio speaker as well as microphone on the earphone. It is accessible for you throughout your tunes play list.
[Rating: 9/10]   £17   Get It → Blulu Headphones To Sleep In

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: Ink-Topoint Flat Headphones For Sleeping

Delight in consummate repose with this innovative flat headphones for sleeping, boasting an extremely thin 0.32 cm padded band, and easily removed audio speakers using a long-lasting 1.32 metres wire.

Light, comfy in addition washable sleep configured shape falls down across your ears to offer the ideal fit. Cool interlocking mesh structure liner assists the speaker system to persist in position whenever you move position.

Flat Headphones For Sleeping With Black Cable


  • Flexible And Strong
  • Washable Bed Headband


  • None..

The sleep ear-pieces are the ideal assistance for sleeplessness or perhaps to calm down when hearing your preferred tunes, podcast or perhaps e-book. A cool inter-locking liner preserves you cool at night time and helps continue in position when you relocate.

The audio speakers will not reposition as the incomparable contour line shape falls underneath the ears and assists the speakers to continue attached perfectly.
[Rating: 9/10]   £19   Get It → Ink-Topoint Headphones For Sleep

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10 Sleep Headphones UK - All With Calls And Tunes Access

: E-More Wireless Headphones To Sleep With

EDR Bluetooth Wireless headphones to sleep with edition selectable for the majority of devices using Bluetooth functionality. Made with soft cotton cloth and elastic, great stretching out feature.

Integral microphone, accessible for smartphone to carry on speaking via telephone or your sound gadgets, all instantly so the end user may answer telephone calls. Li-ion battery operated, boosting time period 2.5 hours.

Wireless Headphones With Bluetooth Controls

Integrated Li-Ion recharging battery, boost through USB power lead with long standby term. The Wireless Bluetooth headband is your dependable choice whenever running, biking, playing lawn tennis, playing basketball games, performing yoga and additional sport sessions etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £13   Get It → E-More Wireless Headphones

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: Blulu Wireless Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones

The ideal present sleeping headphone, incomparable as well as an amusing gift for staff, birthday gift and more besides. Eventually acquire a cracking night's sleep - drift off while deflecting sounds that keep you alert, or perhaps chill out and unwind in serenity.

Constructed to last, deploy with preferred gadgets such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android.

Sleep Headphone In Black Mask Style With Flowers


  • Adjustable To Fit Ears
  • HD Audio Bluetooth


  • None..

Really comfy headset that incorporates an included, travel carrier, very thin audio speakers plus a sturdy plaited wire which will never knot or twist. Light, comfortable sleeping headband including adaptable speakers that is going to afford you the best fit.

The earphones are the complete help for rest and combating sleeplessness.
[Rating: 9/10]   £11   Get It → Blulu Sleep Bluetooth Headphones

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: WU-MIN Headphone Band Jogging Or Sleep

An imaginative headband for jogging or sleeping with Wireless Bluetooth audio speakers - for women or gentlemen using speakers placed both ends, and appropriate for inside as well as open-air exertion or fun.

Handy and snarl free with extended battery power functioning, supporting USB power boosting, playing for 4 to 6 hours, standby time period of 3 to 4 days, plus a speedy boosting time of 2.5 hours.

Headphone Band For Jogging In Dark Stretch Fabric


  • Eye Mask For Sleeping
  • For Yoga And Cycling


  • None..

This impressive Wireless headphone can match with your particular iPhone, tablets, Android mobile phone or most additional Bluetooth gadgets rapidly.

Transmission as much as 10 metres in open areas, sound calibre is very clear. Hands free ease of use, the headset with microphone enables you to 'alternate in between calls and tracks' as you wish. Vibration as well as voice cue make sure of no neglected phone calls.
[Rating: 9/10]   £17   Get It → WU-MIN Headphone Band Jogging

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Soft contoured sleep headphones you can lay on with adaptable Velcro straps that screen illumination impeccably so you've more time relishing music and phone calls.

They will not smudge make-up or commit pressure on the eyes or nose. First-class for travelling and household utilisation, the perfect sleeping headband headphones for shift staff and adept for a fast nap.